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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Oleksiy100.001,166.90 ms1,166.908 hours ago
anonymous100.00584.13 ms584.1313 hours ago
alexismael41.671,808.69 ms4,340.8722 hours ago
alexismael85.42908.63 ms1,063.7722 hours ago
alexismael50.001,697.36 ms3,394.7222 hours ago
alexismael60.421,247.27 ms2,064.4522 hours ago
Oleksiy84.521,600.18 ms1,893.171 day ago
alexismael94.441,023.06 ms1,083.242 days ago
alexismael66.671,405.03 ms2,107.542 days ago
anonymous41.671,607.53 ms3,858.082 days ago
Oleksiy83.331,274.92 ms1,529.902 days ago
Oleksiy83.331,286.03 ms1,543.242 days ago
Oleksiy55.951,510.11 ms2,698.932 days ago
anonymous41.672,263.21 ms5,431.713 days ago
anonymous33.332,008.95 ms6,026.843 days ago
anonymous41.671,870.03 ms4,488.083 days ago
nikson92.861,528.54 ms1,646.123 days ago
nikson61.111,888.39 ms3,090.103 days ago
nikson66.671,755.89 ms2,633.843 days ago
nikson35.712,108.73 ms5,904.433 days ago
nikson30.302,009.82 ms6,632.403 days ago
nikson52.781,821.96 ms3,452.143 days ago
nikson52.081,762.83 ms3,384.633 days ago
nikson15.001,627.66 ms10,851.093 days ago
Oleksiy100.001,426.83 ms1,426.833 days ago

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