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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00952.60 ms952.6040 minutes ago
shampoopoo100.00781.66 ms781.668 hours ago
ednamode81.821,255.82 ms1,534.899 hours ago
jimromenator100.001,117.78 ms1,117.7811 hours ago
jimromenator75.001,530.58 ms2,040.7711 hours ago
vietnam6491.67566.35 ms617.8313 hours ago
anonymous61.90957.72 ms1,547.0821 hours ago
anonymous78.571,076.71 ms1,370.3521 hours ago
anonymous69.05997.07 ms1,444.0321 hours ago
shampoopoo100.00847.27 ms847.271 day ago
d1516225179.171,149.97 ms1,452.592 days ago
anonymous76.671,916.04 ms2,499.192 days ago
anonymous55.131,700.62 ms3,084.842 days ago
anonymous58.331,741.83 ms2,985.992 days ago
anonymous100.001,504.38 ms1,504.382 days ago
anonymous92.86977.30 ms1,052.482 days ago
anonymous69.051,113.28 ms1,612.332 days ago
anonymous69.051,040.56 ms1,507.022 days ago
anonymous79.171,354.23 ms1,710.612 days ago
anonymous63.331,773.84 ms2,800.802 days ago
anonymous58.331,933.91 ms3,315.272 days ago
anonymous66.671,883.99 ms2,825.982 days ago
shampoopoo91.671,130.07 ms1,232.802 days ago
anonymous100.001,286.30 ms1,286.302 days ago
anonymous38.101,837.92 ms4,824.532 days ago

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