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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous58.331,541.72 ms2,642.9621 minutes ago
lost71.431,537.54 ms2,152.563 hours ago
lost63.891,506.61 ms2,358.183 hours ago
lost52.781,807.57 ms3,424.883 hours ago
nairarvinds91.671,237.32 ms1,349.819 hours ago
nairarvinds68.331,733.24 ms2,536.459 hours ago
nairarvinds59.521,356.87 ms2,279.539 hours ago
nairarvinds83.331,287.63 ms1,545.169 hours ago
nairarvinds75.001,334.39 ms1,779.1910 hours ago
nairarvinds50.001,861.43 ms3,722.8510 hours ago
anonymous100.00423.30 ms423.3010 hours ago
anonymous65.151,074.48 ms1,649.2010 hours ago
anonymous68.75996.61 ms1,449.6110 hours ago
anonymous60.711,172.15 ms1,930.6010 hours ago
anonymous69.051,356.98 ms1,965.2910 hours ago
anonymous50.001,379.82 ms2,759.6410 hours ago
lapatria10092.86965.55 ms1,039.8211 hours ago
lapatria10083.331,003.72 ms1,204.4611 hours ago
dhexus2100.001,157.72 ms1,157.7215 hours ago
dhexus270.241,249.72 ms1,779.2615 hours ago
anonymous87.821,266.27 ms1,441.8822 hours ago
anonymous75.001,199.41 ms1,599.2122 hours ago
anonymous91.671,357.83 ms1,481.2622 hours ago
anonymous100.001,014.84 ms1,014.8422 hours ago
anonymous100.00760.94 ms760.9424 hours ago

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