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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Bjornjepsen20.832,196.04 ms10,541.028 hours ago
anonymous50.001,520.00 ms3,040.0010 hours ago
anonymous69.231,085.58 ms1,568.0612 hours ago
anonymous47.921,481.94 ms3,092.7512 hours ago
anonymous52.271,322.09 ms2,529.2312 hours ago
anonymous67.861,321.85 ms1,947.9812 hours ago
anonymous75.001,320.35 ms1,760.4612 hours ago
anonymous64.581,234.78 ms1,911.9112 hours ago
anonymous55.001,468.42 ms2,669.8512 hours ago
anonymous100.001,329.21 ms1,329.2121 hours ago
anonymous33.331,266.07 ms3,798.2221 hours ago
anonymous91.671,343.83 ms1,466.0021 hours ago
artlover4625.001,841.33 ms7,365.3322 hours ago
bejaydavda154.171,952.40 ms3,604.4323 hours ago
addgirl58.331,158.81 ms1,986.531 day ago
addgirl65.001,093.27 ms1,681.961 day ago
addgirl63.331,137.13 ms1,795.471 day ago
addgirl62.501,438.52 ms2,301.641 day ago
anonymous19.442,246.76 ms11,554.771 day ago
anonymous100.001,141.94 ms1,141.942 days ago
chosen83.331,067.00 ms1,280.402 days ago
anonymous37.501,660.37 ms4,427.662 days ago
roboronin100.00834.36 ms834.362 days ago
roboronin80.001,263.98 ms1,579.982 days ago
roboronin68.751,559.24 ms2,267.992 days ago

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