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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho91.67962.86 ms1,050.392 weeks ago
john63179.171,141.04 ms1,441.322 weeks ago
kaniodori100.00892.77 ms892.773 weeks ago
kaniodori61.901,244.64 ms2,010.573 weeks ago
john63187.501,019.62 ms1,165.283 weeks ago
john63158.331,529.33 ms2,621.713 weeks ago
kaniodori86.67893.60 ms1,031.083 weeks ago
kaniodori73.481,055.43 ms1,436.254 weeks ago
kaniodori66.671,116.43 ms1,674.644 weeks ago
kaniodori60.261,201.47 ms1,993.934 weeks ago
kaniodori60.711,380.58 ms2,273.904 weeks ago
kaniodori68.75970.35 ms1,411.414 weeks ago
kaniodori83.33877.01 ms1,052.414 weeks ago
kaniodori86.36812.89 ms941.244 weeks ago
kaniodori91.67806.90 ms880.264 weeks ago
kaniodori100.00815.20 ms815.204 weeks ago
NCMentis45.831,501.75 ms3,276.554 weeks ago
kaniodori79.17952.26 ms1,202.861 month ago
kaniodori66.67677.16 ms1,015.741 month ago
kaniodori91.67795.88 ms868.232 months ago
shosho100.00734.56 ms734.562 months ago
kaniodori94.44784.37 ms830.512 months ago
kaniodori87.501,079.12 ms1,233.282 months ago
zt201777.38850.33 ms1,098.892 months ago
1A2B3C100.00919.17 ms919.172 months ago

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