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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas43.751,870.21 ms4,274.766 minutes ago
anonymous75.001,261.00 ms1,681.339 hours ago
anonymous58.331,057.06 ms1,812.119 hours ago
anonymous75.001,559.67 ms2,079.569 hours ago
anonymous85.711,098.67 ms1,281.789 hours ago
FlatBlack21.432,254.81 ms10,522.441 day ago
FlatBlack50.001,677.08 ms3,354.171 day ago
FlatBlack60.611,545.04 ms2,549.311 day ago
FlatBlack74.241,117.87 ms1,505.701 day ago
FlatBlack63.891,347.00 ms2,108.351 day ago
FlatBlack85.711,437.65 ms1,677.261 day ago
FlatBlack58.331,342.17 ms2,300.861 day ago
FlatBlack55.561,247.61 ms2,245.701 day ago
FlatBlack83.331,222.67 ms1,467.201 day ago
FlatBlack66.671,505.63 ms2,258.441 day ago
FlatBlack56.251,564.00 ms2,780.441 day ago
FlatBlack69.441,262.86 ms1,818.521 day ago
FlatBlack67.951,195.54 ms1,759.471 day ago
FlatBlack50.001,510.69 ms3,021.382 days ago
FlatBlack39.581,911.88 ms4,830.002 days ago
FlatBlack38.332,067.40 ms5,393.222 days ago
FlatBlack39.581,897.04 ms4,792.532 days ago
FlatBlack84.521,072.98 ms1,269.442 days ago
FlatBlack66.671,249.42 ms1,874.132 days ago
FlatBlack66.671,207.67 ms1,811.502 days ago

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