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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
volgin76891.671,087.95 ms1,186.8515 hours ago
anonymous91.67777.86 ms848.5723 hours ago
rawbert30.951,432.40 ms4,627.773 days ago
cbjx17100.001,023.83 ms1,023.833 days ago
anonymous93.751,197.31 ms1,277.133 days ago
volgin76866.671,401.58 ms2,102.384 days ago
alexismael70.831,198.21 ms1,691.595 days ago
alexismael55.131,474.76 ms2,675.155 days ago
alexismael58.331,343.58 ms2,303.296 days ago
alexismael71.671,115.42 ms1,556.406 days ago
mlLuci29.761,264.10 ms4,247.367 days ago
anonymous21.972,043.77 ms9,302.667 days ago
anonymous47.221,550.25 ms3,282.881 week ago
anonymous77.381,862.25 ms2,406.601 week ago
alexismael32.141,414.80 ms4,401.592 weeks ago
alexismael38.891,252.14 ms3,219.792 weeks ago
alexismael69.701,286.45 ms1,845.772 weeks ago
volgin76887.501,372.50 ms1,568.572 weeks ago
volgin76875.001,091.50 ms1,455.332 weeks ago
anonymous100.00784.44 ms784.442 weeks ago
Rouz65.151,725.51 ms2,648.452 weeks ago
anonymous83.33853.17 ms1,023.802 weeks ago
ad3045.831,477.81 ms3,224.322 weeks ago
alexismael58.331,158.92 ms1,986.712 weeks ago
alexismael81.671,346.37 ms1,648.612 weeks ago

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