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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mattc201491.671,457.72 ms1,590.242 hours ago
anonymous87.501,501.92 ms1,716.482 hours ago
anonymous57.581,878.24 ms3,262.212 hours ago
anonymous70.241,735.70 ms2,471.172 hours ago
anonymous65.151,843.89 ms2,830.162 hours ago
anonymous83.331,328.67 ms1,594.402 hours ago
anonymous75.001,396.42 ms1,861.892 hours ago
anonymous61.901,762.30 ms2,846.792 hours ago
anonymous84.521,506.18 ms1,781.962 hours ago
anonymous75.001,665.47 ms2,220.632 hours ago
anonymous83.331,657.00 ms1,988.402 hours ago
anonymous77.081,455.77 ms1,888.574 hours ago
anonymous45.002,018.35 ms4,485.2211 hours ago
huger83.331,065.02 ms1,278.0211 hours ago
huger66.671,068.33 ms1,602.5011 hours ago
greyghost73.331,704.84 ms2,324.7915 hours ago
greyghost69.441,546.66 ms2,227.1915 hours ago
nickareeno46.431,978.93 ms4,262.311 day ago
anonymous100.001,079.80 ms1,079.801 day ago
anonymous76.191,083.68 ms1,422.331 day ago
anonymous76.191,260.49 ms1,654.401 day ago
CleverPork76.191,282.36 ms1,683.101 day ago
anonymous100.00966.47 ms966.471 day ago
anonymous85.421,169.95 ms1,369.701 day ago
anonymous100.001,973.07 ms1,973.071 day ago

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