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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
biffhenderson283.33916.83 ms1,100.203 hours ago
biffhenderson272.081,267.39 ms1,758.363 hours ago
biffhenderson258.331,424.83 ms2,442.573 hours ago
volgin76829.171,776.21 ms6,089.8620 hours ago
volgin76828.331,455.72 ms5,137.8220 hours ago
volgin76845.831,529.96 ms3,338.0920 hours ago
volgin76841.671,335.58 ms3,205.4020 hours ago
volgin76829.761,879.10 ms6,313.7620 hours ago
volgin76845.241,627.07 ms3,596.6820 hours ago
biffhenderson291.67916.50 ms999.822 days ago
biffhenderson286.11927.06 ms1,076.582 days ago
biffhenderson215.481,691.18 ms10,927.623 days ago
biffhenderson2100.00572.32 ms572.323 days ago
biffhenderson275.001,194.31 ms1,592.423 days ago
biffhenderson272.62782.43 ms1,077.444 days ago
biffhenderson291.67779.79 ms850.684 days ago
volgin76841.671,625.46 ms3,901.105 days ago
volgin76841.671,588.03 ms3,811.275 days ago
volgin76844.441,387.00 ms3,120.755 days ago
volgin76830.001,422.15 ms4,740.505 days ago
volgin76846.431,278.20 ms2,753.055 days ago
volgin76823.811,568.35 ms6,587.055 days ago
volgin76841.671,892.52 ms4,542.055 days ago
tanvirshikder83.331,318.33 ms1,582.005 days ago
tanvirshikder78.331,413.65 ms1,804.665 days ago

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