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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo75.00587.25 ms783.002 days ago
zermelo66.67696.83 ms1,045.252 days ago
zermelo64.581,298.33 ms2,010.322 days ago
zermelo44.231,373.81 ms3,106.012 days ago
zermelo54.411,382.23 ms2,540.312 days ago
zermelo54.761,259.25 ms2,299.502 days ago
zermelo84.52567.02 ms670.852 days ago
zermelo45.241,451.55 ms3,208.682 days ago
zermelo66.67743.50 ms1,115.252 days ago
zermelo46.431,322.05 ms2,847.493 days ago
zermelo46.431,157.79 ms2,493.693 days ago
zermelo38.891,511.44 ms3,886.573 days ago
zermelo59.851,291.33 ms2,157.673 days ago
zermelo77.38729.13 ms942.263 days ago
zermelo69.44842.78 ms1,213.603 days ago
zermelo52.081,374.10 ms2,638.283 days ago
zermelo83.33360.25 ms432.303 days ago
zermelo38.891,168.28 ms3,004.146 days ago
zermelo39.101,423.05 ms3,639.286 days ago
zermelo68.75317.98 ms462.526 days ago
zermelo48.331,028.05 ms2,127.006 days ago
zermelo50.001,301.75 ms2,603.506 days ago
zermelo46.671,037.48 ms2,223.186 days ago
zermelo33.331,501.98 ms4,505.946 days ago
zermelo38.101,303.69 ms3,422.196 days ago

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