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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous33.331,896.62 ms5,689.871 hour ago
anonymous84.521,051.30 ms1,243.792 hours ago
anonymous47.621,711.31 ms3,593.752 hours ago
anonymous73.081,312.55 ms1,796.122 hours ago
anonymous50.001,596.00 ms3,192.002 hours ago
anonymous52.381,377.71 ms2,630.172 hours ago
anonymous68.751,542.71 ms2,243.952 hours ago
anonymous78.031,185.08 ms1,518.752 hours ago
anonymous30.561,708.47 ms5,591.362 hours ago
anonymous85.421,238.88 ms1,450.392 hours ago
anonymous75.001,156.21 ms1,541.622 hours ago
anonymous70.241,471.75 ms2,095.382 hours ago
anonymous51.671,600.10 ms3,096.972 hours ago
anonymous66.671,235.92 ms1,853.882 hours ago
pier50.001,894.80 ms3,789.607 hours ago
anonymous20.591,949.99 ms9,471.3620 hours ago
anonymous66.671,353.50 ms2,030.2520 hours ago
Haheho83.331,993.38 ms2,392.0620 hours ago
anonymous52.781,299.19 ms2,461.6320 hours ago
anonymous70.831,118.56 ms1,579.1520 hours ago
anonymous60.711,274.50 ms2,099.1720 hours ago
anonymous83.331,390.85 ms1,669.0220 hours ago
anonymous94.441,258.73 ms1,332.7720 hours ago
anonymous45.241,600.98 ms3,539.0020 hours ago
anonymous50.001,499.25 ms2,998.5020 hours ago

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