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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00396.52 ms396.5225 minutes ago
anonymous55.561,425.94 ms2,566.702 hours ago
anonymous83.331,154.58 ms1,385.502 hours ago
anonymous87.50912.63 ms1,043.002 hours ago
nicagui83.331,513.58 ms1,816.308 hours ago
nicagui81.251,456.46 ms1,792.568 hours ago
nicagui16.671,964.67 ms11,788.009 hours ago
nicagui66.671,551.83 ms2,327.7511 hours ago
nicagui50.001,541.19 ms3,082.3911 hours ago
anonymous87.501,525.43 ms1,743.3511 hours ago
anonymous56.432,005.24 ms3,553.5912 hours ago
thedoc7100.00630.83 ms630.8318 hours ago
thedoc775.001,272.50 ms1,696.6718 hours ago
thedoc792.86728.21 ms784.2218 hours ago
anonymous100.001,181.50 ms1,181.5020 hours ago
anonymous86.111,492.31 ms1,733.0021 hours ago
pmightier48484.521,497.75 ms1,771.9923 hours ago
PIERTO100.001,134.45 ms1,134.4523 hours ago
PIERTO83.331,391.08 ms1,669.3023 hours ago
anonymous68.941,276.97 ms1,852.311 day ago
anonymous53.331,137.43 ms2,132.691 day ago
anonymous100.00910.42 ms910.421 day ago
anonymous100.00995.33 ms995.331 day ago
anonymous91.671,091.50 ms1,190.731 day ago
xrmh53.571,717.78 ms3,206.531 day ago

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