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ConfusedUnderstanding | 2 years ago Reply Link me
The best
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gobitz 35478
kaniodori 34431
1A2B3C 34207
lufreaza 28186
topaz 27635
orion 24798
anja 24451
alexxx 24356
jimbob 23959
carbono14 23821
noah200 23589
home2 19377
medicalstudent 19278
bloch 18351
LarvaMaster 17809
kostoglotov 17698
gpannaci 16642
adamskwame 16002
ghodes 15864
guuntersal 15848
pocky 14581
jerdan 14496
cevapcici 14489

Those listed above, do you think cognitive fun has raised your IQ? By how much? What do you notice day to day? What games are the best? What skills have these games improved?(recall, reading comprehension, mental math, remembering directions, faster recall, quicker wit...)
ConfusedUnderstanding | 2 years ago Reply
I personally did not notice any effect from these games.
Quality of sleep, hydration ,type of food,caffeine seem to me to have a decisive effect on my cognitive performance.

I do these games like Sudoku(its like a little addiction). May be with a hope that they will help with something.

The numbers you listed correlate with the number of times you played.

The only game I have benefited playing is PASAT(I can add a bit faster now....)
1A2B3C | 2 years ago Reply
I am aware of the meaning of the numbers. I am glad to hear your response but I cant help but feel like you are an outlier. Does weightlifting help Bo Jackson as much as it will help me? No, he is near the peak of performance naturally, and I am nowhere near my peak. And I feel like you are the same as Bo tbh. You have some incredibly high scores in the memory games. You have a great brain!
ConfusedUnderstanding | 2 years ago Reply
So I noticed an effect ater all, but it is not significant :)
1A2B3C | 2 years ago Reply

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