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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho91.67654.52 ms714.022 months ago
shosho100.00514.76 ms514.762 months ago
shosho85.71599.75 ms699.712 months ago
shosho85.78644.64 ms751.462 months ago
shosho86.67956.53 ms1,103.693 months ago
shosho77.38963.55 ms1,245.203 months ago
jimbob62.501,012.02 ms1,619.233 months ago
jimbob75.001,102.25 ms1,469.673 months ago
jimbob86.36752.08 ms870.823 months ago
jimbob55.001,293.90 ms2,352.554 months ago
jimbob75.00994.56 ms1,326.074 months ago
jimbob77.38944.32 ms1,220.354 months ago
jimbob66.67575.08 ms862.624 months ago
jimbob75.001,243.17 ms1,657.564 months ago
jimbob92.861,042.92 ms1,123.144 months ago
jimbob83.33796.65 ms955.984 months ago
jimbob72.92766.04 ms1,050.574 months ago
jimbob66.671,277.75 ms1,916.634 months ago
jimbob75.001,119.92 ms1,493.224 months ago
jimbob66.671,219.92 ms1,829.874 months ago
jimbob69.051,293.08 ms1,872.744 months ago
jimbob64.581,222.58 ms1,893.034 months ago
jimbob69.051,130.61 ms1,637.434 months ago
jimbob85.00917.25 ms1,079.124 months ago
jimbob100.00622.65 ms622.654 months ago

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