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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chriscrewdson72.921,519.79 ms2,084.2914 hours ago
anonymous19.44960.53 ms4,939.8618 hours ago
suenobrain7782.581,472.60 ms1,783.3320 hours ago
suenobrain7767.861,981.36 ms2,919.8920 hours ago
suenobrain7775.001,447.61 ms1,930.1520 hours ago
alexismael56.251,883.00 ms3,347.561 day ago
alexismael50.00900.83 ms1,801.671 day ago
anonymous100.001,203.68 ms1,203.682 days ago
suenobrain7783.331,989.25 ms2,387.103 days ago
suenobrain7752.271,629.95 ms3,118.163 days ago
alexismael47.921,939.42 ms4,047.483 days ago
suenobrain7792.861,682.74 ms1,812.183 days ago
suenobrain7770.241,712.05 ms2,437.493 days ago
suenobrain7763.101,902.89 ms3,015.913 days ago
suenobrain7750.001,792.67 ms3,585.333 days ago
suenobrain7777.861,751.06 ms2,249.074 days ago
suenobrain7758.331,532.77 ms2,627.614 days ago
suenobrain7763.891,831.53 ms2,866.744 days ago
suenobrain7754.171,786.92 ms3,298.924 days ago
anonymous83.331,447.92 ms1,737.504 days ago
alexismael62.501,029.08 ms1,646.534 days ago
alexismael62.501,218.13 ms1,949.004 days ago
chriscrewdson93.751,148.08 ms1,224.624 days ago
suenobrain7793.751,664.11 ms1,775.065 days ago
alexismael82.58865.70 ms1,048.386 days ago

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