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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jimbob83.33705.33 ms846.405 days ago
jimbob76.67548.80 ms715.835 days ago
jimbob75.001,091.00 ms1,454.675 days ago
jimbob58.331,091.13 ms1,870.506 days ago
jimbob80.56839.44 ms1,042.076 days ago
jimbob75.00860.92 ms1,147.896 days ago
jimbob92.86617.96 ms665.501 week ago
jimbob75.001,340.13 ms1,786.831 week ago
jimbob83.331,001.17 ms1,201.401 week ago
jimbob75.001,074.50 ms1,432.671 week ago
jimbob83.331,016.04 ms1,219.251 week ago
jimbob75.00750.25 ms1,000.331 week ago
jimbob66.671,333.25 ms1,999.871 week ago
jimbob50.001,244.94 ms2,489.891 week ago
jimbob67.86773.25 ms1,139.531 week ago
jimbob66.671,020.58 ms1,530.881 week ago
jimbob91.67774.82 ms845.261 week ago
jimbob65.001,125.18 ms1,731.051 week ago
jimbob83.33836.17 ms1,003.401 week ago
jimbob84.52905.94 ms1,071.821 week ago
jimbob69.051,170.17 ms1,694.721 week ago
jimbob84.52726.40 ms859.411 week ago
jimbob78.33902.72 ms1,152.401 week ago
jimbob85.00915.50 ms1,077.061 week ago
jimbob75.001,114.75 ms1,486.331 week ago

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