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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jimbob87.82697.82 ms794.601 month ago
jimbob77.78922.42 ms1,185.961 month ago
NCMentis47.921,719.42 ms3,588.352 months ago
NCMentis52.081,349.85 ms2,591.722 months ago
NCMentis44.051,344.79 ms3,053.032 months ago
jimbob100.00607.93 ms607.933 months ago
jimbob83.33631.33 ms757.603 months ago
NCMentis30.001,696.62 ms5,655.393 months ago
jimbob86.111,024.36 ms1,189.583 months ago
jimbob66.671,200.98 ms1,801.473 months ago
jimbob83.33989.50 ms1,187.403 months ago
jimbob76.19967.14 ms1,269.383 months ago
jimbob93.75943.48 ms1,006.383 months ago
jimbob91.67889.25 ms970.093 months ago
jimbob75.00807.08 ms1,076.113 months ago
jimbob76.191,096.57 ms1,439.253 months ago
jimbob85.42779.50 ms912.593 months ago
jimbob80.13813.67 ms1,015.463 months ago
jimbob83.33819.08 ms982.904 months ago
jimbob83.331,176.33 ms1,411.604 months ago
jimbob92.86843.68 ms908.584 months ago
jimbob81.251,203.50 ms1,481.234 months ago
jimbob88.89941.22 ms1,058.884 months ago
jimbob91.671,086.22 ms1,184.974 months ago
jimbob75.00917.92 ms1,223.894 months ago

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