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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
jaylin76.671,397.20 ms1,822.431 day ago
jaylin91.671,371.33 ms1,496.001 day ago
snodrion35.002,170.37 ms6,201.052 days ago
snodrion31.252,010.85 ms6,434.732 days ago
anonymous16.672,335.83 ms14,015.002 days ago
anonymous100.00767.33 ms767.334 days ago
anonymous77.381,461.40 ms1,888.584 days ago
BrainTester160.711,722.27 ms2,836.694 days ago
BrainTester160.711,750.70 ms2,883.514 days ago
BrainTester170.831,956.67 ms2,762.354 days ago
BrainTester185.711,876.58 ms2,189.354 days ago
BrainTester147.222,063.28 ms4,369.294 days ago
BrainTester150.002,022.92 ms4,045.834 days ago
BrainTester183.331,811.75 ms2,174.104 days ago
BrainTester141.671,978.75 ms4,749.004 days ago
anonymous78.331,349.02 ms1,722.154 days ago
anonymous91.67924.51 ms1,008.564 days ago
anonymous33.331,951.42 ms5,854.254 days ago
anonymous100.00716.17 ms716.171 week ago
anonymous100.001,215.42 ms1,215.421 week ago
anonymous91.671,159.14 ms1,264.521 week ago
anonymous91.671,227.54 ms1,339.141 week ago
anonymous91.671,357.17 ms1,480.551 week ago
anonymous83.331,153.58 ms1,384.301 week ago
anonymous100.00749.48 ms749.482 weeks ago

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