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First time in this website , seems like this website is free version of lumosity. Playing those games, will it improve you brain abilities?
Sergelen | 4 weeks ago Reply Link me
You might become better at certain things, but depending on the game, there may be a certain skill-ceiling; a point at which you can essentially no longer improve.
With memory games, for example, you could theoretically practice them to the point where you would have pretty much the best memory in the world.
Other games are different. With a reaction time test, improvements will be much slower, more difficult, and will only go up to a certain point.
Let's say you have an average reaction time of 250 ms according to one of these tests. You could play the test all you want, and practice it in the smartest way possible to ensure maximum improvement, but since reaction times are largely genetic, you'll never be able to get any faster than maybe 225 ms on average; unless you find a way to reduce the input lag or latency on your mouse or keyboard. Even then, though, your reactions won't actually be getting any faster, only your hardware will.
Hope this helped!
okaylol | 3 weeks ago Reply

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