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How to Use Supplements to Reach Your Fitness Goals
shiralinnea2 | 5 months ago Reply Link me
How to Use Supplements to Reach Your Fitness Goals
Are supplements safe and Capsiplex Sport Revieware the claims made about them true? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not closely regulate supplement manufacturers. In fact, because of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), supplement manufacturers have the sole responsibility to ensure the safety and validity of their own products. Also most "research" done on a supplement is paid for, completed by, and published by the manufacturer! So lets review: A supplement company can produce its own research on its own product to determine if it is safe and if it does what it claims... This has set us, the consumers, up to be deceived. The FDA does not test supplements before they are put on the market. Also, unless a substantial number of claims are made about the product being unsafe the FDA will never test the product for safety or validity. That is why it is required by law to have the following statement printed on all supplements unless tested by the FDA: "this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease".

While there are rules regarding ingredient lists and supplement facts being printed on the product container no one tests them to make sure these labels are correct! Many products claim to have twice to 10 times as much substance in them than is actually in the product. Supplement companies lie to make money. The supplement industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars every year! They want you to believe that their supplements are the best, that their claims are true, and that their product is going to make you happy. Money runs the industry, your health and safety are NOT top priority like they should be. Supplements sold in the United States can have up to 50% filler - this filler can consist of any inactive ingredient such as flour, wheat, cellulose, and others - even rat hair! These fillers do not help with the product claims and help keep manufacturing costs down because no one tests the products to ensure the ingredients are as listed.

So what happens when a product is put on the market and ends up having harsh side effects and becomes unsafe? Right now there is no law requiring a report of adverse side effects on nutritional supplements. So if you report to the company that manufactures a supplement that you take that you have had an adverse reaction; the company does not have to report it to the FDA or any other governing body. Back when ephedrine was allowed in supplements people had heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, and even died before the FDA banned ephedrine from being included in nutritional supplements. Some supplements our dangerous while others are just useless. How can you tell which supplements are safe and do what they say?

Look for companies who have independent research done on their products. Such as Juice Plus+; multiple universities have conducted research on these products and the results have been published in scientific journals including the Journal of Nutrition and the journal Integrative Medicine. Look for companies that sell their products overseas where supplement regulations are much higher. Do your research though - not all other countries have high regulations. Japan is one of the best but New Zealand and Europe are not as good. Also, some companies go above and beyond to either get their products or labs and manufacturing plants certified by the FDA. Usually companies that do this have less to hide and their products are more reliable.
shiralinnea2 | 5 months ago Reply

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