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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas80.561,061.39 ms1,317.597 hours ago
Talas75.001,689.33 ms2,252.447 hours ago
sos973.331,530.77 ms2,087.4113 hours ago
luckydevill100.00747.87 ms747.8716 hours ago
rainonbeauty60.711,357.98 ms2,236.6722 hours ago
rainonbeauty54.761,611.25 ms2,942.2822 hours ago
anonymous53.571,540.23 ms2,875.093 days ago
anonymous91.671,101.58 ms1,201.733 days ago
sos953.571,699.63 ms3,172.643 days ago
sos963.891,929.56 ms3,020.173 days ago
sos960.711,431.92 ms2,358.453 days ago
felo58.331,899.50 ms3,256.293 days ago
anonymous100.001,292.47 ms1,292.473 days ago
sos985.421,609.60 ms1,884.414 days ago
sos959.621,697.26 ms2,847.014 days ago
sos962.501,542.33 ms2,467.734 days ago
anonymous66.181,538.14 ms2,324.304 days ago
anonymous91.671,304.08 ms1,422.644 days ago
anonymous19.442,634.97 ms13,551.294 days ago
Hulya8821.051,898.85 ms9,019.546 days ago
wingmaker100.00783.00 ms783.006 days ago
wingmaker31.251,385.33 ms4,433.076 days ago
vieta0073.331,436.47 ms1,958.826 days ago
sos953.571,437.30 ms2,682.966 days ago
sos950.001,656.92 ms3,313.836 days ago

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