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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous16.672,473.08 ms14,838.5012 hours ago
anonymous37.501,568.69 ms4,183.1717 hours ago
Niimka37.501,737.94 ms4,634.501 day ago
anonymous100.00552.43 ms552.431 day ago
PicinZim33.331,653.50 ms4,960.503 days ago
mahamba94.441,239.17 ms1,312.064 days ago
mahamba91.67977.96 ms1,066.874 days ago
mahamba94.441,020.50 ms1,080.534 days ago
mahamba81.671,381.58 ms1,691.734 days ago
psychotest78.791,684.48 ms2,138.004 days ago
psychotest75.001,447.43 ms1,929.914 days ago
psychotest58.331,902.29 ms3,261.074 days ago
psychotest56.251,909.15 ms3,394.044 days ago
anonymous75.001,580.17 ms2,106.894 days ago
anonymous66.671,976.08 ms2,964.134 days ago
biffhenderson292.86621.08 ms668.865 days ago
mahamba61.111,588.75 ms2,599.775 days ago
mahamba54.762,254.43 ms4,116.785 days ago
mahamba84.521,409.27 ms1,667.315 days ago
anonymous39.292,090.24 ms5,320.616 days ago
mahamba85.711,727.86 ms2,015.836 days ago
mahamba79.171,297.25 ms1,638.636 days ago
mahamba90.001,323.87 ms1,470.966 days ago
mahamba85.711,681.61 ms1,961.886 days ago
mahamba76.671,145.22 ms1,493.766 days ago

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