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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jimbob87.82697.82 ms794.603 months ago
jimbob77.78922.42 ms1,185.963 months ago
NCMentis47.921,719.42 ms3,588.355 months ago
NCMentis52.081,349.85 ms2,591.725 months ago
NCMentis44.051,344.79 ms3,053.035 months ago
jimbob100.00607.93 ms607.935 months ago
jimbob83.33631.33 ms757.605 months ago
NCMentis30.001,696.62 ms5,655.395 months ago
jimbob86.111,024.36 ms1,189.585 months ago
jimbob66.671,200.98 ms1,801.475 months ago
jimbob83.33989.50 ms1,187.405 months ago
jimbob76.19967.14 ms1,269.385 months ago
jimbob93.75943.48 ms1,006.385 months ago
jimbob91.67889.25 ms970.095 months ago
jimbob75.00807.08 ms1,076.115 months ago
jimbob76.191,096.57 ms1,439.255 months ago
jimbob85.42779.50 ms912.596 months ago
jimbob80.13813.67 ms1,015.466 months ago
jimbob83.33819.08 ms982.906 months ago
jimbob83.331,176.33 ms1,411.607 months ago
jimbob92.86843.68 ms908.587 months ago
jimbob81.251,203.50 ms1,481.237 months ago
jimbob88.89941.22 ms1,058.887 months ago
jimbob91.671,086.22 ms1,184.977 months ago
jimbob75.00917.92 ms1,223.897 months ago

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