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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
howick196623.811,414.39 ms5,940.453 days ago
howick196638.891,357.31 ms3,490.213 days ago
cocostanzo51.191,832.65 ms3,580.076 days ago
cocostanzo29.171,956.65 ms6,708.506 days ago
alexismael54.761,563.83 ms2,855.702 weeks ago
anonymous33.332,226.25 ms6,678.752 weeks ago
alexismael100.00902.05 ms902.052 weeks ago
46170052084.521,383.57 ms1,636.892 weeks ago
anonymous66.671,576.35 ms2,364.532 weeks ago
anonymous92.861,273.31 ms1,371.262 weeks ago
anonymous100.001,071.12 ms1,071.122 weeks ago
anonymous66.671,899.75 ms2,849.622 weeks ago
anonymous80.561,415.94 ms1,757.722 weeks ago
anonymous85.421,436.67 ms1,681.952 weeks ago
anonymous83.331,517.50 ms1,821.002 weeks ago
anonymous77.381,855.79 ms2,398.252 weeks ago
anonymous20.832,120.60 ms10,178.902 weeks ago
anonymous8.331,825.92 ms21,911.002 weeks ago
anonymous32.142,078.24 ms6,465.632 weeks ago
alexismael75.001,348.75 ms1,798.333 weeks ago
lennyboy88.331,397.63 ms1,582.233 weeks ago
lennyboy87.501,589.19 ms1,816.213 weeks ago
lennyboy78.331,516.33 ms1,935.743 weeks ago
lennyboy58.331,480.08 ms2,537.293 weeks ago
lennyboy70.831,696.50 ms2,395.063 weeks ago

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