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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous20.00929.13 ms4,645.672 weeks ago
niteskate57.14867.79 ms1,518.632 weeks ago
niteskate53.33832.13 ms1,560.252 weeks ago
niteskate53.33893.53 ms1,675.382 weeks ago
niteskate64.29870.50 ms1,354.114 weeks ago
sboy100.00431.94 ms431.944 weeks ago
niteskate73.33933.33 ms1,272.731 month ago
niteskate60.00944.87 ms1,574.781 month ago
niteskate80.00850.93 ms1,063.671 month ago
niteskate73.33737.00 ms1,005.001 month ago
niteskate64.29806.93 ms1,255.221 month ago
niteskate66.67913.40 ms1,370.101 month ago
niteskate42.86931.50 ms2,173.501 month ago
niteskate53.33970.60 ms1,819.882 months ago
niteskate73.33929.60 ms1,267.642 months ago
niteskate46.671,023.07 ms2,192.292 months ago
niteskate57.14832.21 ms1,456.382 months ago
niteskate53.33925.53 ms1,735.382 months ago
anonymous94.12490.59 ms521.252 months ago
anonymous70.59747.71 ms1,059.252 months ago
anonymous73.33767.13 ms1,046.092 months ago
anonymous80.00559.40 ms699.252 months ago
niteskate80.00833.80 ms1,042.252 months ago
niteskate78.57834.93 ms1,062.642 months ago
niteskate40.00797.27 ms1,993.172 months ago

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