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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous33.331,992.20 ms5,976.602 days ago
lgy931230100.001,168.38 ms1,168.386 days ago
lgy931230100.001,209.28 ms1,209.286 days ago
lgy931230100.001,301.60 ms1,301.606 days ago
lgy93123070.241,591.75 ms2,266.226 days ago
lgy93123083.331,359.43 ms1,631.326 days ago
lgy93123083.331,246.48 ms1,495.786 days ago
anonymous22.921,756.35 ms7,664.071 week ago
FelicityJones90.91987.85 ms1,086.632 weeks ago
FelicityJones41.671,744.54 ms4,186.902 weeks ago
volgin76820.831,862.18 ms8,938.462 weeks ago
alexismael92.86985.30 ms1,061.092 weeks ago
alexismael66.671,505.51 ms2,258.272 weeks ago
alexismael91.67962.35 ms1,049.842 weeks ago
williamj82.581,136.43 ms1,376.232 weeks ago
williamj58.331,591.02 ms2,727.472 weeks ago
spindelfot91.67910.51 ms993.292 weeks ago
spindelfot75.001,291.11 ms1,721.482 weeks ago
spindelfot93.751,089.96 ms1,162.632 weeks ago
spindelfot83.331,162.49 ms1,394.992 weeks ago
spindelfot35.421,699.59 ms4,798.832 weeks ago
spindelfot29.171,402.68 ms4,809.192 weeks ago
Frankonero75.001,277.53 ms1,703.372 weeks ago
alexismael87.501,055.28 ms1,206.042 weeks ago
alexismael58.331,569.53 ms2,690.622 weeks ago

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