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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis100.00594.97 ms594.974 hours ago
NCMentis77.381,041.86 ms1,346.404 hours ago
NCMentis53.571,177.45 ms2,197.914 hours ago
NCMentis79.171,035.50 ms1,308.004 hours ago
NCMentis70.241,146.52 ms1,632.344 hours ago
NCMentis8.331,711.17 ms20,534.004 hours ago
anonymous100.00870.19 ms870.195 hours ago
anonymous51.671,414.85 ms2,738.4212 hours ago
anonymous61.901,315.79 ms2,125.5012 hours ago
anonymous85.711,201.26 ms1,401.4712 hours ago
anonymous45.001,854.20 ms4,120.4418 hours ago
anonymous66.671,628.17 ms2,442.2518 hours ago
anonymous76.191,454.39 ms1,908.8918 hours ago
anonymous58.331,618.25 ms2,774.1418 hours ago
anonymous69.701,520.61 ms2,181.7519 hours ago
anonymous58.331,636.53 ms2,805.4819 hours ago
anonymous83.331,730.67 ms2,076.801 day ago
anonymous69.441,818.42 ms2,618.521 day ago
anonymous72.921,388.08 ms1,903.661 day ago
anonymous91.671,357.25 ms1,480.641 day ago
anonymous61.111,822.42 ms2,982.141 day ago
anonymous46.431,928.06 ms4,152.741 day ago
anonymous50.001,103.75 ms2,207.501 day ago
anonymous51.671,515.83 ms2,933.871 day ago
anonymous54.171,912.25 ms3,530.312 days ago

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