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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jul2331.671,768.18 ms5,583.732 days ago
jul2366.671,623.04 ms2,434.562 days ago
jul2355.001,942.51 ms3,531.844 days ago
jul2375.001,645.67 ms2,194.234 days ago
jul2341.671,854.18 ms4,450.034 days ago
jul2354.761,896.23 ms3,462.674 days ago
jul2366.671,713.56 ms2,570.344 days ago
Burrli86.11622.50 ms722.904 days ago
jul2330.561,654.52 ms5,414.795 days ago
jul2333.331,532.85 ms4,598.545 days ago
jul2325.001,740.44 ms6,961.775 days ago
jul2334.852,050.90 ms5,885.206 days ago
Burrli62.501,053.13 ms1,685.006 days ago
NCMentis83.33970.14 ms1,164.177 days ago
NCMentis70.24998.60 ms1,421.737 days ago
jul2333.332,081.01 ms6,243.021 week ago
jul2341.671,906.01 ms4,574.411 week ago
jul2365.151,944.40 ms2,984.431 week ago
jul2350.002,051.36 ms4,102.711 week ago
jul2323.082,161.15 ms9,364.981 week ago
jul2356.062,159.04 ms3,851.261 week ago
jul2339.291,899.72 ms4,835.661 week ago
jul2361.901,843.98 ms2,978.741 week ago
jul2330.561,976.54 ms6,468.661 week ago
jul2350.001,664.03 ms3,328.061 week ago

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