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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous21.431,955.45 ms9,125.443 hours ago
alexismael75.00909.24 ms1,212.323 hours ago
anonymous81.821,161.45 ms1,419.557 hours ago
alexismael40.381,523.44 ms3,772.3213 hours ago
alexismael41.671,757.99 ms4,219.1713 hours ago
anonymous14.291,511.63 ms10,581.4216 hours ago
Oleksiy87.121,690.34 ms1,940.221 day ago
Oleksiy60.001,980.74 ms3,301.241 day ago
Oleksiy50.001,446.13 ms2,892.261 day ago
alexismael70.241,105.52 ms1,573.971 day ago
Oleksiy75.001,435.81 ms1,914.421 day ago
Oleksiy100.001,327.72 ms1,327.721 day ago
Oleksiy58.331,722.15 ms2,952.261 day ago
Oleksiy83.331,624.09 ms1,948.911 day ago
alexismael78.331,127.00 ms1,438.731 day ago
alexismael66.671,415.47 ms2,123.211 day ago
Oleksiy83.331,594.48 ms1,913.382 days ago
Oleksiy66.671,192.33 ms1,788.502 days ago
Oleksiy75.001,265.38 ms1,687.172 days ago
Oleksiy75.001,490.95 ms1,987.932 days ago
podi50.001,478.25 ms2,956.502 days ago
mralistair58.331,700.47 ms2,915.092 days ago
mralistair47.222,018.84 ms4,275.192 days ago
alexismael58.331,382.07 ms2,369.252 days ago
anonymous7.141,813.97 ms25,395.622 days ago

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