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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous40.00921.27 ms2,303.173 days ago
anonymous60.001,037.40 ms1,729.001 week ago
anonymous33.33952.93 ms2,858.803 weeks ago
anonymous75.00776.94 ms1,035.923 weeks ago
anonymous33.331,094.40 ms3,283.203 weeks ago
GOYARD43.75584.38 ms1,335.713 weeks ago
anonymous40.001,000.67 ms2,501.673 weeks ago
anonymous40.00883.67 ms2,209.174 weeks ago
81303413.33993.47 ms7,451.004 weeks ago
anonymous39.291,064.68 ms2,710.094 weeks ago
anonymous20.00996.67 ms4,983.334 weeks ago
anonymous18.751,020.81 ms5,444.334 weeks ago
anonymous33.331,179.80 ms3,539.404 weeks ago
anonymous26.67687.93 ms2,579.754 weeks ago
anonymous33.33880.20 ms2,640.604 weeks ago
81558246.671,144.93 ms2,453.434 weeks ago
anonymous33.331,069.20 ms3,207.604 weeks ago
anonymous40.001,142.20 ms2,855.504 weeks ago
anonymous20.00532.93 ms2,664.674 weeks ago
anonymous37.50144.19 ms384.504 weeks ago
anonymous46.67892.73 ms1,913.004 weeks ago
anonymous33.331,001.40 ms3,004.204 weeks ago
anonymous25.001,172.56 ms4,690.254 weeks ago
anonymous53.331,017.00 ms1,906.884 weeks ago
anonymous13.33808.93 ms6,067.004 weeks ago

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