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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Panda8176.191,352.90 ms1,775.6923 hours ago
Panda8163.891,085.22 ms1,698.612 days ago
Panda8181.821,334.69 ms1,631.294 days ago
Panda8177.381,109.07 ms1,433.261 week ago
Panda8168.751,262.50 ms1,836.362 weeks ago
Panda8150.001,488.10 ms2,976.212 weeks ago
Panda8166.671,125.98 ms1,688.972 weeks ago
Panda8181.25990.44 ms1,219.002 weeks ago
Panda8175.001,061.83 ms1,415.783 weeks ago
Panda8175.001,172.08 ms1,562.783 weeks ago
Panda8164.291,197.00 ms1,862.003 weeks ago
Panda8188.46976.77 ms1,104.173 weeks ago
Panda8175.001,223.83 ms1,631.783 weeks ago
cbjx1785.42849.02 ms993.984 weeks ago
Panda8183.331,251.92 ms1,502.301 month ago
Panda8170.001,320.60 ms1,886.571 month ago
Burrli51.671,309.45 ms2,534.421 month ago
Panda8163.101,104.26 ms1,750.151 month ago
Panda8166.671,438.67 ms2,158.001 month ago
yuioyuio84.521,146.90 ms1,356.902 months ago
yuioyuio56.671,730.73 ms3,054.242 months ago
Panda8177.781,250.36 ms1,607.612 months ago
yuioyuio69.051,391.36 ms2,015.072 months ago
yuioyuio70.241,285.92 ms1,830.802 months ago
yuioyuio70.451,062.24 ms1,507.702 months ago

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