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Wart Removal and After-Care
goldstone | 2 months ago Reply Link me
Wart Removal and After-Care
When it comes to skin care, we often get to a point where we consider seeking outside help, and many people turn to professional dermaplaning. As we start getting older and noticing that our skin is not repairing itself as easily as it used to, we realize that the over-the-counter remedies that we've been using are simply not as effective anymore.

This is when some of us decide to seek professional help at a spa or even at the doctor's office, and dermaplaning is one of the most common treatments that we're offered. Quick and relatively safe, this procedure can do wonders for your skin, but it helps to know what to expect both during and after treatment.

When you hear the explanation of what it is, dermaplaning can sound rather scary, but in reality it's a mostly simple and painless process. The top, dead layer of the skin on your face is manually scraped away with a blade, uncovering a layer of fresh, new skin.

Think of wood planing, where top layers of wood are carefully and precisely scraped away to reveal fresher and smoother layers underneath. The procedure done for the skin is performed by a doctor or someone who is licensed to perform it, and it can help with such things as acne scars, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
goldstone | 2 months ago Reply

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