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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous53.571,469.85 ms2,743.719 hours ago
anonymous30.951,642.84 ms5,307.639 hours ago
anonymous62.501,461.70 ms2,338.729 hours ago
anonymous77.781,521.47 ms1,956.181 day ago
FlatBlack56.251,773.52 ms3,152.922 days ago
FlatBlack66.671,601.20 ms2,401.802 days ago
FlatBlack79.171,177.28 ms1,487.092 days ago
FlatBlack88.891,263.11 ms1,421.002 days ago
FlatBlack83.331,267.89 ms1,521.472 days ago
ondrav100.00684.54 ms684.544 days ago
anonymous100.00768.36 ms768.367 days ago
CitizenKane85.421,139.54 ms1,334.101 week ago
anonymous27.081,820.25 ms6,720.921 week ago
Karnex70.451,286.41 ms1,825.871 week ago
Karnex63.891,634.83 ms2,558.871 week ago
anonymous61.901,598.37 ms2,581.991 week ago
anonymous93.751,033.49 ms1,102.391 week ago
mule513239.291,785.10 ms4,543.881 week ago
Talas91.671,177.02 ms1,284.022 weeks ago
Talas70.831,141.60 ms1,611.672 weeks ago
Talas83.33895.25 ms1,074.302 weeks ago
Talas100.00815.58 ms815.582 weeks ago
mule513258.331,682.67 ms2,884.572 weeks ago
anonymous100.001,628.38 ms1,628.382 weeks ago
anonymous46.431,478.07 ms3,183.542 weeks ago

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