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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00495.00 ms495.0038 minutes ago
anonymous50.002,097.98 ms4,195.962 hours ago
sta12s62.501,448.62 ms2,317.8010 hours ago
sta12s93.751,184.74 ms1,263.7314 hours ago
xndr73.331,423.53 ms1,941.1816 hours ago
Googerson85.421,442.84 ms1,689.1720 hours ago
anonymous56.251,785.83 ms3,174.811 day ago
anonymous55.562,042.44 ms3,676.401 day ago
anonymous76.671,438.38 ms1,876.151 day ago
anonymous54.171,536.42 ms2,836.461 day ago
anonymous70.831,537.23 ms2,170.211 day ago
anonymous64.581,717.10 ms2,658.741 day ago
anonymous58.331,358.33 ms2,328.571 day ago
anonymous41.671,918.83 ms4,605.201 day ago
anonymous69.051,960.06 ms2,838.711 day ago
selectionandx53.031,506.72 ms2,841.241 day ago
jimbojimbo12.502,359.42 ms18,875.331 day ago
anonymous28.132,230.67 ms7,931.262 days ago
sta12s66.671,536.08 ms2,304.122 days ago
sta12s79.171,072.61 ms1,354.872 days ago
sta12s77.781,310.00 ms1,684.292 days ago
sta12s77.381,055.59 ms1,364.142 days ago
sta12s84.521,187.10 ms1,404.462 days ago
sta12s88.89818.23 ms920.512 days ago
sta12s84.521,369.86 ms1,620.672 days ago

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