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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous8.332,402.67 ms28,832.044 hours ago
anonymous25.00524.83 ms2,099.3315 hours ago
alexismael91.67740.02 ms807.2916 hours ago
alexismael75.64654.25 ms864.9423 hours ago
alexismael58.331,289.79 ms2,211.062 days ago
alexismael58.331,056.74 ms1,811.552 days ago
alexismael41.671,380.53 ms3,313.272 days ago
alexismael76.67977.32 ms1,274.772 days ago
alexismael75.001,152.22 ms1,536.302 days ago
device8332.141,804.29 ms5,613.332 days ago
alexismael62.501,041.04 ms1,665.663 days ago
anonymous33.332,159.58 ms6,478.743 days ago
huger90.00736.17 ms817.963 days ago
alexismael66.671,363.32 ms2,044.984 days ago
alexismael60.421,340.99 ms2,219.584 days ago
creatorgalaxy22.732,168.63 ms9,541.974 days ago
sara199625.001,540.95 ms6,163.804 days ago
angushushu16.671,832.76 ms10,996.585 days ago
mattthommana79.171,396.28 ms1,763.725 days ago
alexismael52.781,219.99 ms2,311.565 days ago
anonymous31.822,035.25 ms6,396.505 days ago
anonymous37.501,928.56 ms5,142.835 days ago
anonymous33.331,987.67 ms5,963.005 days ago
anonymous34.622,124.64 ms6,137.855 days ago
anonymous42.861,880.42 ms4,387.645 days ago

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