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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho75.001,057.25 ms1,409.671 hour ago
bored100.00731.80 ms731.803 hours ago
bored100.00573.77 ms573.771 day ago
bored100.00647.33 ms647.331 day ago
bored100.00581.08 ms581.082 days ago
bored91.67816.00 ms890.182 days ago
shosho100.00578.65 ms578.652 days ago
shosho55.561,147.94 ms2,066.302 days ago
shosho87.50535.46 ms611.952 days ago
bored100.00647.60 ms647.603 days ago
shosho70.83957.92 ms1,352.353 days ago
john63179.171,024.36 ms1,293.935 days ago
shosho63.461,167.80 ms1,840.175 days ago
bored100.00581.33 ms581.336 days ago
bored100.00542.44 ms542.446 days ago
bored100.00525.12 ms525.126 days ago
bored91.67727.73 ms793.897 days ago
bored100.00671.67 ms671.671 week ago
bored91.67742.92 ms810.451 week ago
shosho83.33698.75 ms838.501 week ago
bored100.00645.94 ms645.941 week ago
bored100.00485.92 ms485.922 weeks ago
shosho91.67750.02 ms818.212 weeks ago
shosho75.00783.42 ms1,044.562 weeks ago
bored100.00617.00 ms617.002 weeks ago

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