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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
maxivic1100.001,478.50 ms1,478.5052 minutes ago
caps252669.051,108.58 ms1,605.532 weeks ago
caps252675.00919.47 ms1,225.962 weeks ago
maxivic183.331,308.58 ms1,570.302 weeks ago
maxivic183.331,370.28 ms1,644.332 weeks ago
maxivic1100.001,267.42 ms1,267.423 weeks ago
maxivic174.241,412.47 ms1,902.514 weeks ago
maxivic158.331,615.50 ms2,769.434 weeks ago
maxivic171.671,361.42 ms1,899.654 weeks ago
maxivic191.671,279.25 ms1,395.551 month ago
maxivic183.331,338.58 ms1,606.301 month ago
wingmaker50.001,048.75 ms2,097.502 months ago
wingmaker61.901,223.83 ms1,976.962 months ago
sizuokatea3383.331,540.92 ms1,849.102 months ago
anonymous100.00740.58 ms740.582 months ago
anonymous91.67684.42 ms746.642 months ago
sizuokatea3391.671,462.04 ms1,594.952 months ago
sizuokatea3346.431,950.31 ms4,200.672 months ago
NCMentis83.33835.07 ms1,002.092 months ago
NCMentis83.33834.80 ms1,001.762 months ago
NCMentis75.001,074.48 ms1,432.642 months ago
NCMentis87.50907.15 ms1,036.742 months ago
NCMentis59.521,330.70 ms2,235.582 months ago
NCMentis70.241,069.33 ms1,522.442 months ago
NCMentis77.38883.37 ms1,141.582 months ago

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