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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Panda8138.101,528.29 ms4,011.755 days ago
Panda8166.671,233.03 ms1,849.541 week ago
zermelo91.67369.46 ms403.052 weeks ago
yuioyuio58.331,335.17 ms2,288.862 weeks ago
Panda8138.101,462.17 ms3,838.194 weeks ago
yuioyuio53.571,445.75 ms2,698.734 weeks ago
yuioyuio60.711,645.83 ms2,710.784 weeks ago
yuioyuio58.331,368.00 ms2,345.144 weeks ago
yuioyuio64.581,265.50 ms1,959.484 weeks ago
Panda8160.001,431.03 ms2,385.064 weeks ago
yuioyuio66.671,096.42 ms1,644.624 weeks ago
yuioyuio66.671,536.08 ms2,304.134 weeks ago
yuioyuio58.331,564.08 ms2,681.294 weeks ago
yuioyuio83.33785.58 ms942.704 weeks ago
yuioyuio66.671,275.50 ms1,913.254 weeks ago
Panda8184.52982.26 ms1,162.114 weeks ago
zermelo84.52569.32 ms673.561 month ago
Panda8152.271,264.78 ms2,419.581 month ago
yuioyuio62.501,487.81 ms2,380.501 month ago
yuioyuio83.331,199.00 ms1,438.801 month ago
yuioyuio60.711,285.25 ms2,116.881 month ago
yuioyuio66.671,284.96 ms1,927.441 month ago
yuioyuio75.001,018.75 ms1,358.331 month ago
yuioyuio56.251,611.81 ms2,865.442 months ago
yuioyuio63.331,349.98 ms2,131.552 months ago

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