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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mahamba61.901,229.37 ms1,985.906 hours ago
mahamba83.331,025.42 ms1,230.506 hours ago
mahamba75.001,462.46 ms1,949.946 hours ago
mahamba79.171,384.50 ms1,748.846 hours ago
mahamba83.331,350.72 ms1,620.877 hours ago
mahamba83.331,185.75 ms1,422.907 hours ago
mahamba67.861,077.48 ms1,587.867 hours ago
mahamba100.00863.75 ms863.757 hours ago
fun200893.331,185.15 ms1,269.8010 hours ago
fun200875.001,224.17 ms1,632.2210 hours ago
fun200883.331,270.44 ms1,524.5310 hours ago
fun200885.711,246.45 ms1,454.1910 hours ago
mahamba100.001,113.17 ms1,113.1719 hours ago
mahamba91.671,121.94 ms1,223.9420 hours ago
mahamba100.00997.67 ms997.6720 hours ago
mahamba91.67993.42 ms1,083.7320 hours ago
mahamba83.331,050.63 ms1,260.7620 hours ago
mahamba81.671,274.90 ms1,561.1020 hours ago
mahamba45.831,674.63 ms3,653.731 day ago
mahamba71.671,092.97 ms1,525.071 day ago
mahamba91.671,009.17 ms1,100.911 day ago
mahamba65.001,048.37 ms1,612.871 day ago
mahamba75.001,463.17 ms1,950.891 day ago
mahamba91.671,192.25 ms1,300.641 day ago
mahamba75.001,353.83 ms1,805.111 day ago

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