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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Brillemeister69.231,093.77 ms1,579.894 days ago
Brillemeister66.671,198.29 ms1,797.444 days ago
Brillemeister75.00876.18 ms1,168.254 days ago
MartaTavares33.33829.20 ms2,487.605 days ago
anonymous46.671,025.94 ms2,198.441 week ago
anonymous44.441,141.92 ms2,569.321 week ago
Brillemeister66.67930.75 ms1,396.131 week ago
Brillemeister40.001,020.84 ms2,552.101 week ago
Brillemeister46.671,049.33 ms2,248.571 week ago
Brillemeister40.00960.05 ms2,400.121 week ago
Brillemeister40.00867.85 ms2,169.631 week ago
Brillemeister46.67960.07 ms2,057.291 week ago
Brillemeister40.00905.60 ms2,264.001 week ago
Brillemeister46.67867.84 ms1,859.651 week ago
anonymous53.33973.12 ms1,824.602 weeks ago
anonymous37.50626.36 ms1,670.292 weeks ago
anonymous35.711,079.07 ms3,021.402 weeks ago
anonymous35.71648.26 ms1,815.122 weeks ago
anonymous26.67984.02 ms3,690.092 weeks ago
anonymous26.67717.73 ms2,691.502 weeks ago
anonymous33.33925.10 ms2,775.302 weeks ago
anonymous20.001,135.86 ms5,679.312 weeks ago
anonymous40.00812.87 ms2,032.172 weeks ago
elrop26.671,152.84 ms4,323.152 weeks ago
anonymous43.75793.25 ms1,813.143 weeks ago

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