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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael100.001,043.42 ms1,043.423 hours ago
anonymous92.86816.75 ms879.583 hours ago
anonymous75.00784.07 ms1,045.433 hours ago
anonymous83.331,020.49 ms1,224.593 hours ago
anonymous62.501,034.33 ms1,654.933 hours ago
anonymous75.001,072.92 ms1,430.563 hours ago
mosley2250.001,798.83 ms3,597.674 hours ago
anonymous30.951,183.46 ms3,823.508 hours ago
hobosullivan50.001,894.42 ms3,788.839 hours ago
anonymous83.33891.81 ms1,070.171 day ago
anonymous70.001,133.80 ms1,619.711 day ago
anonymous91.181,236.16 ms1,355.781 day ago
anonymous86.67909.85 ms1,049.831 day ago
anonymous66.67963.50 ms1,445.251 day ago
anonymous88.101,003.52 ms1,139.141 day ago
anonymous69.05912.29 ms1,321.241 day ago
BigBear21.431,728.45 ms8,066.111 day ago
clarjame25.001,494.25 ms5,977.001 day ago
alexismael70.831,374.50 ms1,940.472 days ago
oliz50.001,418.02 ms2,836.042 days ago
UmmAmira7.142,148.50 ms30,079.002 days ago
alexismael100.00829.04 ms829.043 days ago
anonymous28.332,065.10 ms7,288.594 days ago
nabila262.501,823.96 ms2,918.334 days ago
alexismael80.561,203.86 ms1,494.454 days ago

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