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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
peybev94.441,121.97 ms1,187.9712 hours ago
kholland2993.751,321.88 ms1,410.001 day ago
kholland2976.671,344.33 ms1,753.481 day ago
arlieard184.521,168.67 ms1,382.651 day ago
vnelson5791.67999.97 ms1,090.881 day ago
aminor66.67952.73 ms1,429.092 days ago
aminor58.33904.00 ms1,549.712 days ago
kholland2979.171,303.81 ms1,646.922 days ago
peybev78.331,149.68 ms1,467.682 days ago
mahamba100.001,237.00 ms1,237.002 days ago
mahamba91.671,007.83 ms1,099.452 days ago
kholland2977.081,559.29 ms2,022.862 days ago
kholland2983.331,256.33 ms1,507.602 days ago
vnelson5792.861,097.75 ms1,182.192 days ago
vnelson5790.001,017.33 ms1,130.372 days ago
vnelson5794.441,370.22 ms1,450.822 days ago
arlieard185.421,126.69 ms1,319.052 days ago
arlieard1100.00770.93 ms770.932 days ago
arlieard180.131,335.22 ms1,666.352 days ago
sanjutomy67.951,287.62 ms1,894.993 days ago
sanjutomy56.251,609.63 ms2,861.563 days ago
sanjutomy15.481,600.57 ms10,342.153 days ago
anonymous52.781,238.97 ms2,347.533 days ago
anonymous14.291,370.08 ms9,590.583 days ago
anonymous33.331,422.42 ms4,267.253 days ago

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