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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis85.421,078.98 ms1,263.208 hours ago
NCMentis58.331,161.67 ms1,991.438 hours ago
NCMentis75.00913.17 ms1,217.568 hours ago
NCMentis63.101,073.88 ms1,702.009 hours ago
NCMentis81.25903.79 ms1,112.369 hours ago
NCMentis64.581,073.92 ms1,662.849 hours ago
anonymous38.101,721.31 ms4,518.4410 hours ago
caps252645.831,124.65 ms2,453.773 weeks ago
arjunvasan69.05957.57 ms1,386.833 weeks ago
luckydevill54.171,503.83 ms2,776.314 weeks ago
luckydevill64.581,148.73 ms1,778.684 weeks ago
luckydevill77.381,144.27 ms1,478.754 weeks ago
Burrli84.52994.05 ms1,176.061 month ago
jimbob92.86808.01 ms870.171 month ago
jimbob88.89671.17 ms755.061 month ago
Burrli85.42845.00 ms989.272 months ago
Burrli70.83870.00 ms1,228.242 months ago
Jerablo77.381,085.05 ms1,402.222 months ago
NCMentis47.921,128.06 ms2,354.223 months ago
NCMentis84.52692.45 ms819.243 months ago
NCMentis60.611,070.49 ms1,766.313 months ago
NCMentis77.78721.44 ms927.573 months ago
NCMentis56.251,628.15 ms2,894.483 months ago
NCMentis63.101,042.12 ms1,651.663 months ago
NCMentis66.67910.00 ms1,365.003 months ago

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