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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,123.08 ms1,123.0816 hours ago
anonymous100.001,001.77 ms1,001.772 days ago
anonymous100.001,028.58 ms1,028.583 days ago
anonymous100.00858.05 ms858.054 days ago
anonymous91.671,250.75 ms1,364.454 days ago
anonymous100.00912.67 ms912.674 days ago
anonymous85.421,250.29 ms1,463.764 days ago
anonymous75.001,425.25 ms1,900.334 days ago
anonymous85.421,344.04 ms1,573.514 days ago
anonymous70.241,594.79 ms2,270.544 days ago
anonymous91.671,251.58 ms1,365.364 days ago
anonymous83.331,339.17 ms1,607.005 days ago
anonymous92.861,288.17 ms1,387.265 days ago
anonymous60.711,499.10 ms2,469.105 days ago
anonymous66.671,271.50 ms1,907.255 days ago
anonymous75.001,372.83 ms1,830.445 days ago
anonymous75.001,089.92 ms1,453.225 days ago
anonymous87.501,148.54 ms1,312.625 days ago
anonymous64.581,229.19 ms1,903.265 days ago
anonymous100.00992.58 ms992.585 days ago
anonymous91.67897.25 ms978.825 days ago
anonymous63.891,174.33 ms1,838.095 days ago
anonymous91.67980.25 ms1,069.365 days ago
anonymous75.001,195.58 ms1,594.115 days ago
anonymous50.001,627.25 ms3,254.505 days ago

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