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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
andyyyxxx45.241,251.92 ms2,767.3922 hours ago
andyyyxxx53.571,124.64 ms2,099.332 days ago
andyyyxxx50.001,299.75 ms2,599.502 days ago
andyyyxxx63.101,318.11 ms2,089.087 days ago
andyyyxxx50.001,683.33 ms3,366.677 days ago
andyyyxxx61.111,618.14 ms2,647.867 days ago
Endo83.331,255.67 ms1,506.802 weeks ago
Endo91.671,029.33 ms1,122.912 weeks ago
Endo70.831,316.52 ms1,858.622 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract75.001,750.67 ms2,334.222 weeks ago
temp075.00815.58 ms1,087.443 weeks ago
temp069.05997.08 ms1,444.053 weeks ago
temp058.331,663.00 ms2,850.863 weeks ago
JLoo75.001,039.42 ms1,385.893 weeks ago
JLoo63.101,104.26 ms1,750.153 weeks ago
JLoo83.331,085.42 ms1,302.503 weeks ago
beeli53.571,643.23 ms3,067.364 weeks ago
beeli41.671,651.08 ms3,962.604 weeks ago
beeli64.391,542.20 ms2,394.944 weeks ago
cbjx17100.00881.86 ms881.864 weeks ago
cbjx1787.501,346.29 ms1,538.624 weeks ago
yummy66.671,192.83 ms1,789.251 month ago
biffhenderson228.571,607.23 ms5,625.291 month ago
wasp965.151,644.27 ms2,523.761 month ago
wasp970.831,521.92 ms2,148.591 month ago

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