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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Brain517100.001,161.08 ms1,161.082 hours ago
Minus123100.00592.84 ms592.8410 hours ago
Minus123100.00576.03 ms576.0315 hours ago
anonymous6.251,990.42 ms31,846.6716 hours ago
Aeker100.00636.50 ms636.5017 hours ago
Aeker84.52743.13 ms879.2017 hours ago
Aeker95.00668.40 ms703.5817 hours ago
Brain51791.671,436.00 ms1,566.551 day ago
anonymous93.331,400.15 ms1,500.161 day ago
anonymous92.861,415.23 ms1,524.091 day ago
anonymous91.671,077.92 ms1,175.911 day ago
Brain51775.001,954.80 ms2,606.412 days ago
creativezhen100.00747.07 ms747.072 days ago
Brain51783.331,562.89 ms1,875.472 days ago
anonymous91.671,297.31 ms1,415.252 days ago
anonymous100.001,045.29 ms1,045.292 days ago
Brain51783.331,582.77 ms1,899.332 days ago
Brain51758.331,851.83 ms3,174.572 days ago
Brain51780.131,854.19 ms2,314.032 days ago
anonymous44.441,729.72 ms3,891.883 days ago
anonymous66.671,662.92 ms2,494.383 days ago
anonymous91.671,341.65 ms1,463.613 days ago
anonymous91.671,093.90 ms1,193.353 days ago
anonymous83.331,139.75 ms1,367.703 days ago
anonymous81.251,196.63 ms1,472.773 days ago

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