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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
BYK201546.431,478.76 ms3,185.033 hours ago
oldbrazila91.671,568.62 ms1,711.2312 hours ago
oldbrazila66.671,725.30 ms2,587.9512 hours ago
oldbrazila69.051,908.49 ms2,764.0212 hours ago
oldbrazila85.421,487.53 ms1,741.5013 hours ago
oldbrazila85.711,991.46 ms2,323.3713 hours ago
oldbrazila78.571,322.89 ms1,683.6713 hours ago
oldbrazila78.571,758.57 ms2,238.1813 hours ago
tinahubert52.782,133.50 ms4,042.4216 hours ago
anonymous100.00994.41 ms994.4118 hours ago
anonymous91.67986.37 ms1,076.0418 hours ago
anonymous55.951,208.62 ms2,160.0818 hours ago
anonymous55.131,439.13 ms2,610.5118 hours ago
anonymous70.241,040.22 ms1,480.9918 hours ago
anonymous83.33997.62 ms1,197.1518 hours ago
anonymous69.701,224.07 ms1,756.2718 hours ago
anonymous54.761,325.62 ms2,420.6918 hours ago
anonymous70.001,437.22 ms2,053.1618 hours ago
anonymous54.761,440.64 ms2,630.7418 hours ago
anonymous79.171,319.76 ms1,667.0618 hours ago
anonymous25.001,503.46 ms6,013.8418 hours ago
anonymous100.00563.06 ms563.0619 hours ago
anonymous77.781,361.50 ms1,750.5022 hours ago
anonymous100.001,033.00 ms1,033.0022 hours ago
anonymous91.671,401.75 ms1,529.1822 hours ago

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