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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo52.781,623.33 ms3,075.7938 minutes ago
zermelo41.671,510.47 ms3,625.1256 minutes ago
zermelo60.001,382.72 ms2,304.5358 minutes ago
zermelo47.921,515.25 ms3,162.261 day ago
zermelo70.241,270.52 ms1,808.881 day ago
zermelo58.331,476.31 ms2,530.811 day ago
zermelo66.671,141.08 ms1,711.621 day ago
zermelo66.671,148.17 ms1,722.251 day ago
zermelo38.891,718.78 ms4,419.711 day ago
zermelo94.44755.22 ms799.651 day ago
zermelo45.241,779.39 ms3,933.391 day ago
zermelo58.331,716.63 ms2,942.791 day ago
zermelo50.001,406.25 ms2,812.501 day ago
zermelo50.001,756.50 ms3,513.001 day ago
zermelo41.671,655.50 ms3,973.202 days ago
zermelo75.001,137.67 ms1,516.892 days ago
zermelo48.811,362.21 ms2,790.882 days ago
zermelo50.001,286.58 ms2,573.172 days ago
zermelo33.331,727.42 ms5,182.252 days ago
zermelo29.171,784.50 ms6,118.293 days ago
zermelo33.331,993.67 ms5,981.003 days ago
zermelo38.101,842.44 ms4,836.413 days ago
zermelo50.001,499.17 ms2,998.333 days ago
zermelo46.431,583.92 ms3,411.513 days ago
zermelo60.421,365.31 ms2,259.834 days ago

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