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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous77.781,093.61 ms1,406.0710 minutes ago
anonymous91.67833.60 ms909.3812 minutes ago
anonymous75.001,101.33 ms1,468.4414 minutes ago
anonymous75.001,558.65 ms2,078.205 hours ago
creativezhen100.001,028.33 ms1,028.339 hours ago
creativezhen86.361,257.58 ms1,456.149 hours ago
creativezhen81.251,739.58 ms2,141.039 hours ago
creativezhen87.501,493.33 ms1,706.679 hours ago
creativezhen76.191,685.71 ms2,212.509 hours ago
creativezhen75.001,370.83 ms1,827.789 hours ago
creativezhen66.671,487.50 ms2,231.259 hours ago
creativezhen58.331,635.00 ms2,802.869 hours ago
anonymous12.501,988.08 ms15,904.679 hours ago
creativezhen94.441,236.11 ms1,308.829 hours ago
creativezhen62.501,674.58 ms2,679.339 hours ago
rushncare83.331,326.83 ms1,592.2010 hours ago
horgott69.442,058.81 ms2,964.6910 hours ago
horgott50.002,073.74 ms4,147.4810 hours ago
horgott91.671,742.46 ms1,900.8711 hours ago
horgott60.422,370.77 ms3,924.0311 hours ago
Aripiprazole100.001,447.65 ms1,447.6517 hours ago
roboronin100.001,388.16 ms1,388.1617 hours ago
anonymous100.00849.33 ms849.3317 hours ago
anonymous25.001,838.76 ms7,355.0317 hours ago
janturon100.001,049.85 ms1,049.8518 hours ago

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