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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
giovanna99100.00728.61 ms728.612 days ago
giovanna9976.671,149.38 ms1,499.202 days ago
giovanna9983.33768.46 ms922.152 days ago
giovanna9925.002,224.08 ms8,896.332 days ago
giovanna9980.95862.80 ms1,065.812 days ago
giovanna99100.00760.92 ms760.922 days ago
giovanna9986.111,492.75 ms1,733.522 days ago
qmoore291.671,253.47 ms1,367.422 days ago
anonymous69.051,783.48 ms2,582.972 days ago
anonymous65.001,864.33 ms2,868.212 days ago
anonymous83.331,771.67 ms2,126.002 days ago
anonymous80.561,200.67 ms1,490.482 days ago
anonymous35.831,977.01 ms5,517.232 days ago
anonymous100.00802.56 ms802.562 days ago
anonymous69.051,542.80 ms2,234.402 days ago
lannomax91.671,728.75 ms1,885.912 days ago
lannomax77.381,536.95 ms1,986.222 days ago
lannomax91.671,460.40 ms1,593.172 days ago
lannomax85.421,600.35 ms1,873.592 days ago
anonymous7.141,770.00 ms24,780.002 days ago
JMcc7841.67987.00 ms2,368.802 days ago
JMcc7875.001,435.17 ms1,913.562 days ago
JMcc7895.001,249.68 ms1,315.462 days ago
JMcc7866.671,296.58 ms1,944.872 days ago
JMcc7875.001,448.55 ms1,931.402 days ago

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