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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
shosho91.67904.83 ms987.083 weeks ago
solipsist90.91863.18 ms949.503 months ago
solipsist53.571,352.02 ms2,523.783 months ago
solipsist83.33891.07 ms1,069.293 months ago
solipsist75.00939.17 ms1,252.223 months ago
solipsist74.24863.56 ms1,163.163 months ago
solipsist78.031,109.92 ms1,422.433 months ago
solipsist65.00987.67 ms1,519.493 months ago
solipsist69.701,234.47 ms1,771.203 months ago
solipsist77.381,142.62 ms1,476.623 months ago
solipsist79.171,182.29 ms1,493.423 months ago
solipsist78.03948.18 ms1,215.153 months ago
solipsist86.361,057.50 ms1,224.473 months ago
solipsist81.251,106.67 ms1,362.053 months ago
solipsist66.671,107.50 ms1,661.253 months ago
solipsist83.331,150.00 ms1,380.003 months ago
solipsist72.221,244.50 ms1,723.153 months ago
solipsist54.171,453.96 ms2,684.233 months ago
solipsist70.241,025.24 ms1,459.663 months ago
solipsist58.331,260.67 ms2,161.143 months ago
solipsist63.891,374.72 ms2,151.743 months ago
solipsist76.19974.64 ms1,279.223 months ago
solipsist75.001,418.33 ms1,891.113 months ago
solipsist72.441,295.08 ms1,787.893 months ago
solipsist50.001,168.75 ms2,337.503 months ago

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