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How n-back test is supposed to do?
Azor | 2 years ago Reply Link me
How n-back test is supposed to do?
Some weeks earlier I tried these n-back tasks and realized I do them totally differently than I did in college 6-7 years before.

I can't remember clearly how I did that time, but now my brain does something totally different. It automatically makes BLOCKS of elements, and compares them instead of constantly updating.

This way it's like 1-back with blocks (of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc elements). With 2 elements I just 'look back', that works normally, I suppose.

Trying to use updating skills I started to use a strategy which I could call n-forward. Concentrating the 'old' element and steping forward while always comparing the newest, hoping I can memorize that. But this still doesn't contain looking BACK, and I have to concentrate hard so that I wouldn't use blocks instead. (It worked with 3 elements, I didn't tried with more.)

So my question is: how one should do these tasks so that it would measure the abilities that it was supposed to create?

Thanks, Azor
Azor | 2 years ago Reply

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