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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
xyln12385.42822.95 ms963.4615 hours ago
xyln12393.751,102.92 ms1,176.4515 hours ago
xyln12316.672,370.05 ms14,220.3015 hours ago
Pascaluna92.861,204.21 ms1,296.851 day ago
alexismael93.75995.23 ms1,061.583 days ago
alexismael77.381,640.15 ms2,119.583 days ago
alexismael85.421,335.00 ms1,562.935 days ago
Hayk5595.45970.91 ms1,017.146 days ago
nntita87100.00991.56 ms991.566 days ago
nntita8770.001,417.37 ms2,024.816 days ago
Przegosc91.671,134.51 ms1,237.651 week ago
Przegosc62.501,461.73 ms2,338.771 week ago
Przegosc86.111,698.81 ms1,972.811 week ago
Przegosc100.001,015.98 ms1,015.981 week ago
Przegosc92.861,273.31 ms1,371.261 week ago
0708100.001,297.83 ms1,297.831 week ago
070895.451,455.34 ms1,524.641 week ago
0708100.001,341.25 ms1,341.251 week ago
070888.891,467.58 ms1,651.031 week ago
070885.711,272.80 ms1,484.931 week ago
jjazer100.001,324.27 ms1,324.271 week ago
jjazer75.001,536.67 ms2,048.891 week ago
jjazer83.331,545.40 ms1,854.491 week ago
jjazer91.671,484.75 ms1,619.731 week ago
jjazer91.671,428.08 ms1,557.911 week ago

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