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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
yamum52.38842.38 ms1,608.1810 hours ago
Spanky_lanky94.441,316.33 ms1,393.7610 hours ago
anonymous100.00605.79 ms605.791 day ago
anonymous75.002,132.71 ms2,843.621 day ago
jimbu193.751,349.52 ms1,439.492 days ago
jimbu177.381,522.69 ms1,967.782 days ago
podi29.171,342.17 ms4,601.712 days ago
pjirvine36.901,595.24 ms4,322.582 days ago
anonymous72.921,489.19 ms2,042.313 days ago
anonymous86.111,259.11 ms1,462.193 days ago
anonymous84.521,284.89 ms1,520.154 days ago
jimbu1100.001,338.50 ms1,338.505 days ago
jimbu169.441,807.83 ms2,603.285 days ago
ThiagoLopes16.671,234.25 ms7,405.525 days ago
jimbu191.671,203.67 ms1,313.096 days ago
jimbu185.421,424.83 ms1,668.106 days ago
jimbu193.751,447.10 ms1,543.586 days ago
jimbu191.671,356.96 ms1,480.326 days ago
jimbu191.671,501.48 ms1,637.986 days ago
anonymous83.331,449.08 ms1,738.906 days ago
ada_71.431,289.43 ms1,805.206 days ago
ada_79.171,478.94 ms1,868.136 days ago
ada_38.891,627.42 ms4,184.796 days ago
ewalters16.672,133.19 ms12,799.137 days ago
jimbu1100.001,396.42 ms1,396.427 days ago

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