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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,120.09 ms1,120.096 hours ago
anonymous90.911,466.71 ms1,613.386 hours ago
roboronin100.00905.78 ms905.787 hours ago
roboronin70.451,476.36 ms2,095.477 hours ago
anonymous94.441,271.64 ms1,346.448 hours ago
anonymous76.191,290.30 ms1,693.528 hours ago
anonymous70.831,666.96 ms2,353.358 hours ago
anonymous79.171,350.29 ms1,705.638 hours ago
anonymous64.581,176.94 ms1,822.358 hours ago
anonymous75.001,182.73 ms1,576.978 hours ago
anonymous87.501,035.42 ms1,183.338 hours ago
anonymous69.051,529.92 ms2,215.748 hours ago
anonymous77.381,262.24 ms1,631.208 hours ago
anonymous92.311,200.08 ms1,300.098 hours ago
anonymous61.671,042.45 ms1,690.468 hours ago
anonymous92.86713.57 ms768.468 hours ago
anonymous76.19797.40 ms1,046.598 hours ago
anonymous91.67929.83 ms1,014.368 hours ago
Nostromo100.001,616.20 ms1,616.2017 hours ago
Nostromo91.671,679.84 ms1,832.5519 hours ago
roboronin100.00937.47 ms937.471 day ago
deszcz77.081,752.58 ms2,273.621 day ago
anonymous76.671,160.43 ms1,513.611 day ago
anonymous81.251,230.96 ms1,515.031 day ago
anonymous75.00948.03 ms1,264.041 day ago

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