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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Scorpius36.901,027.07 ms2,783.033 days ago
Scorpius27.781,113.36 ms4,008.103 days ago
Scorpius52.381,118.42 ms2,135.163 days ago
Scorpius45.83988.38 ms2,156.453 days ago
Brain51743.751,812.33 ms4,142.485 days ago
mattthommana75.001,793.08 ms2,390.781 week ago
mattthommana70.451,608.49 ms2,283.021 week ago
caps252692.86708.90 ms763.441 week ago
caps252647.921,381.75 ms2,883.652 weeks ago
Burrli100.00587.71 ms587.712 weeks ago
Burrli81.25584.17 ms718.972 weeks ago
lugurlu198595.00754.00 ms793.682 weeks ago
lugurlu198591.67686.45 ms748.852 weeks ago
lugurlu198584.52810.85 ms959.312 weeks ago
lugurlu1985100.00560.42 ms560.422 weeks ago
lugurlu198595.00625.77 ms658.702 weeks ago
Burrli91.67719.44 ms784.853 weeks ago
anonymous54.761,119.10 ms2,043.583 weeks ago
anonymous58.331,264.13 ms2,167.083 weeks ago
anonymous83.331,350.59 ms1,620.713 weeks ago
anonymous76.191,069.74 ms1,404.033 weeks ago
anonymous47.921,770.88 ms3,695.753 weeks ago
anonymous41.671,749.52 ms4,198.853 weeks ago
anonymous33.331,965.11 ms5,895.323 weeks ago
anonymous60.001,566.43 ms2,610.713 weeks ago

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