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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas77.781,040.01 ms1,337.1521 hours ago
Talas70.24959.12 ms1,365.5321 hours ago
Talas63.461,210.05 ms1,906.7521 hours ago
Talas85.71823.20 ms960.4022 hours ago
adamskwame75.001,262.03 ms1,682.712 days ago
adamskwame75.001,004.78 ms1,339.712 days ago
Talas41.671,518.22 ms3,643.722 days ago
anonymous100.001,127.24 ms1,127.245 days ago
anonymous100.001,076.64 ms1,076.641 week ago
anonymous77.081,527.70 ms1,981.881 week ago
Talas91.671,046.83 ms1,142.001 week ago
anonymous91.671,319.25 ms1,439.181 week ago
anonymous91.671,182.38 ms1,289.871 week ago
anonymous83.331,520.61 ms1,824.731 week ago
anonymous100.001,213.61 ms1,213.611 week ago
anonymous83.331,369.48 ms1,643.381 week ago
anonymous85.711,286.41 ms1,500.811 week ago
anonymous77.081,718.14 ms2,228.941 week ago
anonymous84.521,062.26 ms1,256.761 week ago
anonymous82.581,629.40 ms1,973.221 week ago
anonymous78.791,469.95 ms1,865.711 week ago
Insignia01925.001,887.50 ms7,550.001 week ago
Talas66.671,036.07 ms1,554.111 week ago
Talas83.33909.19 ms1,091.031 week ago
Talas90.00755.39 ms839.321 week ago

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