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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis84.52682.10 ms806.9922 hours ago
NCMentis55.001,310.08 ms2,381.972 days ago
NCMentis59.521,486.69 ms2,497.642 days ago
NCMentis76.19872.50 ms1,145.162 days ago
NCMentis54.411,584.28 ms2,911.663 days ago
NCMentis69.44888.33 ms1,279.203 days ago
NCMentis72.92783.67 ms1,074.743 days ago
NCMentis58.331,167.08 ms2,000.713 days ago
NCMentis46.431,003.14 ms2,160.626 days ago
NCMentis43.331,191.15 ms2,748.816 days ago
NCMentis21.431,479.89 ms6,906.171 week ago
NCMentis61.90990.71 ms1,600.381 week ago
NCMentis62.501,405.88 ms2,249.401 week ago
NCMentis60.421,123.15 ms1,859.001 week ago
NCMentis53.571,176.44 ms2,196.022 weeks ago
NCMentis75.00927.75 ms1,237.002 weeks ago
NCMentis68.751,329.98 ms1,934.522 weeks ago
NCMentis72.221,235.94 ms1,711.312 weeks ago
NCMentis63.101,071.20 ms1,697.752 weeks ago
NCMentis50.00935.92 ms1,871.832 weeks ago
NCMentis41.671,583.97 ms3,801.532 weeks ago
NCMentis58.33955.56 ms1,638.102 weeks ago
NCMentis70.451,191.48 ms1,691.132 weeks ago
NCMentis61.901,152.45 ms1,861.652 weeks ago
NCMentis81.251,194.83 ms1,470.562 weeks ago

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