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Dual N back
bogdy23 | 2 years ago Reply Link me
Dual N back
I have a psychosis i managed on brain-scale to reach level 4 and now 5 with about 2 days and 7 hours of training.I remember spending as much as 2 hours a day with this. Does this mean I'm stupid and that i will never recover my memory to the level of a normal person?
bogdy23 | 2 years ago Reply
nope, just do it.
because; My level was 2 last year. now, My level is 10.
The training was executed 10 to 30 times a week.
You do not have to spend seven hours.
One hour is enough.
gkdlvjtmffo | 2 years ago Reply
I've just read that college students (after 2 weeks) reached level 5. So I think your performance is normal. But never trust is cognitive research. :D
Azor | 2 years ago Reply
? | 2 years ago Reply

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