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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
lucleax60.421,188.15 ms1,966.592 hours ago
anonymous33.331,745.75 ms5,237.257 hours ago
anonymous29.171,979.38 ms6,786.4313 hours ago
TBell23.331,710.05 ms7,328.7916 hours ago
anonymous100.00961.06 ms961.0617 hours ago
Brain5178.332,652.73 ms31,832.8021 hours ago
IXIX100.001,284.18 ms1,284.181 day ago
anonymous52.781,640.77 ms3,108.831 day ago
hedia22.621,662.00 ms7,347.791 day ago
anonymous100.00910.70 ms910.701 day ago
anonymous91.671,025.47 ms1,118.701 day ago
anonymous91.671,115.19 ms1,216.571 day ago
anonymous84.521,340.24 ms1,585.641 day ago
anonymous76.191,049.94 ms1,378.051 day ago
anonymous85.42923.51 ms1,081.182 days ago
anonymous88.891,177.73 ms1,324.952 days ago
anonymous93.751,389.93 ms1,482.592 days ago
anonymous100.00739.37 ms739.372 days ago
edoardo920514.291,482.87 ms10,380.082 days ago
anonymous92.861,064.22 ms1,146.082 days ago
anonymous91.671,021.15 ms1,113.982 days ago
anonymous91.671,217.11 ms1,327.762 days ago
anonymous75.001,385.83 ms1,847.772 days ago
anonymous82.581,350.50 ms1,635.472 days ago
anonymous62.501,724.25 ms2,758.802 days ago

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