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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sukiyakisamurai100.00954.58 ms954.586 hours ago
sukiyakisamurai82.581,169.74 ms1,416.566 hours ago
anonymous100.00838.06 ms838.0612 hours ago
anonymous75.001,097.16 ms1,462.8812 hours ago
anonymous58.331,739.34 ms2,981.7312 hours ago
huger100.00549.76 ms549.761 day ago
anonymous29.761,626.80 ms5,466.051 day ago
anonymous18.182,431.87 ms13,375.273 days ago
anonymous48.482,109.59 ms4,351.033 days ago
anonymous100.00798.62 ms798.623 days ago
anonymous100.00846.82 ms846.823 days ago
huger94.44580.83 ms615.003 days ago
anonymous91.67950.11 ms1,036.483 days ago
mattthommana77.781,586.83 ms2,040.215 days ago
anonymous39.291,656.17 ms4,215.715 days ago
anonymous72.221,745.63 ms2,417.035 days ago
anonymous91.671,533.23 ms1,672.625 days ago
anonymous85.421,436.02 ms1,681.205 days ago
anonymous83.331,526.59 ms1,831.915 days ago
anonymous62.501,730.98 ms2,769.575 days ago
anonymous85.421,639.56 ms1,919.495 days ago
anonymous80.001,557.30 ms1,946.625 days ago
anonymous100.00808.48 ms808.486 days ago
anonymous91.671,075.25 ms1,173.006 days ago
freddy48358.331,948.86 ms3,340.916 days ago

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