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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous92.861,004.43 ms1,081.6919 hours ago
anonymous75.001,462.33 ms1,949.7820 hours ago
anonymous45.831,593.67 ms3,477.0920 hours ago
anonymous41.671,389.67 ms3,335.2020 hours ago
anonymous100.001,013.94 ms1,013.943 days ago
anonymous66.672,158.33 ms3,237.503 days ago
anonymous93.751,546.56 ms1,649.673 days ago
Ashleighmajerovic41.671,505.00 ms3,612.001 week ago
tatravers8.332,435.75 ms29,229.001 week ago
anonymous66.671,223.47 ms1,835.211 week ago
anonymous100.001,203.06 ms1,203.061 week ago
anonymous66.671,765.92 ms2,648.881 week ago
anonymous100.001,151.17 ms1,151.171 week ago
anonymous100.00923.17 ms923.171 week ago
anonymous81.251,208.52 ms1,487.411 week ago
anonymous70.831,700.73 ms2,401.031 week ago
gonzthom90.001,778.03 ms1,975.592 weeks ago
elmonty91.67912.13 ms995.053 weeks ago
elmonty77.081,198.31 ms1,554.573 weeks ago
cwilms50.001,557.79 ms3,115.583 weeks ago
volgin76893.751,144.77 ms1,221.093 weeks ago
volgin76858.331,299.33 ms2,227.433 weeks ago
AdrianR777100.00907.92 ms907.924 weeks ago
AdrianR77775.001,267.02 ms1,689.374 weeks ago
AdrianR77777.081,156.31 ms1,500.084 weeks ago

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