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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Aripiprazole92.861,190.85 ms1,282.454 hours ago
Aripiprazole71.431,290.56 ms1,806.794 hours ago
supfellas25.00303.17 ms1,212.675 hours ago
janturon93.751,440.58 ms1,536.626 hours ago
anonymous100.001,420.48 ms1,420.4815 hours ago
janturon72.921,504.46 ms2,063.2619 hours ago
janturon91.671,003.23 ms1,094.431 day ago
janturon58.331,581.47 ms2,711.101 day ago
Jpw0117.142,235.10 ms31,291.332 days ago
anonymous25.001,914.50 ms7,658.012 days ago
anonymous100.001,038.83 ms1,038.833 days ago
gummyb25.00817.38 ms3,269.523 days ago
anonymous38.101,862.72 ms4,889.633 days ago
anonymous92.861,478.35 ms1,592.073 days ago
anonymous91.671,101.62 ms1,201.763 days ago
anonymous8.332,457.50 ms29,490.004 days ago
selectionandx86.361,466.99 ms1,698.624 days ago
IXIX100.001,572.14 ms1,572.144 days ago
mdubs616191.671,331.09 ms1,452.104 days ago
mdubs616166.671,469.19 ms2,203.794 days ago
mdubs616147.921,808.39 ms3,774.024 days ago
anonymous68.331,792.57 ms2,623.275 days ago
selectionandx100.001,534.49 ms1,534.495 days ago
anonymous83.33954.23 ms1,145.085 days ago
anonymous100.00845.91 ms845.915 days ago

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