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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Panda8152.381,465.33 ms2,797.4511 hours ago
NCMentis66.67973.24 ms1,459.8621 hours ago
NCMentis58.331,470.00 ms2,520.0021 hours ago
NCMentis92.86662.20 ms713.1421 hours ago
NCMentis79.171,041.50 ms1,315.5822 hours ago
NCMentis85.42904.73 ms1,059.2022 hours ago
NCMentis75.00880.33 ms1,173.7822 hours ago
NCMentis75.00990.50 ms1,320.6722 hours ago
Burrli66.67875.00 ms1,312.501 day ago
Burrli63.101,245.48 ms1,973.961 day ago
NCMentis58.331,175.75 ms2,015.572 days ago
NCMentis50.001,041.83 ms2,083.672 days ago
NCMentis83.33747.00 ms896.402 days ago
NCMentis83.33609.67 ms731.602 days ago
NCMentis63.891,151.67 ms1,802.612 days ago
NCMentis71.151,077.30 ms1,514.052 days ago
NCMentis56.25877.60 ms1,560.192 days ago
Burrli61.901,282.38 ms2,071.542 days ago
Scorpius91.67930.96 ms1,015.602 days ago
Scorpius25.001,775.75 ms7,103.002 days ago
NCMentis91.67779.25 ms850.093 days ago
NCMentis64.58899.08 ms1,392.133 days ago
NCMentis63.101,186.24 ms1,880.083 days ago
NCMentis83.33671.75 ms806.103 days ago
NCMentis58.331,159.33 ms1,987.433 days ago

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