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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas63.891,099.83 ms1,721.482 minutes ago
anonymous30.951,587.62 ms5,129.2314 hours ago
anonymous78.791,283.48 ms1,629.041 day ago
anonymous84.621,146.54 ms1,355.001 day ago
anonymous41.671,639.00 ms3,933.601 day ago
anonymous50.001,737.73 ms3,475.451 day ago
anonymous31.252,028.71 ms6,491.871 day ago
Pascaluna77.081,422.73 ms1,845.701 day ago
FlatBlack87.501,233.83 ms1,410.102 days ago
Pascaluna77.081,251.69 ms1,623.813 days ago
Pascaluna50.001,874.29 ms3,748.583 days ago
FlatBlack77.081,597.08 ms2,071.893 days ago
FlatBlack70.451,569.48 ms2,227.653 days ago
Mel96033100.00978.06 ms978.065 days ago
Mel96033100.00829.17 ms829.175 days ago
Rhill12100.001,178.28 ms1,178.285 days ago
Rhill1277.081,391.90 ms1,805.705 days ago
Mel96033100.00831.79 ms831.795 days ago
Rhill1291.671,327.83 ms1,448.555 days ago
Rhill12100.001,090.20 ms1,090.205 days ago
Mel9603396.15919.21 ms955.985 days ago
Rhill12100.001,477.00 ms1,477.005 days ago
Rhill1296.151,134.46 ms1,179.845 days ago
Rhill1291.671,575.00 ms1,718.185 days ago
Blute4892.861,314.67 ms1,415.795 days ago

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