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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
DestinyC1091.671,298.25 ms1,416.2741 minutes ago
mule513270.831,437.42 ms2,029.2913 hours ago
mule513272.921,640.96 ms2,250.4613 hours ago
mule513218.752,139.42 ms11,410.2213 hours ago
kilgore35nick100.001,097.17 ms1,097.172 days ago
kilgore35nick44.441,797.11 ms4,043.502 days ago
anonymous16.672,264.17 ms13,585.002 days ago
smiller2975.001,454.58 ms1,939.442 days ago
smiller29100.00992.75 ms992.752 days ago
bweidenbach0387.501,038.50 ms1,186.862 days ago
JMcc78100.00842.15 ms842.152 days ago
JMcc78100.00817.17 ms817.172 days ago
JMcc78100.00885.86 ms885.862 days ago
JMcc7883.33977.25 ms1,172.702 days ago
elt1391.67887.19 ms967.842 days ago
elt13100.00690.26 ms690.262 days ago
HBrown0393.751,303.27 ms1,390.163 days ago
HBrown03100.001,329.19 ms1,329.193 days ago
HBrown0395.451,271.18 ms1,331.713 days ago
HBrown03100.001,044.96 ms1,044.963 days ago
HBrown0383.331,200.83 ms1,441.003 days ago
HBrown0379.171,636.38 ms2,067.003 days ago
HBrown0387.501,488.79 ms1,701.483 days ago
HBrown03100.001,236.29 ms1,236.293 days ago
giovanna9986.11860.44 ms999.233 days ago

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