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Create Balance Or Be Doomed
vanithawilliam | 8 months ago Reply Link me
Create Balance Or Be Doomed
I listened to the life story of John Lake and was impressed with a couple of things. One was his obedience to God and the other was the obedience of people who gave to help him fulfill the mission God called him to. Dr. Lake was called by the Lord to go to South Africa. He had no contacts in South Africa and had no money to take his family of seven there. Yet he knew that God had clearly spoken to in a vision for him to go and he knew that God would be his provider. The finances are an issue that must be considered with open lines of communication, planning, goal setting, as well as understanding. If you & your mate will communicate honestly about the finances & have the right plan in place, then your relationship with one another & with money may grow better & better daily.
vanithawilliam | 8 months ago Reply

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