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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anoop25.001,783.75 ms7,135.005 hours ago
anoop75.001,661.33 ms2,215.115 hours ago
127127100.00915.63 ms915.6314 hours ago
12712791.67983.65 ms1,073.0814 hours ago
12712791.67964.40 ms1,052.0714 hours ago
12712794.441,105.69 ms1,170.7414 hours ago
12712785.711,141.60 ms1,331.8614 hours ago
12712786.67998.03 ms1,151.5815 hours ago
12712791.671,355.33 ms1,478.5515 hours ago
dooobro50.001,170.67 ms2,341.3315 hours ago
Nostromo100.001,772.36 ms1,772.3617 hours ago
Nostromo58.331,907.20 ms3,269.4817 hours ago
anonymous22.621,488.90 ms6,582.5318 hours ago
anonymous92.861,077.17 ms1,160.0321 hours ago
anonymous83.331,034.92 ms1,241.9021 hours ago
anonymous75.001,242.83 ms1,657.1121 hours ago
anonymous100.001,323.05 ms1,323.0521 hours ago
anonymous55.561,597.50 ms2,875.5022 hours ago
anonymous85.421,157.23 ms1,354.8022 hours ago
anonymous85.711,183.21 ms1,380.4222 hours ago
anonymous33.331,874.51 ms5,623.531 day ago
anonymous92.861,374.49 ms1,480.221 day ago
anonymous91.671,267.81 ms1,383.061 day ago
anonymous12.501,750.21 ms14,001.671 day ago
rushncare58.331,499.17 ms2,570.002 days ago

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