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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous69.701,757.81 ms2,522.074 hours ago
Boluwatife12.501,462.89 ms11,703.156 hours ago
zavosh100.00988.38 ms988.388 hours ago
zavosh63.891,242.37 ms1,944.589 hours ago
zavosh95.001,248.19 ms1,313.899 hours ago
zavosh93.751,228.48 ms1,310.389 hours ago
zavosh90.001,052.67 ms1,169.639 hours ago
zavosh95.001,234.14 ms1,299.099 hours ago
zavosh78.571,106.85 ms1,408.729 hours ago
zavosh77.381,176.23 ms1,520.059 hours ago
zavosh75.641,186.43 ms1,568.509 hours ago
zavosh87.501,099.15 ms1,256.179 hours ago
zavosh54.171,744.77 ms3,221.119 hours ago
zavosh50.001,791.38 ms3,582.759 hours ago
zavosh47.221,383.07 ms2,928.859 hours ago
stewartshaw91.671,245.30 ms1,358.5111 hours ago
stewartshaw70.241,199.99 ms1,708.4611 hours ago
stewartshaw66.671,171.12 ms1,756.6811 hours ago
anonymous29.761,852.27 ms6,223.6218 hours ago
ghodes85.71938.74 ms1,095.191 day ago
ghodes83.33859.00 ms1,030.801 day ago
ghodes66.671,211.02 ms1,816.521 day ago
ghodes70.241,399.25 ms1,992.151 day ago
ghodes84.52859.43 ms1,016.791 day ago
ghodes61.111,161.83 ms1,901.181 day ago

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