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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous38.891,600.65 ms4,115.971 hour ago
rich34591.671,322.75 ms1,443.006 hours ago
rich34579.171,703.98 ms2,152.396 hours ago
rich34592.861,322.80 ms1,424.556 hours ago
johnv76.191,749.74 ms2,296.539 hours ago
johnv70.241,678.55 ms2,389.809 hours ago
johnv76.191,548.77 ms2,032.779 hours ago
giovannella81.671,354.58 ms1,658.6710 hours ago
shell098133.331,446.58 ms4,339.7523 hours ago
rich34593.751,245.79 ms1,328.841 day ago
rich34592.861,219.10 ms1,312.871 day ago
rich34541.671,692.50 ms4,062.001 day ago
rich34586.111,530.92 ms1,777.841 day ago
rich34575.001,751.58 ms2,335.441 day ago
rich34578.331,194.87 ms1,525.361 day ago
rich34585.711,467.02 ms1,711.532 days ago
rich34575.001,738.44 ms2,317.922 days ago
rich34569.051,808.87 ms2,619.742 days ago
rich34576.191,716.12 ms2,252.412 days ago
rich34568.751,431.13 ms2,081.642 days ago
rich34558.331,903.54 ms3,263.212 days ago
anonymous61.901,632.80 ms2,637.603 days ago
rich34579.171,438.85 ms1,817.503 days ago
rich34575.001,660.08 ms2,213.443 days ago
johnv92.861,748.14 ms1,882.623 days ago

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