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What is Gastroenteritis and its Symptoms?
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What is Gastroenteritis and its Symptoms?
As in most European countries, France is the victim of a winter epidemic of gastroenteritis . According to the Sentinelles network in charge of monitoring epidemics 1 , this infection is the cause of more than a million general practitioner consultations each winter (with a peak in the first two weeks of January). Often mild, it generally causes the same symptoms: diarrhea , nausea, vomiting ... Warning, it can be dangerous for fragile people.

What is gastroenteritis?
The gastroenteritis is most often due to a virus, the rotavirus, even if it can be due to bacteria ( salmonella , Campylobacter ...). It causes diarrhea and vomiting for 2 to 3 days in most patients and remains very unpleasant but harmless for most of us. It is also associated with headaches, body aches, fever and fatigue .

Beware, however, of the elderly and more fragile children ! It can cause them to dehydrate intensely in just one day of diarrhea. Each year there are around 600 deaths linked to an intestinal infection, mainly at the extreme ages (less than 5 years and more than 75 years).

Gastrointestinal symptoms
The incubation period of gastrointestinal lasts 24 to 72 hours . The main symptoms of gastroenteritis are:

Acute and sudden diarrhea , which is characterized by a high frequency of bowel movements (more than three bowel movements in 24 hours) and a soft or liquid consistency;
Nausea and / or vomiting;
Of abdominal cramps ;
A mild fever ;
Sometimes blood in the stool can accompany these diarrhea.
Transmission of gastrointestinal
The transmission of gastro is done by:

Direct contact between a patient and another person;
Food or water contaminated by a patient;
Contact with objects contaminated with fine particles of stool from sick people.
Gastroenteritis is favored by community life and collective catering .

Reduce gastrointestinal symptoms: treatments
To treat gastroenteritis, there are several solutions:

Take oral rehydration fluids (ORS). Indeed, during a gastro, the body undergoes a phenomenon of dehydration or slipping disc etc, which can be serious in the elderly or children. It is therefore necessary to compensate for the loss of water and salt . C 're solutes allow early rehydration (products are reimbursed by social security);
Drink lots of water, often and in small amounts ;
A dietary approach is important: eat salty, high-sugar and residue-free foods like pasta, rice, baked carrots and crackers. Raw fruits and vegetables as well as frozen drinks should be avoided;
Reduce the intensity and duration of diarrhea (diet, intestinal transit retarders, intestinal adsorbents / protectors, etc.);
To learn more about gastroenteritis treatments, read our article: how to treat gastroenteritis ?

How to avoid gastroenteritis?
You get gastroenteritis by eating contaminated food, drinking dirty water but also by direct contact with the sick . So, to avoid getting infected, no mystery! It is necessary :

Ensure hand and surface hygiene;
Wash your hands with soap as often and as thoroughly as possible;
Do not share glasses of water or cutlery at the table ;
Pay attention to the preparation of meals (especially in community). Strict hygiene rules (hand washing, wearing of disposable gloves) must be observed. Sick people should obviously not participate in the preparation of meals;
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