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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous95.831,090.42 ms1,137.8318 hours ago
anonymous100.00551.43 ms551.431 day ago
HamLeaf91.67994.94 ms1,085.391 day ago
HamLeaf85.421,170.83 ms1,370.731 day ago
HamLeaf100.00898.16 ms898.161 day ago
lost90.001,285.86 ms1,428.731 day ago
lost70.831,328.87 ms1,876.051 day ago
lost66.671,620.98 ms2,431.461 day ago
YehEH95.451,205.55 ms1,262.962 days ago
YehEH85.001,265.82 ms1,489.202 days ago
YehEH76.671,669.13 ms2,177.132 days ago
angelo_dec66.671,359.09 ms2,038.632 days ago
WhyMyTime41.671,572.39 ms3,773.733 days ago
angelo_dec60.711,483.75 ms2,443.833 days ago
lapatria10050.001,453.56 ms2,907.113 days ago
anonymous95.001,196.35 ms1,259.313 days ago
lapatria100100.00784.12 ms784.123 days ago
anonymous91.671,351.36 ms1,474.213 days ago
anonymous76.191,360.58 ms1,785.763 days ago
anonymous50.001,299.07 ms2,598.153 days ago
anonymous100.00979.12 ms979.123 days ago
anonymous93.751,344.58 ms1,434.223 days ago
anonymous54.171,767.42 ms3,262.924 days ago
angelo_dec14.291,260.49 ms8,823.424 days ago
anonymous77.781,334.99 ms1,716.424 days ago

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