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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
bored100.00615.00 ms615.001 month ago
bored100.00566.69 ms566.692 months ago
bored100.00677.00 ms677.002 months ago
bored100.00649.04 ms649.043 months ago
bored91.67743.75 ms811.363 months ago
bored91.67943.83 ms1,029.643 months ago
bored100.00847.53 ms847.533 months ago
bored91.67906.33 ms988.733 months ago
bored91.67935.42 ms1,020.453 months ago
bored91.67998.70 ms1,089.493 months ago
bored77.38934.64 ms1,207.853 months ago
john63166.671,317.92 ms1,976.883 months ago
bored100.00790.22 ms790.223 months ago
bored94.44900.11 ms953.063 months ago
bored100.00703.87 ms703.873 months ago
bored100.00588.98 ms588.983 months ago
bored92.861,034.35 ms1,113.913 months ago
bored100.00539.67 ms539.674 months ago
bored100.00584.45 ms584.454 months ago
bored100.00681.83 ms681.834 months ago
bored100.00818.92 ms818.924 months ago
bored91.67877.00 ms956.734 months ago
bored91.67901.36 ms983.304 months ago
bored83.331,096.58 ms1,315.904 months ago
bored100.00833.56 ms833.565 months ago

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