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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
john631100.00680.18 ms680.182 weeks ago
john63192.86844.38 ms909.332 weeks ago
john63185.421,367.04 ms1,600.441 month ago
shosho70.831,014.48 ms1,432.211 month ago
shosho91.67794.77 ms867.022 months ago
shosho75.00790.17 ms1,053.562 months ago
john63186.67877.91 ms1,012.982 months ago
bored100.00597.04 ms597.042 months ago
shosho61.901,373.43 ms2,218.622 months ago
shosho79.17723.19 ms913.502 months ago
shosho85.42919.58 ms1,076.592 months ago
john63177.781,037.64 ms1,334.112 months ago
bored100.00578.06 ms578.062 months ago
shosho91.67726.58 ms792.643 months ago
john631100.00678.70 ms678.703 months ago
shosho80.56964.56 ms1,197.383 months ago
shosho83.33771.08 ms925.303 months ago
john63186.11941.22 ms1,093.033 months ago
shosho79.17902.71 ms1,140.264 months ago
shosho66.671,203.92 ms1,805.884 months ago
bored100.00611.43 ms611.434 months ago
shosho91.67800.25 ms873.004 months ago
john63191.67855.74 ms933.534 months ago
john63186.111,093.48 ms1,269.854 months ago
shosho78.331,351.05 ms1,724.744 months ago

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