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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
creativezhen94.44686.78 ms727.1848 minutes ago
creativezhen58.331,367.67 ms2,344.5750 minutes ago
anonymous100.001,196.71 ms1,196.715 hours ago
anonymous39.291,322.73 ms3,366.9610 hours ago
Dreznor100.00663.50 ms663.5016 hours ago
creativezhen83.971,181.19 ms1,406.611 day ago
creativezhen55.131,480.62 ms2,685.771 day ago
creativezhen60.001,262.90 ms2,104.831 day ago
creativezhen66.671,743.42 ms2,615.131 day ago
cogfun1234100.001,007.12 ms1,007.121 day ago
cogfun123461.901,805.07 ms2,915.881 day ago
cogfun123458.331,690.85 ms2,898.601 day ago
anonymous52.082,164.53 ms4,155.901 day ago
creativezhen92.861,488.37 ms1,602.862 days ago
creativezhen75.001,557.00 ms2,076.002 days ago
creativezhen66.671,399.49 ms2,099.232 days ago
creativezhen62.501,145.42 ms1,832.672 days ago
anonymous100.001,369.55 ms1,369.552 days ago
creativezhen66.671,343.40 ms2,015.112 days ago
creativezhen66.671,372.23 ms2,058.342 days ago
creativezhen92.86659.99 ms710.762 days ago
creativezhen75.001,159.17 ms1,545.562 days ago
Serval87.501,491.21 ms1,704.242 days ago
Serval91.671,561.50 ms1,703.452 days ago
anonymous25.001,514.33 ms6,057.332 days ago

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