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Cognitive tests: Reading Span Task [go to stats]

Re-type the sentence that shows in the upper box. Remember the LAST word in each sentence you type.
Disclaimer: these are historical texts and may contain material that is ordinary during the era of its writing, but uncommon in present day. If you feel strongly about a particular text, feel free to complain. Also, if you want to add to the corpus, feel free to suggest. Credit is always noted, but Public Domain texts are strongly preferred.
xref: M Daneman, PA Carpenter - Journal of Verbal Learning & Verbal Behavior, 1980
Text source: Project Gutenberg: Aesop's Fables by Aesop (18732), Don Quixote (996), Gulliver's Travels (829), The Happy Prince and Other Tales (902), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (74), Around the World on a Bicycle Volume II (13749)

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