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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous66.67894.67 ms1,342.005 days ago
anonymous66.67906.30 ms1,359.451 week ago
anonymous43.751,080.92 ms2,470.661 week ago
anonymous93.33327.06 ms350.422 weeks ago
anonymous61.90684.43 ms1,105.622 weeks ago
anonymous31.25891.69 ms2,853.403 weeks ago
anonymous50.00806.56 ms1,613.113 weeks ago
anonymous37.50743.50 ms1,982.673 weeks ago
anonymous33.33733.40 ms2,200.203 weeks ago
anonymous66.67674.13 ms1,011.203 weeks ago
anonymous60.00736.73 ms1,227.893 weeks ago
anonymous33.33895.72 ms2,687.173 weeks ago
anonymous35.29878.82 ms2,490.003 weeks ago
anonymous38.89839.22 ms2,158.003 weeks ago
anonymous68.75861.19 ms1,252.643 weeks ago
anonymous44.44955.26 ms2,149.323 weeks ago
anonymous52.94943.88 ms1,782.893 weeks ago
anonymous50.001,109.95 ms2,219.903 weeks ago
anonymous35.711,081.51 ms3,028.233 weeks ago
argumentum2360.87732.00 ms1,202.583 weeks ago
anonymous43.75882.75 ms2,017.713 weeks ago
anonymous41.18944.88 ms2,294.713 weeks ago
anonymous53.33750.53 ms1,407.253 weeks ago
anonymous50.00863.34 ms1,726.683 weeks ago
anonymous68.75754.44 ms1,097.363 weeks ago

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