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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00792.56 ms792.561 hour ago
anonymous100.00479.92 ms479.925 hours ago
anonymous91.67449.25 ms490.095 hours ago
Hurtle40.482,141.02 ms5,289.598 hours ago
Hurtle46.431,978.02 ms4,260.368 hours ago
Hurtle64.582,004.46 ms3,103.688 hours ago
Hurtle13.332,613.57 ms19,601.759 hours ago
milaya198136.902,243.95 ms6,080.3921 hours ago
milaya198158.331,827.08 ms3,132.1422 hours ago
roboronin100.001,054.23 ms1,054.2322 hours ago
anonymous100.001,297.17 ms1,297.1722 hours ago
roboronin100.00944.16 ms944.1622 hours ago
roboronin85.711,172.65 ms1,368.1022 hours ago
roboronin93.751,165.50 ms1,243.2022 hours ago
roboronin84.52896.50 ms1,060.6522 hours ago
bejaydavda168.942,183.06 ms3,166.6423 hours ago
bejaydavda150.002,365.19 ms4,730.3923 hours ago
bejaydavda158.332,074.51 ms3,556.3023 hours ago
bejaydavda163.892,434.73 ms3,810.8923 hours ago
bejaydavda171.432,080.84 ms2,913.1823 hours ago
bejaydavda160.712,097.86 ms3,455.3023 hours ago
bejaydavda175.002,189.73 ms2,919.6423 hours ago
bejaydavda153.572,152.58 ms4,018.1523 hours ago
bejaydavda188.892,070.62 ms2,329.4523 hours ago
bejaydavda166.671,925.91 ms2,888.8723 hours ago

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