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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
ondrav83.33742.58 ms891.102 hours ago
ondrav58.331,550.17 ms2,657.432 hours ago
ondrav55.561,713.22 ms3,083.802 hours ago
ondrav58.331,293.42 ms2,217.292 hours ago
tolemy87.121,212.79 ms1,392.074 hours ago
tolemy60.901,286.78 ms2,113.024 hours ago
tolemy83.331,062.00 ms1,274.404 hours ago
Burrli100.00497.02 ms497.021 day ago
Burrli73.48947.32 ms1,289.131 day ago
Burrli62.50969.79 ms1,551.672 days ago
adamskwame86.11964.58 ms1,120.162 days ago
ondrav64.581,396.04 ms2,161.612 days ago
ondrav85.42805.02 ms942.463 days ago
ondrav58.33793.25 ms1,359.863 days ago
ondrav43.751,171.83 ms2,678.483 days ago
ondrav75.001,062.08 ms1,416.113 days ago
ondrav45.241,008.10 ms2,228.423 days ago
ondrav38.891,497.19 ms3,849.933 days ago
ondrav77.08930.52 ms1,207.163 days ago
ondrav58.331,111.17 ms1,904.863 days ago
ondrav56.82911.34 ms1,603.963 days ago
ondrav54.171,166.54 ms2,153.623 days ago
ondrav64.291,093.73 ms1,701.353 days ago
ondrav76.19878.86 ms1,153.503 days ago
ondrav59.52949.32 ms1,594.863 days ago

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