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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
darkpuffin84.521,389.77 ms1,644.241 hour ago
darkpuffin77.381,302.82 ms1,683.641 hour ago
darkpuffin81.671,493.32 ms1,828.551 hour ago
darkpuffin46.431,543.54 ms3,324.541 hour ago
darkpuffin61.901,364.78 ms2,204.651 hour ago
anonymous84.521,341.86 ms1,587.566 hours ago
anonymous27.781,905.00 ms6,858.029 hours ago
jrewing84.521,717.15 ms2,031.5612 hours ago
anonymous90.001,591.73 ms1,768.5912 hours ago
anonymous46.431,779.67 ms3,833.131 day ago
anonymous59.521,706.65 ms2,867.181 day ago
anonymous50.001,659.81 ms3,319.621 day ago
anonymous70.831,377.12 ms1,944.181 day ago
anonymous53.571,683.72 ms3,142.941 day ago
anonymous83.331,206.30 ms1,447.561 day ago
anonymous64.581,154.92 ms1,788.261 day ago
Jonas__93.751,375.04 ms1,466.711 day ago
Jonas__63.891,504.56 ms2,354.961 day ago
Jonas__100.001,457.58 ms1,457.581 day ago
anonymous21.431,774.76 ms8,282.202 days ago
selectionandy84.521,753.51 ms2,074.572 days ago
selectionandy77.381,629.68 ms2,106.052 days ago
capnstabin86.111,348.46 ms1,565.952 days ago
capnstabin46.431,328.84 ms2,862.122 days ago
anonymous45.241,706.13 ms3,771.452 days ago

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