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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
giovannella100.001,340.75 ms1,340.758 hours ago
anonymous91.67997.40 ms1,088.071 day ago
anonymous87.50826.35 ms944.401 day ago
anonymous83.331,128.90 ms1,354.681 day ago
anonymous41.671,585.82 ms3,805.981 day ago
RoyalScotGrey83.331,475.24 ms1,770.292 days ago
RoyalScotGrey79.171,532.49 ms1,935.782 days ago
anonymous95.831,467.54 ms1,531.342 days ago
anonymous75.001,727.49 ms2,303.322 days ago
anonymous100.001,068.23 ms1,068.232 days ago
anonymous91.671,232.22 ms1,344.242 days ago
anonymous85.001,293.72 ms1,522.032 days ago
anonymous100.001,079.70 ms1,079.702 days ago
anonymous81.251,141.14 ms1,404.482 days ago
anonymous35.001,427.95 ms4,079.852 days ago
anonymous85.421,591.69 ms1,863.443 days ago
anonymous66.671,616.83 ms2,425.253 days ago
anonymous6.252,262.97 ms36,207.523 days ago
anonymous91.671,173.91 ms1,280.633 days ago
anonymous70.241,415.94 ms2,015.923 days ago
anonymous91.671,371.10 ms1,495.753 days ago
anonymous94.441,012.36 ms1,071.913 days ago
anonymous86.361,230.50 ms1,424.793 days ago
anonymous83.331,255.37 ms1,506.453 days ago
anonymous91.671,079.69 ms1,177.843 days ago

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