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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
vuzya83.331,845.89 ms2,215.0632 minutes ago
vuzya91.671,433.96 ms1,564.3234 minutes ago
vuzya91.671,701.02 ms1,855.6635 minutes ago
vuzya100.001,564.57 ms1,564.5739 minutes ago
vuzya76.191,623.31 ms2,130.6041 minutes ago
PIERTO94.441,409.17 ms1,492.064 hours ago
imarcia1133100.001,116.16 ms1,116.1610 hours ago
imarcia113358.331,506.69 ms2,582.9010 hours ago
anonymous100.00989.89 ms989.8919 hours ago
anonymous75.001,220.61 ms1,627.4820 hours ago
anonymous100.00979.92 ms979.9220 hours ago
anonymous77.081,333.50 ms1,729.9520 hours ago
anonymous100.00991.50 ms991.5020 hours ago
anonymous100.001,019.65 ms1,019.6520 hours ago
anonymous66.671,378.03 ms2,067.0520 hours ago
anonymous66.671,431.83 ms2,147.7520 hours ago
anonymous100.001,131.94 ms1,131.9420 hours ago
anonymous58.331,813.75 ms3,109.2920 hours ago
anonymous52.081,844.00 ms3,540.4820 hours ago
PIERTO53.031,611.33 ms3,038.5021 hours ago
anonymous100.00943.24 ms943.2422 hours ago
anonymous66.671,328.74 ms1,993.1222 hours ago
Nostromo94.441,896.20 ms2,007.741 day ago
anonymous100.00394.45 ms394.451 day ago
Justin696933.332,113.75 ms6,341.251 day ago

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