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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho85.78644.64 ms751.466 days ago
shosho86.67956.53 ms1,103.691 month ago
shosho77.38963.55 ms1,245.201 month ago
jimbob62.501,012.02 ms1,619.232 months ago
jimbob75.001,102.25 ms1,469.672 months ago
jimbob86.36752.08 ms870.822 months ago
jimbob55.001,293.90 ms2,352.552 months ago
jimbob75.00994.56 ms1,326.072 months ago
jimbob77.38944.32 ms1,220.352 months ago
jimbob66.67575.08 ms862.622 months ago
jimbob75.001,243.17 ms1,657.562 months ago
jimbob92.861,042.92 ms1,123.142 months ago
jimbob83.33796.65 ms955.982 months ago
jimbob72.92766.04 ms1,050.572 months ago
jimbob66.671,277.75 ms1,916.632 months ago
jimbob75.001,119.92 ms1,493.222 months ago
jimbob66.671,219.92 ms1,829.872 months ago
jimbob69.051,293.08 ms1,872.742 months ago
jimbob64.581,222.58 ms1,893.032 months ago
jimbob69.051,130.61 ms1,637.432 months ago
jimbob85.00917.25 ms1,079.122 months ago
jimbob100.00622.65 ms622.652 months ago
jimbob77.081,000.52 ms1,297.972 months ago
jimbob75.001,281.75 ms1,709.002 months ago
jimbob75.00930.36 ms1,240.482 months ago

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