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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.001,347.98 ms1,347.986 hours ago
anonymous91.671,205.19 ms1,314.767 hours ago
anonymous100.001,331.35 ms1,331.357 hours ago
anonymous46.431,351.46 ms2,910.8520 hours ago
anonymous69.051,370.19 ms1,984.4120 hours ago
anonymous55.001,538.75 ms2,797.7320 hours ago
anonymous61.111,514.25 ms2,477.8620 hours ago
anonymous25.001,321.00 ms5,284.0020 hours ago
anonymous8.331,394.56 ms16,734.7520 hours ago
anonymous40.481,280.60 ms3,163.8220 hours ago
anonymous50.001,679.08 ms3,358.1720 hours ago
anonymous58.331,291.60 ms2,214.1820 hours ago
anonymous8.331,570.98 ms18,851.7120 hours ago
anonymous100.00406.57 ms406.5722 hours ago
anonymous100.001,158.81 ms1,158.811 day ago
anonymous100.00669.76 ms669.761 day ago
anonymous100.001,091.42 ms1,091.422 days ago
ust00140.481,644.97 ms4,064.052 days ago
Delynnfox20.831,646.04 ms7,901.002 days ago
anonymous92.86963.14 ms1,037.232 days ago
anonymous58.331,665.17 ms2,854.572 days ago
anonymous53.331,751.32 ms3,283.734 days ago
moses255.001,368.05 ms2,487.364 days ago
moses280.001,090.88 ms1,363.604 days ago
moses268.751,321.31 ms1,921.914 days ago

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