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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chriscrewdson58.331,691.67 ms2,900.0034 minutes ago
alexismael38.891,593.36 ms4,097.212 days ago
chriscrewdson75.001,106.29 ms1,475.062 days ago
alexismael47.731,136.61 ms2,381.484 days ago
chriscrewdson65.151,398.41 ms2,146.406 days ago
chriscrewdson60.421,523.83 ms2,522.211 week ago
chriscrewdson72.221,352.44 ms1,872.621 week ago
Szkorbut91.671,016.33 ms1,108.731 week ago
Szkorbut75.001,458.75 ms1,945.001 week ago
Szkorbut80.561,239.89 ms1,539.171 week ago
Szkorbut52.381,434.06 ms2,737.751 week ago
Szkorbut50.001,820.04 ms3,640.071 week ago
Szkorbut58.331,672.25 ms2,866.711 week ago
Szkorbut58.331,547.96 ms2,653.641 week ago
Szkorbut66.671,141.83 ms1,712.751 week ago
Szkorbut67.861,644.29 ms2,423.161 week ago
Szkorbut66.671,271.64 ms1,907.461 week ago
Szkorbut58.331,744.83 ms2,991.141 week ago
Szkorbut50.001,901.67 ms3,803.331 week ago
Szkorbut46.671,864.10 ms3,994.501 week ago
Szkorbut41.671,840.56 ms4,417.331 week ago
alexismael43.751,586.00 ms3,625.141 week ago
alexismael68.751,453.94 ms2,114.821 week ago
chriscrewdson69.051,363.12 ms1,974.172 weeks ago
chriscrewdson58.331,409.92 ms2,417.002 weeks ago

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