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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
rainonbeauty60.711,357.98 ms2,236.675 hours ago
rainonbeauty54.761,611.25 ms2,942.285 hours ago
anonymous53.571,540.23 ms2,875.092 days ago
anonymous91.671,101.58 ms1,201.732 days ago
sos953.571,699.63 ms3,172.642 days ago
sos963.891,929.56 ms3,020.172 days ago
sos960.711,431.92 ms2,358.452 days ago
felo58.331,899.50 ms3,256.292 days ago
anonymous100.001,292.47 ms1,292.472 days ago
sos985.421,609.60 ms1,884.413 days ago
sos959.621,697.26 ms2,847.013 days ago
sos962.501,542.33 ms2,467.733 days ago
anonymous66.181,538.14 ms2,324.303 days ago
anonymous91.671,304.08 ms1,422.643 days ago
anonymous19.442,634.97 ms13,551.293 days ago
Hulya8821.051,898.85 ms9,019.545 days ago
wingmaker100.00783.00 ms783.005 days ago
wingmaker31.251,385.33 ms4,433.075 days ago
vieta0073.331,436.47 ms1,958.825 days ago
sos953.571,437.30 ms2,682.965 days ago
sos950.001,656.92 ms3,313.835 days ago
anonymous70.241,495.39 ms2,129.035 days ago
anonymous61.901,759.36 ms2,842.045 days ago
anonymous64.101,763.86 ms2,751.625 days ago
anonymous71.671,356.40 ms1,892.655 days ago

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