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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous86.111,122.50 ms1,303.551 day ago
anonymous78.33712.62 ms909.721 day ago
anonymous82.58884.91 ms1,071.631 day ago
anonymous71.431,708.76 ms2,392.272 days ago
anonymous68.75773.92 ms1,125.702 days ago
wasp9100.00986.14 ms986.142 days ago
wasp975.001,389.25 ms1,852.332 days ago
anonymous58.331,807.96 ms3,099.363 days ago
anonymous50.001,683.38 ms3,366.753 days ago
puppie45.241,461.32 ms3,230.294 days ago
puppie83.331,458.20 ms1,749.845 days ago
anonymous81.671,169.70 ms1,432.295 days ago
anonymous100.00864.10 ms864.105 days ago
anonymous100.001,003.93 ms1,003.935 days ago
anonymous77.381,596.98 ms2,063.785 days ago
anonymous48.481,833.71 ms3,782.035 days ago
anonymous63.331,554.37 ms2,454.265 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract79.171,180.10 ms1,490.666 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract91.671,152.52 ms1,257.306 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract89.29879.02 ms984.516 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract85.421,273.27 ms1,490.666 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract73.481,244.70 ms1,693.826 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract100.00882.07 ms882.076 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract91.67867.42 ms946.276 days ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract100.00986.53 ms986.536 days ago

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