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ATTENTION "bored"! What is your method for dual n back? Do you just repeat the string in your head? Do you bunch the string into 2s or 3s so it is easier to remeber? Do you just pay close attention and then go off intuition? What do you do?
ConfusedUnderstanding | 2 years ago Reply Link me
I'm not bored (nor have a nickname like that) but there may be another strategy: imagining the locations as a (constantly changing) pathway. It can make much easier, I tried it only few times and with less elements, but it may fasten reaction time.
Azor | 2 years ago Reply
Interesting approach! I will try that. What is your opinion on keeping one constant array of information and constantly updating it instead of creating new entire sequences? eg: x y z, y z t, z t h, t h k, and so on.
ConfusedUnderstanding | 2 years ago Reply
I'm not sure if I understand you well (I'm not a native English speaker). You may refer to two strategies: 'xyz' compared to 'thk' and so on and the other is 'xyz' compared to 'x', 'yzt' compared to 'y' and so on?

I'm using both, with the first I have relatively low RT and can do 100% most of the time (but I didn't dare to try it with 8 or 9 elements yet :D) and with the second I am much slower and make mistakes more often. Although, with 3 elements the strategies work quite with the same effectivity for me now.

Did you mean this or did I misunderstand you?
Azor | 2 years ago Reply
I mean 'xyz' compared to 't', 'yzt' compared to 'h' - just to be exact in the example. :)
Azor | 2 years ago Reply

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