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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Jerablo91.67828.67 ms904.003 days ago
ghodes33.331,517.00 ms4,551.006 days ago
ghodes40.481,460.95 ms3,609.416 days ago
ghodes22.221,239.42 ms5,577.376 days ago
ghodes33.331,565.72 ms4,697.176 days ago
ghodes18.751,940.21 ms10,347.786 days ago
ghodes33.331,754.42 ms5,263.256 days ago
ghodes11.111,882.28 ms16,940.506 days ago
ffanzhang38.102,031.51 ms5,332.726 days ago
ffanzhang76.191,689.90 ms2,218.006 days ago
ffanzhang38.101,914.29 ms5,025.006 days ago
ffanzhang58.331,987.83 ms3,407.716 days ago
ffanzhang58.331,680.67 ms2,881.146 days ago
ffanzhang39.581,981.13 ms5,004.956 days ago
ffanzhang32.142,033.80 ms6,327.376 days ago
wasp959.521,148.27 ms1,929.107 days ago
wasp983.331,360.75 ms1,632.907 days ago
wasp968.331,918.47 ms2,807.517 days ago
wasp98.331,640.93 ms19,691.147 days ago
wasp953.571,522.33 ms2,841.697 days ago
wasp964.581,531.10 ms2,370.747 days ago
wasp958.331,439.08 ms2,467.007 days ago
NCMentis84.521,063.32 ms1,258.012 weeks ago
anonymous91.67821.17 ms895.822 weeks ago
anonymous62.501,081.94 ms1,731.102 weeks ago

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