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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous83.331,527.50 ms1,833.006 hours ago
anonymous62.501,898.10 ms3,036.976 hours ago
anonymous100.001,174.09 ms1,174.0923 hours ago
anonymous78.571,265.33 ms1,610.421 day ago
anonymous91.671,284.57 ms1,401.351 day ago
anonymous100.001,251.27 ms1,251.272 days ago
anonymous95.451,278.37 ms1,339.252 days ago
anonymous85.001,247.76 ms1,467.962 days ago
anonymous87.501,460.79 ms1,669.472 days ago
anonymous83.331,359.66 ms1,631.592 days ago
anonymous93.751,399.94 ms1,493.262 days ago
anonymous100.001,463.12 ms1,463.122 days ago
anonymous91.671,430.93 ms1,561.012 days ago
anonymous38.332,214.62 ms5,777.282 days ago
anonymous100.001,377.16 ms1,377.162 days ago
anonymous25.001,610.51 ms6,442.052 days ago
anonymous100.001,153.84 ms1,153.842 days ago
anonymous100.001,474.24 ms1,474.242 days ago
anonymous76.191,565.42 ms2,054.622 days ago
anonymous66.671,373.05 ms2,059.582 days ago
anonymous60.711,595.79 ms2,628.362 days ago
anonymous83.331,335.31 ms1,602.372 days ago
anonymous80.211,723.03 ms2,148.192 days ago
anonymous8.332,218.44 ms26,621.262 days ago
anonymous33.332,180.63 ms6,541.892 days ago

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