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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho52.781,763.75 ms3,341.842 days ago
bored100.00589.67 ms589.671 week ago
bored83.33694.18 ms833.012 weeks ago
bored85.42874.06 ms1,023.292 weeks ago
bored83.33821.83 ms986.202 weeks ago
bored94.44771.75 ms817.152 weeks ago
bored100.00574.69 ms574.692 weeks ago
bored91.67850.33 ms927.642 weeks ago
bored79.17749.33 ms946.533 weeks ago
bored83.33946.42 ms1,135.703 weeks ago
bored75.00906.83 ms1,209.113 weeks ago
bored95.00690.02 ms726.333 weeks ago
bored90.00782.53 ms869.483 weeks ago
bored91.67849.25 ms926.453 weeks ago
bored92.31609.38 ms660.174 weeks ago
bored91.67680.21 ms742.054 weeks ago
bored75.00826.83 ms1,102.444 weeks ago
bored86.11998.22 ms1,159.234 weeks ago
bored77.08904.21 ms1,173.034 weeks ago
bored92.86708.86 ms763.381 month ago
bored84.52868.18 ms1,027.141 month ago
bored87.50535.90 ms612.451 month ago
bored78.331,063.93 ms1,358.211 month ago
bored84.52570.24 ms674.651 month ago
bored91.67741.00 ms808.361 month ago

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