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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous83.331,224.75 ms1,469.702 hours ago
kostoglotov100.00616.50 ms616.504 hours ago
kostoglotov100.00651.27 ms651.274 hours ago
anonymous58.331,726.92 ms2,960.436 hours ago
anonymous94.74776.01 ms819.1210 hours ago
PIERTO91.671,232.50 ms1,344.5515 hours ago
kiana60.711,761.57 ms2,901.4119 hours ago
kiana61.901,840.46 ms2,973.0619 hours ago
kostoglotov95.83736.92 ms768.961 day ago
kostoglotov100.00610.97 ms610.971 day ago
Ashaman30.561,822.28 ms5,963.821 day ago
anonymous85.711,213.93 ms1,416.261 day ago
anonymous75.001,324.43 ms1,765.911 day ago
anonymous75.00967.83 ms1,290.441 day ago
anonymous83.331,212.43 ms1,454.911 day ago
anonymous91.67812.17 ms886.001 day ago
anonymous72.922,412.43 ms3,308.482 days ago
zabasd39.291,927.68 ms4,906.822 days ago
anonymous52.382,115.01 ms4,037.752 days ago
anonymous19.442,026.17 ms10,420.302 days ago
Endo100.00655.17 ms655.172 days ago
anonymous75.001,566.08 ms2,088.113 days ago
anonymous85.71900.79 ms1,050.923 days ago
anonymous83.33837.50 ms1,005.003 days ago
anonymous91.67682.50 ms744.553 days ago

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