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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Jesski38.641,906.48 ms4,934.4310 hours ago
anonymous33.332,033.97 ms6,101.9019 hours ago
asdf01191.671,082.00 ms1,180.3623 hours ago
asdf01147.921,408.37 ms2,939.2223 hours ago
anonymous33.332,156.56 ms6,469.691 day ago
speedmeup84.521,794.55 ms2,123.131 day ago
speedmeup56.251,703.71 ms3,028.811 day ago
speedmeup62.501,822.67 ms2,916.271 day ago
MatthewF83.331,232.08 ms1,478.502 days ago
speedmeup69.051,947.86 ms2,821.033 days ago
speedmeup60.711,868.86 ms3,078.123 days ago
speedmeup42.981,911.69 ms4,447.613 days ago
speedmeup33.331,885.75 ms5,657.253 days ago
anonymous85.421,540.59 ms1,803.623 days ago
anonymous87.501,536.57 ms1,756.083 days ago
anonymous86.671,422.99 ms1,641.913 days ago
MatthewF79.171,191.88 ms1,505.533 days ago
omarquina23.811,946.63 ms8,175.853 days ago
speedmeup76.192,108.27 ms2,767.115 days ago
anonymous8.332,722.93 ms32,675.145 days ago
speedmeup63.461,695.48 ms2,671.675 days ago
anonymous100.00944.75 ms944.755 days ago
akash76.191,849.65 ms2,427.676 days ago
heinz91132.141,495.14 ms4,651.556 days ago
speedmeup33.331,946.25 ms5,838.757 days ago

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