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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous6.252,262.48 ms36,199.658 hours ago
MirianCelly12.502,386.24 ms19,089.9217 hours ago
RINAN77.081,689.44 ms2,191.7022 hours ago
joymlin8.331,837.47 ms22,049.671 day ago
anonymous36.111,747.64 ms4,839.622 days ago
asdf01175.001,173.49 ms1,564.654 days ago
asdf01177.081,331.06 ms1,726.784 days ago
Ninerism37.501,329.54 ms3,545.444 days ago
anonymous100.001,220.83 ms1,220.834 days ago
anonymous13.891,424.28 ms10,254.805 days ago
anonymous100.00935.19 ms935.195 days ago
anonymous30.561,811.61 ms5,928.915 days ago
anonymous100.00869.64 ms869.646 days ago
benjaminexp47.921,920.77 ms4,008.576 days ago
QuantIntel83.331,835.92 ms2,203.107 days ago
RINAN78.031,532.29 ms1,963.711 week ago
Scruffermuffins60.421,179.00 ms1,951.451 week ago
anonymous11.112,386.25 ms21,476.251 week ago
RINAN83.331,437.60 ms1,725.111 week ago
firedragon83.332,040.97 ms2,449.161 week ago
firedragon81.671,936.38 ms2,371.081 week ago
anonymous15.482,321.49 ms15,000.381 week ago
mi280286100.00970.67 ms970.671 week ago
captmanish17.421,482.73 ms8,509.571 week ago
Mietin50.001,650.08 ms3,300.171 week ago

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