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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
matts83.331,055.33 ms1,266.4010 hours ago
matts50.001,279.92 ms2,559.8310 hours ago
matts64.58997.85 ms1,545.0610 hours ago
matts60.001,487.67 ms2,479.4410 hours ago
Panda8187.121,004.18 ms1,152.6323 hours ago
FlatBlack17.421,836.86 ms10,541.961 day ago
FlatBlack37.501,897.46 ms5,059.892 days ago
FlatBlack66.671,890.42 ms2,835.622 days ago
temp087.12796.06 ms913.743 days ago
Panda8175.001,022.17 ms1,362.893 days ago
mattc201426.671,744.37 ms6,541.373 days ago
mattc201444.441,507.72 ms3,392.373 days ago
mattc201458.331,326.00 ms2,273.143 days ago
mattc201441.671,361.50 ms3,267.603 days ago
mattc201461.901,266.11 ms2,045.253 days ago
mattc201458.331,468.17 ms2,516.863 days ago
NCMentis92.86711.35 ms766.065 days ago
FlatBlack36.111,921.92 ms5,322.232 weeks ago
Panda8187.121,078.95 ms1,238.452 weeks ago
bobbypin84.52986.88 ms1,167.582 weeks ago
bobbypin85.711,067.67 ms1,245.612 weeks ago
bobbypin81.67874.38 ms1,070.672 weeks ago
bobbypin58.331,001.88 ms1,717.502 weeks ago
bobbypin85.711,091.42 ms1,273.322 weeks ago
bobbypin77.381,023.65 ms1,322.882 weeks ago

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