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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chriscrewdson58.331,728.60 ms2,963.325 days ago
chriscrewdson52.081,561.73 ms2,998.526 days ago
chriscrewdson66.671,429.28 ms2,143.931 week ago
chriscrewdson70.001,472.20 ms2,103.141 week ago
ghodes41.671,235.25 ms2,964.601 week ago
ghodes41.671,436.08 ms3,446.601 week ago
ghodes53.571,220.73 ms2,278.691 week ago
ghodes16.671,324.50 ms7,947.001 week ago
ghodes25.001,484.69 ms5,938.751 week ago
ghodes37.501,439.23 ms3,837.941 week ago
Scorpius91.67779.42 ms850.271 week ago
Scorpius91.67711.75 ms776.451 week ago
ghodes75.001,016.00 ms1,354.672 weeks ago
ghodes29.171,426.67 ms4,891.433 weeks ago
ghodes58.331,134.94 ms1,945.623 weeks ago
ghodes33.331,222.25 ms3,666.753 weeks ago
ghodes45.241,166.85 ms2,579.343 weeks ago
ghodes54.761,011.93 ms1,847.873 weeks ago
ghodes54.761,315.46 ms2,402.153 weeks ago
ghodes29.761,775.19 ms5,964.643 weeks ago
ghodes39.581,237.98 ms3,127.533 weeks ago
ghodes28.331,070.17 ms3,777.063 weeks ago
ghodes50.001,472.00 ms2,944.003 weeks ago
ghodes47.921,339.98 ms2,796.483 weeks ago
ghodes50.001,075.42 ms2,150.833 weeks ago

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