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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sos947.221,913.08 ms4,051.2413 hours ago
sos966.671,800.33 ms2,700.5013 hours ago
sos960.711,465.27 ms2,413.3913 hours ago
sos977.381,411.00 ms1,823.4513 hours ago
sos953.571,643.76 ms3,068.3614 hours ago
sos960.001,766.00 ms2,943.3314 hours ago
alexismael85.421,371.83 ms1,606.0518 hours ago
rainonbeauty51.671,625.90 ms3,146.9021 hours ago
mahamba46.431,534.42 ms3,304.902 days ago
mahamba66.671,731.92 ms2,597.872 days ago
mahamba85.421,602.50 ms1,876.102 days ago
mahamba58.331,651.92 ms2,831.862 days ago
mahamba83.331,525.94 ms1,831.132 days ago
sos979.171,502.79 ms1,898.263 days ago
sos983.331,403.00 ms1,683.603 days ago
luckydevill93.75946.02 ms1,009.093 days ago
luckydevill91.67804.80 ms877.963 days ago
luckydevill83.331,070.95 ms1,285.153 days ago
anonymous100.00818.01 ms818.013 days ago
anonymous85.421,679.02 ms1,965.683 days ago
ghodes91.67602.58 ms657.363 days ago
alexismael91.671,206.92 ms1,316.644 days ago
alexismael92.86903.18 ms972.654 days ago
wingmaker92.86743.88 ms801.105 days ago
mahamba53.572,071.89 ms3,867.535 days ago

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