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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous34.33775.16 ms2,258.091 week ago
anonymous40.00840.47 ms2,101.171 week ago
anonymous26.67827.27 ms3,102.251 week ago
anonymous35.56739.53 ms2,079.941 week ago
anonymous40.001,009.33 ms2,523.331 week ago
solipsist100.00452.27 ms452.272 weeks ago
solipsist100.00548.19 ms548.192 weeks ago
solipsist86.67698.80 ms806.312 weeks ago
solipsist100.00518.69 ms518.692 weeks ago
solipsist100.00514.00 ms514.002 weeks ago
solipsist80.00650.07 ms812.582 weeks ago
solipsist87.50628.75 ms718.572 weeks ago
zheyang56.67966.41 ms1,705.432 weeks ago
lugurlu198580.00773.93 ms967.424 weeks ago
AndLev33.33829.87 ms2,489.601 month ago
AndLev40.00926.80 ms2,317.001 month ago
AndLev37.50792.31 ms2,112.831 month ago
AndLev31.25742.75 ms2,376.801 month ago
AndLev46.67888.80 ms1,904.571 month ago
anonymous73.33789.71 ms1,076.872 months ago
anonymous60.00886.94 ms1,478.242 months ago
anonymous46.67883.58 ms1,893.383 months ago
anonymous46.67861.83 ms1,846.773 months ago
anonymous40.001,029.95 ms2,574.883 months ago
anonymous53.331,003.57 ms1,881.703 months ago

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