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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous33.332,136.94 ms6,410.8313 minutes ago
anonymous27.082,083.46 ms7,692.793 hours ago
anonymous14.291,704.63 ms11,932.4219 hours ago
anonymous21.971,395.87 ms6,353.621 day ago
David158.331,896.92 ms3,251.861 day ago
anonymous30.95973.60 ms3,145.481 day ago
jskim100.00484.64 ms484.641 day ago
anonymous100.00643.64 ms643.642 days ago
tnk200095.001,062.08 ms1,117.982 days ago
tnk200075.001,075.64 ms1,434.192 days ago
zimen3036.902,246.45 ms6,087.173 days ago
zimen3054.761,961.19 ms3,581.303 days ago
zimen3045.242,067.76 ms4,570.833 days ago
zimen3036.902,095.60 ms5,678.393 days ago
zimen3075.001,683.65 ms2,244.873 days ago
RafaelVolpe100.00893.11 ms893.113 days ago
anonymous44.051,509.23 ms3,426.354 days ago
RINAN81.671,626.27 ms1,991.354 days ago
lijingxue8.332,059.25 ms24,711.005 days ago
anonymous15.481,896.65 ms12,255.305 days ago
anonymous95.00711.50 ms748.955 days ago
anonymous100.001,190.59 ms1,190.595 days ago
anonymous91.671,355.40 ms1,478.625 days ago
anonymous100.001,607.65 ms1,607.655 days ago
anonymous15.482,141.78 ms13,839.216 days ago

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