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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mdubs71747.221,722.47 ms3,647.5916 hours ago
mdubs71766.671,800.92 ms2,701.3716 hours ago
mdubs71736.111,770.00 ms4,901.5416 hours ago
alexismael33.331,660.10 ms4,980.3120 hours ago
anonymous44.441,743.69 ms3,923.311 day ago
anonymous36.111,844.83 ms5,108.771 day ago
anonymous28.572,107.36 ms7,375.751 day ago
alexismael70.451,333.95 ms1,893.341 day ago
alexismael63.891,442.61 ms2,258.002 days ago
Apatheia100.001,217.62 ms1,217.623 days ago
alexismael94.441,243.22 ms1,316.353 days ago
alexismael50.001,433.67 ms2,867.333 days ago
anonymous29.172,273.33 ms7,794.294 days ago
anonymous100.00665.44 ms665.444 days ago
alexismael47.921,496.85 ms3,123.874 days ago
chriscrewdson92.861,001.94 ms1,079.014 days ago
anonymous100.001,002.81 ms1,002.814 days ago
alexismael69.051,185.00 ms1,716.215 days ago
yi_143.331,785.08 ms4,119.426 days ago
anonymous43.181,651.20 ms3,823.846 days ago
ad2054.761,371.62 ms2,504.706 days ago
giovannella100.00902.43 ms902.436 days ago
giovannella87.821,134.59 ms1,291.946 days ago
giovannella83.331,159.42 ms1,391.306 days ago
giovannella85.71992.31 ms1,157.696 days ago

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