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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
ondrav25.001,586.58 ms6,346.338 hours ago
ondrav54.761,479.04 ms2,700.858 hours ago
ondrav66.671,026.17 ms1,539.258 hours ago
ondrav39.291,415.77 ms3,603.798 hours ago
ondrav58.331,166.42 ms1,999.578 hours ago
ondrav66.671,224.50 ms1,836.758 hours ago
ondrav54.171,445.42 ms2,668.468 hours ago
ondrav58.331,422.25 ms2,438.148 hours ago
ondrav53.571,301.36 ms2,429.208 hours ago
Burrli75.001,007.06 ms1,342.741 day ago
anonymous33.331,970.83 ms5,912.502 days ago
anonymous85.001,297.18 ms1,526.102 days ago
anonymous63.101,537.93 ms2,437.472 days ago
anonymous69.701,273.93 ms1,827.822 days ago
anonymous91.67825.58 ms900.642 days ago
anonymous62.501,599.77 ms2,559.632 days ago
anonymous50.001,626.67 ms3,253.332 days ago
anonymous72.221,103.42 ms1,527.812 days ago
anonymous60.261,435.72 ms2,382.692 days ago
anonymous72.921,106.38 ms1,517.312 days ago
anonymous56.251,294.06 ms2,300.562 days ago
anonymous68.591,685.70 ms2,457.652 days ago
anonymous58.331,614.35 ms2,767.462 days ago
ondrav53.571,509.85 ms2,818.383 days ago
anonymous47.221,610.14 ms3,409.714 days ago

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