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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous75.001,569.05 ms2,092.075 minutes ago
anonymous64.581,413.23 ms2,188.238 minutes ago
anonymous60.711,363.04 ms2,245.009 minutes ago
anonymous54.761,503.52 ms2,745.5612 minutes ago
Kessie33.33857.95 ms2,573.856 hours ago
anonymous100.00985.75 ms985.7517 hours ago
anonymous7.692,424.17 ms31,514.2520 hours ago
anonymous83.331,143.02 ms1,371.631 day ago
anonymous87.121,407.92 ms1,616.051 day ago
Samuel111136.111,534.87 ms4,250.411 day ago
anonymous43.751,738.65 ms3,974.052 days ago
anonymous33.332,170.17 ms6,510.502 days ago
anonymous47.622,063.87 ms4,334.122 days ago
anonymous31.251,895.69 ms6,066.202 days ago
anonymous100.00509.39 ms509.392 days ago
anonymous91.671,480.83 ms1,615.452 days ago
anonymous86.111,374.31 ms1,595.982 days ago
anonymous28.572,051.64 ms7,180.752 days ago
ffanzhang100.001,840.44 ms1,840.442 days ago
ffanzhang54.762,208.36 ms4,032.652 days ago
ffanzhang64.581,996.13 ms3,090.792 days ago
ffanzhang45.002,314.43 ms5,143.172 days ago
xuus54.761,248.58 ms2,280.023 days ago
xuus86.67961.72 ms1,109.683 days ago
xuus66.671,300.40 ms1,950.603 days ago

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