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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Zirconium92.861,181.92 ms1,272.8313 minutes ago
jskim95.45428.48 ms448.882 hours ago
anonymous52.081,897.25 ms3,642.722 hours ago
limelemon77.081,456.27 ms1,889.2213 hours ago
limelemon83.331,459.75 ms1,751.7113 hours ago
limelemon70.241,494.59 ms2,127.8913 hours ago
limelemon58.331,710.57 ms2,932.4013 hours ago
limelemon66.671,657.81 ms2,486.7113 hours ago
limelemon68.751,433.97 ms2,085.7813 hours ago
anonymous100.00430.35 ms430.3513 hours ago
limelemon38.101,706.60 ms4,479.8313 hours ago
limelemon66.671,669.00 ms2,503.4913 hours ago
limelemon30.952,061.39 ms6,659.8713 hours ago
limelemon59.521,459.09 ms2,451.2613 hours ago
limelemon52.381,593.10 ms3,041.3813 hours ago
anonymous76.191,633.23 ms2,143.6114 hours ago
kogler9584.521,655.86 ms1,959.0418 hours ago
kogler9556.251,885.30 ms3,351.6518 hours ago
Dreznor100.00763.00 ms763.0020 hours ago
Aeker100.00707.04 ms707.0424 hours ago
anonymous58.331,876.33 ms3,216.572 days ago
anonymous100.00922.29 ms922.292 days ago
anonymous100.001,479.02 ms1,479.022 days ago
anonymous91.671,799.02 ms1,962.572 days ago
kogler9591.671,587.05 ms1,731.332 days ago

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