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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
selectionandy100.001,356.88 ms1,356.8811 hours ago
selectionandy75.001,696.46 ms2,261.9511 hours ago
dluz100.00914.31 ms914.3114 hours ago
dluz72.921,177.21 ms1,614.4614 hours ago
dluz83.331,131.89 ms1,358.2714 hours ago
dluz91.67779.38 ms850.2318 hours ago
dluz45.241,612.33 ms3,564.1118 hours ago
brainworking92.86969.56 ms1,044.1421 hours ago
anonymous100.001,018.13 ms1,018.1323 hours ago
anonymous100.00996.68 ms996.681 day ago
anonymous83.331,173.50 ms1,408.201 day ago
anonymous100.001,157.19 ms1,157.191 day ago
selectionandy78.791,630.79 ms2,069.852 days ago
anonymous71.671,410.70 ms1,968.422 days ago
anonymous83.331,092.17 ms1,310.602 days ago
anonymous50.001,113.75 ms2,227.502 days ago
anonymous91.671,268.02 ms1,383.292 days ago
rlow8152.081,700.17 ms3,264.323 days ago
Bulugulu100.001,426.87 ms1,426.873 days ago
Bulugulu75.001,459.39 ms1,945.853 days ago
anonymous48.081,756.03 ms3,652.533 days ago
Bulugulu100.001,503.27 ms1,503.274 days ago
anonymous55.561,326.71 ms2,388.084 days ago
jape86.111,403.05 ms1,629.354 days ago
jape69.441,713.18 ms2,466.984 days ago

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