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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Brain51763.331,944.50 ms3,070.2643 minutes ago
alexismael66.671,223.00 ms1,834.503 hours ago
alexismael21.432,084.50 ms9,727.673 hours ago
Jerablo100.00549.95 ms549.9522 hours ago
Brain51743.751,611.81 ms3,684.141 day ago
Scorpius77.38755.24 ms976.002 days ago
Scorpius75.00968.92 ms1,291.893 days ago
Scorpius81.671,019.43 ms1,248.293 days ago
Scorpius91.67838.45 ms914.683 days ago
Scorpius66.671,065.92 ms1,598.883 days ago
Scorpius87.50917.96 ms1,049.103 days ago
Scorpius66.671,242.92 ms1,864.373 days ago
Scorpius83.331,045.58 ms1,254.703 days ago
Scorpius77.78906.75 ms1,165.823 days ago
Scorpius75.001,088.83 ms1,451.783 days ago
Scorpius75.001,118.17 ms1,490.893 days ago
Scorpius83.33922.75 ms1,107.303 days ago
Scorpius50.001,144.28 ms2,288.563 days ago
Scorpius72.22814.58 ms1,127.883 days ago
Scorpius58.331,310.25 ms2,246.143 days ago
Scorpius70.001,227.33 ms1,753.333 days ago
Scorpius66.67928.00 ms1,392.003 days ago
Scorpius70.831,207.79 ms1,705.123 days ago
Scorpius60.001,030.93 ms1,718.223 days ago
Scorpius54.761,244.27 ms2,272.153 days ago

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