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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
xuus70.831,361.34 ms1,921.906 hours ago
xuus81.251,336.70 ms1,645.176 hours ago
xuus91.671,160.07 ms1,265.536 hours ago
xuus93.751,229.73 ms1,311.716 hours ago
xuus78.331,334.58 ms1,703.726 hours ago
xuus72.221,427.59 ms1,976.666 hours ago
anonymous100.00704.05 ms704.0515 hours ago
anonymous100.001,595.18 ms1,595.182 days ago
roxysophia11.112,483.19 ms22,348.754 days ago
anonymous33.331,510.85 ms4,532.564 days ago
anonymous43.941,644.56 ms3,742.795 days ago
anonymous91.671,029.31 ms1,122.885 days ago
anonymous91.671,017.42 ms1,109.925 days ago
anonymous91.671,271.98 ms1,387.615 days ago
anonymous75.001,109.33 ms1,479.115 days ago
anonymous50.001,981.21 ms3,962.415 days ago
jigglesquirt38.101,799.33 ms4,723.255 days ago
jigglesquirt79.171,836.90 ms2,320.295 days ago
jigglesquirt75.001,484.67 ms1,979.565 days ago
jigglesquirt47.621,680.88 ms3,529.855 days ago
jigglesquirt47.441,648.20 ms3,474.595 days ago
jigglesquirt58.331,836.87 ms3,148.915 days ago
jigglesquirt33.331,609.46 ms4,828.375 days ago
jigglesquirt46.431,832.53 ms3,947.005 days ago
anonymous37.501,768.78 ms4,716.745 days ago

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