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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
dab13350.001,661.04 ms3,322.073 hours ago
dab13358.331,747.96 ms2,996.513 hours ago
dab13358.331,601.76 ms2,745.873 hours ago
dab13360.711,591.54 ms2,621.363 hours ago
dab13333.332,307.49 ms6,922.466 hours ago
tylerdurdane25.002,054.08 ms8,216.309 hours ago
anonymous91.671,510.08 ms1,647.3610 hours ago
anonymous25.00688.32 ms2,753.3023 hours ago
ufunotc39.581,857.50 ms4,692.641 day ago
anonymous77.081,868.08 ms2,423.462 days ago
meganlhowden8.332,162.80 ms25,953.642 days ago
jazmin8.331,488.83 ms17,866.002 days ago
Aquiles198752.382,021.25 ms3,858.752 days ago
farfouille41.672,235.82 ms5,365.972 days ago
hwruger1733.331,552.28 ms4,656.842 days ago
anonymous91.671,164.08 ms1,269.913 days ago
msheridan96.431,330.50 ms1,379.783 days ago
msheridan79.171,613.93 ms2,038.653 days ago
msheridan76.191,851.04 ms2,429.493 days ago
anonymous14.291,975.02 ms13,825.173 days ago
anonymous100.00782.48 ms782.484 days ago
anonymous14.292,227.40 ms15,591.834 days ago
anonymous50.001,488.75 ms2,977.504 days ago
anonymous70.831,761.25 ms2,486.474 days ago
anonymous33.331,725.84 ms5,177.514 days ago

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