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Cognitive tests: J-B dual n-back variant using /k/p/s/t/ phones [go to stats]

Press LEFT for repeated sound; RIGHT for repeated image.
Pay attention to the "n-back task" title of the test -- it will change as you progress.
click here for the legacy (flash) version of the test
xref: Jaeggi, S.M.; Buschkuehl, M.; Etienne, A.; Ozdoba, C.; Perrig, W.J.; Nirkko, A.C. On how high performers keep cool brains in situations of cognitive overload
xref: Jaeggi, S.M.; Buschkuehl, M.; Jonides, J.; Perrig, W.J. Improving Fluid Intelligence with Training on Working Memory
Audio resampled from: Betsy Megas, Shtooka Project.

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