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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,114.67 ms1,114.6719 hours ago
anonymous100.001,152.06 ms1,152.062 days ago
anonymous91.671,386.33 ms1,512.362 days ago
anonymous100.001,209.21 ms1,209.213 days ago
Maksik60.612,373.20 ms3,915.793 days ago
anonymous100.001,281.33 ms1,281.334 days ago
anonymous91.671,152.42 ms1,257.184 days ago
anonymous91.671,262.11 ms1,376.844 days ago
rimble35100.001,110.00 ms1,110.005 days ago
rimble3577.381,554.96 ms2,009.495 days ago
rimble3575.001,771.50 ms2,362.005 days ago
rimble3523.811,921.64 ms8,070.905 days ago
anonymous100.001,020.21 ms1,020.215 days ago
anonymous91.671,364.35 ms1,488.385 days ago
anonymous91.671,289.58 ms1,406.825 days ago
anonymous91.671,358.17 ms1,481.645 days ago
alexismael41.671,344.75 ms3,227.405 days ago
alexismael52.781,534.97 ms2,908.375 days ago
decadence91.671,057.50 ms1,153.645 days ago
decadence88.891,078.69 ms1,213.535 days ago
decadence87.50968.63 ms1,107.005 days ago
anonymous100.001,325.08 ms1,325.086 days ago
anonymous100.00988.42 ms988.427 days ago
anonymous83.331,578.58 ms1,894.307 days ago
alexismael83.331,371.92 ms1,646.301 week ago

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