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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous70.831,492.02 ms2,106.383 hours ago
anonymous54.171,550.00 ms2,861.543 hours ago
ConfusedUnderstanding100.00635.26 ms635.2610 hours ago
anonymous100.00523.25 ms523.2521 hours ago
anonymous100.001,326.37 ms1,326.371 day ago
anonymous87.121,484.55 ms1,704.011 day ago
derMartin7850.001,937.50 ms3,875.002 days ago
jide94.441,659.61 ms1,757.242 days ago
jide61.671,797.65 ms2,915.112 days ago
jide66.671,790.58 ms2,685.872 days ago
jide78.791,696.91 ms2,153.772 days ago
wilko003016.671,915.79 ms11,494.742 days ago
AppShaman72.621,401.93 ms1,930.532 days ago
AppShaman76.191,418.44 ms1,861.702 days ago
anonymous42.861,594.14 ms3,719.672 days ago
anonymous54.171,800.25 ms3,323.542 days ago
anonymous80.561,314.72 ms1,632.072 days ago
anonymous79.491,020.19 ms1,283.472 days ago
anonymous79.491,133.97 ms1,426.612 days ago
anonymous70.83805.63 ms1,137.352 days ago
anonymous16.671,649.00 ms9,894.002 days ago
anonymous75.001,725.54 ms2,300.722 days ago
anonymous72.221,643.46 ms2,275.562 days ago
anonymous77.382,064.51 ms2,667.983 days ago
anonymous84.621,490.64 ms1,761.673 days ago

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