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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Brain51750.002,008.13 ms4,016.2613 hours ago
StenPi92.861,101.11 ms1,185.8221 hours ago
StenPi70.831,342.80 ms1,895.7221 hours ago
anonymous91.671,357.83 ms1,481.271 day ago
anonymous75.001,426.76 ms1,902.341 day ago
anonymous91.671,411.72 ms1,540.061 day ago
anonymous77.381,350.92 ms1,745.801 day ago
anonymous60.711,759.65 ms2,898.251 day ago
jul2375.001,472.71 ms1,963.612 days ago
jul2375.001,448.12 ms1,930.822 days ago
jul2363.891,221.13 ms1,911.342 days ago
jul2355.001,642.42 ms2,986.222 days ago
jul2366.671,737.82 ms2,606.742 days ago
jul2383.331,560.44 ms1,872.522 days ago
jul2375.001,482.14 ms1,976.182 days ago
jul2369.051,566.13 ms2,268.182 days ago
jul2372.921,145.66 ms1,571.182 days ago
jul2385.711,355.96 ms1,581.962 days ago
jul2372.921,273.21 ms1,746.122 days ago
jul2373.331,564.57 ms2,133.512 days ago
alexismael52.781,415.21 ms2,681.463 days ago
jul2369.051,463.47 ms2,119.514 days ago
jul2363.331,267.68 ms2,001.604 days ago
jul2383.331,525.10 ms1,830.124 days ago
jul2385.421,589.15 ms1,860.464 days ago

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