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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Nataliepm50.001,290.08 ms2,580.1715 minutes ago
anonymous30.951,310.50 ms4,233.921 hour ago
JMcc7814.29885.37 ms6,197.584 hours ago
anonymous8.332,145.83 ms25,750.004 hours ago
JMcc7835.71995.69 ms2,787.934 hours ago
JMcc7825.001,478.17 ms5,912.674 hours ago
JMcc7829.761,403.73 ms4,716.524 hours ago
JMcc7846.431,813.14 ms3,905.234 hours ago
JMcc7841.671,695.63 ms4,069.504 hours ago
JMcc7845.831,695.42 ms3,699.094 hours ago
JMcc7860.711,730.12 ms2,849.614 hours ago
JMcc7839.291,631.31 ms4,152.425 hours ago
JMcc7841.671,521.25 ms3,651.005 hours ago
anonymous53.571,399.63 ms2,612.645 hours ago
anonymous81.671,080.00 ms1,322.455 hours ago
anonymous60.711,798.88 ms2,962.865 hours ago
anonymous66.671,286.58 ms1,929.875 hours ago
anonymous81.671,339.55 ms1,640.275 hours ago
anonymous73.331,616.33 ms2,204.095 hours ago
elt1384.521,081.18 ms1,279.146 hours ago
elt1369.051,197.19 ms1,733.866 hours ago
elt1366.671,356.50 ms2,034.756 hours ago
elt13100.00986.12 ms986.126 hours ago
elt1375.001,153.39 ms1,537.856 hours ago
elt1376.671,348.22 ms1,758.546 hours ago

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