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Stats for: kpst Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis41.671,009.45 ms2,422.6822 hours ago
NCMentis59.521,004.70 ms1,687.9022 hours ago
NCMentis67.861,076.79 ms1,586.8422 hours ago
NCMentis33.331,526.67 ms4,580.0022 hours ago
NCMentis31.671,836.50 ms5,799.472 weeks ago
NCMentis45.511,341.36 ms2,947.212 weeks ago
NCMentis50.001,204.94 ms2,409.892 weeks ago
NCMentis61.111,059.50 ms1,733.732 weeks ago
username_79.17850.06 ms1,073.761 month ago
username_70.24867.81 ms1,235.531 month ago
username_83.33522.08 ms626.501 month ago
username_68.331,311.77 ms1,919.661 month ago
username_66.671,054.50 ms1,581.751 month ago
username_76.19974.39 ms1,278.891 month ago
username_76.19699.90 ms918.631 month ago
username_70.241,051.73 ms1,497.371 month ago
shosho85.42866.06 ms1,013.932 months ago
shosho83.331,210.00 ms1,452.002 months ago
shosho91.67697.17 ms760.552 months ago
shosho91.67904.83 ms987.084 months ago
solipsist90.91863.18 ms949.506 months ago
solipsist53.571,352.02 ms2,523.786 months ago
solipsist83.33891.07 ms1,069.296 months ago
solipsist75.00939.17 ms1,252.226 months ago
solipsist74.24863.56 ms1,163.166 months ago

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