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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous85.711,473.64 ms1,719.254 hours ago
decadence80.561,402.64 ms1,741.214 hours ago
decadence91.671,375.42 ms1,500.454 hours ago
JackieChan84.171,244.90 ms1,479.097 hours ago
JackieChan79.171,181.88 ms1,492.897 hours ago
sizuokatea3393.751,373.98 ms1,465.581 day ago
sizuokatea3383.331,625.33 ms1,950.401 day ago
sizuokatea3366.672,018.25 ms3,027.371 day ago
JackieChan100.00985.25 ms985.251 day ago
JackieChan77.081,083.21 ms1,405.241 day ago
JackieChan83.331,140.00 ms1,368.001 day ago
JackieChan84.521,051.75 ms1,244.321 day ago
JackieChan83.331,377.96 ms1,653.551 day ago
anonymous22.221,762.31 ms7,930.381 day ago
JackieChan91.67954.01 ms1,040.741 day ago
JackieChan93.751,117.33 ms1,191.822 days ago
JackieChan85.711,061.42 ms1,238.322 days ago
anonymous91.671,046.62 ms1,141.772 days ago
anonymous91.67802.38 ms875.322 days ago
anonymous79.171,458.13 ms1,841.842 days ago
alexismael41.671,397.83 ms3,354.803 days ago
ataitt25.001,958.21 ms7,832.833 days ago
edesmond36.111,094.47 ms3,030.854 days ago
anonymous83.331,323.17 ms1,587.804 days ago
anonymous76.671,014.25 ms1,322.934 days ago

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