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BQ6472-009 Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS is Available
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BQ6472-009 Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS is Available
The Air Jordan 1 “All-Star”, which was launched in 2017, has attracted many fans. The dark green upper with metallic luster is full of personality and is called the chameleon color by the fans. Recently, Nike's upcoming Chameleon color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid undoubtedly solved this problem and became a very good alternative to the Air Jordan 1 "All-Star". The [URL=]Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS[/URL] has a higher cost than the high one. Outstanding price/performance ratio and low difficulty in starting, have always made many sneakers like to be more popular. This new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid uses the classic upper material of the chameleon series, the dark green upper is full of texture, and has a metallic patent leather look. Unlike the previous Air Jordan 1 “All-Star”, the original white side of the shoe was changed to a black design, and the Swooh used the same glossy material as the upper to make the look of the pair more stable. The outsole also adopts the crystal bottom material design. The light blue crystal bottom is matched with the glossy texture upper, which adds a dreamy texture. The value of the face can be said to be the chameleon high help before the loss.

Yesterday officially announced that Anthony Davis officially joined the Lakers, and will play alongside Zhan Huang next season, so many fans are delighted. Recently, the popular [URL=]Nike LeBron 16 Low[/URL] has a new color scheme to be released soon. For those fans who love James, it is really a surprise in the near future. The overall use of lake green is the main color of the upper, which is very similar to the popular South Coast color. The toe Swoosh is decorated in yellow, with a bright fluorescent green heel and a colored outsole that looks energetic and perfect for summer wear. The tongue logo is inspired by the classic old shoes Air Max Trainer 2 '94. The color scheme is also designed with large-area color stitching, which is very characteristic of the 8th and 90s of the last century. The unreduced midsole makes these shoes have the same excellent combat performance as the high gang, and the color matching is so bright and eye-catching that I believe it will be a good choice for the summer course.

Recently, a new Jordan series of actual sneakers was first exposed, and the overall shoe type is very similar to the previously launched [URL=]Air Jordan 33 SE[/URL]. The FastFit strap system is not used for the shoelace, but the traditional lace design meets the needs of different fans. The upper is made of the same mesh material to ensure good breathability during exercise. The large area of ​​the heel is made of the same shape as the Air Jordan 33 SE, and the stability of the ankle is greatly protected. The outsole part is not designed with a crystal bottom. The rubber material is more suitable for outfield wear. It can be said that it is an outfield version of the Air Jordan 33 SE, which should be more suitable in terms of cost performance.
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