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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,351.41 ms1,351.4124 hours ago
anonymous86.111,446.65 ms1,679.9824 hours ago
anonymous22.222,038.28 ms9,172.253 days ago
armca201385.421,138.23 ms1,332.565 days ago
armca201366.671,659.87 ms2,489.815 days ago
ClockworkOrange86.111,198.35 ms1,391.637 days ago
anonymous16.672,427.32 ms14,563.931 week ago
anonymous19.872,139.16 ms10,764.811 week ago
anonymous14.581,837.39 ms12,599.261 week ago
Mccosker3.852,071.71 ms53,864.501 week ago
Mccosker28.571,876.19 ms6,566.671 week ago
aliseallan94.441,063.70 ms1,126.271 week ago
aliseallan61.901,460.23 ms2,358.841 week ago
aliseallan52.781,928.32 ms3,653.661 week ago
anonymous92.861,363.71 ms1,468.612 weeks ago
anonymous91.671,469.25 ms1,602.822 weeks ago
anonymous91.671,488.13 ms1,623.422 weeks ago
anonymous58.331,770.03 ms3,034.342 weeks ago
anonymous23.812,132.33 ms8,955.802 weeks ago
anonymous91.671,473.51 ms1,607.472 weeks ago
anonymous83.331,266.37 ms1,519.652 weeks ago
anonymous44.051,740.15 ms3,950.612 weeks ago
anonymous86.361,201.33 ms1,391.012 weeks ago
jul23100.00883.76 ms883.762 weeks ago
chriscrewdson91.671,442.53 ms1,573.672 weeks ago

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