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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Burrli83.33977.50 ms1,173.0010 hours ago
Panda8153.031,137.58 ms2,145.1617 hours ago
Panda8141.671,556.00 ms3,734.402 days ago
Burrli75.00945.58 ms1,260.782 days ago
Burrli61.461,189.41 ms1,935.313 days ago
Panda8153.571,534.98 ms2,865.295 days ago
Burrli59.521,270.49 ms2,134.425 days ago
Burrli71.431,008.69 ms1,412.176 days ago
Burrli50.001,211.67 ms2,423.336 days ago
Burrli50.001,375.00 ms2,750.001 week ago
Panda8175.00991.83 ms1,322.441 week ago
Burrli53.571,306.07 ms2,438.001 week ago
Panda8178.791,272.06 ms1,614.541 week ago
Burrli56.251,308.13 ms2,325.561 week ago
Burrli84.521,226.19 ms1,450.701 week ago
ondrav20.831,764.38 ms8,469.002 weeks ago
Burrli68.751,022.42 ms1,487.152 weeks ago
NCMentis86.36712.84 ms825.392 weeks ago
NCMentis64.581,051.77 ms1,628.552 weeks ago
NCMentis45.831,043.08 ms2,275.822 weeks ago
NCMentis65.001,236.85 ms1,902.852 weeks ago
NCMentis82.14828.96 ms1,009.172 weeks ago
Burrli63.101,339.40 ms2,122.832 weeks ago
Panda8187.501,174.33 ms1,342.103 weeks ago
Burrli58.33977.50 ms1,675.713 weeks ago

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