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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Burrli83.33854.40 ms1,025.2919 hours ago
Burrli57.581,096.44 ms1,904.345 days ago
bobbypin36.901,647.48 ms4,464.132 weeks ago
bobbypin68.33960.98 ms1,406.312 weeks ago
bobbypin44.051,517.82 ms3,445.872 weeks ago
bobbypin45.001,224.36 ms2,720.812 weeks ago
bobbypin54.761,036.79 ms1,893.262 weeks ago
bobbypin50.001,444.58 ms2,889.162 weeks ago
bobbypin53.571,540.66 ms2,875.902 weeks ago
rsp091.67692.75 ms755.733 weeks ago
bobbypin30.951,891.05 ms6,109.554 weeks ago
Panda8141.672,016.72 ms4,840.131 month ago
Panda8144.441,980.53 ms4,456.192 months ago
Panda8152.271,748.94 ms3,345.802 months ago
Panda8155.001,520.48 ms2,764.522 months ago
rubik36.902,106.23 ms5,707.212 months ago
rubik47.731,916.06 ms4,014.602 months ago
Panda8175.001,520.46 ms2,027.282 months ago
Panda8172.221,413.42 ms1,957.042 months ago
NCMentis45.241,422.99 ms3,145.552 months ago
NCMentis68.751,281.79 ms1,864.422 months ago
NCMentis53.331,314.56 ms2,464.792 months ago
Panda8146.671,538.63 ms3,297.072 months ago
Panda8177.381,449.02 ms1,872.582 months ago
NCMentis47.921,143.90 ms2,387.262 months ago

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