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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael36.111,329.50 ms3,681.704 hours ago
alexismael83.331,200.16 ms1,440.194 hours ago
rlow8177.781,412.17 ms1,815.643 days ago
rlow8191.671,356.08 ms1,479.363 days ago
rlow8154.761,609.81 ms2,939.653 days ago
alexismael84.52797.14 ms943.104 days ago
alexismael90.00844.21 ms938.014 days ago
alexismael45.241,191.01 ms2,632.765 days ago
alexismael72.221,127.70 ms1,561.435 days ago
alexismael53.57913.72 ms1,705.616 days ago
alexismael72.921,330.00 ms1,823.996 days ago
brainworking100.001,065.78 ms1,065.787 days ago
anonymous100.00825.25 ms825.257 days ago
alexismael55.561,177.73 ms2,119.921 week ago
alexismael75.001,147.22 ms1,529.621 week ago
Nachtlichtlein294.441,132.71 ms1,199.341 week ago
Nachtlichtlein285.711,215.72 ms1,418.351 week ago
631john100.00684.17 ms684.171 week ago
Jonas__100.001,164.42 ms1,164.421 week ago
anonymous100.00767.33 ms767.331 week ago
alexismael64.58979.23 ms1,516.231 week ago
alexismael77.081,244.54 ms1,614.541 week ago
nickareeno72.221,420.31 ms1,966.581 week ago
alexismael77.081,293.34 ms1,677.851 week ago
anonymous33.331,949.25 ms5,847.751 week ago

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