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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous26.921,199.48 ms4,455.2116 hours ago
anonymous65.91971.39 ms1,473.8416 hours ago
anonymous66.671,197.25 ms1,795.8716 hours ago
anonymous8.332,513.06 ms30,156.752 days ago
anonymous100.00574.78 ms574.782 days ago
anonymous73.48959.11 ms1,305.183 days ago
bendoguez90.911,350.28 ms1,485.313 days ago
bendoguez72.221,629.22 ms2,255.853 days ago
bendoguez69.051,833.94 ms2,656.053 days ago
anonymous33.331,094.00 ms3,282.003 days ago
anonymous91.671,160.42 ms1,265.913 days ago
anonymous44.051,328.98 ms3,017.143 days ago
jwl16695.83826.00 ms861.915 days ago
nairarvinds91.671,294.91 ms1,412.625 days ago
nairarvinds85.711,298.90 ms1,515.385 days ago
nairarvinds81.251,035.59 ms1,274.585 days ago
anonymous81.251,582.55 ms1,947.755 days ago
akana90.001,247.70 ms1,386.335 days ago
anonymous25.001,744.31 ms6,977.246 days ago
anonymous45.241,454.42 ms3,215.037 days ago
possession100.00735.29 ms735.297 days ago
littlebreads91.671,657.97 ms1,808.701 week ago
littlebreads75.001,649.43 ms2,199.241 week ago
st_jean100.00722.45 ms722.451 week ago
nairarvinds100.001,112.06 ms1,112.061 week ago

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