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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous91.671,452.70 ms1,584.7734 minutes ago
calendar94.441,493.81 ms1,581.681 day ago
calendar60.711,901.01 ms3,131.081 day ago
calendar68.331,800.67 ms2,635.121 day ago
bdboohoo91.671,142.14 ms1,245.981 day ago
bdboohoo71.671,569.43 ms2,189.911 day ago
bdboohoo93.751,183.69 ms1,262.601 day ago
bdboohoo83.331,418.08 ms1,701.701 day ago
bdboohoo66.671,920.81 ms2,881.221 day ago
bdboohoo58.331,742.08 ms2,986.431 day ago
randyk43.331,789.72 ms4,130.122 days ago
kimoo11.542,315.99 ms20,071.892 days ago
kimoo33.332,323.86 ms6,971.592 days ago
kimoo45.002,002.03 ms4,448.962 days ago
calendar72.921,588.29 ms2,178.232 days ago
calendar87.501,481.98 ms1,693.692 days ago
calendar80.561,564.08 ms1,941.622 days ago
calendar66.671,699.00 ms2,548.502 days ago
calendar85.421,614.67 ms1,890.342 days ago
oddan75.001,380.51 ms1,840.692 days ago
coolamebe76.191,039.95 ms1,364.932 days ago
coolamebe76.191,446.31 ms1,898.282 days ago
anonymous91.671,043.60 ms1,138.473 days ago
anonymous85.421,277.96 ms1,496.153 days ago
tom98100.00868.04 ms868.043 days ago

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