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Stats for: kpst Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Oleksiy37.502,068.89 ms5,517.044 hours ago
Oleksiy91.671,573.53 ms1,716.584 hours ago
Brain51763.331,883.79 ms2,974.408 hours ago
alexismael91.67793.17 ms865.2718 hours ago
alexismael61.111,075.28 ms1,759.5520 hours ago
alexismael60.001,129.84 ms1,883.0620 hours ago
alexismael77.081,052.96 ms1,366.0120 hours ago
alexismael36.671,846.33 ms5,035.4420 hours ago
Oleksiy80.561,482.05 ms1,839.7924 hours ago
Oleksiy61.361,332.76 ms2,171.9024 hours ago
Oleksiy84.521,385.13 ms1,638.741 day ago
Oleksiy75.001,444.32 ms1,925.761 day ago
Oleksiy66.671,452.61 ms2,178.921 day ago
Oleksiy59.521,578.67 ms2,652.171 day ago
Oleksiy58.331,595.74 ms2,735.551 day ago
alexismael41.671,182.36 ms2,837.672 days ago
alexismael60.711,396.33 ms2,299.832 days ago
banther541530.002,081.37 ms6,937.892 days ago
alexismael77.781,342.57 ms1,726.172 days ago
alexismael54.17848.61 ms1,566.662 days ago
Oleksiy93.75994.96 ms1,061.292 days ago
Oleksiy69.051,472.97 ms2,133.272 days ago
Oleksiy75.001,706.84 ms2,275.792 days ago
alexismael85.42973.59 ms1,139.812 days ago
alexismael85.42637.66 ms746.522 days ago

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