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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
temp020.831,850.27 ms8,881.283 days ago
temp060.711,258.99 ms2,073.633 days ago
Burrli100.00598.33 ms598.335 days ago
NCMentis58.33694.56 ms1,190.675 days ago
NCMentis60.71877.94 ms1,446.025 days ago
Burrli66.671,251.25 ms1,876.875 days ago
Burrli58.33845.83 ms1,450.007 days ago
ykyk1479100.00904.58 ms904.581 week ago
Burrli93.75682.71 ms728.221 week ago
Burrli50.001,150.00 ms2,300.001 week ago
Burrli50.001,212.50 ms2,425.001 week ago
Panda8150.001,405.42 ms2,810.831 week ago
Burrli60.001,122.67 ms1,871.111 week ago
Panda8144.051,632.57 ms3,706.381 week ago
bobbypin46.431,578.90 ms3,400.722 weeks ago
temp041.671,351.98 ms3,244.762 weeks ago
temp045.831,318.30 ms2,876.292 weeks ago
Burrli57.581,010.23 ms1,754.612 weeks ago
Burrli73.33891.00 ms1,215.002 weeks ago
Burrli54.171,187.29 ms2,191.922 weeks ago
Burrli75.00750.83 ms1,001.112 weeks ago
mattc201414.581,441.14 ms9,882.112 weeks ago
mattc201469.051,600.12 ms2,317.412 weeks ago
mattc20148.331,187.07 ms14,244.872 weeks ago
mattc201458.331,425.66 ms2,443.982 weeks ago

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