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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zt201793.75657.94 ms701.804 hours ago
zt201783.331,262.17 ms1,514.604 hours ago
zt201756.671,487.35 ms2,624.744 hours ago
zt201777.38845.95 ms1,093.234 hours ago
zt201766.671,020.88 ms1,531.314 hours ago
zt201767.861,142.57 ms1,683.794 hours ago
zt201763.101,083.93 ms1,717.924 hours ago
zt201768.751,358.67 ms1,976.244 hours ago
kaniodori100.00706.10 ms706.104 days ago
kaniodori77.081,107.95 ms1,437.344 days ago
kaniodori78.031,150.34 ms1,474.224 days ago
kaniodori95.00794.75 ms836.582 weeks ago
kaniodori83.33890.97 ms1,069.172 weeks ago
kaniodori93.75889.30 ms948.583 weeks ago
kaniodori94.44841.03 ms890.514 weeks ago
kaniodori83.331,087.68 ms1,305.214 weeks ago
kaniodori100.00756.94 ms756.941 month ago
1A2B3C100.001,216.67 ms1,216.671 month ago
NCMentis50.001,190.21 ms2,380.421 month ago
kaniodori93.75861.66 ms919.112 months ago
kaniodori86.361,062.88 ms1,230.702 months ago
kaniodori84.521,101.66 ms1,303.372 months ago
1A2B3C100.001,101.11 ms1,101.112 months ago
1A2B3C100.001,243.75 ms1,243.752 months ago
kaniodori75.001,172.66 ms1,563.552 months ago

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