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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mobA83.33860.09 ms1,032.114 days ago
Burrli56.82901.74 ms1,587.072 weeks ago
Burrli70.241,210.83 ms1,723.902 weeks ago
mobA66.671,424.25 ms2,136.383 weeks ago
mobA63.891,492.00 ms2,335.313 weeks ago
samueldavid327.782,036.80 ms7,332.483 weeks ago
creativezhen37.501,695.52 ms4,521.394 weeks ago
creativezhen58.33919.31 ms1,575.954 weeks ago
creativezhen55.951,380.10 ms2,466.554 weeks ago
creativezhen62.501,106.90 ms1,771.034 weeks ago
creativezhen60.711,245.85 ms2,051.984 weeks ago
creativezhen39.391,700.69 ms4,317.134 weeks ago
creativezhen53.031,057.90 ms1,994.904 weeks ago
creativezhen87.50881.52 ms1,007.454 weeks ago
creativezhen52.271,617.32 ms3,094.004 weeks ago
creativezhen38.331,592.98 ms4,155.614 weeks ago
creativezhen55.561,371.44 ms2,468.604 weeks ago
creativezhen58.331,295.17 ms2,220.294 weeks ago
creativezhen58.331,288.33 ms2,208.574 weeks ago
creativezhen50.001,467.52 ms2,935.054 weeks ago
creativezhen70.001,158.32 ms1,654.744 weeks ago
creativezhen84.52913.21 ms1,080.424 weeks ago
creativezhen66.671,026.63 ms1,539.944 weeks ago
creativezhen56.251,028.81 ms1,829.004 weeks ago
creativezhen61.671,035.13 ms1,678.594 weeks ago

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