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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Burrli83.33766.94 ms920.331 day ago
caps252685.71696.50 ms812.593 days ago
caps252679.171,029.44 ms1,300.343 days ago
Burrli66.67745.00 ms1,117.504 days ago
Burrli87.50673.96 ms770.245 days ago
Burrli81.25818.75 ms1,007.696 days ago
Burrli77.38874.52 ms1,130.152 weeks ago
Burrli83.33505.12 ms606.142 weeks ago
Burrli56.671,125.50 ms1,986.182 weeks ago
jul2348.481,896.75 ms3,912.052 weeks ago
jul2361.111,338.91 ms2,190.952 weeks ago
jul2366.671,842.99 ms2,764.492 weeks ago
jul2358.331,628.97 ms2,792.522 weeks ago
jul2341.671,608.22 ms3,859.732 weeks ago
jul2367.861,704.58 ms2,512.012 weeks ago
jul2369.051,538.70 ms2,228.462 weeks ago
jul2366.671,233.37 ms1,850.062 weeks ago
jul2366.671,713.40 ms2,570.103 weeks ago
jul2350.001,788.75 ms3,577.493 weeks ago
jul2323.331,728.88 ms7,409.503 weeks ago
jul2375.001,385.15 ms1,846.873 weeks ago
mattc201450.001,413.18 ms2,826.373 weeks ago
mattc201447.221,821.06 ms3,856.373 weeks ago
mattc201436.111,724.64 ms4,775.933 weeks ago
mattc201466.671,534.42 ms2,301.633 weeks ago

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