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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
flyguy381094.441,093.64 ms1,157.9734 minutes ago
flyguy381090.001,230.82 ms1,367.5746 minutes ago
rkak2520.831,643.58 ms7,889.201 day ago
alexismael100.001,008.96 ms1,008.961 day ago
alexismael83.33926.02 ms1,111.232 days ago
alexismael79.90981.61 ms1,228.522 days ago
alexismael75.001,164.50 ms1,552.672 days ago
alexismael91.67783.10 ms854.293 days ago
alexismael75.001,043.33 ms1,391.113 days ago
wingmaker91.671,413.75 ms1,542.273 days ago
wingmaker79.171,330.35 ms1,680.453 days ago
alexismael89.291,177.10 ms1,318.353 days ago
alexismael75.00896.03 ms1,194.704 days ago
alexismael95.00563.13 ms592.771 week ago
wingmaker91.671,303.42 ms1,421.911 week ago
wingmaker64.581,565.33 ms2,423.741 week ago
anonymous100.001,328.08 ms1,328.082 weeks ago
anonymous100.001,283.65 ms1,283.652 weeks ago
alexismael88.891,026.25 ms1,154.532 weeks ago
alexismael66.671,539.75 ms2,309.622 weeks ago
anonymous83.331,371.50 ms1,645.802 weeks ago
anonymous83.331,948.17 ms2,337.802 weeks ago
officermark30.562,013.83 ms6,590.732 weeks ago
Joelmantt91.67882.00 ms962.182 weeks ago
Joelmantt100.00893.75 ms893.752 weeks ago

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