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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Panda8133.331,900.58 ms5,701.752 weeks ago
Panda8154.761,508.14 ms2,754.002 weeks ago
Panda8161.901,286.88 ms2,078.813 weeks ago
Panda8146.431,656.05 ms3,566.871 month ago
username_83.33958.92 ms1,150.701 month ago
username_72.92941.92 ms1,291.771 month ago
username_77.08921.92 ms1,196.001 month ago
rsp086.11708.03 ms822.232 months ago
rsp083.33778.94 ms934.732 months ago
rsp076.19901.04 ms1,182.612 months ago
rsp070.451,051.69 ms1,492.722 months ago
Panda8133.331,382.67 ms4,148.002 months ago
rsp031.251,637.46 ms5,239.872 months ago
rsp070.83932.67 ms1,316.712 months ago
Panda8125.001,727.75 ms6,911.002 months ago
Panda8160.711,652.96 ms2,722.532 months ago
Burrli46.431,360.71 ms2,930.772 months ago
Burrli54.761,416.07 ms2,585.872 months ago
Burrli55.951,496.07 ms2,673.832 months ago
rsp046.43624.93 ms1,346.003 months ago
rsp060.711,192.06 ms1,963.393 months ago
rsp081.67694.33 ms850.203 months ago
rsp085.00708.82 ms833.903 months ago
rsp083.33567.43 ms680.913 months ago
rsp078.57889.38 ms1,131.943 months ago

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