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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous66.671,020.27 ms1,530.4012 hours ago
anonymous66.67972.80 ms1,459.2012 hours ago
anonymous47.62941.76 ms1,977.7012 hours ago
anonymous29.41988.06 ms3,359.4012 hours ago
anonymous60.001,031.47 ms1,719.1112 hours ago
anonymous81.25752.31 ms925.9212 hours ago
anonymous53.33937.67 ms1,758.132 weeks ago
anonymous20.00842.40 ms4,212.002 weeks ago
anonymous53.33725.20 ms1,359.752 weeks ago
anonymous33.33744.80 ms2,234.402 weeks ago
anonymous46.67782.33 ms1,676.432 weeks ago
anonymous46.67963.93 ms2,065.572 weeks ago
anonymous26.67513.33 ms1,925.002 weeks ago
anonymous53.331,102.73 ms2,067.622 weeks ago
anonymous46.671,264.20 ms2,709.002 weeks ago
anonymous43.751,223.56 ms2,796.712 weeks ago
anonymous46.15951.08 ms2,060.672 weeks ago
anonymous46.671,076.00 ms2,305.712 weeks ago
anonymous53.33627.93 ms1,177.382 weeks ago
anonymous31.25569.00 ms1,820.802 weeks ago
anonymous37.501,057.94 ms2,821.172 weeks ago
anonymous56.251,024.06 ms1,820.562 weeks ago
anonymous86.67878.40 ms1,013.543 weeks ago
anonymous60.001,063.00 ms1,771.673 weeks ago
anonymous66.67990.13 ms1,485.203 weeks ago

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