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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,215.17 ms1,215.175 hours ago
anonymous76.191,491.88 ms1,958.095 hours ago
KawSzeWee84.521,080.80 ms1,278.691 day ago
Delveen23.81994.08 ms4,175.151 day ago
bring92.861,009.76 ms1,087.442 days ago
bring100.001,050.55 ms1,050.552 days ago
Asyrulismail58.331,347.00 ms2,309.142 days ago
Asyrulismail29.761,303.68 ms4,380.362 days ago
Asyrulismail29.55870.20 ms2,945.312 days ago
Asyrulismail52.781,748.53 ms3,313.002 days ago
Asyrulismail69.441,186.17 ms1,708.082 days ago
Asyrulismail33.331,185.50 ms3,556.502 days ago
Asyrulismail27.781,984.83 ms7,145.402 days ago
Asyrulismail5.001,706.12 ms34,122.332 days ago
Asyrulismail91.671,496.68 ms1,632.742 days ago
cwilms47.921,565.06 ms3,266.222 days ago
PERCUBAAN63.331,297.72 ms2,049.032 days ago
PERCUBAAN85.421,306.79 ms1,529.902 days ago
ardellah_9663.101,130.30 ms1,791.422 days ago
fatinnabilah_9622.621,477.52 ms6,532.212 days ago
PERCUBAAN87.121,320.61 ms1,515.832 days ago
PERCUBAAN27.08924.00 ms3,411.692 days ago
irma_mardz50.001,666.17 ms3,332.333 days ago
rachel333.331,480.25 ms4,440.753 days ago
rachel320.00687.35 ms3,436.753 days ago

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