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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00938.79 ms938.7910 minutes ago
anonymous100.00964.25 ms964.2518 minutes ago
anonymous83.331,386.85 ms1,664.215 hours ago
milaya198156.062,116.49 ms3,775.369 hours ago
anonymous66.671,855.87 ms2,783.819 hours ago
anonymous71.671,832.04 ms2,556.339 hours ago
anonymous65.001,894.20 ms2,914.159 hours ago
RachelRyan72.221,238.96 ms1,715.499 hours ago
anonymous43.751,858.19 ms4,247.299 hours ago
RachelRyan72.221,763.57 ms2,441.869 hours ago
RachelRyan100.00828.82 ms828.829 hours ago
anonymous100.001,012.18 ms1,012.189 hours ago
baronerosso15.482,342.14 ms15,133.8515 hours ago
RachelRyan93.751,296.42 ms1,382.8520 hours ago
RachelRyan69.441,216.82 ms1,752.2220 hours ago
RachelRyan77.381,326.45 ms1,714.1920 hours ago
anonymous100.001,204.33 ms1,204.3320 hours ago
livermore2011100.00970.53 ms970.5320 hours ago
livermore201187.501,041.79 ms1,190.6220 hours ago
livermore201196.151,076.10 ms1,119.1523 hours ago
livermore2011100.001,109.33 ms1,109.3323 hours ago
livermore2011100.001,077.79 ms1,077.791 day ago
livermore201185.421,299.65 ms1,521.541 day ago
anonymous60.421,466.88 ms2,427.931 day ago
milaya198138.102,289.57 ms6,010.131 day ago

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