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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
wasp966.671,683.92 ms2,525.882 days ago
wasp983.331,326.92 ms1,592.302 days ago
wasp987.501,311.83 ms1,499.242 days ago
wasp961.671,638.17 ms2,656.492 days ago
wasp966.671,485.17 ms2,227.752 days ago
Madeit87.50897.81 ms1,026.073 days ago
Madeit75.001,182.25 ms1,576.333 days ago
Madeit95.00871.23 ms917.093 days ago
wasp950.001,503.33 ms3,006.675 days ago
wasp966.671,354.83 ms2,032.255 days ago
wasp927.081,854.27 ms6,846.545 days ago
wasp970.831,563.19 ms2,206.855 days ago
wasp958.331,477.75 ms2,533.295 days ago
wasp938.101,849.58 ms4,855.165 days ago
Madeit91.67766.48 ms836.165 days ago
Madeit75.001,048.52 ms1,398.025 days ago
Madeit75.001,098.75 ms1,465.005 days ago
wasp992.861,426.62 ms1,536.366 days ago
wasp983.331,066.08 ms1,279.306 days ago
wasp972.921,943.69 ms2,665.636 days ago
wasp975.001,197.58 ms1,596.786 days ago
wasp976.671,099.78 ms1,434.506 days ago
wasp966.671,007.33 ms1,511.006 days ago
wasp973.331,317.97 ms1,797.236 days ago
wasp951.281,670.46 ms3,257.396 days ago

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