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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous30.771,286.31 ms4,180.504 days ago
anonymous25.001,298.69 ms5,194.751 week ago
anonymous20.001,111.73 ms5,558.651 week ago
anonymous40.001,046.28 ms2,615.711 week ago
anonymous10.001,291.03 ms12,910.291 week ago
anonymous20.00854.77 ms4,273.851 week ago
anonymous25.00373.78 ms1,495.112 weeks ago
anonymous28.57850.64 ms2,977.253 weeks ago
anonymous26.67618.12 ms2,317.963 weeks ago
niteskate60.00822.73 ms1,371.212 months ago
Merkspanne93.33544.00 ms582.862 months ago
marnavik131.581,006.16 ms3,186.173 months ago
monkmode45.001,175.46 ms2,612.123 months ago
anonymous68.751,091.71 ms1,587.943 months ago
Merkspanne93.331,123.08 ms1,203.303 months ago
anonymous33.33851.04 ms2,553.133 months ago
anonymous25.00626.59 ms2,506.363 months ago
anonymous13.331,194.73 ms8,960.503 months ago
anonymous20.001,123.94 ms5,619.693 months ago
anonymous37.50770.38 ms2,054.363 months ago
anonymous25.00684.19 ms2,736.753 months ago
anonymous43.75881.82 ms2,015.603 months ago
anonymous13.331,028.12 ms7,710.913 months ago
anonymous31.25724.75 ms2,319.203 months ago
anonymous66.67673.27 ms1,009.904 months ago

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