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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous33.331,554.17 ms4,662.502 weeks ago
anonymous58.332,142.85 ms3,673.463 weeks ago
anonymous69.051,762.71 ms2,552.903 weeks ago
anonymous78.031,377.80 ms1,765.731 month ago
anonymous47.921,866.17 ms3,894.611 month ago
ooshima33.331,785.16 ms5,355.481 month ago
anonymous25.002,109.42 ms8,437.671 month ago
mahamba80.561,503.14 ms1,865.972 months ago
mahamba85.711,207.80 ms1,409.102 months ago
mahamba76.191,141.31 ms1,497.972 months ago
mahamba83.331,224.92 ms1,469.902 months ago
mahamba83.331,148.37 ms1,378.042 months ago
mahamba100.00994.87 ms994.872 months ago
anonymous22.922,077.60 ms9,065.912 months ago
mahamba95.451,082.55 ms1,134.102 months ago
mahamba79.171,179.00 ms1,489.262 months ago
mahamba93.75935.29 ms997.642 months ago
mahamba77.781,303.50 ms1,675.932 months ago
mahamba77.381,314.82 ms1,699.152 months ago
mahamba85.421,053.69 ms1,233.592 months ago
mahamba76.191,523.85 ms2,000.052 months ago
mahamba75.001,269.33 ms1,692.442 months ago
mahamba75.001,346.00 ms1,794.672 months ago
mahamba76.671,210.93 ms1,579.482 months ago
anonymous96.151,048.20 ms1,090.132 months ago

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