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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chriscrewdson75.002,027.40 ms2,703.1914 hours ago
anonymous8.331,294.29 ms15,531.5218 hours ago
anonymous100.00694.63 ms694.6320 hours ago
Brain517100.001,349.18 ms1,349.181 day ago
Brain51788.891,291.08 ms1,452.461 day ago
austinp54.171,617.51 ms2,986.181 day ago
RomkiSS91.671,055.85 ms1,151.842 days ago
chriscrewdson84.522,338.05 ms2,766.142 days ago
anonymous88.891,355.36 ms1,524.782 days ago
anonymous93.751,123.08 ms1,197.962 days ago
tchotibut100.001,213.74 ms1,213.742 days ago
Brain51783.331,099.17 ms1,319.002 days ago
Brain51777.781,627.91 ms2,093.022 days ago
anonymous43.751,191.17 ms2,722.682 days ago
anonymous58.331,045.49 ms1,792.272 days ago
anonymous100.00687.53 ms687.532 days ago
anonymous52.381,740.22 ms3,322.242 days ago
lovebanana071916.672,482.95 ms14,897.702 days ago
chriscrewdson79.172,275.78 ms2,874.673 days ago
lovebanana071918.752,121.05 ms11,312.283 days ago
Brain51745.241,671.97 ms3,695.943 days ago
chriscrewdson52.082,459.49 ms4,722.223 days ago
kendit94.44652.57 ms690.954 days ago
kendit92.31911.62 ms987.594 days ago
anonymous100.00982.25 ms982.254 days ago

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