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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
suenobrain7750.002,005.17 ms4,010.335 hours ago
suenobrain7758.331,565.00 ms2,682.861 day ago
suenobrain7755.561,803.61 ms3,246.502 days ago
Scorpius72.921,263.00 ms1,732.112 days ago
Scorpius66.671,074.71 ms1,612.063 days ago
Scorpius92.86681.99 ms734.453 days ago
Scorpius83.33738.22 ms885.873 days ago
Scorpius73.331,001.00 ms1,365.003 days ago
Scorpius75.00915.67 ms1,220.893 days ago
Scorpius66.671,205.00 ms1,807.503 days ago
Scorpius91.67715.67 ms780.733 days ago
Scorpius73.331,191.52 ms1,624.803 days ago
suenobrain7760.001,675.07 ms2,791.783 days ago
Scorpius58.331,146.92 ms1,966.144 days ago
Scorpius43.751,416.29 ms3,237.244 days ago
chriscrewdson47.921,992.10 ms4,157.435 days ago
suenobrain7741.672,256.67 ms5,416.006 days ago
suenobrain7741.672,140.52 ms5,137.256 days ago
suenobrain7722.622,378.90 ms10,517.261 week ago
suenobrain7736.112,253.97 ms6,241.771 week ago
chriscrewdson66.671,515.33 ms2,273.001 week ago
alexismael37.501,623.29 ms4,328.782 weeks ago
alexismael52.081,778.29 ms3,414.322 weeks ago
chriscrewdson50.001,859.08 ms3,718.172 weeks ago
suenobrain7738.102,038.07 ms5,349.942 weeks ago

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