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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous83.33821.27 ms985.528 hours ago
anonymous68.751,255.04 ms1,825.528 hours ago
anonymous85.00877.62 ms1,032.498 hours ago
anonymous85.421,018.73 ms1,192.668 hours ago
anonymous66.671,044.25 ms1,566.378 hours ago
anonymous61.111,108.58 ms1,814.058 hours ago
alexismael79.17900.48 ms1,137.451 day ago
alexismael75.001,277.75 ms1,703.671 day ago
alexismael64.58966.31 ms1,496.232 days ago
alexismael15.482,103.55 ms13,592.152 days ago
alexismael83.331,125.50 ms1,350.603 days ago
alexismael76.67801.52 ms1,045.463 days ago
alexismael77.08924.08 ms1,198.813 days ago
alexismael59.521,613.92 ms2,711.384 days ago
anonymous86.111,009.06 ms1,171.814 days ago
anonymous35.421,505.85 ms4,251.825 days ago
alexismael31.251,511.77 ms4,837.675 days ago
alexismael87.50882.69 ms1,008.796 days ago
alexismael77.38808.68 ms1,045.067 days ago
alexismael56.671,703.18 ms3,005.627 days ago
chriscrewdson91.671,196.30 ms1,305.051 week ago
ad11r31.672,247.32 ms7,096.791 week ago
ad114.552,376.16 ms52,275.501 week ago
chriscrewdson60.421,428.35 ms2,364.171 week ago
alexismael91.67644.89 ms703.521 week ago

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