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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho81.25804.81 ms990.549 hours ago
shosho75.001,045.17 ms1,393.562 days ago
shosho85.711,018.11 ms1,187.792 days ago
shosho63.891,162.33 ms1,819.302 days ago
shosho91.67867.33 ms946.181 week ago
shosho52.381,702.73 ms3,250.661 week ago
shosho91.67766.25 ms835.913 weeks ago
shosho67.861,121.56 ms1,652.821 month ago
username_83.33752.25 ms902.701 month ago
username_66.67816.03 ms1,224.041 month ago
username_67.86993.73 ms1,464.441 month ago
username_70.24970.11 ms1,381.171 month ago
username_58.33834.07 ms1,429.831 month ago
shosho66.671,243.36 ms1,865.041 month ago
shosho77.081,106.15 ms1,435.001 month ago
shosho83.33852.58 ms1,023.102 months ago
shosho76.191,043.01 ms1,368.952 months ago
shosho75.00955.19 ms1,273.592 months ago
shosho87.501,082.25 ms1,236.862 months ago
shosho83.331,327.50 ms1,593.002 months ago
shosho47.221,396.08 ms2,956.412 months ago
shosho69.441,245.56 ms1,793.602 months ago
shosho83.33902.16 ms1,082.592 months ago
shosho75.001,096.77 ms1,462.362 months ago
shosho70.831,151.31 ms1,625.382 months ago

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