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Stats for: kpst Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis55.561,306.97 ms2,352.551 week ago
NCMentis45.831,327.67 ms2,896.731 week ago
NCMentis27.081,340.19 ms4,948.382 weeks ago
NCMentis69.051,073.82 ms1,555.192 weeks ago
NCMentis58.331,242.58 ms2,130.142 weeks ago
NCMentis48.331,213.10 ms2,509.862 weeks ago
NCMentis76.92909.43 ms1,182.262 weeks ago
NCMentis85.71710.10 ms828.442 weeks ago
NCMentis52.781,244.86 ms2,358.683 weeks ago
NCMentis91.67923.58 ms1,007.553 weeks ago
NCMentis77.38875.57 ms1,131.513 weeks ago
NCMentis47.621,229.88 ms2,582.753 weeks ago
NCMentis72.221,140.00 ms1,578.463 weeks ago
NCMentis76.671,001.07 ms1,305.743 weeks ago
NCMentis39.291,767.51 ms4,499.123 weeks ago
NCMentis70.831,146.52 ms1,618.623 weeks ago
NCMentis75.001,147.83 ms1,530.443 weeks ago
NCMentis58.331,324.42 ms2,270.433 weeks ago
NCMentis66.671,245.92 ms1,868.873 weeks ago
NCMentis52.081,375.98 ms2,641.883 weeks ago
NCMentis77.381,044.36 ms1,349.633 weeks ago
Burrli44.441,342.22 ms3,020.004 weeks ago
anonymous94.44917.42 ms971.384 weeks ago
anonymous55.001,213.93 ms2,207.154 weeks ago
anonymous66.671,354.08 ms2,031.124 weeks ago

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