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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo41.671,625.08 ms3,900.202 days ago
zermelo84.52590.80 ms698.972 days ago
zermelo72.22926.06 ms1,282.232 days ago
zermelo79.17699.58 ms883.682 days ago
zermelo83.33848.25 ms1,017.902 days ago
zermelo50.00993.13 ms1,986.252 days ago
zermelo83.33711.92 ms854.302 days ago
zermelo86.11847.39 ms984.062 days ago
zermelo66.671,288.33 ms1,932.502 days ago
zermelo79.17771.69 ms974.762 days ago
zermelo56.251,111.46 ms1,975.932 days ago
zermelo52.381,262.74 ms2,410.682 days ago
zermelo66.67951.33 ms1,427.002 days ago
zermelo75.001,070.67 ms1,427.562 days ago
zermelo43.751,587.48 ms3,628.524 days ago
zermelo66.671,091.96 ms1,637.944 days ago
zermelo58.33824.72 ms1,413.804 days ago
zermelo72.92911.83 ms1,250.514 days ago
zermelo79.17820.48 ms1,036.394 days ago
zermelo58.331,316.48 ms2,256.824 days ago
zermelo87.12737.97 ms847.064 days ago
zermelo70.83971.81 ms1,371.974 days ago
zermelo69.051,031.31 ms1,493.624 days ago
zermelo67.541,060.57 ms1,570.204 days ago
zermelo60.711,308.35 ms2,154.924 days ago

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