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breathe we have one more Oh all right table tap your shins reset full breath in let's take off again looking for great form and know I've said this before but you cannot overemphasize form when it comes to keeping your body safe so if your hips start swinging side to side slow down the motion if your neck feels like you need a little bit more support widen your hands on the back of your head but if you have a little more juice in you up the speed make this one count yes almost there cross the body as much as you can without swinging your hips we're here for four three two one feet down head down my belly's on fire I don't insist you breathe right into your belly stretch out the abdominal wall again like that I hope you're sweating sweating is really good for you by the way so if you ever like oh I'm sweating so much it's gross just remember if you weren't sweating there'd be something wrong with you okay sweating is how our body naturally cools itself off so you really really really should be happy when you feel those beads of sweat on your body they're there to take care of you all right bring your feet as wide as the mat we're
vbhyfdr | 9 months ago Reply

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