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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous78.331,697.32 ms2,166.799 hours ago
anonymous100.001,431.50 ms1,431.5021 hours ago
anonymous25.001,522.08 ms6,088.331 day ago
sta12s100.00940.41 ms940.412 days ago
sta12s77.381,086.09 ms1,403.572 days ago
sta12s61.671,607.22 ms2,606.302 days ago
sta12s51.521,606.05 ms3,117.632 days ago
sta12s35.421,734.97 ms4,898.752 days ago
sta12s69.051,240.55 ms1,796.672 days ago
sta12s85.001,163.90 ms1,369.292 days ago
sta12s76.191,469.58 ms1,928.832 days ago
sta12s63.101,020.99 ms1,618.182 days ago
sta12s60.421,439.90 ms2,383.282 days ago
sta12s73.081,300.45 ms1,779.562 days ago
sta12s85.421,028.40 ms1,203.982 days ago
sta12s75.001,341.69 ms1,788.922 days ago
sta12s91.671,022.63 ms1,115.602 days ago
thedoc7100.00654.33 ms654.332 days ago
anonymous100.00678.83 ms678.832 days ago
thedoc791.671,071.75 ms1,169.182 days ago
thedoc776.191,310.27 ms1,719.732 days ago
anonymous100.00783.42 ms783.423 days ago
sta12s88.891,130.24 ms1,271.523 days ago
sta12s60.711,017.22 ms1,675.433 days ago
sta12s83.331,318.10 ms1,581.723 days ago

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