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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael91.67827.52 ms902.7511 hours ago
chriscrewdson73.331,871.87 ms2,552.5519 hours ago
alexismael84.521,236.62 ms1,463.051 day ago
tdero31446.431,730.02 ms3,726.212 days ago
alexismael77.381,458.46 ms1,884.782 days ago
alexismael63.331,452.18 ms2,292.912 days ago
alexismael83.331,236.26 ms1,483.513 days ago
alexismael60.611,340.13 ms2,211.223 days ago
anonymous60.261,433.88 ms2,379.643 days ago
alexismael60.421,273.83 ms2,108.404 days ago
alexismael47.621,567.21 ms3,291.144 days ago
chriscrewdson91.671,681.12 ms1,833.954 days ago
nervensaege91.67675.28 ms736.674 days ago
nervensaege100.00609.67 ms609.674 days ago
nervensaege93.75896.26 ms956.014 days ago
nervensaege100.00860.54 ms860.544 days ago
alexismael58.331,219.02 ms2,089.754 days ago
alexismael61.901,338.28 ms2,161.845 days ago
alexismael58.331,400.87 ms2,401.505 days ago
anonymous22.921,942.47 ms8,476.255 days ago
anonymous4.351,572.45 ms36,166.256 days ago
lgy93123083.331,298.16 ms1,557.796 days ago
lgy93123033.331,754.87 ms5,264.616 days ago
lgy93123075.001,475.82 ms1,967.766 days ago
lgy93123058.331,828.71 ms3,134.946 days ago

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