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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sizuokatea3358.331,926.26 ms3,302.161 month ago
sizuokatea3375.001,609.83 ms2,146.441 month ago
sizuokatea3380.561,607.83 ms1,995.931 month ago
sizuokatea3351.281,723.78 ms3,361.381 month ago
sizuokatea3383.331,599.86 ms1,919.831 month ago
sizuokatea3358.331,715.67 ms2,941.141 month ago
sizuokatea3366.671,568.25 ms2,352.371 month ago
sizuokatea3372.921,786.00 ms2,449.371 month ago
sizuokatea3377.381,464.96 ms1,893.182 months ago
sizuokatea3368.331,922.78 ms2,813.832 months ago
sizuokatea3361.671,752.27 ms2,841.512 months ago
sizuokatea3369.051,601.60 ms2,319.552 months ago
anonymous83.331,012.79 ms1,215.342 months ago
sizuokatea3341.671,899.25 ms4,558.202 months ago
sizuokatea3383.331,646.42 ms1,975.702 months ago
sizuokatea3367.861,616.95 ms2,382.882 months ago
NCMentis55.001,351.73 ms2,457.702 months ago
NCMentis68.59972.90 ms1,418.432 months ago
sizuokatea3369.051,820.08 ms2,635.982 months ago
NCMentis55.001,104.72 ms2,008.582 months ago
NCMentis78.57862.20 ms1,097.352 months ago
NCMentis44.441,428.58 ms3,214.312 months ago
NCMentis69.441,200.25 ms1,728.362 months ago
NCMentis61.11921.00 ms1,507.092 months ago
NCMentis63.101,187.98 ms1,882.832 months ago

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