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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous43.751,112.63 ms2,543.142 weeks ago
anonymous25.001,107.75 ms4,431.002 weeks ago
anonymous7.142,274,478.52 ms31,842,699.252 weeks ago
anonymous78.57741.50 ms943.733 weeks ago
anonymous9.091,318.00 ms14,498.003 weeks ago
anonymous53.33482.53 ms904.753 weeks ago
anonymous35.29466.35 ms1,321.331 month ago
anonymous13.33240.73 ms1,805.501 month ago
anonymous58.70716.07 ms1,219.961 month ago
anonymous62.50716.13 ms1,145.801 month ago
anonymous65.00735.95 ms1,132.231 month ago
anonymous62.50818.56 ms1,309.701 month ago
anonymous60.00659.80 ms1,099.671 month ago
anonymous50.00636.89 ms1,273.781 month ago
anonymous80.00500.93 ms626.171 month ago
Ohayou_Louis46.67866.67 ms1,857.141 month ago
Woodward20.00889.60 ms4,448.001 month ago
sboy94.12908.71 ms965.502 months ago
anonymous84.21701.53 ms833.062 months ago
anonymous71.43555.57 ms777.802 months ago
anonymous72.22749.94 ms1,038.382 months ago
anonymous66.67617.40 ms926.102 months ago
anonymous68.75863.31 ms1,255.732 months ago
anonymous68.75724.19 ms1,053.362 months ago
anonymous70.00711.95 ms1,017.072 months ago

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