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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
baldy7.142,450.04 ms34,300.502 hours ago
anonymous100.00911.24 ms911.246 hours ago
johnv84.521,680.38 ms1,988.067 hours ago
AugustoLara58.331,700.85 ms2,915.7515 hours ago
AugustoLara61.901,539.74 ms2,487.2816 hours ago
AugustoLara41.671,910.36 ms4,584.8716 hours ago
AugustoLara72.221,817.40 ms2,516.4016 hours ago
AugustoLara33.331,620.45 ms4,861.3416 hours ago
AugustoLara65.201,453.14 ms2,228.8816 hours ago
1973824620.831,927.75 ms9,253.2016 hours ago
1973824650.001,149.42 ms2,298.8316 hours ago
anonymous23.332,379.39 ms10,197.3921 hours ago
johnv91.671,521.42 ms1,659.731 day ago
johnv80.561,831.89 ms2,274.071 day ago
johnv56.061,844.40 ms3,290.011 day ago
occasionaltourist38.891,608.44 ms4,135.981 day ago
occasionaltourist83.331,527.67 ms1,833.201 day ago
kendit100.00752.33 ms752.332 days ago
AugustoLara31.252,075.84 ms6,642.682 days ago
AugustoLara36.901,999.76 ms5,418.702 days ago
Gabies15.482,005.14 ms12,956.262 days ago
anonymous25.001,458.06 ms5,832.252 days ago
anonymous14.581,860.21 ms12,755.742 days ago
shampoopoo100.00918.51 ms918.512 days ago
kendit77.781,063.47 ms1,367.322 days ago

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