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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
suenobrain7773.481,689.80 ms2,299.537 hours ago
Asyrulismail8.332,306.67 ms27,680.0010 hours ago
suenobrain7791.671,385.02 ms1,510.9323 hours ago
c123491.671,411.50 ms1,539.8224 hours ago
c123483.331,477.80 ms1,773.3624 hours ago
c123475.001,480.25 ms1,973.6724 hours ago
alexismael91.67833.54 ms909.321 day ago
anonymous63.101,855.18 ms2,940.281 day ago
anonymous64.291,953.54 ms3,038.831 day ago
anonymous46.432,030.87 ms4,374.181 day ago
alexismael75.00963.75 ms1,285.002 days ago
alexismael69.441,404.75 ms2,022.842 days ago
c123491.671,194.08 ms1,302.642 days ago
c123483.331,127.23 ms1,352.672 days ago
c123484.521,184.04 ms1,400.832 days ago
c123485.711,421.99 ms1,658.992 days ago
c123481.671,837.95 ms2,250.552 days ago
c123458.331,798.08 ms3,082.432 days ago
c123476.671,471.60 ms1,919.482 days ago
danielfisher9225.002,059.25 ms8,237.002 days ago
suenobrain7769.051,192.64 ms1,727.282 days ago
aifa7.142,441.76 ms34,184.672 days ago
Yan_Gu63.101,483.51 ms2,351.232 days ago
alexismael58.331,057.67 ms1,813.143 days ago
alexismael72.921,263.56 ms1,732.893 days ago

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