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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00886.67 ms886.672 hours ago
anonymous100.00737.50 ms737.502 hours ago
anonymous91.671,001.00 ms1,092.002 hours ago
anonymous91.671,075.95 ms1,173.772 hours ago
anonymous16.671,400.37 ms8,402.211 day ago
bejaydavda123.812,531.39 ms10,631.861 day ago
bejaydavda163.892,323.61 ms3,636.961 day ago
Feral625.001,867.17 ms7,468.672 days ago
anonymous53.572,141.11 ms3,996.732 days ago
anonymous41.67781.67 ms1,876.003 days ago
anonymous100.001,216.67 ms1,216.673 days ago
anonymous86.11986.94 ms1,146.133 days ago
anonymous87.501,467.08 ms1,676.673 days ago
deszcz8.332,224.52 ms26,694.253 days ago
anonymous45.241,005.24 ms2,222.113 days ago
anonymous52.381,178.06 ms2,249.023 days ago
anonymous22.621,801.08 ms7,962.683 days ago
anonymous87.501,372.60 ms1,568.694 days ago
anonymous83.331,196.94 ms1,436.334 days ago
anonymous79.171,144.21 ms1,445.324 days ago
fastskim91.671,270.80 ms1,386.324 days ago
fastskim70.241,800.62 ms2,563.594 days ago
anonymous50.001,212.08 ms2,424.174 days ago
anonymous100.001,014.17 ms1,014.174 days ago
anonymous15.481,311.19 ms8,472.314 days ago

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