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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
suenobrain7791.671,090.00 ms1,189.095 hours ago
anonymous100.00894.33 ms894.3319 hours ago
anonymous72.921,141.31 ms1,565.2319 hours ago
anonymous61.901,317.40 ms2,128.1219 hours ago
anonymous58.331,514.67 ms2,596.5719 hours ago
anonymous51.671,647.83 ms3,189.3519 hours ago
anonymous20.831,943.73 ms9,329.9020 hours ago
anonymous100.00640.35 ms640.3520 hours ago
anonymous25.001,605.67 ms6,422.671 day ago
suenobrain7783.331,273.31 ms1,527.971 day ago
anonymous100.00948.92 ms948.921 day ago
anonymous91.671,171.81 ms1,278.331 day ago
anonymous58.332,179.67 ms3,736.571 day ago
anonymous66.672,008.08 ms3,012.131 day ago
anonymous72.221,666.19 ms2,307.041 day ago
anonymous67.861,557.44 ms2,295.181 day ago
anonymous58.331,631.08 ms2,796.141 day ago
anonymous84.521,459.56 ms1,726.801 day ago
anonymous86.671,307.87 ms1,509.081 day ago
anonymous81.251,558.77 ms1,918.491 day ago
anonymous70.241,749.35 ms2,490.591 day ago
nairarvinds87.501,094.85 ms1,251.262 days ago
anonymous69.051,575.11 ms2,281.192 days ago
anonymous66.671,959.39 ms2,939.082 days ago
anonymous58.332,020.58 ms3,463.862 days ago

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