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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
zermelo86.67752.83 ms868.652 days ago
Panda8152.781,137.33 ms2,154.952 days ago
zermelo83.33460.75 ms552.902 days ago
zermelo75.00795.00 ms1,060.002 days ago
zermelo69.05838.74 ms1,214.722 days ago
zermelo100.00456.01 ms456.012 days ago
zermelo70.831,051.83 ms1,484.942 days ago
zermelo69.051,124.07 ms1,627.972 days ago
zermelo100.00506.00 ms506.004 days ago
zermelo91.67766.14 ms835.794 days ago
zermelo95.45517.99 ms542.664 days ago
Panda8161.901,651.87 ms2,668.405 days ago
zermelo100.00455.10 ms455.106 days ago
zermelo96.15447.48 ms465.386 days ago
zermelo94.44471.11 ms498.826 days ago
Panda8138.331,455.95 ms3,798.137 days ago
zermelo94.44570.81 ms604.381 week ago
zermelo100.00439.06 ms439.061 week ago
Burrli47.921,425.06 ms2,974.041 week ago
Burrli50.001,151.33 ms2,302.671 week ago
Madeit41.671,587.38 ms3,809.702 weeks ago
zermelo85.42443.48 ms519.202 weeks ago
zermelo92.86548.87 ms591.092 weeks ago
zermelo91.67612.92 ms668.642 weeks ago
Burrli52.381,392.50 ms2,658.412 weeks ago

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