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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
john63192.86894.94 ms963.783 weeks ago
creativezhen45.001,210.08 ms2,689.074 weeks ago
NCMentis37.501,472.96 ms3,927.894 weeks ago
NCMentis91.67897.33 ms978.914 weeks ago
creativezhen38.101,516.83 ms3,981.694 weeks ago
NCMentis64.391,266.30 ms1,966.492 months ago
NCMentis54.761,313.38 ms2,398.352 months ago
NCMentis54.761,392.65 ms2,543.112 months ago
NCMentis62.501,203.67 ms1,925.872 months ago
zt201784.52854.61 ms1,011.082 months ago
zt201785.42769.38 ms900.732 months ago
zt201790.00945.85 ms1,050.942 months ago
zt201784.52917.86 ms1,085.922 months ago
1A2B3C100.001,212.50 ms1,212.502 months ago
1A2B3C83.331,186.67 ms1,424.002 months ago
zt201793.75657.94 ms701.802 months ago
zt201783.331,262.17 ms1,514.602 months ago
zt201756.671,487.35 ms2,624.742 months ago
zt201777.38845.95 ms1,093.232 months ago
zt201766.671,020.88 ms1,531.312 months ago
zt201767.861,142.57 ms1,683.792 months ago
zt201763.101,083.93 ms1,717.922 months ago
zt201768.751,358.67 ms1,976.242 months ago
kaniodori100.00706.10 ms706.102 months ago
kaniodori77.081,107.95 ms1,437.342 months ago

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