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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
veraram258.331,378.32 ms2,362.831 minute ago
anonymous56.251,396.33 ms2,482.371 day ago
anonymous39.291,687.08 ms4,294.391 day ago
anonymous69.051,340.11 ms1,940.841 day ago
swybx70.451,510.40 ms2,143.791 day ago
swybx70.241,346.68 ms1,917.301 day ago
Talas86.671,342.34 ms1,548.852 days ago
Talas79.171,311.19 ms1,656.242 days ago
anonymous38.891,544.64 ms3,971.934 days ago
anonymous80.561,370.31 ms1,701.074 days ago
anonymous58.331,832.21 ms3,140.934 days ago
lmlscanlon50.001,331.38 ms2,662.755 days ago
lmlscanlon75.001,272.58 ms1,696.785 days ago
lmlscanlon27.271,678.98 ms6,156.285 days ago
anonymous83.331,218.04 ms1,461.651 week ago
casiocoq100.001,329.15 ms1,329.151 week ago
casiocoq91.671,536.95 ms1,676.681 week ago
Insignia01993.751,242.77 ms1,325.621 week ago
Insignia01975.001,498.45 ms1,997.941 week ago
fhhfhh65.151,428.17 ms2,192.082 weeks ago
fhhfhh25.001,953.20 ms7,812.792 weeks ago
fhhfhh8.332,204.66 ms26,455.902 weeks ago
lpclpc87.501,621.10 ms1,852.682 weeks ago
Wizard9987.501,405.88 ms1,606.712 weeks ago
anonymous75.001,330.87 ms1,774.503 weeks ago

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