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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00623.42 ms623.4214 hours ago
anonymous91.67893.33 ms974.5514 hours ago
anonymous91.67893.08 ms974.2714 hours ago
anonymous75.00976.08 ms1,301.4415 hours ago
anonymous83.331,077.98 ms1,293.5715 hours ago
anonymous69.051,148.77 ms1,663.7415 hours ago
anonymous75.001,076.58 ms1,435.4415 hours ago
anonymous100.00538.75 ms538.752 days ago
anonymous91.67743.53 ms811.122 days ago
anonymous65.911,963.26 ms2,978.742 days ago
mahamba100.001,204.27 ms1,204.272 days ago
anonymous86.67933.88 ms1,077.563 days ago
anonymous87.501,068.23 ms1,220.833 days ago
anonymous59.521,245.00 ms2,091.603 days ago
decadence90.91960.42 ms1,056.473 days ago
anonymous68.751,710.67 ms2,488.244 days ago
anonymous100.001,121.61 ms1,121.614 days ago
anonymous85.711,356.77 ms1,582.904 days ago
anonymous63.891,331.83 ms2,084.615 days ago
anonymous70.241,320.52 ms1,880.075 days ago
anonymous66.671,122.64 ms1,683.965 days ago
anonymous69.051,102.73 ms1,597.055 days ago
anonymous77.081,104.75 ms1,433.195 days ago
anonymous88.89769.72 ms865.945 days ago
anonymous73.96927.53 ms1,254.135 days ago

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