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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis95.83664.96 ms693.872 days ago
Scorpius39.391,169.39 ms2,968.463 days ago
Scorpius52.081,326.81 ms2,547.483 days ago
Scorpius30.951,292.51 ms4,175.813 days ago
Scorpius54.171,360.96 ms2,512.543 days ago
Scorpius41.671,038.92 ms2,493.403 days ago
Scorpius60.711,070.44 ms1,763.083 days ago
Scorpius35.611,182.73 ms3,321.723 days ago
Scorpius52.081,144.10 ms2,196.683 days ago
NCMentis91.67672.75 ms733.914 days ago
NCMentis67.861,132.31 ms1,668.674 days ago
NCMentis78.79910.05 ms1,155.074 days ago
NCMentis83.33745.33 ms894.404 days ago
NCMentis83.33986.97 ms1,184.366 days ago
NCMentis78.79814.01 ms1,033.166 days ago
NCMentis77.38808.77 ms1,045.186 days ago
NCMentis78.57926.64 ms1,179.366 days ago
NCMentis91.67832.46 ms908.141 week ago
NCMentis100.00782.50 ms782.502 weeks ago
NCMentis92.86688.06 ms740.992 weeks ago
NCMentis83.33578.08 ms693.702 weeks ago
NCMentis75.001,113.48 ms1,484.642 weeks ago
NCMentis77.78753.44 ms968.712 weeks ago
NCMentis83.33778.00 ms933.602 weeks ago
NCMentis77.38922.74 ms1,192.462 weeks ago

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