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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
imarcia113361.111,534.89 ms2,511.6421 hours ago
tdero31441.671,340.92 ms3,218.202 days ago
anonymous33.331,730.11 ms5,190.332 days ago
anonymous54.171,468.39 ms2,710.872 days ago
Talas90.91964.66 ms1,061.122 days ago
Talas76.191,343.56 ms1,763.432 days ago
Talas76.19623.28 ms818.052 days ago
Talas75.001,373.89 ms1,831.853 days ago
Talas50.001,321.85 ms2,643.713 days ago
Talas66.671,413.64 ms2,120.463 days ago
FlatBlack37.502,192.76 ms5,847.353 days ago
FlatBlack14.292,209.58 ms15,467.043 days ago
FlatBlack59.521,616.42 ms2,715.593 days ago
Oleksiy70.831,580.19 ms2,230.856 days ago
anonymous91.67657.56 ms717.341 week ago
eluJ100.00404.92 ms404.922 weeks ago
FlatBlack33.331,756.73 ms5,270.182 weeks ago
FlatBlack30.952,203.88 ms7,120.242 weeks ago
Oleksiy46.431,572.75 ms3,387.473 weeks ago
Oleksiy57.941,603.44 ms2,767.593 weeks ago
controlthefear35.422,221.72 ms6,273.113 weeks ago
controlthefear15.482,117.54 ms13,682.583 weeks ago
Oleksiy66.671,549.17 ms2,323.753 weeks ago
Oleksiy50.001,930.83 ms3,861.673 weeks ago
Oleksiy58.331,926.61 ms3,302.753 weeks ago

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