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I have a Question
melghoul | 2 years ago Reply Link me
I have a Question
First of all, I want to thank you for this wonderful website. I am wondering about, How the combined degree is calculated in go/no-go visual reaction time test? in other words, what is the equation for calculating the combined degree?
looking forward to your reply.

melghoul | 2 years ago Reply
Hi, I've just calculated it to you (by looking at stats).

Your average reaction time will be the same portion of the combined score that the percentage of your correct answers. So:

If your RT is 350ms and your answers were correct in 70% than your combined RT will be 500ms.
Azor | 2 years ago Reply
350ms is the 70% of the combined RT, which (350/70)*100 will be.
Azor | 2 years ago Reply

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