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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
lurliebell77.081,776.50 ms2,304.6526 minutes ago
lurliebell55.001,591.40 ms2,893.4533 minutes ago
bejaydavda170.831,844.39 ms2,603.842 hours ago
bejaydavda169.441,931.83 ms2,781.842 hours ago
bejaydavda174.732,239.97 ms2,997.612 hours ago
bejaydavda175.002,113.54 ms2,818.052 hours ago
gattaka86.111,484.72 ms1,724.1916 hours ago
gattaka50.001,911.46 ms3,822.9216 hours ago
gattaka49.241,705.07 ms3,462.6016 hours ago
gattaka86.111,365.75 ms1,586.0317 hours ago
gattaka58.331,761.15 ms3,019.1117 hours ago
gattaka75.001,539.07 ms2,052.1017 hours ago
gattaka62.121,698.64 ms2,734.3917 hours ago
gattaka48.811,771.74 ms3,629.9017 hours ago
gattaka32.141,749.60 ms5,443.1917 hours ago
gattaka83.331,407.50 ms1,689.0017 hours ago
gattaka66.671,905.42 ms2,858.1217 hours ago
gattaka47.621,646.21 ms3,457.0517 hours ago
anonymous79.491,454.23 ms1,829.511 day ago
anonymous93.75977.60 ms1,042.781 day ago
anonymous77.271,022.27 ms1,322.941 day ago
anonymous66.671,408.33 ms2,112.501 day ago
Nostromo91.671,822.07 ms1,987.722 days ago
gattaka30.561,528.33 ms5,001.822 days ago
gattaka70.831,610.63 ms2,273.822 days ago

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