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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous43.181,600.99 ms3,707.565 hours ago
anonymous58.331,409.99 ms2,417.135 hours ago
anonymous54.171,397.30 ms2,579.635 hours ago
anonymous65.001,536.69 ms2,364.135 hours ago
anonymous41.671,914.15 ms4,593.955 hours ago
anonymous58.331,436.99 ms2,463.425 hours ago
anonymous77.381,491.87 ms1,927.9515 hours ago
anonymous100.00821.88 ms821.881 day ago
anonymous36.671,536.97 ms4,191.731 day ago
anonymous47.621,776.86 ms3,731.401 day ago
anonymous64.391,170.88 ms1,818.311 day ago
anonymous91.67912.15 ms995.071 day ago
anonymous66.671,560.62 ms2,340.931 day ago
strps91.671,010.64 ms1,102.511 day ago
anonymous20.831,644.16 ms7,891.981 day ago
anonymous25.001,690.17 ms6,760.671 day ago
RINAN75.001,526.17 ms2,034.891 day ago
anonymous92.861,466.94 ms1,579.781 day ago
anonymous50.001,717.50 ms3,435.001 day ago
RINAN85.711,307.06 ms1,524.901 day ago
koushik25.00963.92 ms3,855.672 days ago
anonymous25.001,877.35 ms7,509.422 days ago
memantin83.331,368.24 ms1,641.892 days ago
moonshine100.001,069.58 ms1,069.582 days ago
Elmafi54.761,816.67 ms3,317.392 days ago

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