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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael29.761,923.37 ms6,462.5317 hours ago
chriscrewdson56.251,873.79 ms3,331.183 days ago
nervensaege83.33844.37 ms1,013.244 days ago
nervensaege76.67970.02 ms1,265.254 days ago
nervensaege77.381,075.01 ms1,389.254 days ago
nervensaege85.711,066.39 ms1,244.124 days ago
nervensaege54.171,232.68 ms2,275.714 days ago
nervensaege100.00997.65 ms997.654 days ago
nervensaege95.83868.89 ms906.664 days ago
nervensaege25.001,544.47 ms6,177.904 days ago
nervensaege60.711,566.38 ms2,579.914 days ago
nervensaege30.951,831.61 ms5,917.504 days ago
alexismael61.901,548.07 ms2,500.736 days ago
alexismael30.561,733.70 ms5,673.926 days ago
alexismael45.831,755.70 ms3,830.616 days ago
lgy93123033.332,175.77 ms6,527.306 days ago
alexismael75.001,302.76 ms1,737.017 days ago
chriscrewdson27.081,966.26 ms7,260.031 week ago
williamj45.241,842.11 ms4,072.032 weeks ago
anonymous92.861,242.93 ms1,338.542 weeks ago
anonymous61.111,325.10 ms2,168.342 weeks ago
anonymous73.331,477.15 ms2,014.292 weeks ago
anonymous75.001,374.65 ms1,832.872 weeks ago
jul2378.791,196.13 ms1,518.172 weeks ago
anonymous77.781,715.53 ms2,205.682 weeks ago

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