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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous57.89815.58 ms1,408.7311 hours ago
anonymous92.86506.79 ms545.772 days ago
anonymous82.35858.35 ms1,042.292 days ago
anonymous93.75961.00 ms1,025.073 days ago
sboy100.00424.93 ms424.934 days ago
sboy100.00489.38 ms489.384 days ago
sboy93.33569.33 ms610.004 days ago
sboy100.00420.06 ms420.065 days ago
sboy100.00439.42 ms439.421 week ago
sboy100.00444.38 ms444.382 weeks ago
anonymous93.33487.67 ms522.502 weeks ago
sboy100.00460.94 ms460.942 weeks ago
sboy94.12550.24 ms584.632 weeks ago
sboy100.00467.16 ms467.162 weeks ago
sboy100.00422.00 ms422.002 weeks ago
sboy100.00446.80 ms446.802 weeks ago
anonymous94.12539.47 ms573.192 weeks ago
sboy100.00472.56 ms472.562 weeks ago
anonymous93.33464.20 ms497.362 weeks ago
anonymous86.67595.00 ms686.542 weeks ago
sboy100.00501.47 ms501.472 weeks ago
anonymous94.12507.12 ms538.812 weeks ago
anonymous94.74547.74 ms578.172 weeks ago
anonymous88.24598.35 ms678.132 weeks ago
anonymous93.75508.13 ms542.002 weeks ago

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