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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kaniodori92.86905.67 ms975.343 days ago
kaniodori60.711,122.15 ms1,848.253 days ago
kaniodori63.101,483.08 ms2,350.553 days ago
kaniodori58.331,637.20 ms2,806.623 days ago
kaniodori77.38990.88 ms1,280.523 days ago
kaniodori69.441,122.18 ms1,615.943 days ago
kaniodori66.671,407.90 ms2,111.854 days ago
kaniodori82.581,064.26 ms1,288.834 days ago
kaniodori77.38959.63 ms1,240.134 days ago
kaniodori58.331,278.02 ms2,190.904 days ago
kaniodori55.001,569.74 ms2,854.074 days ago
1A2B3C100.001,576.67 ms1,576.675 days ago
kaniodori76.191,198.18 ms1,572.611 week ago
kaniodori100.00823.81 ms823.811 week ago
kaniodori86.67991.16 ms1,143.641 week ago
kaniodori61.361,113.28 ms1,814.231 week ago
kaniodori58.331,646.09 ms2,821.861 week ago
kaniodori92.86940.16 ms1,012.492 weeks ago
kaniodori70.831,263.04 ms1,783.122 weeks ago
kaniodori56.821,561.93 ms2,749.002 weeks ago
kaniodori93.75848.43 ms904.992 weeks ago
kaniodori66.671,444.96 ms2,167.453 weeks ago
kaniodori83.33906.53 ms1,087.833 weeks ago
kaniodori33.331,281.86 ms3,845.583 weeks ago
kaniodori77.781,121.38 ms1,441.783 weeks ago

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