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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael69.441,632.50 ms2,350.797 hours ago
alexismael42.421,881.94 ms4,436.0113 hours ago
alexismael50.001,784.75 ms3,569.4913 hours ago
mattbad83.331,181.03 ms1,417.2314 hours ago
alexismael50.001,832.24 ms3,664.481 day ago
alexismael53.571,369.96 ms2,557.261 day ago
mattbad100.001,361.50 ms1,361.501 day ago
anonymous100.00707.80 ms707.802 days ago
Deceptibot165.911,552.84 ms2,356.032 days ago
Deceptibot145.831,535.21 ms3,349.552 days ago
anonymous100.00728.94 ms728.943 days ago
alexismael84.521,767.49 ms2,091.123 days ago
bdboohoo85.711,296.17 ms1,512.193 days ago
bdboohoo77.381,639.89 ms2,119.253 days ago
bdboohoo69.051,267.88 ms1,836.243 days ago
bdboohoo52.782,002.31 ms3,793.843 days ago
bdboohoo69.701,869.08 ms2,681.723 days ago
alexismael55.002,039.97 ms3,709.033 days ago
alexismael58.332,019.37 ms3,461.773 days ago
anonymous29.762,076.89 ms6,978.363 days ago
alexismael69.702,017.03 ms2,893.994 days ago
alexismael76.191,885.05 ms2,474.134 days ago
Rustygee50.001,960.62 ms3,921.254 days ago
cwp3319.231,443.30 ms7,505.154 days ago
Rustygee29.761,774.23 ms5,961.424 days ago

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