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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Burrli41.671,177.75 ms2,826.605 days ago
Burrli66.67985.00 ms1,477.506 days ago
Burrli41.671,310.00 ms3,144.006 days ago
NCMentis30.951,369.26 ms4,423.773 weeks ago
NCMentis75.00671.71 ms895.613 weeks ago
NCMentis91.67597.83 ms652.183 weeks ago
shosho91.67618.30 ms674.513 weeks ago
NCMentis52.781,289.19 ms2,442.684 weeks ago
NCMentis77.081,134.10 ms1,471.274 weeks ago
NCMentis60.421,087.79 ms1,800.484 weeks ago
NCMentis54.761,288.64 ms2,353.174 weeks ago
NCMentis64.581,191.04 ms1,844.194 weeks ago
NCMentis70.241,065.85 ms1,517.474 weeks ago
NCMentis47.621,358.49 ms2,852.824 weeks ago
NCMentis70.831,250.19 ms1,764.974 weeks ago
NCMentis48.331,835.57 ms3,797.724 weeks ago
NCMentis75.00809.17 ms1,078.894 weeks ago
Burrli48.481,214.38 ms2,504.664 weeks ago
Burrli55.561,289.53 ms2,321.154 weeks ago
Burrli33.331,377.08 ms4,131.251 month ago
NCMentis32.141,489.29 ms4,633.331 month ago
NCMentis79.17880.29 ms1,111.951 month ago
Panda8141.671,555.00 ms3,732.001 month ago
shosho92.86843.49 ms908.372 months ago
NCMentis91.67734.75 ms801.552 months ago

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