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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo33.331,714.88 ms5,144.6515 hours ago
zermelo16.671,645.33 ms9,872.002 days ago
zermelo30.561,675.28 ms5,482.733 days ago
zermelo50.001,422.50 ms2,845.005 days ago
zermelo41.671,264.92 ms3,035.805 days ago
zermelo50.001,417.08 ms2,834.171 week ago
zermelo38.101,634.69 ms4,291.061 week ago
zermelo38.101,623.50 ms4,261.692 weeks ago
Ohad100.00546.83 ms546.832 weeks ago
zermelo33.332,015.67 ms6,047.002 weeks ago
zermelo39.391,512.36 ms3,839.062 weeks ago
zermelo35.711,481.44 ms4,148.032 weeks ago
zermelo33.331,538.25 ms4,614.752 weeks ago
zermelo61.901,120.73 ms1,810.402 weeks ago
zermelo50.001,673.92 ms3,347.832 weeks ago
zermelo38.641,533.97 ms3,970.272 weeks ago
zermelo47.731,291.33 ms2,705.633 weeks ago
zermelo41.671,304.50 ms3,130.803 weeks ago
zermelo38.331,512.45 ms3,945.523 weeks ago
zermelo75.001,070.75 ms1,427.673 weeks ago
zermelo53.571,504.87 ms2,809.093 weeks ago
zermelo41.671,828.33 ms4,388.003 weeks ago
zermelo53.571,492.55 ms2,786.093 weeks ago
zermelo39.581,365.94 ms3,450.793 weeks ago
zermelo55.951,231.31 ms2,200.643 weeks ago

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