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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
biffhenderson244.441,585.28 ms3,566.888 hours ago
biffhenderson266.671,046.60 ms1,569.898 hours ago
biffhenderson252.781,244.22 ms2,357.471 day ago
biffhenderson292.86828.21 ms891.921 day ago
biffhenderson266.671,078.83 ms1,618.251 day ago
tanvirshikder41.671,686.78 ms4,048.272 days ago
biffhenderson229.171,434.71 ms4,919.002 days ago
biffhenderson265.001,245.67 ms1,916.412 days ago
biffhenderson270.831,038.02 ms1,465.442 days ago
biffhenderson253.571,321.12 ms2,466.094 days ago
biffhenderson254.761,140.43 ms2,082.524 days ago
biffhenderson275.001,418.67 ms1,891.564 days ago
biffhenderson267.861,227.68 ms1,809.214 days ago
biffhenderson275.00698.52 ms931.364 days ago
biffhenderson283.33832.31 ms998.776 days ago
biffhenderson245.001,449.85 ms3,221.896 days ago
biffhenderson272.221,152.67 ms1,596.001 week ago
biffhenderson270.831,033.52 ms1,459.091 week ago
biffhenderson260.421,133.38 ms1,875.931 week ago
biffhenderson266.671,214.06 ms1,821.081 week ago
biffhenderson266.671,020.25 ms1,530.381 week ago
biffhenderson283.331,079.67 ms1,295.601 week ago
biffhenderson278.33974.70 ms1,244.301 week ago
Madeit91.67742.25 ms809.731 week ago
Madeit75.00739.58 ms986.111 week ago

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