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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jimbob77.27874.77 ms1,132.064 days ago
Burrli66.67977.75 ms1,466.622 weeks ago
caps252645.241,378.43 ms3,047.052 weeks ago
caps252639.581,329.81 ms3,359.532 weeks ago
jimbob81.67845.68 ms1,035.533 weeks ago
jimbob83.33805.92 ms967.103 weeks ago
jimbob76.191,126.30 ms1,478.273 weeks ago
Burrli52.781,362.86 ms2,582.261 month ago
Burrli47.921,195.00 ms2,493.911 month ago
jimbob75.00780.56 ms1,040.751 month ago
jimbob75.00908.40 ms1,211.191 month ago
Burrli53.571,209.57 ms2,257.872 months ago
NCMentis50.001,050.33 ms2,100.673 months ago
NCMentis50.001,216.50 ms2,433.003 months ago
jimbob95.00801.88 ms844.093 months ago
caps252666.671,390.17 ms2,085.253 months ago
Burrli39.391,048.86 ms2,662.503 months ago
NCMentis47.921,831.02 ms3,821.265 months ago
NCMentis58.331,079.67 ms1,850.865 months ago
NCMentis91.671,121.33 ms1,223.275 months ago
NCMentis39.291,716.74 ms4,369.885 months ago
NCMentis85.42813.85 ms952.805 months ago
NCMentis58.331,207.58 ms2,070.145 months ago
NCMentis46.431,472.82 ms3,172.235 months ago
anonymous41.671,877.83 ms4,506.807 months ago

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