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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Burrli52.781,228.89 ms2,328.425 days ago
Burrli60.611,046.36 ms1,726.501 week ago
caps252687.12943.77 ms1,083.281 week ago
caps252662.501,343.58 ms2,149.731 week ago
caps252671.431,237.27 ms1,732.181 week ago
chimpanzee91.67561.80 ms612.872 weeks ago
Burrli55.561,358.06 ms2,444.502 weeks ago
lugurlu198583.33545.44 ms654.532 weeks ago
lugurlu198575.00791.32 ms1,055.102 weeks ago
Burrli53.571,351.55 ms2,522.893 weeks ago
Burrli70.831,251.25 ms1,766.473 weeks ago
lugurlu198566.671,275.04 ms1,912.563 weeks ago
Burrli58.33972.08 ms1,666.433 weeks ago
ffanzhang46.671,850.68 ms3,965.753 weeks ago
chimpanzee69.051,230.81 ms1,782.563 weeks ago
Burrli66.67928.89 ms1,393.334 weeks ago
StenPi64.581,587.90 ms2,458.684 weeks ago
Burrli65.001,375.17 ms2,115.644 weeks ago
Burrli55.56809.44 ms1,457.004 weeks ago
Burrli45.241,163.69 ms2,572.371 month ago
Burrli60.42789.38 ms1,306.551 month ago
olint52.781,493.49 ms2,829.771 month ago
Burrli87.50770.00 ms880.001 month ago
olint43.751,052.47 ms2,405.651 month ago
chimpanzee83.33805.37 ms966.441 month ago

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