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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Senaca23369.051,627.95 ms2,357.7216 minutes ago
vladfederov85.421,063.21 ms1,244.7315 hours ago
jithomas139.391,849.16 ms4,694.021 day ago
anonymous63.891,564.36 ms2,448.572 days ago
anonymous61.671,983.82 ms3,217.003 days ago
flannelgraph100.001,098.62 ms1,098.623 days ago
anonymous92.311,062.09 ms1,150.603 days ago
Senaca23350.002,161.86 ms4,323.713 days ago
anonymous100.00539.84 ms539.843 days ago
celiaaleman25.001,798.49 ms7,193.984 days ago
vladfederov83.331,339.67 ms1,607.604 days ago
vladfederov91.671,122.52 ms1,224.564 days ago
vladfederov67.861,636.61 ms2,411.844 days ago
anonymous25.002,052.88 ms8,211.505 days ago
czaan22.621,509.50 ms6,673.585 days ago
anonymous77.782,038.45 ms2,620.866 days ago
TimujanG50.001,667.67 ms3,335.336 days ago
anonymous75.001,973.62 ms2,631.506 days ago
anonymous60.712,054.81 ms3,384.406 days ago
alexismael19.441,927.82 ms9,914.501 week ago
anonymous33.331,251.79 ms3,755.361 week ago
vladfederov77.381,245.75 ms1,609.891 week ago
CleverPork100.001,365.02 ms1,365.021 week ago
huger91.67827.50 ms902.731 week ago
huger66.67963.67 ms1,445.501 week ago

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