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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
pmightier48475.001,514.60 ms2,019.479 hours ago
jvega5737.50937.63 ms2,500.3312 hours ago
anonymous82.581,061.14 ms1,285.0519 hours ago
anonymous79.171,212.92 ms1,532.1119 hours ago
anonymous83.331,001.67 ms1,202.0019 hours ago
anonymous75.001,195.08 ms1,593.4420 hours ago
anonymous75.001,426.07 ms1,901.421 day ago
anonymous61.361,619.92 ms2,639.861 day ago
anonymous100.00664.09 ms664.092 days ago
Apiedejager26.921,973.27 ms7,329.292 days ago
jimbojimbo70.831,212.21 ms1,711.352 days ago
anonymous85.711,346.67 ms1,571.112 days ago
anonymous58.331,485.37 ms2,546.342 days ago
anonymous83.331,149.92 ms1,379.902 days ago
PIERTO100.001,229.21 ms1,229.212 days ago
PIERTO83.331,244.64 ms1,493.572 days ago
Nostromo100.001,770.67 ms1,770.672 days ago
Nostromo92.862,086.92 ms2,247.462 days ago
nicagui71.791,361.41 ms1,896.252 days ago
nicagui79.171,108.71 ms1,400.472 days ago
nicagui75.001,397.08 ms1,862.782 days ago
xrmh91.671,287.41 ms1,404.452 days ago
xrmh91.671,442.22 ms1,573.332 days ago
xrmh84.521,459.21 ms1,726.392 days ago
xrmh77.381,621.12 ms2,094.982 days ago

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