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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
BrainTester158.331,990.08 ms3,411.575 hours ago
ghodes76.19862.85 ms1,132.4816 hours ago
jgewa00162.501,808.21 ms2,893.131 day ago
jgewa00166.672,117.92 ms3,176.871 day ago
jgewa00166.671,581.19 ms2,371.781 day ago
jgewa00160.002,124.45 ms3,540.751 day ago
anonymous17.861,992.31 ms11,156.932 days ago
anonymous66.672,059.00 ms3,088.502 days ago
anonymous17.422,578.64 ms14,799.172 days ago
anonymous91.671,103.46 ms1,203.772 days ago
sgaddy25.001,799.44 ms7,197.782 days ago
anonymous25.001,856.00 ms7,424.003 days ago
anonymous91.671,511.00 ms1,648.363 days ago
anonymous46.671,897.93 ms4,067.003 days ago
anonymous60.711,392.35 ms2,293.273 days ago
alexismael84.521,322.82 ms1,565.033 days ago
bbrunick22.621,828.63 ms8,084.473 days ago
tpoljem100.00929.92 ms929.923 days ago
tpoljem94.44997.58 ms1,056.263 days ago
alexismael66.67802.75 ms1,204.124 days ago
alexismael62.50982.75 ms1,572.404 days ago
alexismael78.33911.37 ms1,163.454 days ago
alexismael58.331,187.42 ms2,035.575 days ago
anonymous100.00721.25 ms721.255 days ago
ghodes21.882,087.35 ms9,542.196 days ago

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