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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,094.10 ms1,094.107 hours ago
anonymous70.001,264.88 ms1,806.987 hours ago
anonymous59.521,183.43 ms1,988.167 hours ago
anonymous100.00712.75 ms712.7510 hours ago
anonymous93.75793.31 ms846.2010 hours ago
anonymous85.71915.46 ms1,068.0410 hours ago
Madeit100.00719.75 ms719.751 day ago
anonymous100.00550.58 ms550.581 day ago
volgin76882.581,321.67 ms1,600.563 days ago
volgin76879.171,255.13 ms1,585.423 days ago
volgin76885.711,173.21 ms1,368.753 days ago
volgin76864.581,282.15 ms1,985.263 days ago
volgin76847.221,511.56 ms3,200.943 days ago
volgin76875.001,462.67 ms1,950.223 days ago
volgin76866.671,680.88 ms2,521.313 days ago
volgin76878.791,412.98 ms1,793.403 days ago
volgin76840.481,407.29 ms3,476.823 days ago
volgin76850.001,487.08 ms2,974.173 days ago
wasp983.331,890.50 ms2,268.603 days ago
wasp991.671,412.75 ms1,541.185 days ago
wasp991.671,408.17 ms1,536.185 days ago
wasp969.051,638.88 ms2,373.555 days ago
wasp984.521,574.57 ms1,862.875 days ago
wasp947.222,127.22 ms4,504.715 days ago
wasp976.191,547.52 ms2,031.125 days ago

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