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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous83.331,098.10 ms1,317.7241 minutes ago
luckyxilef75.001,864.38 ms2,485.848 hours ago
luckyxilef41.671,941.05 ms4,658.538 hours ago
dyokomizo75.001,698.00 ms2,264.0011 hours ago
dyokomizo76.191,276.56 ms1,675.491 day ago
anonymous31.251,947.79 ms6,232.931 day ago
dyokomizo83.331,487.82 ms1,785.392 days ago
pinguin100.00638.33 ms638.332 days ago
RaraAvis86.671,102.84 ms1,272.503 days ago
RaraAvis83.331,040.94 ms1,249.133 days ago
RaraAvis100.001,102.06 ms1,102.063 days ago
RaraAvis78.331,292.65 ms1,650.203 days ago
dhexus287.121,054.26 ms1,210.113 days ago
anonymous67.861,738.93 ms2,562.634 days ago
receptum95.451,196.33 ms1,253.294 days ago
dyokomizo67.861,187.81 ms1,750.455 days ago
sakurita91115.481,300.47 ms8,403.015 days ago
dhexus291.671,030.09 ms1,123.745 days ago
anonymous100.00915.98 ms915.985 days ago
dyokomizo83.331,302.04 ms1,562.455 days ago
MxFox75.001,338.75 ms1,785.006 days ago
anonymous100.00938.58 ms938.586 days ago
anonymous91.671,214.04 ms1,324.416 days ago
anonymous58.331,578.18 ms2,705.451 week ago
dyokomizo75.001,380.00 ms1,840.001 week ago

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