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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Oleksiy100.001,312.38 ms1,312.3810 hours ago
Oleksiy100.001,530.20 ms1,530.2018 hours ago
Oleksiy80.001,493.13 ms1,866.4118 hours ago
Oleksiy67.861,462.62 ms2,155.4418 hours ago
alexismael91.67714.53 ms779.491 day ago
bluedolphine25.001,876.18 ms7,504.701 day ago
zaitsevmaxim53.571,583.35 ms2,955.581 day ago
derMartin7845.831,808.33 ms3,945.452 days ago
derMartin7830.952,009.64 ms6,492.692 days ago
Oleksiy100.001,157.17 ms1,157.172 days ago
alexismael46.431,268.11 ms2,731.312 days ago
alexismael58.331,838.38 ms3,151.513 days ago
alexismael86.671,072.77 ms1,237.824 days ago
alexismael58.331,237.31 ms2,121.105 days ago
alexismael56.671,265.41 ms2,233.085 days ago
alexismael69.051,047.32 ms1,516.816 days ago
alexismael77.08929.09 ms1,205.316 days ago
anonymous91.67902.30 ms984.336 days ago
anonymous91.671,161.20 ms1,266.776 days ago
anonymous75.001,268.62 ms1,691.496 days ago
anonymous67.951,560.22 ms2,296.176 days ago
anonymous86.671,180.40 ms1,362.016 days ago
anonymous93.75994.93 ms1,061.256 days ago
anonymous66.671,304.10 ms1,956.156 days ago
anonymous100.00961.22 ms961.226 days ago

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