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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
vvp31786.671,749.05 ms2,018.132 hours ago
ghodes69.051,179.01 ms1,707.5318 hours ago
ghodes53.571,411.40 ms2,634.6218 hours ago
cryonox91.67971.67 ms1,060.0021 hours ago
cryonox60.711,295.30 ms2,133.4321 hours ago
cryonox90.001,183.47 ms1,314.9621 hours ago
cryonox79.171,175.00 ms1,484.2121 hours ago
cryonox83.331,204.11 ms1,444.9321 hours ago
cryonox66.671,350.17 ms2,025.2521 hours ago
cryonox75.001,335.25 ms1,780.3321 hours ago
cryonox83.331,183.58 ms1,420.3021 hours ago
cryonox51.521,482.58 ms2,877.9421 hours ago
Nonconformist46.431,751.52 ms3,772.511 day ago
anonymous18.331,818.63 ms9,919.821 day ago
anonymous7.141,301.18 ms18,216.512 days ago
anonymous52.381,486.52 ms2,837.912 days ago
anonymous66.671,616.08 ms2,424.132 days ago
Samuel111135.901,277.16 ms3,557.793 days ago
baarslag83.331,204.25 ms1,445.103 days ago
anonymous54.761,810.46 ms3,306.073 days ago
anonymous75.001,594.61 ms2,126.143 days ago
anonymous48.331,741.05 ms3,602.173 days ago
anonymous53.571,835.31 ms3,425.913 days ago
anonymous68.331,501.20 ms2,196.883 days ago
tonko85.421,152.17 ms1,348.883 days ago

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