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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mahamba52.381,464.31 ms2,795.5016 hours ago
mahamba72.921,756.92 ms2,409.4916 hours ago
mahamba53.571,471.63 ms2,747.0416 hours ago
mahamba67.861,336.70 ms1,969.8822 hours ago
mahamba53.571,633.24 ms3,048.712 days ago
mahamba54.761,435.27 ms2,620.937 days ago
mahamba54.171,353.94 ms2,499.587 days ago
mahamba50.001,929.25 ms3,858.507 days ago
mahamba44.441,508.50 ms3,394.131 week ago
mahamba77.381,180.55 ms1,525.631 week ago
Szkorbut75.001,485.92 ms1,981.221 week ago
Szkorbut63.891,345.44 ms2,105.911 week ago
Irishzg39.711,828.85 ms4,605.991 week ago
Szkorbut50.001,794.17 ms3,588.331 week ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract75.001,249.50 ms1,666.002 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract85.001,134.32 ms1,334.492 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract77.081,076.40 ms1,396.412 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract81.821,170.98 ms1,431.192 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract85.42986.21 ms1,154.592 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract60.421,234.69 ms2,043.622 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract71.431,143.82 ms1,601.352 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract91.671,065.00 ms1,161.822 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract58.331,429.78 ms2,451.052 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract83.331,131.45 ms1,357.742 weeks ago
EvolutionoftheTesseract68.331,340.20 ms1,961.272 weeks ago

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