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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael85.421,371.83 ms1,606.0547 minutes ago
rainonbeauty51.671,625.90 ms3,146.905 hours ago
mahamba46.431,534.42 ms3,304.901 day ago
mahamba66.671,731.92 ms2,597.871 day ago
mahamba85.421,602.50 ms1,876.101 day ago
mahamba58.331,651.92 ms2,831.861 day ago
mahamba83.331,525.94 ms1,831.131 day ago
sos979.171,502.79 ms1,898.262 days ago
sos983.331,403.00 ms1,683.602 days ago
luckydevill93.75946.02 ms1,009.092 days ago
luckydevill91.67804.80 ms877.962 days ago
luckydevill83.331,070.95 ms1,285.152 days ago
anonymous100.00818.01 ms818.012 days ago
anonymous85.421,679.02 ms1,965.682 days ago
ghodes91.67602.58 ms657.363 days ago
alexismael91.671,206.92 ms1,316.643 days ago
alexismael92.86903.18 ms972.654 days ago
wingmaker92.86743.88 ms801.104 days ago
mahamba53.572,071.89 ms3,867.534 days ago
anonymous58.331,479.75 ms2,536.714 days ago
PracticeA87.121,155.83 ms1,326.704 days ago
PracticeA87.121,344.47 ms1,543.224 days ago
PracticeA58.331,333.33 ms2,285.714 days ago
alexismael62.501,363.25 ms2,181.205 days ago
wingmaker50.001,729.33 ms3,458.675 days ago

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