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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous95.45718.30 ms752.5116 hours ago
anonymous83.331,171.67 ms1,406.0016 hours ago
anonymous72.921,097.29 ms1,504.8616 hours ago
beeeblonde48.332,023.85 ms4,187.271 day ago
anonymous68.941,205.31 ms1,748.362 days ago
RomkiSS100.00923.75 ms923.752 days ago
ajmal1250.002,129.77 ms4,259.542 days ago
firedragon64.581,816.22 ms2,812.212 days ago
ferzok61.671,619.84 ms2,626.772 days ago
ferzok61.901,729.23 ms2,793.372 days ago
vvp31786.671,749.05 ms2,018.132 days ago
ghodes69.051,179.01 ms1,707.533 days ago
ghodes53.571,411.40 ms2,634.623 days ago
cryonox91.67971.67 ms1,060.003 days ago
cryonox60.711,295.30 ms2,133.433 days ago
cryonox90.001,183.47 ms1,314.963 days ago
cryonox79.171,175.00 ms1,484.213 days ago
cryonox83.331,204.11 ms1,444.933 days ago
cryonox66.671,350.17 ms2,025.253 days ago
cryonox75.001,335.25 ms1,780.333 days ago
cryonox83.331,183.58 ms1,420.303 days ago
cryonox51.521,482.58 ms2,877.943 days ago
Nonconformist46.431,751.52 ms3,772.513 days ago
anonymous18.331,818.63 ms9,919.823 days ago
anonymous7.141,301.18 ms18,216.514 days ago

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