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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael47.221,431.63 ms3,031.696 hours ago
anonymous100.001,277.24 ms1,277.2418 hours ago
anonymous83.331,484.68 ms1,781.6218 hours ago
alexismael86.671,212.16 ms1,398.651 day ago
alexismael91.67872.17 ms951.462 days ago
alexismael75.001,170.94 ms1,561.262 days ago
alexismael41.671,587.31 ms3,809.553 days ago
alexismael72.921,166.70 ms1,600.043 days ago
anonymous70.83722.62 ms1,020.175 days ago
anonymous75.00954.41 ms1,272.545 days ago
Brain51778.791,729.43 ms2,195.055 days ago
Brain51772.921,516.49 ms2,079.765 days ago
alexismael52.781,454.62 ms2,756.115 days ago
anonymous72.921,542.08 ms2,114.867 days ago
chriscrewdson91.671,486.10 ms1,621.207 days ago
olint100.00587.97 ms587.977 days ago
marg184314.581,962.13 ms13,454.607 days ago
anonymous7.141,690.16 ms23,662.227 days ago
anonymous71.791,196.30 ms1,666.281 week ago
anonymous66.671,371.39 ms2,057.091 week ago
anonymous70.241,332.26 ms1,896.781 week ago
anonymous77.381,220.36 ms1,577.081 week ago
anonymous79.171,187.65 ms1,500.191 week ago
chriscrewdson83.331,452.18 ms1,742.621 week ago
olint100.00568.92 ms568.921 week ago

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