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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
username_83.33486.25 ms583.501 month ago
username_65.00850.25 ms1,308.081 month ago
username_66.671,156.50 ms1,734.751 month ago
username_75.00988.65 ms1,318.211 month ago
username_52.381,087.29 ms2,075.731 month ago
username_66.671,252.17 ms1,878.251 month ago
username_78.33917.33 ms1,171.061 month ago
rsp086.11719.97 ms836.101 month ago
rsp047.731,281.55 ms2,685.143 months ago
rsp045.831,268.25 ms2,767.093 months ago
rsp036.111,268.92 ms3,513.923 months ago
rsp067.86827.99 ms1,220.193 months ago
rsp063.101,098.36 ms1,740.793 months ago
rsp062.50982.79 ms1,572.473 months ago
rsp055.561,094.53 ms1,970.153 months ago
rsp075.00548.83 ms731.783 months ago
rsp070.83964.71 ms1,361.943 months ago
rsp050.001,396.00 ms2,792.004 months ago
rsp050.001,571.67 ms3,143.334 months ago
rsp070.24800.18 ms1,139.244 months ago
rsp058.331,195.17 ms2,048.864 months ago
rsp058.33801.25 ms1,373.574 months ago
rsp069.05969.24 ms1,403.725 months ago
rsp083.33589.83 ms707.805 months ago
rsp076.19640.32 ms840.425 months ago

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