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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
harrisn75.001,348.92 ms1,798.561 day ago
ondrav100.00576.83 ms576.833 days ago
ondrav100.00613.98 ms613.983 days ago
ondrav79.17817.58 ms1,032.743 days ago
ondrav86.11718.86 ms834.813 days ago
ondrav92.86753.26 ms811.213 days ago
ondrav86.67695.72 ms802.753 days ago
ondrav100.00589.50 ms589.503 days ago
anonymous41.671,863.42 ms4,472.204 days ago
ondrav85.71981.40 ms1,144.975 days ago
jacobogbeide66.671,504.17 ms2,256.255 days ago
jacobogbeide77.781,368.08 ms1,758.965 days ago
jacobogbeide56.251,762.17 ms3,132.745 days ago
jacobogbeide66.671,303.17 ms1,954.755 days ago
jacobogbeide58.331,379.58 ms2,365.005 days ago
jacobogbeide50.001,897.33 ms3,794.675 days ago
ondrav91.67703.08 ms767.005 days ago
ondrav91.67833.33 ms909.095 days ago
anonymous52.781,920.22 ms3,638.326 days ago
anonymous30.302,025.95 ms6,685.651 week ago
anonymous39.581,854.25 ms4,684.421 week ago
ondrav87.50601.71 ms687.671 week ago
ondrav100.00538.40 ms538.401 week ago
ondrav83.33804.79 ms965.751 week ago
ondrav100.00610.75 ms610.751 week ago

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