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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
wasp953.571,552.98 ms2,898.899 hours ago
wasp958.331,642.50 ms2,815.719 hours ago
wasp991.671,011.19 ms1,103.1212 hours ago
wasp976.671,418.98 ms1,850.8512 hours ago
wasp966.671,447.08 ms2,170.6212 hours ago
wasp986.111,281.42 ms1,488.1015 hours ago
Burrli85.71816.79 ms952.9219 hours ago
Burrli71.671,077.33 ms1,503.262 days ago
wasp993.331,257.08 ms1,346.872 days ago
wasp992.861,301.51 ms1,401.633 days ago
wasp975.001,737.08 ms2,316.113 days ago
wasp964.741,463.55 ms2,260.533 days ago
wasp969.701,285.97 ms1,845.093 days ago
wasp991.671,032.50 ms1,126.363 days ago
wasp954.171,372.63 ms2,534.083 days ago
Panda8183.33760.33 ms912.404 days ago
Burrli79.17919.04 ms1,160.894 days ago
Burrli87.50605.42 ms691.904 days ago
wasp977.381,279.96 ms1,654.115 days ago
wasp983.331,475.58 ms1,770.705 days ago
wasp968.751,268.83 ms1,845.585 days ago
wasp958.331,516.65 ms2,599.965 days ago
wasp975.00920.75 ms1,227.675 days ago
wasp953.571,792.76 ms3,346.495 days ago
wasp966.671,265.98 ms1,898.975 days ago

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