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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rsp041.671,150.42 ms2,761.003 weeks ago
rsp058.331,016.50 ms1,742.573 weeks ago
rsp053.57953.46 ms1,779.803 weeks ago
rsp077.08517.46 ms671.303 weeks ago
rsp052.781,340.36 ms2,539.633 weeks ago
rsp058.331,126.53 ms1,931.193 weeks ago
NCMentis30.561,564.50 ms5,120.182 months ago
NCMentis64.581,186.00 ms1,836.392 months ago
NCMentis61.111,109.67 ms1,815.822 months ago
NCMentis63.891,411.36 ms2,209.092 months ago
NCMentis61.90937.62 ms1,514.622 months ago
NCMentis61.111,213.10 ms1,985.072 months ago
NCMentis50.001,142.08 ms2,284.172 months ago
NCMentis53.571,269.32 ms2,369.402 months ago
NCMentis50.001,254.58 ms2,509.173 months ago
NCMentis53.331,035.55 ms1,941.663 months ago
kaniodori87.50736.12 ms841.283 months ago
kaniodori75.001,274.63 ms1,699.513 months ago
kaniodori94.44767.33 ms812.473 months ago
kaniodori66.671,245.79 ms1,868.683 months ago
kaniodori76.921,277.34 ms1,660.553 months ago
kaniodori66.671,290.15 ms1,935.223 months ago
kaniodori81.67973.00 ms1,191.423 months ago
kaniodori60.711,408.53 ms2,319.943 months ago
kaniodori91.67765.23 ms834.803 months ago

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