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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kaniodori91.67992.92 ms1,083.181 day ago
kaniodori84.52960.21 ms1,136.021 day ago
kaniodori30.951,958.18 ms6,326.441 day ago
kaniodori63.101,386.16 ms2,196.931 day ago
kaniodori54.171,378.98 ms2,545.821 day ago
bored91.67690.81 ms753.613 days ago
kaniodori50.641,498.46 ms2,958.993 days ago
bored100.00628.65 ms628.657 days ago
kaniodori41.671,659.63 ms3,983.121 week ago
kaniodori61.901,426.75 ms2,304.751 week ago
kaniodori79.171,068.65 ms1,349.881 week ago
kaniodori33.331,887.70 ms5,663.091 week ago
kaniodori41.671,468.56 ms3,524.541 week ago
kaniodori68.751,267.28 ms1,843.311 week ago
kaniodori72.921,030.77 ms1,413.631 week ago
bored91.67818.78 ms893.211 week ago
kaniodori50.001,300.62 ms2,601.241 week ago
kaniodori75.00735.87 ms981.161 week ago
kaniodori66.671,394.42 ms2,091.631 week ago
kaniodori91.67866.40 ms945.161 week ago
kaniodori63.891,250.01 ms1,956.531 week ago
bored91.67683.60 ms745.742 weeks ago
bored85.71947.65 ms1,105.592 weeks ago
bored85.421,042.20 ms1,220.132 weeks ago
bored93.75688.27 ms734.162 weeks ago

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