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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous91.671,466.24 ms1,599.546 hours ago
anonymous80.561,281.65 ms1,591.026 hours ago
anonymous50.001,756.55 ms3,513.106 hours ago
StenPi75.001,483.15 ms1,977.5321 hours ago
ykyk1479100.00976.15 ms976.151 day ago
ykyk147991.67990.90 ms1,080.981 day ago
ykyk1479100.00824.18 ms824.181 day ago
adamskwame53.571,320.75 ms2,465.392 days ago
adamskwame100.00842.22 ms842.222 days ago
adamskwame64.581,270.29 ms1,966.892 days ago
adamskwame66.671,375.01 ms2,062.512 days ago
adamskwame75.00882.82 ms1,177.102 days ago
adamskwame78.57831.86 ms1,058.732 days ago
adamskwame75.00886.67 ms1,182.232 days ago
ykyk147991.67859.40 ms937.532 days ago
ykyk1479100.00862.58 ms862.582 days ago
Talas33.331,740.18 ms5,220.532 days ago
Talas44.441,384.20 ms3,114.452 days ago
adamskwame87.501,028.84 ms1,175.823 days ago
adamskwame63.331,303.25 ms2,057.763 days ago
adamskwame81.821,026.85 ms1,255.043 days ago
adamskwame76.191,128.49 ms1,481.153 days ago
adamskwame80.00889.37 ms1,111.713 days ago
adamskwame71.43993.71 ms1,391.203 days ago
adamskwame75.001,099.49 ms1,465.983 days ago

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