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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis92.86704.00 ms758.1522 hours ago
NCMentis64.581,055.73 ms1,634.6822 hours ago
NCMentis80.00739.08 ms923.8522 hours ago
NCMentis90.00741.32 ms823.6922 hours ago
NCMentis55.951,082.05 ms1,933.8722 hours ago
Burrli70.241,149.17 ms1,636.101 day ago
NCMentis62.50978.54 ms1,565.672 days ago
NCMentis81.25512.13 ms630.312 days ago
NCMentis76.041,161.51 ms1,527.472 days ago
NCMentis91.67757.14 ms825.972 days ago
NCMentis39.391,323.12 ms3,358.692 days ago
NCMentis67.861,165.93 ms1,718.212 days ago
NCMentis60.611,020.57 ms1,683.943 days ago
NCMentis69.23907.94 ms1,311.473 days ago
NCMentis72.221,046.08 ms1,448.423 days ago
NCMentis70.83720.96 ms1,017.823 days ago
NCMentis83.33947.42 ms1,136.903 days ago
NCMentis91.67605.73 ms660.793 days ago
NCMentis70.83900.37 ms1,271.124 days ago
NCMentis66.67966.50 ms1,449.754 days ago
NCMentis83.33761.56 ms913.874 days ago
NCMentis46.971,071.31 ms2,280.854 days ago
NCMentis61.111,007.47 ms1,648.594 days ago
NCMentis66.67656.83 ms985.254 days ago
Burrli60.711,321.67 ms2,176.865 days ago

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