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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis33.331,518.42 ms4,555.2516 hours ago
NCMentis60.001,050.40 ms1,750.6716 hours ago
Burrli52.78967.50 ms1,833.1623 hours ago
Burrli58.33786.67 ms1,348.573 days ago
Burrli49.241,214.55 ms2,466.463 days ago
Burrli50.00888.33 ms1,776.675 days ago
Burrli50.001,163.33 ms2,326.672 weeks ago
Burrli69.051,044.76 ms1,513.102 weeks ago
Burrli55.56914.17 ms1,645.502 weeks ago
rsp092.86507.81 ms546.872 weeks ago
rsp075.00975.99 ms1,301.322 weeks ago
rsp085.00606.77 ms713.842 weeks ago
Burrli69.051,389.88 ms2,012.932 weeks ago
rsp062.501,105.04 ms1,768.072 weeks ago
rsp065.001,294.62 ms1,991.722 weeks ago
rsp062.50974.13 ms1,558.602 weeks ago
rsp058.331,246.92 ms2,137.572 weeks ago
rsp075.88992.42 ms1,307.932 weeks ago
zt201783.33971.70 ms1,166.044 weeks ago
zt201791.67803.03 ms876.034 weeks ago
zt201788.89704.22 ms792.254 weeks ago
zt201747.621,680.88 ms3,529.854 weeks ago
zt201780.56843.11 ms1,046.624 weeks ago
Burrli60.421,168.96 ms1,934.831 month ago
Burrli56.251,114.58 ms1,981.481 month ago

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