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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
kaniodori91.671,003.91 ms1,095.186 hours ago
kaniodori54.171,300.13 ms2,400.247 hours ago
kaniodori45.241,681.23 ms3,716.407 hours ago
kaniodori83.33916.61 ms1,099.932 days ago
kaniodori75.001,144.95 ms1,526.602 days ago
kaniodori83.331,063.18 ms1,275.812 days ago
kaniodori91.67985.30 ms1,074.872 days ago
kaniodori73.331,240.23 ms1,691.222 days ago
kaniodori41.671,916.76 ms4,600.212 days ago
kaniodori69.051,254.61 ms1,817.022 days ago
kaniodori100.00799.22 ms799.225 days ago
kaniodori66.671,073.39 ms1,610.095 days ago
kaniodori68.331,067.20 ms1,561.765 days ago
kaniodori95.45859.42 ms900.357 days ago
kaniodori63.331,133.71 ms1,790.077 days ago
kaniodori60.421,213.56 ms2,008.667 days ago
kaniodori44.441,366.82 ms3,075.347 days ago
kaniodori85.71942.05 ms1,099.067 days ago
Burrli47.221,211.39 ms2,565.291 week ago
kaniodori92.86706.91 ms761.292 weeks ago
kaniodori58.331,425.92 ms2,444.432 weeks ago
kaniodori91.67902.78 ms984.852 weeks ago
kaniodori75.001,028.09 ms1,370.792 weeks ago
kaniodori66.67914.95 ms1,372.432 weeks ago
kaniodori90.00997.91 ms1,108.792 weeks ago

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