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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
asiwsguitar84.521,268.12 ms1,500.3117 hours ago
anonymous75.001,068.28 ms1,424.3821 hours ago
nickb201545.241,015.10 ms2,243.901 day ago
anonymous50.001,706.99 ms3,413.982 days ago
Manly62.502,003.26 ms3,205.222 days ago
Manly45.832,144.95 ms4,679.882 days ago
Manly45.832,083.97 ms4,546.832 days ago
Manly18.752,174.86 ms11,599.242 days ago
whiiite463075.001,971.79 ms2,629.052 days ago
stevesteve79.171,684.72 ms2,128.073 days ago
stewartshaw85.42882.42 ms1,033.073 days ago
stewartshaw75.001,405.33 ms1,873.783 days ago
stewartshaw77.381,051.98 ms1,359.483 days ago
stewartshaw91.67981.10 ms1,070.293 days ago
stewartshaw72.92852.25 ms1,168.803 days ago
stewartshaw91.671,064.75 ms1,161.553 days ago
stewartshaw95.83784.88 ms819.003 days ago
stewartshaw86.11921.58 ms1,070.233 days ago
anonymous55.001,619.32 ms2,944.214 days ago
lynnk90425.002,126.83 ms8,507.334 days ago
BP1411102222.621,188.78 ms5,255.685 days ago
anonymous38.242,276.95 ms5,955.105 days ago
xiii16.671,551.92 ms9,311.536 days ago
anonymous14.29928.77 ms6,501.416 days ago
RINAN91.671,343.58 ms1,465.736 days ago

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