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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Scorpius92.86990.05 ms1,066.218 hours ago
Scorpius91.671,085.08 ms1,183.731 day ago
Scorpius70.241,242.76 ms1,769.361 day ago
Scorpius66.671,089.76 ms1,634.641 day ago
Scorpius75.001,196.17 ms1,594.891 day ago
anonymous91.67948.71 ms1,034.961 day ago
anonymous22.621,360.90 ms6,016.602 days ago
Heather191.671,165.26 ms1,271.203 days ago
Heather184.521,485.44 ms1,757.423 days ago
anonymous61.111,765.14 ms2,888.413 days ago
anonymous64.581,827.10 ms2,829.063 days ago
anonymous22.621,362.71 ms6,024.593 days ago
maverick254.761,064.24 ms1,943.393 days ago
maverick254.761,532.86 ms2,799.133 days ago
Jonas__91.671,128.00 ms1,230.553 days ago
Scorpius100.001,032.65 ms1,032.654 days ago
Scorpius58.33994.84 ms1,705.434 days ago
Scorpius69.05948.67 ms1,373.934 days ago
anonymous100.00995.94 ms995.944 days ago
anonymous91.67-842.31 ms-918.894 days ago
anonymous78.031,174.87 ms1,505.654 days ago
anonymous79.171,196.45 ms1,511.314 days ago
anonymous83.331,320.63 ms1,584.764 days ago
rich345100.001,011.28 ms1,011.284 days ago
rich34591.671,175.67 ms1,282.554 days ago

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