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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
maranata22.921,948.69 ms8,503.362 days ago
maranata83.33813.39 ms976.072 days ago
maranata91.67685.00 ms747.271 week ago
maranata67.95974.50 ms1,434.171 week ago
maranata80.771,051.86 ms1,302.302 weeks ago
tolemy91.67949.73 ms1,036.072 weeks ago
tolemy81.82872.98 ms1,066.982 weeks ago
Ohad91.67709.67 ms774.182 weeks ago
maranata66.671,424.19 ms2,136.282 weeks ago
jamesgewanter44.442,320.83 ms5,221.883 weeks ago
maranata26.522,016.95 ms7,606.803 weeks ago
maranata55.561,648.28 ms2,966.903 weeks ago
creativezhen25.001,799.67 ms7,198.673 weeks ago
creativezhen88.89712.17 ms801.193 weeks ago
creativezhen55.951,497.88 ms2,677.063 weeks ago
creativezhen73.481,108.71 ms1,508.763 weeks ago
creativezhen72.92975.00 ms1,337.143 weeks ago
creativezhen80.561,061.08 ms1,317.213 weeks ago
creativezhen30.001,652.05 ms5,506.833 weeks ago
creativezhen69.44980.53 ms1,411.963 weeks ago
creativezhen76.191,015.96 ms1,333.453 weeks ago
creativezhen53.571,168.79 ms2,181.733 weeks ago
creativezhen75.001,129.00 ms1,505.333 weeks ago
creativezhen39.291,670.57 ms4,252.363 weeks ago
creativezhen61.90953.71 ms1,540.623 weeks ago

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