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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis16.671,839.08 ms11,034.504 hours ago
NCMentis50.001,340.00 ms2,680.004 hours ago
NCMentis53.331,027.17 ms1,925.944 hours ago
NCMentis73.25942.46 ms1,286.714 hours ago
NCMentis69.44830.81 ms1,196.364 hours ago
NCMentis60.421,097.21 ms1,816.074 hours ago
NCMentis66.67738.22 ms1,107.334 hours ago
NCMentis60.901,215.79 ms1,996.464 hours ago
NCMentis58.331,142.08 ms1,957.864 hours ago
NCMentis54.171,227.25 ms2,265.694 hours ago
Madeit60.711,449.07 ms2,386.713 days ago
Madeit66.671,282.48 ms1,923.723 days ago
biffhenderson247.221,306.14 ms2,765.944 days ago
Madeit75.001,047.75 ms1,397.005 days ago
Madeit77.381,188.36 ms1,535.725 days ago
Madeit75.00901.42 ms1,201.896 days ago
Madeit76.19745.00 ms977.816 days ago
Burrli91.67656.99 ms716.711 week ago
Burrli72.221,046.94 ms1,449.621 week ago
Burrli64.581,118.13 ms1,731.291 week ago
biffhenderson241.671,306.06 ms3,134.532 weeks ago
biffhenderson276.191,035.42 ms1,358.982 weeks ago
Madeit83.33863.42 ms1,036.102 weeks ago
Madeit43.751,523.96 ms3,483.332 weeks ago
Madeit75.001,116.73 ms1,488.972 weeks ago

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