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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
praveenma39.581,829.79 ms4,622.6315 hours ago
anonymous100.00625.83 ms625.8317 hours ago
ppsreejith92.861,258.28 ms1,355.0720 hours ago
lurliebell43.941,858.47 ms4,229.621 day ago
ShawnG82.581,688.22 ms2,044.452 days ago
ghysdd79.171,144.67 ms1,445.892 days ago
bertan10.001,936.17 ms19,361.672 days ago
anonymous100.00680.27 ms680.273 days ago
water06616.672,389.33 ms14,336.003 days ago
ppsreejith100.00976.99 ms976.993 days ago
ghysdd91.671,576.83 ms1,720.183 days ago
ghysdd59.521,514.55 ms2,544.443 days ago
ghysdd53.571,642.52 ms3,066.043 days ago
anonymous31.672,316.55 ms7,315.425 days ago
anonymous76.191,685.89 ms2,212.735 days ago
cyberbarn41.671,663.00 ms3,991.206 days ago
brainsplitter14.581,454.38 ms9,972.867 days ago
photino77.781,896.73 ms2,438.661 week ago
anonymous91.67580.83 ms633.641 week ago
marygs83.331,226.73 ms1,472.081 week ago
anonymous70.83881.83 ms1,244.941 week ago
anonymous83.331,361.74 ms1,634.091 week ago
marygs58.331,764.17 ms3,024.291 week ago
rac201441.671,482.84 ms3,558.801 week ago
anonymous58.331,679.92 ms2,879.861 week ago

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