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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael91.671,078.08 ms1,176.0920 minutes ago
alexismael77.38940.92 ms1,215.9522 minutes ago
alexismael53.571,717.06 ms3,205.1823 minutes ago
alexismael66.671,345.08 ms2,017.6324 hours ago
anonymous91.671,387.75 ms1,513.912 days ago
anonymous84.521,432.63 ms1,694.942 days ago
alexismael100.00861.90 ms861.903 days ago
alexismael66.671,530.67 ms2,296.003 days ago
alexismael65.631,381.78 ms2,105.573 days ago
anonymous100.001,288.49 ms1,288.494 days ago
southmscpa41.671,635.17 ms3,924.404 days ago
anonymous91.671,210.35 ms1,320.395 days ago
anonymous69.051,709.32 ms2,475.575 days ago
anonymous8.331,881.42 ms22,577.005 days ago
alexismael78.331,578.33 ms2,014.896 days ago
alexismael81.251,079.08 ms1,328.107 days ago
alexismael58.331,381.88 ms2,368.947 days ago
alexismael72.731,077.74 ms1,481.907 days ago
alexismael52.381,446.23 ms2,760.987 days ago
alexismael67.861,297.33 ms1,911.867 days ago
weiyt87.501,258.67 ms1,438.481 week ago
weiyt66.671,508.92 ms2,263.371 week ago
amen7.692,326.92 ms30,249.922 weeks ago
amen8.332,037.00 ms24,444.002 weeks ago
alexismael87.121,042.92 ms1,197.092 weeks ago

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