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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Brain51775.001,726.56 ms2,302.0813 hours ago
alexismael76.281,015.67 ms1,331.4618 hours ago
chriscrewdson45.241,911.47 ms4,225.3519 hours ago
anonymous38.101,993.82 ms5,233.791 day ago
anonymous100.001,186.61 ms1,186.611 day ago
Brain517100.001,270.15 ms1,270.152 days ago
alexismael80.561,061.31 ms1,317.492 days ago
jul23100.001,132.54 ms1,132.542 days ago
HRdirector18.332,300.48 ms12,548.052 days ago
alexismael76.67916.73 ms1,195.743 days ago
alexismael61.671,487.14 ms2,411.583 days ago
alexismael52.081,093.17 ms2,098.893 days ago
alexismael75.001,230.61 ms1,640.823 days ago
alexismael66.671,484.45 ms2,226.673 days ago
jul2392.861,013.82 ms1,091.804 days ago
jul2392.861,347.42 ms1,451.074 days ago
chriscrewdson72.221,867.40 ms2,585.634 days ago
chriscrewdson64.101,875.53 ms2,925.825 days ago
armca20138.331,509.49 ms18,113.925 days ago
lmlscanlon31.411,411.38 ms4,493.375 days ago
chriscrewdson60.711,946.74 ms3,206.406 days ago
kendit93.75650.58 ms693.956 days ago
zoub66.671,793.88 ms2,690.817 days ago
alexismael84.521,115.92 ms1,320.257 days ago
jul2392.861,305.68 ms1,406.117 days ago

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