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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous88.891,686.06 ms1,896.8254 minutes ago
anonymous83.331,361.70 ms1,634.0455 minutes ago
fabiolapalu30.951,556.93 ms5,030.086 hours ago
anonymous100.00893.33 ms893.3311 hours ago
anonymous91.67944.72 ms1,030.6111 hours ago
anonymous25.002,096.10 ms8,384.422 days ago
anonymous36.111,697.22 ms4,699.992 days ago
anonymous58.331,825.25 ms3,129.003 days ago
AppShaman100.001,154.53 ms1,154.533 days ago
AppShaman83.331,154.95 ms1,385.943 days ago
AppShaman61.901,554.21 ms2,510.644 days ago
anonymous100.00893.33 ms893.335 days ago
Pulc95.831,456.85 ms1,520.196 days ago
Pulc66.671,831.49 ms2,747.246 days ago
AppShaman92.861,055.12 ms1,136.286 days ago
mbraz70.001,293.96 ms1,848.516 days ago
mbraz66.671,167.04 ms1,750.556 days ago
mbraz84.521,271.89 ms1,504.776 days ago
mbraz76.191,363.40 ms1,789.466 days ago
mbraz15.001,961.75 ms13,078.376 days ago
mbraz87.501,287.34 ms1,471.256 days ago
mbraz91.671,052.91 ms1,148.636 days ago
mbraz94.441,280.37 ms1,355.686 days ago
dhexus283.331,107.01 ms1,328.416 days ago
dhexus247.621,641.83 ms3,447.836 days ago

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