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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous61.111,461.25 ms2,391.1418 minutes ago
anonymous33.331,683.09 ms5,049.272 hours ago
cokenned63.101,325.67 ms2,101.073 hours ago
anonymous47.731,429.68 ms2,995.523 hours ago
anonymous69.441,332.40 ms1,918.653 hours ago
anonymous23.331,691.86 ms7,250.854 hours ago
bnlove125.001,565.06 ms6,260.254 hours ago
Zetheus63.891,438.39 ms2,251.394 hours ago
Zetheus54.761,599.06 ms2,920.024 hours ago
anonymous28.571,484.06 ms5,194.235 hours ago
emma5150184.52963.35 ms1,139.745 hours ago
lschoneberger22.621,507.65 ms6,665.396 hours ago
marisac14.291,890.19 ms13,231.336 hours ago
clwebb522.921,435.43 ms6,263.716 hours ago
gveloria21.432,321.38 ms10,833.118 hours ago
enlopez345.001,880.33 ms4,178.509 hours ago
crehwalt77.381,588.63 ms2,053.0011 hours ago
crehwalt69.441,784.72 ms2,570.0012 hours ago
taylorbakeman35.421,730.05 ms4,884.8515 hours ago
anonymous16.672,358.69 ms14,152.1615 hours ago
anonymous50.002,219.92 ms4,439.831 day ago
rladz25.001,580.16 ms6,320.632 days ago
anonymous91.671,184.67 ms1,292.362 days ago
anonymous79.171,434.77 ms1,812.342 days ago
anonymous83.331,186.19 ms1,423.432 days ago

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