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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
creativezhen12.501,671.79 ms13,374.338 hours ago
creativezhen79.171,242.21 ms1,569.118 hours ago
creativezhen100.00635.38 ms635.388 hours ago
anonymous92.861,222.71 ms1,316.761 day ago
anonymous92.861,214.70 ms1,308.141 day ago
pedromartinsgb56.251,804.15 ms3,207.392 days ago
kfloresc15.001,863.97 ms12,426.443 days ago
anonymous100.001,564.79 ms1,564.793 days ago
anonymous90.911,349.82 ms1,484.803 days ago
anonymous78.571,435.61 ms1,827.143 days ago
anonymous52.781,293.83 ms2,451.473 days ago
anonymous47.921,214.20 ms2,533.993 days ago
shampoopoo100.00821.61 ms821.614 days ago
anonymous100.00453.54 ms453.544 days ago
noahit22.222,388.11 ms10,746.474 days ago
anonymous100.00987.20 ms987.204 days ago
anonymous69.051,202.19 ms1,741.114 days ago
anonymous61.901,168.57 ms1,887.684 days ago
anonymous6.251,840.08 ms29,441.334 days ago
anonymous100.001,623.44 ms1,623.445 days ago
timlanders41.671,860.57 ms4,465.365 days ago
anonymous95.001,380.38 ms1,453.035 days ago
fun2008100.001,093.02 ms1,093.025 days ago
anonymous47.921,181.64 ms2,466.035 days ago
anonymous33.331,378.34 ms4,135.025 days ago

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