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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo41.671,263.33 ms3,032.004 days ago
zermelo41.671,363.00 ms3,271.201 week ago
zermelo20.831,375.50 ms6,602.403 weeks ago
zermelo45.831,326.96 ms2,895.183 weeks ago
zermelo37.501,395.10 ms3,720.284 weeks ago
zermelo66.671,456.33 ms2,184.504 weeks ago
zermelo14.581,903.67 ms13,053.711 month ago
zermelo30.561,968.28 ms6,441.643 months ago
rsp033.331,487.50 ms4,462.504 months ago
rsp055.56739.33 ms1,330.804 months ago
rsp053.57703.25 ms1,312.734 months ago
rsp029.761,368.36 ms4,597.684 months ago
rsp047.62808.61 ms1,698.074 months ago
rsp041.671,537.58 ms3,690.204 months ago
rsp060.71809.98 ms1,334.084 months ago
zermelo22.621,507.02 ms6,662.634 months ago
rsp058.331,289.33 ms2,210.294 months ago
rsp066.671,062.33 ms1,593.504 months ago
rsp062.501,000.04 ms1,600.074 months ago
Ohad91.67421.30 ms459.604 months ago
zermelo30.951,896.70 ms6,127.814 months ago
zermelo33.331,864.54 ms5,593.635 months ago
zermelo33.331,762.75 ms5,288.255 months ago
zermelo53.571,541.12 ms2,876.765 months ago
cbjx1750.001,793.98 ms3,587.965 months ago

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