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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
bored100.00613.26 ms613.262 weeks ago
bored91.67655.16 ms714.723 weeks ago
bored77.38756.25 ms977.314 weeks ago
bored75.001,069.74 ms1,426.321 month ago
bored83.33826.81 ms992.171 month ago
bored75.00796.24 ms1,061.661 month ago
bored91.67606.97 ms662.151 month ago
bored69.051,019.58 ms1,476.641 month ago
bored77.081,084.65 ms1,407.121 month ago
bored79.17860.22 ms1,086.601 month ago
bored93.75656.79 ms700.581 month ago
bored75.001,024.28 ms1,365.701 month ago
bored81.67878.72 ms1,075.992 months ago
bored86.67804.21 ms927.932 months ago
rsp046.431,044.96 ms2,250.692 months ago
rsp066.671,176.81 ms1,765.212 months ago
rsp063.891,004.33 ms1,572.002 months ago
rsp075.001,140.08 ms1,520.112 months ago
bored91.67727.85 ms794.022 months ago
rsp056.251,118.25 ms1,988.002 months ago
bored88.89879.10 ms988.992 months ago
bored77.781,119.35 ms1,439.172 months ago
bored77.381,084.66 ms1,401.722 months ago
bored83.33784.55 ms941.463 months ago
bored75.00743.80 ms991.733 months ago

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