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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
1qaz2wsx100.00882.22 ms882.229 hours ago
1qaz2wsx69.051,370.45 ms1,984.799 hours ago
pykester92.861,296.82 ms1,396.5810 hours ago
pykester75.001,554.08 ms2,072.1010 hours ago
1qaz2wsx91.67713.14 ms777.9711 hours ago
1qaz2wsx67.951,239.17 ms1,823.6911 hours ago
1qaz2wsx69.441,144.14 ms1,647.5611 hours ago
1qaz2wsx83.331,049.31 ms1,259.1711 hours ago
anonymous83.33761.42 ms913.7011 hours ago
anonymous100.00755.83 ms755.8314 hours ago
anonymous92.86607.00 ms653.691 day ago
anonymous54.171,712.10 ms3,160.811 day ago
yummy91.67903.67 ms985.821 day ago
yummy91.67802.79 ms875.771 day ago
lucleax34.851,902.69 ms5,459.901 day ago
anonymous61.901,773.69 ms2,865.192 days ago
anonymous88.89739.17 ms831.562 days ago
anonymous75.001,130.83 ms1,507.782 days ago
anonymous79.171,120.88 ms1,415.842 days ago
TBell39.391,373.52 ms3,486.622 days ago
poopooface77.381,380.12 ms1,783.552 days ago
poopooface85.711,199.10 ms1,398.952 days ago
poopooface47.621,711.67 ms3,594.522 days ago
IXIX77.081,801.15 ms2,336.622 days ago
anonymous25.001,975.65 ms7,902.592 days ago

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