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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous44.441,445.64 ms3,252.694 hours ago
Niimka31.251,763.96 ms5,644.671 day ago
PicinZim47.921,706.96 ms3,562.353 days ago
fun200891.671,443.37 ms1,574.584 days ago
fun200883.331,454.52 ms1,745.434 days ago
alexismael45.241,028.35 ms2,273.184 days ago
alexismael75.001,253.25 ms1,671.005 days ago
devanhayes191.671,247.50 ms1,360.911 week ago
alexismael43.941,491.78 ms3,395.091 week ago
alexismael57.141,393.80 ms2,439.151 week ago
alexismael58.331,317.31 ms2,258.251 week ago
alexismael33.331,813.83 ms5,441.501 week ago
kendit91.67934.21 ms1,019.141 week ago
fun200893.751,175.44 ms1,253.801 week ago
alexismael58.331,444.17 ms2,475.711 week ago
anonymous77.381,570.07 ms2,029.021 week ago
anonymous83.331,329.15 ms1,594.981 week ago
kaimee0714.291,562.18 ms10,935.251 week ago
anonymous27.781,858.58 ms6,690.901 week ago
alexismael50.001,036.50 ms2,073.001 week ago
alexismael85.711,201.62 ms1,401.891 week ago
anonymous93.75833.56 ms889.132 weeks ago
anonymous66.671,017.83 ms1,526.752 weeks ago
anonymous92.86634.45 ms683.262 weeks ago
anonymous52.781,882.25 ms3,566.372 weeks ago

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