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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
caps252645.001,289.98 ms2,866.621 month ago
chimpanzee33.331,755.73 ms5,267.202 months ago
chimpanzee52.781,345.30 ms2,548.992 months ago
chimpanzee83.331,048.08 ms1,257.692 months ago
chimpanzee55.561,309.41 ms2,356.932 months ago
caps252629.761,595.20 ms5,359.863 months ago
caps252650.001,278.51 ms2,557.013 months ago
caps252641.671,504.61 ms3,611.063 months ago
caps252655.561,379.22 ms2,482.603 months ago
solipsist100.001,191.67 ms1,191.673 months ago
solipsist95.00907.33 ms955.093 months ago
solipsist100.001,112.71 ms1,112.713 months ago
solipsist83.33786.39 ms943.673 months ago
solipsist92.311,252.69 ms1,357.083 months ago
solipsist67.861,022.50 ms1,506.843 months ago
john63192.86894.94 ms963.784 months ago
creativezhen45.001,210.08 ms2,689.074 months ago
NCMentis37.501,472.96 ms3,927.894 months ago
NCMentis91.67897.33 ms978.914 months ago
creativezhen38.101,516.83 ms3,981.694 months ago
NCMentis64.391,266.30 ms1,966.495 months ago
NCMentis54.761,313.38 ms2,398.355 months ago
NCMentis54.761,392.65 ms2,543.115 months ago
NCMentis62.501,203.67 ms1,925.875 months ago
zt201784.52854.61 ms1,011.085 months ago

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