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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
puppie91.671,149.68 ms1,254.194 hours ago
puppie66.671,819.50 ms2,729.254 hours ago
mdubs71791.671,268.27 ms1,383.5715 hours ago
mdubs71776.191,470.27 ms1,929.7315 hours ago
mahamba83.331,278.58 ms1,534.3018 hours ago
mahamba91.671,166.83 ms1,272.9118 hours ago
mahamba68.331,534.60 ms2,245.7618 hours ago
mahamba78.571,308.70 ms1,665.6218 hours ago
anonymous52.781,771.31 ms3,356.162 days ago
mahamba83.331,474.50 ms1,769.402 days ago
mahamba64.581,436.27 ms2,223.902 days ago
mahamba55.561,666.03 ms2,998.852 days ago
mahamba80.561,324.42 ms1,644.102 days ago
mahamba82.581,178.79 ms1,427.522 days ago
mahamba60.421,728.40 ms2,860.792 days ago
mahamba66.671,408.08 ms2,112.122 days ago
anonymous100.001,149.64 ms1,149.642 days ago
anonymous58.332,045.42 ms3,506.432 days ago
Apatheia100.001,586.40 ms1,586.402 days ago
Apatheia100.001,525.14 ms1,525.142 days ago
Apatheia100.001,604.08 ms1,604.083 days ago
Apatheia83.331,769.67 ms2,123.603 days ago
Apatheia100.001,297.40 ms1,297.403 days ago
Apatheia100.001,227.92 ms1,227.923 days ago
Apatheia91.671,428.35 ms1,558.193 days ago

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