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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
alexismael92.86766.08 ms825.0113 hours ago
alexismael68.941,242.45 ms1,802.2414 hours ago
alexismael70.241,318.27 ms1,876.8514 hours ago
alexismael58.331,266.57 ms2,171.272 days ago
rozgns53.571,603.67 ms2,993.512 days ago
alexismael71.43994.68 ms1,392.552 days ago
alexismael52.381,195.77 ms2,282.832 days ago
martes9740.001,560.49 ms3,901.233 days ago
martes9756.251,381.46 ms2,455.943 days ago
martes9760.611,635.16 ms2,698.013 days ago
martes9767.951,148.28 ms1,689.933 days ago
martes9775.001,655.41 ms2,207.213 days ago
martes9750.001,646.19 ms3,292.393 days ago
martes9756.251,172.37 ms2,084.213 days ago
alexismael77.38872.90 ms1,128.063 days ago
alexismael90.00815.11 ms905.673 days ago
alexismael66.67985.71 ms1,478.573 days ago
alexismael74.24943.90 ms1,271.373 days ago
alexismael68.751,011.53 ms1,471.323 days ago
alexismael91.67647.14 ms705.983 days ago
alexismael60.611,124.45 ms1,855.343 days ago
alexismael87.501,115.09 ms1,274.383 days ago
alexismael75.001,178.73 ms1,571.643 days ago
alexismael75.00931.23 ms1,241.643 days ago
alexismael81.251,074.94 ms1,323.013 days ago

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