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Stats for: J-B Dual n-back [go to test]

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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
No64020.831,585.23 ms7,609.1019 hours ago
Talas96.43769.95 ms798.4722 hours ago
Talas64.581,281.02 ms1,983.5222 hours ago
Talas85.71989.50 ms1,154.4222 hours ago
anonymous100.00532.69 ms532.692 days ago
birdman23.811,536.77 ms6,454.453 days ago
birdman70.001,565.07 ms2,235.813 days ago
anonymous91.671,613.40 ms1,760.073 days ago
anonymous66.671,776.17 ms2,664.253 days ago
anonymous100.00702.82 ms702.825 days ago
anonymous33.331,839.29 ms5,517.866 days ago
anonymous79.171,844.83 ms2,330.316 days ago
anonymous58.331,915.61 ms3,283.916 days ago
anonymous58.332,122.21 ms3,638.087 days ago
anonymous100.001,646.77 ms1,646.777 days ago
anonymous84.521,678.87 ms1,986.277 days ago
anonymous78.331,465.65 ms1,871.047 days ago
anonymous76.671,752.19 ms2,285.477 days ago
anonymous69.441,837.06 ms2,645.377 days ago
anonymous58.331,804.17 ms3,092.867 days ago
anonymous41.671,995.95 ms4,790.287 days ago
anonymous75.001,847.26 ms2,463.027 days ago
anonymous58.331,823.83 ms3,126.567 days ago
anonymous72.221,601.45 ms2,217.397 days ago
anonymous54.171,750.20 ms3,231.147 days ago

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