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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Talas87.121,374.04 ms1,577.1621 hours ago
anonymous77.781,751.83 ms2,252.3624 hours ago
anonymous33.332,388.42 ms7,165.2524 hours ago
Talas50.001,416.49 ms2,832.982 days ago
Talas83.331,060.53 ms1,272.632 days ago
anonymous100.00571.89 ms571.893 days ago
anonymous75.001,027.93 ms1,370.583 days ago
anonymous78.791,135.90 ms1,441.723 days ago
anonymous70.451,360.94 ms1,931.663 days ago
anonymous60.711,349.64 ms2,222.943 days ago
anonymous14.582,410.20 ms16,527.083 days ago
anonymous39.391,502.73 ms3,814.634 days ago
anonymous100.001,087.91 ms1,087.915 days ago
anonymous85.421,202.30 ms1,407.585 days ago
lmlscanlon23.811,515.23 ms6,363.955 days ago
anonymous59.521,721.62 ms2,892.321 week ago
anonymous47.221,838.55 ms3,893.411 week ago
anonymous88.89785.28 ms883.441 week ago
anonymous68.751,065.10 ms1,549.241 week ago
anonymous72.22871.47 ms1,206.651 week ago
anonymous92.861,492.86 ms1,607.701 week ago
anonymous91.671,302.39 ms1,420.791 week ago
anonymous82.581,926.07 ms2,332.491 week ago
casiocoq53.571,848.37 ms3,450.301 week ago
casiocoq46.671,794.74 ms3,845.861 week ago

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