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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sizuokatea3330.562,141.83 ms7,009.642 months ago
jimbob91.67922.75 ms1,006.643 months ago
trier146.671,871.82 ms4,011.044 months ago
trier161.901,612.82 ms2,605.334 months ago
cbjx1785.421,166.65 ms1,365.836 months ago
cbjx1787.501,041.25 ms1,190.006 months ago
cbjx1785.001,311.15 ms1,542.536 months ago
cbjx1783.331,025.08 ms1,230.106 months ago
cbjx1783.331,424.17 ms1,709.007 months ago
cbjx1769.051,457.57 ms2,110.977 months ago
cbjx1776.191,305.52 ms1,713.507 months ago
cbjx1766.671,551.75 ms2,327.627 months ago
cbjx1788.461,308.82 ms1,479.547 months ago
cbjx1766.671,422.33 ms2,133.507 months ago
cbjx1761.111,600.06 ms2,618.277 months ago
cbjx1791.671,176.08 ms1,283.007 months ago
cbjx1769.051,490.23 ms2,158.267 months ago
cbjx1791.671,047.42 ms1,142.647 months ago
cbjx1770.831,426.69 ms2,014.157 months ago
cbjx1761.111,738.53 ms2,844.867 months ago
cbjx1791.671,202.43 ms1,311.747 months ago
cbjx1791.671,345.83 ms1,468.187 months ago
cbjx1783.331,402.17 ms1,682.607 months ago
cbjx1786.111,236.81 ms1,436.297 months ago
cbjx1763.101,385.13 ms2,195.307 months ago

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