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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas35.422,074.72 ms5,858.047 hours ago
Talas53.031,410.53 ms2,659.867 hours ago
Talas50.001,403.28 ms2,806.567 hours ago
Talas72.621,200.43 ms1,653.042 days ago
Talas58.331,086.07 ms1,861.832 days ago
Panda8191.67855.98 ms933.796 days ago
adamskwame83.33882.96 ms1,059.551 week ago
eluJ100.00396.50 ms396.502 weeks ago
Panda8175.001,233.29 ms1,644.392 weeks ago
kimbodare75.001,427.87 ms1,903.822 weeks ago
Panda8166.671,518.74 ms2,278.112 weeks ago
Panda8175.00801.12 ms1,068.163 weeks ago
magiks77791.67969.75 ms1,057.913 weeks ago
Panda8183.33956.69 ms1,148.033 weeks ago
magiks77761.361,512.21 ms2,464.343 weeks ago
magiks77769.441,307.57 ms1,882.913 weeks ago
magiks77758.331,703.96 ms2,921.073 weeks ago
magiks77755.561,373.48 ms2,472.263 weeks ago
magiks77772.221,444.68 ms2,000.333 weeks ago
magiks77791.671,335.29 ms1,456.693 weeks ago
magiks77775.001,212.25 ms1,616.333 weeks ago
magiks77781.251,478.40 ms1,819.573 weeks ago
magiks77777.081,351.40 ms1,753.173 weeks ago
magiks77778.791,342.61 ms1,704.083 weeks ago
Panda8159.521,485.28 ms2,495.263 weeks ago

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