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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kvalern100.001,224.83 ms1,224.831 hour ago
anonymous87.501,610.00 ms1,840.001 hour ago
kvalern71.791,766.65 ms2,460.701 hour ago
anonymous100.00701.03 ms701.0311 hours ago
kiana31.671,277.98 ms4,035.7414 hours ago
kiana55.951,800.14 ms3,217.2814 hours ago
kiana36.111,922.22 ms5,323.0814 hours ago
anonymous85.421,374.90 ms1,609.641 day ago
sveguill54.761,649.63 ms3,012.371 day ago
anonymous70.241,757.46 ms2,502.152 days ago
ePhem91.67942.43 ms1,028.102 days ago
ePhem83.331,157.00 ms1,388.402 days ago
ghodes69.701,112.60 ms1,596.343 days ago
anonymous58.33992.76 ms1,701.873 days ago
anthonyoconnell21.431,422.92 ms6,640.283 days ago
anonymous64.581,656.88 ms2,565.504 days ago
anonymous25.001,284.58 ms5,138.334 days ago
anonymous65.001,776.90 ms2,733.695 days ago
irisje8338.101,739.64 ms4,566.556 days ago
irisje8350.001,718.58 ms3,437.176 days ago
irisje8360.421,722.00 ms2,850.216 days ago
brony76.251,978.29 ms31,652.671 week ago
anonymous100.001,110.48 ms1,110.481 week ago
anonymous83.331,031.31 ms1,237.571 week ago
anonymous77.381,193.05 ms1,541.781 week ago

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