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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous83.33984.16 ms1,180.992 minutes ago
anonymous59.621,399.30 ms2,347.213 minutes ago
anonymous75.001,321.47 ms1,761.956 minutes ago
johnv83.332,155.58 ms2,586.7010 hours ago
johnv72.222,023.44 ms2,801.6910 hours ago
mashkina54.171,634.06 ms3,016.721 day ago
cdickinson8.331,440.83 ms17,290.001 day ago
RINAN72.921,937.54 ms2,657.201 day ago
RINAN81.251,333.90 ms1,641.721 day ago
RINAN91.671,175.42 ms1,282.271 day ago
johnv84.521,762.04 ms2,084.661 day ago
johnv85.421,745.56 ms2,043.591 day ago
anonymous72.22991.31 ms1,372.582 days ago
anonymous44.051,521.52 ms3,454.272 days ago
anonymous88.891,084.21 ms1,219.732 days ago
acer100.001,356.71 ms1,356.712 days ago
acer75.001,662.61 ms2,216.812 days ago
anonymous52.081,429.07 ms2,743.822 days ago
anonymous19.231,804.82 ms9,385.072 days ago
anonymous61.901,297.56 ms2,096.062 days ago
anonymous76.671,328.04 ms1,732.232 days ago
anonymous44.051,642.97 ms3,729.982 days ago
anonymous66.671,336.95 ms2,005.422 days ago
anonymous70.831,303.62 ms1,840.402 days ago
anonymous68.751,271.27 ms1,849.122 days ago

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