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On the Road to Success - Overcoming Disasters
beulamary | 7 months ago Reply Link me
On the Road to Success - Overcoming Disasters
How many times do dreams actually turn into realities Do you see your friends living their dreams How bad do you want to change your life so that your dreams can become your one and only reality. So often people are on the road to success, and then tragedy strikes. Whether it is a job loss or injury, illness, or some other disaster, everyone at some point in their life gets knocked down in life. While you are working so hard to change your life and live your dreams, obstacles will always be thrown at you. But these situations need to be seen for what they are. When disaster strikes, if you look hard enough, you can usually find something good in the situation. You may find an opportunity or you may have a learning experience, only you will know. During depressions and recessions, they say that a weak business will fail, a strong business will survive, and a smart business will prosper. Could this hold true with people who are on the road to success who are smacked in the face with a disaster. Is this nature's way of letting only the best of the best become successful These are questions you need to ask yourself next time a disaster strikes and interrupts your plans for changing your life.
beulamary | 7 months ago Reply

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