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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rubik100.00852.52 ms852.525 hours ago
Burrli54.17698.33 ms1,289.239 hours ago
rubik77.081,439.49 ms1,867.451 day ago
rubik58.331,671.01 ms2,864.581 day ago
rubik67.861,421.19 ms2,094.381 day ago
Burrli72.92900.00 ms1,234.291 day ago
adamskwame30.561,306.88 ms4,277.062 days ago
adamskwame70.241,013.97 ms1,443.622 days ago
Panda8191.671,055.42 ms1,151.363 days ago
Panda8161.90983.42 ms1,588.604 days ago
Panda8183.33955.25 ms1,146.307 days ago
NCMentis41.67964.67 ms2,315.207 days ago
NCMentis69.051,028.20 ms1,489.127 days ago
NCMentis79.17745.62 ms941.847 days ago
NCMentis77.08869.29 ms1,127.737 days ago
NCMentis52.781,364.94 ms2,586.217 days ago
NCMentis77.38690.82 ms892.757 days ago
Panda8150.001,340.70 ms2,681.401 week ago
tolemy46.431,348.35 ms2,904.132 weeks ago
zt201791.67852.67 ms930.182 weeks ago
zt201783.33843.50 ms1,012.202 weeks ago
zt201766.671,123.42 ms1,685.122 weeks ago
tolemy52.381,292.81 ms2,468.092 weeks ago
tolemy64.291,468.99 ms2,285.092 weeks ago
tolemy60.711,481.73 ms2,440.502 weeks ago

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