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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,473.00 ms1,473.0020 hours ago
anonymous90.911,412.77 ms1,554.0520 hours ago
anonymous91.671,461.92 ms1,594.8220 hours ago
alexismael100.00695.94 ms695.941 day ago
alexismael68.331,218.78 ms1,783.591 day ago
alexismael66.671,085.75 ms1,628.621 day ago
alexismael79.17909.54 ms1,148.891 day ago
anonymous96.151,459.40 ms1,517.781 day ago
anonymous100.001,315.50 ms1,315.502 days ago
kendit100.00686.75 ms686.753 days ago
kendit82.58960.37 ms1,163.023 days ago
kendit72.221,003.42 ms1,389.353 days ago
anonymous100.00727.94 ms727.943 days ago
anonymous93.75709.81 ms757.133 days ago
anonymous88.891,254.97 ms1,411.844 days ago
anonymous91.671,351.17 ms1,474.004 days ago
anonymous77.781,474.39 ms1,895.644 days ago
anonymous100.00707.58 ms707.584 days ago
anonymous92.861,096.12 ms1,180.445 days ago
anonymous92.861,359.08 ms1,463.635 days ago
alexismael55.001,709.22 ms3,107.675 days ago
anonymous100.00847.88 ms847.885 days ago
anonymous100.001,215.54 ms1,215.546 days ago
anonymous88.101,297.19 ms1,472.496 days ago
anonymous91.671,513.58 ms1,651.186 days ago

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