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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
syira939.581,123.17 ms2,837.4714 hours ago
syira915.481,222.93 ms7,902.0014 hours ago
adwar659.521,797.08 ms3,019.1016 hours ago
nasuha1030.562,359.50 ms7,722.002 days ago
jamesgewanter66.672,009.08 ms3,013.632 days ago
afzan816.671,454.83 ms8,729.003 days ago
P002FA66.671,457.83 ms2,186.753 days ago
rachel368.751,290.98 ms1,877.793 days ago
liew718.331,314.25 ms7,168.643 days ago
P001SY75.001,306.00 ms1,741.333 days ago
P007SI45.241,460.02 ms3,227.423 days ago
nasuha112.881,790.79 ms13,904.943 days ago
nabila277.381,384.81 ms1,789.603 days ago
nabila250.001,879.21 ms3,758.423 days ago
Asyrulismail73.481,791.15 ms2,437.444 days ago
Asyrulismail33.331,329.92 ms3,989.754 days ago
P005LI100.00970.31 ms970.314 days ago
Asyrulismail41.671,464.39 ms3,514.534 days ago
Asyrulismail27.781,469.86 ms5,291.504 days ago
Asyrulismail44.441,085.86 ms2,443.194 days ago
Asyrulismail14.291,205.61 ms8,439.254 days ago
P004RA33.331,587.50 ms4,762.504 days ago
Asyrulismail37.501,606.06 ms4,282.834 days ago
Asyrulismail16.671,528.00 ms9,168.004 days ago
P008WA38.101,779.04 ms4,669.974 days ago

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