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name% correcttime (congruent)time (incongruent)when
anonymous95.00628.74 ms690.73 ms4 hours ago
huansohn85.00336.05 ms338.05 ms7 hours ago
huansohn90.00353.60 ms439.19 ms7 hours ago
anonymous95.00757.48 ms780.00 ms8 hours ago
swevens95.00328.97 ms342.10 ms9 hours ago
volgin76895.00442.00 ms458.42 ms10 hours ago
anonymous100.00842.01 ms840.84 ms13 hours ago
anonymous80.00793.54 ms1,226.24 ms14 hours ago
Burrli90.00394.55 ms416.67 ms14 hours ago
Burrli100.00422.50 ms438.33 ms14 hours ago
MikeDTrainer100.00512.55 ms563.05 ms17 hours ago
anonymous100.00705.91 ms733.26 ms17 hours ago
MikeDTrainer100.00705.83 ms724.78 ms17 hours ago
anonymous100.00600.26 ms791.07 ms17 hours ago
anonymous100.001,042.10 ms1,198.83 ms18 hours ago
anonymous95.00523.97 ms591.89 ms18 hours ago
anonymous90.00412.17 ms472.38 ms19 hours ago
anonymous90.00405.49 ms434.77 ms19 hours ago
anonymous95.00572.70 ms707.11 ms19 hours ago
anonymous90.00397.45 ms419.97 ms19 hours ago
anonymous100.00452.42 ms529.83 ms19 hours ago
anonymous95.00437.12 ms513.02 ms19 hours ago
anonymous100.00863.42 ms816.83 ms19 hours ago
ur_mom_giey90.00518.83 ms2,884.62 ms20 hours ago
vict918865.00363.35 ms1,003.16 ms22 hours ago

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