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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis85.42702.56 ms822.511 week ago
NCMentis91.67731.52 ms798.021 week ago
NCMentis52.781,320.97 ms2,502.891 week ago
NCMentis73.33987.20 ms1,346.181 week ago
NCMentis62.50852.71 ms1,364.331 week ago
NCMentis83.331,022.42 ms1,226.901 week ago
NCMentis70.24877.08 ms1,248.731 week ago
NCMentis52.381,095.18 ms2,090.801 week ago
Burrli66.67970.83 ms1,456.251 week ago
Burrli66.67848.96 ms1,273.442 weeks ago
tolemy58.331,526.56 ms2,616.952 weeks ago
tolemy66.671,448.58 ms2,172.882 weeks ago
NCMentis87.50857.52 ms980.022 weeks ago
NCMentis70.241,555.96 ms2,215.272 weeks ago
NCMentis61.901,202.04 ms1,941.752 weeks ago
NCMentis70.241,150.69 ms1,638.272 weeks ago
NCMentis91.671,000.33 ms1,091.273 weeks ago
NCMentis54.171,440.40 ms2,659.193 weeks ago
Burrli58.331,041.25 ms1,785.003 weeks ago
NCMentis71.67889.55 ms1,241.233 weeks ago
NCMentis75.00602.03 ms802.703 weeks ago
NCMentis75.00973.17 ms1,297.563 weeks ago
creativezhen46.671,158.87 ms2,483.293 weeks ago
creativezhen56.06987.49 ms1,761.473 weeks ago
creativezhen58.331,014.95 ms1,739.913 weeks ago

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