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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous58.331,683.53 ms2,886.051 hour ago
anonymous70.451,568.95 ms2,226.901 hour ago
PMsccc1720.831,652.69 ms7,932.905 hours ago
pykester68.751,285.15 ms1,869.3221 hours ago
pykester92.861,328.67 ms1,430.8721 hours ago
pykester53.571,615.04 ms3,014.7421 hours ago
selectionandx91.671,463.10 ms1,596.1122 hours ago
vinnylapanta39.291,953.79 ms4,973.291 day ago
vinnylapanta91.671,404.18 ms1,531.831 day ago
vinnylapanta46.431,624.12 ms3,498.101 day ago
vinnylapanta75.001,303.28 ms1,737.701 day ago
vinnylapanta58.331,593.68 ms2,732.021 day ago
lucleax60.421,188.15 ms1,966.592 days ago
anonymous33.331,745.75 ms5,237.252 days ago
anonymous29.171,979.38 ms6,786.432 days ago
TBell23.331,710.05 ms7,328.792 days ago
anonymous100.00961.06 ms961.062 days ago
Brain5178.332,652.73 ms31,832.803 days ago
IXIX100.001,284.18 ms1,284.183 days ago
anonymous52.781,640.77 ms3,108.833 days ago
hedia22.621,662.00 ms7,347.793 days ago
anonymous100.00910.70 ms910.703 days ago
anonymous91.671,025.47 ms1,118.703 days ago
anonymous91.671,115.19 ms1,216.573 days ago
anonymous84.521,340.24 ms1,585.643 days ago

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