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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
bored84.52895.71 ms1,059.726 hours ago
bored75.00958.42 ms1,277.896 hours ago
bored91.67635.43 ms693.193 days ago
bored85.42655.46 ms767.373 days ago
bored91.67746.92 ms814.826 days ago
bored91.67720.58 ms786.091 week ago
bored92.86551.13 ms593.531 week ago
bored83.33797.92 ms957.501 week ago
bored75.00751.00 ms1,001.331 week ago
bored79.17982.17 ms1,240.631 week ago
rsp061.111,476.28 ms2,415.732 weeks ago
rsp066.671,144.92 ms1,717.372 weeks ago
rsp072.22884.86 ms1,225.192 weeks ago
username_76.19719.04 ms943.733 weeks ago
username_69.05990.26 ms1,434.173 weeks ago
username_85.71742.98 ms866.814 weeks ago
username_60.71710.96 ms1,171.004 weeks ago
username_75.00906.00 ms1,208.001 month ago
username_91.67745.92 ms813.731 month ago
username_72.22678.33 ms939.231 month ago
username_69.44902.72 ms1,299.921 month ago
username_63.101,202.51 ms1,905.871 month ago
username_66.671,017.97 ms1,526.951 month ago
rsp069.05826.13 ms1,196.471 month ago
rsp060.42993.33 ms1,644.141 month ago

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