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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rushncare41.671,667.75 ms4,002.606 hours ago
anonymous72.921,289.94 ms1,769.066 hours ago
roboronin10.002,112.47 ms21,124.6722 hours ago
roboronin92.311,420.15 ms1,538.5022 hours ago
roboronin93.751,484.73 ms1,583.7122 hours ago
roboronin70.831,658.77 ms2,341.7922 hours ago
rushncare66.671,567.96 ms2,351.941 day ago
tnk200085.711,400.69 ms1,634.141 day ago
tnk200075.001,431.50 ms1,908.671 day ago
tnk200067.951,534.29 ms2,258.011 day ago
tnk200079.171,435.29 ms1,813.001 day ago
rushncare75.001,207.35 ms1,609.802 days ago
anonymous32.141,914.87 ms5,957.372 days ago
rushncare63.101,330.49 ms2,108.703 days ago
roboronin15.481,492.74 ms9,645.383 days ago
roboronin100.001,219.67 ms1,219.673 days ago
roboronin77.781,439.31 ms1,850.543 days ago
souzie83.331,466.00 ms1,759.203 days ago
souzie95.831,180.54 ms1,231.873 days ago
souzie60.421,503.58 ms2,488.693 days ago
rushncare70.831,557.42 ms2,198.713 days ago
anonymous46.431,769.31 ms3,810.823 days ago
rushncare72.221,566.08 ms2,168.423 days ago
anonymous100.00724.13 ms724.134 days ago
anonymous100.001,477.57 ms1,477.574 days ago

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