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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00620.17 ms620.1720 hours ago
anonymous91.67815.75 ms889.9120 hours ago
anonymous91.671,182.80 ms1,290.321 day ago
anonymous72.221,361.58 ms1,885.271 day ago
anonymous78.331,487.92 ms1,899.471 day ago
anonymous91.671,201.39 ms1,310.611 day ago
anonymous87.121,324.64 ms1,520.451 day ago
anonymous84.521,197.95 ms1,417.301 day ago
Scorpius76.19942.83 ms1,237.472 days ago
Talas91.67821.06 ms895.703 days ago
Talas85.71992.83 ms1,158.313 days ago
Scorpius91.67765.22 ms834.783 days ago
Scorpius77.381,038.17 ms1,341.633 days ago
Scorpius100.00598.60 ms598.603 days ago
Scorpius75.001,013.67 ms1,351.563 days ago
Scorpius83.33814.99 ms977.993 days ago
Scorpius66.671,099.42 ms1,649.123 days ago
suenobrain7745.241,885.24 ms4,167.373 days ago
ondrav100.00826.08 ms826.084 days ago
Scorpius69.05790.92 ms1,145.474 days ago
Scorpius66.67997.27 ms1,495.914 days ago
Scorpius41.671,022.13 ms2,453.104 days ago
Scorpius61.11923.56 ms1,511.274 days ago
Scorpius58.331,456.30 ms2,496.514 days ago
Scorpius61.901,113.40 ms1,798.584 days ago

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