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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
lisaverheijen75.641,006.91 ms1,331.1710 hours ago
lisaverheijen77.781,086.69 ms1,397.1812 hours ago
howick196669.701,386.40 ms1,989.183 days ago
howick196625.001,350.42 ms5,401.673 days ago
vieta00100.001,003.44 ms1,003.444 days ago
anonymous91.671,348.46 ms1,471.052 weeks ago
anonymous69.051,477.88 ms2,140.382 weeks ago
anonymous41.671,962.00 ms4,708.801 month ago
nath101075.001,646.08 ms2,194.781 month ago
sos961.901,776.13 ms2,869.131 month ago
Haci8316.671,569.69 ms9,418.171 month ago
wingmaker100.00770.35 ms770.351 month ago
anonymous96.88930.05 ms960.051 month ago
anonymous100.00848.58 ms848.581 month ago
anonymous38.892,074.17 ms5,333.571 month ago
anonymous95.45890.65 ms933.061 month ago
anonymous91.671,128.17 ms1,230.731 month ago
anonymous100.001,048.17 ms1,048.171 month ago
anonymous83.331,158.17 ms1,389.801 month ago
anonymous91.671,385.19 ms1,511.121 month ago
anonymous87.821,046.94 ms1,192.141 month ago
anonymous92.861,111.99 ms1,197.531 month ago
anonymous87.121,170.62 ms1,343.671 month ago
anonymous100.00851.94 ms851.941 month ago
anonymous91.67915.08 ms998.271 month ago

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