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Tips on Foot Care For a Diabetic
goldstone | 2 years ago Reply Link me
Tips on Foot Care For a Diabetic
Most food turns to sugar and enters the blood system. For example white bread, quinoa, and table sugar all turns to sugar. The rate at which the sugar enters the blood system is the difference between the carbohydrates. For example, table sugar enters the blood quickly, whereas quinoa enters the blood very slowly causing a longer period of raised blood sugar level, whereas table sugar spikes the blood sugar and then sharply falls down. The difference is fast carbs versus slow carbs, not just carbs or no carbs. To be able to eat sugar, a type 2 diabetic has to monitor when they eat sugar, the kinds of foods they eat it with, and they need to know how to play the diabetes game. I make it into a game so that it's easy. It's easy to remember and do.

Diabetes foot pain is a serious warning that the nerves in the body are being destroyed. This is something that will cost you your body. Many diabetics will have to have their feet cut off due to waiting to reverse diabetic feet problems. Diabetes is poison high blood glucose that will overtake the body. Diabetes is as serious as AIDS in that both diseases attack the cell of the body and destroys it. Diabetic foot pain means the nerves of the foot are affected and there is damage happening deeply. You do not want this, as it is almost impossible to reverse.
goldstone | 2 years ago Reply

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