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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas83.33812.83 ms975.407 hours ago
anonymous43.331,287.97 ms2,972.2320 hours ago
anonymous77.381,481.45 ms1,914.4920 hours ago
anonymous83.331,252.50 ms1,503.0020 hours ago
anonymous61.901,010.77 ms1,632.7920 hours ago
ondrav55.771,548.74 ms2,777.051 day ago
ondrav73.481,022.90 ms1,391.991 day ago
NCMentis92.86567.40 ms611.052 days ago
Scorpius79.171,063.08 ms1,342.842 days ago
Talas66.671,010.25 ms1,515.373 days ago
Scorpius31.671,468.28 ms4,636.683 days ago
Scorpius52.781,057.25 ms2,003.213 days ago
Scorpius56.251,177.98 ms2,094.193 days ago
Talas16.671,601.42 ms9,608.504 days ago
Talas50.00993.75 ms1,987.504 days ago
ondrav80.561,011.89 ms1,256.144 days ago
ondrav53.571,614.70 ms3,014.114 days ago
ondrav66.671,522.50 ms2,283.754 days ago
ondrav60.711,471.25 ms2,423.244 days ago
ondrav77.381,075.55 ms1,389.944 days ago
Scorpius33.33874.83 ms2,624.504 days ago
Scorpius66.67946.17 ms1,419.254 days ago
Scorpius62.501,147.15 ms1,835.434 days ago
Scorpius64.291,160.68 ms1,805.504 days ago
Scorpius45.241,300.48 ms2,874.744 days ago

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