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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
volgin76825.001,817.36 ms7,269.4520 hours ago
imarcia1133100.001,002.37 ms1,002.3721 hours ago
imarcia113392.861,263.87 ms1,361.0921 hours ago
imarcia113361.901,579.75 ms2,551.9021 hours ago
imarcia113363.891,368.33 ms2,141.7421 hours ago
tdero31485.711,519.36 ms1,772.581 day ago
tdero31463.331,546.43 ms2,441.741 day ago
tdero31487.501,247.42 ms1,425.621 day ago
tdero31476.191,363.35 ms1,789.391 day ago
tdero31458.331,379.83 ms2,365.432 days ago
tdero31461.901,283.62 ms2,073.542 days ago
tdero31446.431,549.89 ms3,338.232 days ago
tdero31465.151,539.53 ms2,363.002 days ago
anonymous92.861,288.41 ms1,387.522 days ago
anonymous55.951,473.34 ms2,633.202 days ago
anonymous50.002,020.69 ms4,041.382 days ago
anonymous100.00710.62 ms710.622 days ago
Talas83.331,203.14 ms1,443.763 days ago
Talas85.711,338.72 ms1,561.853 days ago
FlatBlack44.231,863.01 ms4,212.023 days ago
FlatBlack62.501,754.00 ms2,806.403 days ago
FlatBlack91.671,414.39 ms1,542.973 days ago
FlatBlack41.671,488.63 ms3,572.723 days ago
FlatBlack50.001,890.83 ms3,781.673 days ago
FlatBlack72.221,627.62 ms2,253.633 days ago

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