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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous23.331,700.37 ms7,287.2921 hours ago
anonymous23.811,669.47 ms7,011.771 day ago
HamLeaf88.10896.72 ms1,017.902 days ago
HamLeaf75.001,005.12 ms1,340.162 days ago
Oleksiy83.331,598.73 ms1,918.482 days ago
Oleksiy33.332,076.78 ms6,230.352 days ago
zahava8.332,346.98 ms28,163.762 days ago
oryanb66.671,566.60 ms2,349.892 days ago
oryanb50.001,379.99 ms2,759.982 days ago
anonymous19.442,168.68 ms11,153.212 days ago
Amonasro45.001,609.69 ms3,577.092 days ago
Oleksiy76.191,694.01 ms2,223.392 days ago
Oleksiy50.001,777.78 ms3,555.562 days ago
Oleksiy27.082,019.61 ms7,457.022 days ago
Oleksiy41.672,220.48 ms5,329.162 days ago
Oleksiy52.081,928.02 ms3,701.792 days ago
Oleksiy52.081,831.01 ms3,515.542 days ago
Oleksiy69.051,966.69 ms2,848.322 days ago
Oleksiy76.671,652.67 ms2,155.653 days ago
Oleksiy52.381,931.79 ms3,687.973 days ago
Oleksiy66.671,744.19 ms2,616.293 days ago
Oleksiy61.111,682.07 ms2,752.483 days ago
Oleksiy44.292,062.01 ms4,656.153 days ago
Oleksiy50.001,844.83 ms3,689.673 days ago
Oleksiy75.001,684.67 ms2,246.233 days ago

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