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Stats for: kpst Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho100.00523.40 ms523.402 weeks ago
shosho91.67699.71 ms763.323 weeks ago
shosho75.00980.67 ms1,307.563 weeks ago
shosho91.67677.50 ms739.092 months ago
shosho80.13855.38 ms1,067.522 months ago
shosho100.00543.43 ms543.432 months ago
shosho91.67803.50 ms876.552 months ago
shosho79.171,022.25 ms1,291.262 months ago
shosho85.421,075.60 ms1,259.242 months ago
shosho100.00493.82 ms493.822 months ago
shosho83.33967.02 ms1,160.432 months ago
shosho83.33600.42 ms720.502 months ago
shosho91.67692.64 ms755.612 months ago
shosho91.67579.92 ms632.642 months ago
shosho86.11853.58 ms991.262 months ago
shosho81.25623.60 ms767.512 months ago
shosho83.33859.92 ms1,031.902 months ago
shosho75.00984.58 ms1,312.782 months ago
shosho100.00661.00 ms661.002 months ago
shosho91.67542.67 ms592.002 months ago
shosho91.67871.31 ms950.522 months ago
shosho76.281,206.73 ms1,581.932 months ago
shosho76.67929.57 ms1,212.482 months ago
shosho84.521,046.94 ms1,238.632 months ago
shosho93.75915.52 ms976.562 months ago

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