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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
konradplo62.501,092.21 ms1,747.539 hours ago
konradplo59.521,567.95 ms2,634.169 hours ago
anonymous91.671,105.83 ms1,206.3610 hours ago
anonymous92.311,241.55 ms1,345.0110 hours ago
konradplo59.521,119.81 ms1,881.2812 hours ago
konradplo58.331,339.67 ms2,296.5712 hours ago
konradplo54.761,442.37 ms2,633.8912 hours ago
anonymous100.00426.67 ms426.6713 hours ago
konradplo58.331,132.06 ms1,940.671 day ago
konradplo56.251,445.75 ms2,570.221 day ago
hedengbo83.332,101.00 ms2,521.201 day ago
anonymous5.562,510.05 ms45,180.881 day ago
anonymous100.001,051.06 ms1,051.061 day ago
anonymous76.191,461.71 ms1,918.492 days ago
anonymous91.67962.73 ms1,050.252 days ago
anonymous72.921,318.88 ms1,808.752 days ago
ilmariitaranta91.67962.58 ms1,050.083 days ago
anonymous100.00454.18 ms454.185 days ago
zodd37.501,676.56 ms4,470.815 days ago
anonymous12.881,784.34 ms13,854.865 days ago
zodd16.671,986.69 ms11,920.176 days ago
julran5514.291,297.20 ms9,080.386 days ago
Reisball71.431,501.07 ms2,101.506 days ago
Reisball50.001,833.42 ms3,666.836 days ago
mjk697750.001,432.92 ms2,865.846 days ago

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