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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
nairarvinds100.001,106.43 ms1,106.4333 minutes ago
nairarvinds75.001,155.25 ms1,540.3338 minutes ago
anonymous92.861,104.98 ms1,189.974 hours ago
anonymous75.001,294.39 ms1,725.854 hours ago
anonymous86.36957.90 ms1,109.154 hours ago
anonymous68.751,047.10 ms1,523.064 hours ago
anonymous75.001,426.58 ms1,902.114 hours ago
anonymous41.671,950.19 ms4,680.475 hours ago
anonymous83.331,479.50 ms1,775.405 hours ago
afzan816.671,732.75 ms10,396.5018 hours ago
liew725.001,788.00 ms7,152.0018 hours ago
syira950.001,527.08 ms3,054.1718 hours ago
syira933.331,435.42 ms4,306.2518 hours ago
nasuha1030.951,950.27 ms6,300.8819 hours ago
nasuha125.00763.50 ms3,054.0019 hours ago
d07312127.081,273.94 ms4,703.771 day ago
bring85.001,570.30 ms1,847.412 days ago
bring36.111,441.22 ms3,991.082 days ago
bring63.891,710.89 ms2,677.912 days ago
P010LE14.581,650.31 ms11,316.432 days ago
P006AR15.481,814.46 ms11,724.232 days ago
P008WA55.001,116.45 ms2,029.912 days ago
P009IK58.331,331.42 ms2,282.432 days ago
P007SI35.421,820.85 ms5,141.242 days ago
P004RA50.001,779.67 ms3,559.332 days ago

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