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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
NCMentis70.241,192.82 ms1,698.2516 hours ago
NCMentis91.67857.67 ms935.6416 hours ago
NCMentis63.33921.68 ms1,455.2916 hours ago
NCMentis52.381,297.62 ms2,477.2716 hours ago
NCMentis67.861,004.83 ms1,480.8116 hours ago
NCMentis75.00919.33 ms1,225.7816 hours ago
NCMentis69.70995.17 ms1,427.8616 hours ago
NCMentis66.671,129.58 ms1,694.3816 hours ago
Burrli83.33785.83 ms943.003 days ago
Burrli75.00978.33 ms1,304.444 days ago
Burrli82.58955.00 ms1,156.515 days ago
eluJ100.00437.42 ms437.426 days ago
eluJ63.331,101.37 ms1,739.006 days ago
eluJ91.67571.92 ms623.916 days ago
eluJ91.67484.25 ms528.276 days ago
Burrli58.331,117.83 ms1,916.296 days ago
eluJ94.44384.83 ms407.477 days ago
eluJ91.67589.25 ms642.827 days ago
eluJ87.12797.66 ms915.577 days ago
eluJ92.86500.26 ms538.741 week ago
eluJ87.50732.02 ms836.601 week ago
eluJ92.86448.62 ms483.131 week ago
eluJ83.33632.83 ms759.401 week ago
eluJ100.00496.35 ms496.351 week ago
eluJ100.00398.21 ms398.211 week ago

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