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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho80.00906.88 ms1,133.612 weeks ago
shosho58.331,785.59 ms3,061.012 weeks ago
shosho83.331,393.34 ms1,672.013 weeks ago
shosho91.67728.65 ms794.893 weeks ago
shosho77.78825.61 ms1,061.503 weeks ago
kaniodori77.08977.06 ms1,267.531 month ago
kaniodori82.14971.75 ms1,183.001 month ago
solipsist91.67984.17 ms1,073.643 months ago
john63188.891,062.53 ms1,195.343 months ago
shosho56.251,463.04 ms2,600.973 months ago
john63158.331,351.67 ms2,317.143 months ago
kaniodori100.00708.35 ms708.353 months ago
kaniodori77.08889.14 ms1,153.483 months ago
kaniodori77.08944.34 ms1,225.094 months ago
kaniodori83.33899.30 ms1,079.164 months ago
kaniodori18.331,866.19 ms10,179.234 months ago
kaniodori90.91943.95 ms1,038.354 months ago
kaniodori76.191,045.73 ms1,372.524 months ago
kaniodori88.89947.61 ms1,066.064 months ago
kaniodori77.781,164.16 ms1,496.774 months ago
kaniodori70.00969.11 ms1,384.444 months ago
kaniodori84.521,092.02 ms1,291.964 months ago
kaniodori33.331,827.69 ms5,483.074 months ago
kaniodori83.331,072.05 ms1,286.464 months ago
kaniodori51.521,415.15 ms2,747.074 months ago

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