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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zt201783.33967.04 ms1,160.451 day ago
Burrli63.101,006.07 ms1,594.531 day ago
Burrli65.00920.25 ms1,415.773 days ago
Burrli76.19996.79 ms1,308.284 days ago
NCMentis38.101,207.56 ms3,169.857 days ago
NCMentis61.111,113.00 ms1,821.277 days ago
Burrli45.241,383.57 ms3,058.421 week ago
Burrli50.001,147.50 ms2,295.001 week ago
tolemy84.521,134.90 ms1,342.691 week ago
tolemy83.33967.12 ms1,160.541 week ago
tolemy71.431,036.75 ms1,451.451 week ago
tolemy79.171,090.05 ms1,376.911 week ago
tolemy70.831,148.55 ms1,621.481 week ago
tolemy83.331,089.80 ms1,307.762 weeks ago
tolemy41.671,743.08 ms4,183.402 weeks ago
Burrli67.861,183.93 ms1,744.742 weeks ago
tolemy54.761,676.01 ms3,060.552 weeks ago
mattc201422.621,732.43 ms7,659.142 weeks ago
Burrli60.421,210.00 ms2,002.762 weeks ago
Burrli46.431,309.64 ms2,820.773 weeks ago
Burrli66.671,188.33 ms1,782.503 weeks ago
zt201785.711,057.55 ms1,233.813 weeks ago
Burrli58.331,185.83 ms2,032.863 weeks ago
mobA75.001,145.48 ms1,527.313 weeks ago
Burrli87.50607.92 ms694.763 weeks ago

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