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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous40.001,022.93 ms2,557.339 hours ago
AndLev50.00931.50 ms1,863.004 days ago
AndLev33.33901.67 ms2,705.004 days ago
AndLev26.671,038.33 ms3,893.754 days ago
AndLev53.33912.93 ms1,711.754 days ago
AndLev46.67954.93 ms2,046.294 days ago
AndLev33.33986.60 ms2,959.804 days ago
AndLev33.33859.73 ms2,579.204 days ago
AndLev33.33900.20 ms2,700.604 days ago
AndLev40.00958.13 ms2,395.334 days ago
AndLev33.33942.80 ms2,828.405 days ago
AndLev46.67893.93 ms1,915.575 days ago
AndLev60.001,155.87 ms1,926.447 days ago
AndLev66.67827.47 ms1,241.207 days ago
AndLev60.00807.87 ms1,346.447 days ago
AndLev40.00977.07 ms2,442.677 days ago
AndLev60.00924.53 ms1,540.891 week ago
AndLev20.00933.20 ms4,666.001 week ago
AndLev40.001,006.53 ms2,516.331 week ago
AndLev33.331,140.53 ms3,421.601 week ago
angela189446.67945.27 ms2,025.571 week ago
AndLev46.67838.07 ms1,795.862 weeks ago
gonzthom46.671,101.33 ms2,360.002 weeks ago
AndLev46.67863.47 ms1,850.292 weeks ago
AndLev26.671,029.60 ms3,861.002 weeks ago

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