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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
AndLev53.33795.40 ms1,491.3819 hours ago
AndLev53.33988.07 ms1,852.6320 hours ago
AndLev53.331,108.07 ms2,077.6320 hours ago
AndLev42.861,107.00 ms2,583.0020 hours ago
AndLev66.67850.53 ms1,275.8020 hours ago
AndLev53.33966.13 ms1,811.5020 hours ago
AndLev20.001,081.47 ms5,407.3320 hours ago
AndLev13.331,065.07 ms7,988.0020 hours ago
AndLev50.00960.79 ms1,921.5720 hours ago
AndLev26.67985.00 ms3,693.7520 hours ago
AndLev60.00975.73 ms1,626.2220 hours ago
AndLev66.67945.33 ms1,418.002 days ago
AndLev46.671,005.20 ms2,154.002 days ago
AndLev33.331,072.60 ms3,217.802 days ago
AndLev66.67935.53 ms1,403.302 days ago
AndLev61.541,142.46 ms1,856.503 days ago
AndLev46.671,056.53 ms2,264.003 days ago
AndLev40.001,026.67 ms2,566.673 days ago
AndLev42.861,096.64 ms2,558.833 days ago
AndLev33.331,045.13 ms3,135.403 days ago
bored93.33724.60 ms776.365 days ago
AndLev42.861,021.79 ms2,384.176 days ago
AndLev46.67894.53 ms1,916.866 days ago
AndLev26.671,165.20 ms4,369.506 days ago
AndLev46.671,075.87 ms2,305.436 days ago

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