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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis43.751,225.92 ms2,802.1021 hours ago
NCMentis75.001,026.03 ms1,368.0421 hours ago
NCMentis38.101,403.60 ms3,684.4422 hours ago
NCMentis46.431,693.75 ms3,648.082 days ago
NCMentis66.67906.75 ms1,360.122 days ago
Scorpius27.081,373.90 ms5,072.852 days ago
Scorpius35.421,428.96 ms4,034.712 days ago
NCMentis60.001,072.10 ms1,786.833 days ago
NCMentis66.671,070.83 ms1,606.253 days ago
NCMentis41.671,873.92 ms4,497.403 days ago
NCMentis41.671,103.42 ms2,648.204 days ago
NCMentis60.71960.12 ms1,581.374 days ago
NCMentis58.331,244.25 ms2,133.004 days ago
NCMentis58.33919.17 ms1,575.714 days ago
NCMentis66.67996.75 ms1,495.124 days ago
NCMentis55.56954.61 ms1,718.304 days ago
NCMentis62.501,016.54 ms1,626.474 days ago
NCMentis65.00725.67 ms1,116.414 days ago
Panda8137.501,484.88 ms3,959.675 days ago
NCMentis41.671,521.33 ms3,651.206 days ago
NCMentis63.89973.83 ms1,524.266 days ago
NCMentis69.051,070.45 ms1,550.316 days ago
NCMentis58.331,230.33 ms2,109.146 days ago
Panda8166.671,414.67 ms2,122.006 days ago
Panda8140.481,391.27 ms3,437.261 week ago

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