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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
chklaus54.761,769.25 ms3,230.802 minutes ago
Nostromo100.001,800.38 ms1,800.382 hours ago
Nostromo72.222,074.50 ms2,872.392 hours ago
anonymous22.621,677.54 ms7,416.516 hours ago
anonymous75.641,600.90 ms2,116.448 hours ago
anonymous54.761,276.79 ms2,331.528 hours ago
anonymous83.331,274.95 ms1,529.948 hours ago
anonymous79.171,211.04 ms1,529.748 hours ago
anonymous77.381,336.19 ms1,726.778 hours ago
anonymous68.751,515.42 ms2,204.248 hours ago
anonymous100.00822.67 ms822.6717 hours ago
aramusjapan95.001,334.15 ms1,404.3718 hours ago
aramusjapan100.001,268.92 ms1,268.9218 hours ago
Brain51762.501,548.81 ms2,478.1019 hours ago
Nostromo100.001,787.68 ms1,787.681 day ago
anonymous53.571,721.36 ms3,213.201 day ago
anonymous75.001,773.86 ms2,365.141 day ago
anonymous91.671,471.75 ms1,605.551 day ago
anonymous55.561,856.71 ms3,342.071 day ago
anonymous66.671,642.48 ms2,463.721 day ago
anonymous51.671,430.06 ms2,767.861 day ago
anonymous55.561,562.23 ms2,812.011 day ago
fastskim78.571,454.23 ms1,850.831 day ago
anonymous58.331,808.67 ms3,100.581 day ago
anonymous60.711,727.35 ms2,845.041 day ago

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