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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chriscrewdson69.441,436.19 ms2,068.1222 hours ago
chriscrewdson79.171,517.83 ms1,917.262 days ago
quinone91.671,255.40 ms1,369.522 days ago
jamesgewanter46.432,130.58 ms4,588.952 days ago
jamesgewanter51.672,197.63 ms4,253.482 days ago
quinone69.051,809.25 ms2,620.292 days ago
quinone71.431,611.40 ms2,255.972 days ago
quinone63.101,534.01 ms2,431.262 days ago
jacobogbeide46.671,438.65 ms3,082.825 days ago
jacobogbeide70.001,152.32 ms1,646.175 days ago
jacobogbeide61.671,458.52 ms2,365.165 days ago
jacobogbeide47.221,509.61 ms3,196.825 days ago
jacobogbeide41.671,851.10 ms4,442.655 days ago
jamesgewanter50.002,165.58 ms4,331.176 days ago
jamesgewanter50.002,114.50 ms4,229.006 days ago
jamesgewanter58.331,889.58 ms3,239.296 days ago
jamesgewanter44.442,364.44 ms5,320.007 days ago
jamesgewanter55.002,000.98 ms3,638.157 days ago
jamesgewanter50.002,251.39 ms4,502.787 days ago
Damiens58.332,066.80 ms3,543.091 week ago
Damiens33.331,945.19 ms5,835.561 week ago
Damiens29.762,103.14 ms7,066.561 week ago
Damiens41.672,076.00 ms4,982.401 week ago
Damiens16.672,202.25 ms13,213.501 week ago
Damiens35.612,168.88 ms6,091.321 week ago

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