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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rubik47.221,968.69 ms4,169.004 hours ago
rubik66.672,001.58 ms3,002.365 hours ago
kaniodori100.00734.94 ms734.947 hours ago
kaniodori85.71908.16 ms1,059.527 hours ago
Burrli50.001,190.83 ms2,381.671 day ago
Panda8155.001,350.47 ms2,455.392 days ago
Burrli70.831,075.21 ms1,517.943 days ago
Burrli69.05900.83 ms1,304.664 days ago
Burrli78.331,025.83 ms1,309.576 days ago
kaniodori100.00803.82 ms803.827 days ago
kaniodori79.17839.19 ms1,060.037 days ago
kaniodori78.571,177.21 ms1,498.267 days ago
kaniodori66.671,071.47 ms1,607.217 days ago
Burrli61.901,432.26 ms2,313.651 week ago
Burrli85.42852.50 ms998.051 week ago
Burrli61.901,017.50 ms1,643.652 weeks ago
Burrli68.94944.17 ms1,369.562 weeks ago
Burrli50.00900.00 ms1,800.002 weeks ago
Burrli50.00828.33 ms1,656.672 weeks ago
Burrli58.33924.17 ms1,584.292 weeks ago
zt201795.00922.83 ms971.402 weeks ago
zt201775.00995.83 ms1,327.782 weeks ago
kaniodori100.00662.76 ms662.762 weeks ago
Burrli58.331,197.50 ms2,052.862 weeks ago
Burrli70.83937.71 ms1,323.823 weeks ago

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