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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous81.671,213.43 ms1,485.8414 hours ago
anonymous66.671,676.50 ms2,514.7514 hours ago
anonymous83.331,357.92 ms1,629.504 days ago
anonymous75.001,414.39 ms1,885.854 days ago
anonymous74.241,677.36 ms2,259.306 days ago
anonymous75.001,646.43 ms2,195.246 days ago
anonymous84.521,563.37 ms1,849.627 days ago
anonymous75.001,413.08 ms1,884.117 days ago
anonymous33.332,089.58 ms6,268.753 weeks ago
decadence91.67829.17 ms904.552 months ago
decadence91.671,066.93 ms1,163.922 months ago
decadence100.00736.67 ms736.672 months ago
decadence86.111,146.92 ms1,331.902 months ago
decadence77.781,272.22 ms1,635.712 months ago
decadence88.10925.70 ms1,050.802 months ago
decadence76.191,338.07 ms1,756.222 months ago
decadence91.67906.50 ms988.912 months ago
decadence91.671,271.96 ms1,387.592 months ago
Romario71.571,642.79 ms2,295.402 months ago
Romario66.671,733.67 ms2,600.502 months ago
alexismael33.331,986.42 ms5,959.252 months ago
alexismael62.501,661.77 ms2,658.832 months ago
chriscrewdson93.751,282.98 ms1,368.512 months ago
alexismael45.001,335.13 ms2,966.962 months ago
alexismael83.33950.58 ms1,140.702 months ago

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