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Trialix ,
Despite these figures, it is important to highlight the difficulty of obtaining data in clinical practice because self-medication is often resorted to without consulting the doctor. "It is also likely that there is a perception that women suffer more genital fungi since they go to the gynecologist more than men do to the urologist," adds Calle. How to prevent fungal infections? Good hygiene, control of diabetes and consult the doctor if a suspicious lesion appears are the keys for its prevention. Ripped Nox
"It has been shown that the control of blood glucose levels reduces the risk of colonization by Candida and of suffering genital mycosis due to this fungus, as well as preventing recurrence of such infections," recalls Salavert. Therefore, advises the appropriate and supervised use of anti-diabetic drugs to carry out a diabetic diet adjusted to the age, weight and sex of the patient and develop a plan of physical activity adapted to the capabilities of each. With regard to dietary recommendations ,
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