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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
andyyyxxx91.67777.33 ms848.0051 minutes ago
andyyyxxx100.00956.12 ms956.121 hour ago
andyyyxxx83.33841.67 ms1,010.001 hour ago
andyyyxxx62.75923.43 ms1,471.721 hour ago
anonymous77.781,318.72 ms1,695.504 hours ago
andyyyxxx100.00861.38 ms861.3823 hours ago
flyguy381075.001,282.90 ms1,710.5324 hours ago
flyguy381078.331,542.98 ms1,969.7724 hours ago
anonymous100.00927.47 ms927.472 days ago
andyyyxxx100.00830.38 ms830.382 days ago
andyyyxxx93.75930.69 ms992.732 days ago
andyyyxxx95.00778.75 ms819.742 days ago
andyyyxxx100.00770.92 ms770.922 days ago
andyyyxxx86.11785.58 ms912.292 days ago
anonymous14.581,656.06 ms11,355.862 days ago
Rouz50.001,432.83 ms2,865.673 days ago
Rouz69.441,224.22 ms1,762.883 days ago
qmoore291.67887.54 ms968.233 days ago
andyyyxxx100.00688.30 ms688.303 days ago
andyyyxxx92.86748.96 ms806.583 days ago
anonymous53.571,907.50 ms3,560.673 days ago
anonymous66.671,842.00 ms2,763.003 days ago
anonymous100.001,135.81 ms1,135.814 days ago
anonymous87.501,142.50 ms1,305.714 days ago
anonymous81.251,332.85 ms1,640.444 days ago

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