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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous86.671,220.78 ms1,408.6010 hours ago
HellFire75.001,752.33 ms2,336.4412 hours ago
HellFire33.331,873.83 ms5,621.5012 hours ago
HellFire56.251,599.27 ms2,843.1512 hours ago
HellFire46.431,470.73 ms3,167.7212 hours ago
HellFire61.901,523.50 ms2,461.0412 hours ago
alexismael25.001,891.50 ms7,566.0013 hours ago
qmoore291.671,261.42 ms1,376.0919 hours ago
qmoore279.171,341.48 ms1,694.5019 hours ago
alexismael66.671,268.58 ms1,902.8720 hours ago
anonymous100.00988.67 ms988.671 day ago
anonymous70.451,514.83 ms2,150.081 day ago
anonymous87.121,241.97 ms1,425.571 day ago
alexismael56.671,073.98 ms1,895.262 days ago
alexismael66.671,186.75 ms1,780.132 days ago
anonymous100.001,222.71 ms1,222.712 days ago
HellFire39.581,967.15 ms4,969.632 days ago
HellFire56.251,479.90 ms2,630.932 days ago
HellFire58.331,422.50 ms2,438.572 days ago
HellFire54.761,460.44 ms2,666.892 days ago
HellFire77.081,509.60 ms1,958.412 days ago
HellFire91.671,375.25 ms1,500.272 days ago
HellFire61.901,388.68 ms2,243.252 days ago
HellFire76.191,516.25 ms1,990.082 days ago
HellFire91.671,299.73 ms1,417.892 days ago

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