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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rsp050.001,396.00 ms2,792.003 weeks ago
rsp050.001,571.67 ms3,143.333 weeks ago
rsp070.24800.18 ms1,139.243 weeks ago
rsp058.331,195.17 ms2,048.863 weeks ago
rsp058.33801.25 ms1,373.573 weeks ago
rsp069.05969.24 ms1,403.722 months ago
rsp083.33589.83 ms707.802 months ago
rsp076.19640.32 ms840.422 months ago
kaniodori91.67843.78 ms920.493 months ago
kaniodori73.331,328.70 ms1,811.873 months ago
kaniodori75.001,285.34 ms1,713.793 months ago
kaniodori91.67827.82 ms903.073 months ago
kaniodori77.38878.87 ms1,135.773 months ago
kaniodori77.38880.38 ms1,137.723 months ago
kaniodori91.67660.90 ms720.983 months ago
kaniodori85.421,154.84 ms1,352.013 months ago
kaniodori52.381,590.20 ms3,035.843 months ago
kaniodori66.67987.27 ms1,480.903 months ago
kaniodori91.67778.62 ms849.413 months ago
kaniodori76.19961.73 ms1,262.273 months ago
kaniodori68.591,215.58 ms1,772.243 months ago
kaniodori62.501,076.99 ms1,723.183 months ago
kaniodori66.671,354.37 ms2,031.563 months ago
kaniodori54.171,515.22 ms2,797.333 months ago
kaniodori64.581,183.72 ms1,832.863 months ago

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