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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
ladster91.671,534.46 ms1,673.9544 minutes ago
ladster91.671,776.67 ms1,938.1848 minutes ago
timsweeney25.001,617.64 ms6,470.5623 hours ago
alexismael37.501,311.83 ms3,498.221 day ago
alexismael77.381,558.99 ms2,014.691 day ago
anonymous100.001,110.13 ms1,110.131 day ago
anonymous85.421,584.48 ms1,855.001 day ago
anonymous84.521,663.60 ms1,968.201 day ago
anonymous78.571,591.05 ms2,024.971 day ago
anonymous15.481,672.35 ms10,805.921 day ago
anonymous29.171,067.19 ms3,658.951 day ago
alexismael58.331,586.56 ms2,719.812 days ago
anonymous100.001,679.42 ms1,679.422 days ago
chriscrewdson85.001,354.85 ms1,593.942 days ago
chriscrewdson58.331,550.33 ms2,657.713 days ago
anonymous46.432,138.90 ms4,606.874 days ago
anonymous54.761,672.87 ms3,054.804 days ago
anonymous53.571,779.83 ms3,322.364 days ago
southmscpa34.851,758.55 ms5,046.264 days ago
Scorpius87.12765.03 ms878.124 days ago
chriscrewdson91.671,467.15 ms1,600.534 days ago
anonymous75.001,675.58 ms2,234.114 days ago
anonymous61.111,554.92 ms2,544.414 days ago
anonymous52.381,743.36 ms3,328.234 days ago
anonymous70.831,735.25 ms2,449.764 days ago

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