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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
volgin76869.051,311.23 ms1,899.0320 hours ago
volgin76833.331,750.43 ms5,251.2820 hours ago
tdero314100.001,221.51 ms1,221.512 days ago
FlatBlack58.971,833.06 ms3,108.233 days ago
FlatBlack93.751,426.89 ms1,522.013 days ago
FlatBlack100.001,166.49 ms1,166.493 days ago
FlatBlack75.001,477.45 ms1,969.943 days ago
FlatBlack93.751,208.13 ms1,288.673 days ago
FlatBlack91.671,314.96 ms1,434.503 days ago
FlatBlack70.241,561.30 ms2,222.873 days ago
FlatBlack91.671,308.53 ms1,427.484 days ago
FlatBlack100.001,107.10 ms1,107.104 days ago
FlatBlack91.671,259.95 ms1,374.494 days ago
FlatBlack100.001,123.50 ms1,123.504 days ago
FlatBlack50.002,123.27 ms4,246.544 days ago
anonymous75.001,273.74 ms1,698.336 days ago
anonymous75.001,421.86 ms1,895.816 days ago
anonymous100.00899.35 ms899.356 days ago
anonymous93.751,117.60 ms1,192.116 days ago
lgy93123091.671,668.97 ms1,820.696 days ago
kbrown2192.861,138.65 ms1,226.246 days ago
kbrown2162.501,506.76 ms2,410.816 days ago
hpearson47100.00914.31 ms914.311 week ago
hpearson47100.00875.74 ms875.741 week ago
tadaa83.331,424.95 ms1,709.942 weeks ago

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