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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
bored91.67808.92 ms882.453 days ago
bored85.71821.55 ms958.474 days ago
bored86.67782.35 ms902.715 days ago
bored75.001,133.08 ms1,510.785 days ago
john63191.67841.15 ms917.623 weeks ago
john63183.33950.04 ms1,140.051 month ago
john63191.67876.76 ms956.461 month ago
kaniodori55.001,602.96 ms2,914.471 month ago
john63161.901,221.67 ms1,973.462 months ago
john63177.381,523.33 ms1,968.622 months ago
john63175.001,283.42 ms1,711.222 months ago
john63177.081,425.20 ms1,848.912 months ago
solipsist58.33815.00 ms1,397.143 months ago
john63166.671,225.04 ms1,837.563 months ago
bored100.00516.35 ms516.353 months ago
bored91.67734.45 ms801.223 months ago
bored91.67580.24 ms632.993 months ago
fourier91.67764.35 ms833.843 months ago
fourier94.44949.43 ms1,005.283 months ago
fourier87.50760.58 ms869.243 months ago
fourier81.251,442.82 ms1,775.783 months ago
fourier91.67741.94 ms809.393 months ago
bored91.67477.29 ms520.683 months ago
bored91.67700.51 ms764.193 months ago
bored91.67741.87 ms809.323 months ago

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