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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous53.33905.64 ms1,698.082 weeks ago
anonymous46.67863.10 ms1,849.502 weeks ago
anonymous46.67906.94 ms1,943.452 weeks ago
anonymous60.00856.12 ms1,426.873 weeks ago
anonymous61.11782.50 ms1,280.453 weeks ago
anonymous47.06940.18 ms1,997.883 weeks ago
anonymous26.671,116.98 ms4,188.673 weeks ago
anonymous73.331,014.41 ms1,383.294 weeks ago
edefakiel57.63986.37 ms1,711.641 month ago
edefakiel76.47851.66 ms1,113.711 month ago
anonymous48.39861.03 ms1,779.471 month ago
anonymous41.67975.93 ms2,342.241 month ago
anonymous35.711,054.18 ms2,951.711 month ago
anonymous47.06925.76 ms1,967.251 month ago
anonymous60.001,009.54 ms1,682.572 months ago
anonymous53.331,097.69 ms2,058.172 months ago
anonymous56.25886.10 ms1,575.292 months ago
Merkspanne100.00462.67 ms462.672 months ago
solipsist100.00490.93 ms490.932 months ago
anonymous46.67993.47 ms2,128.862 months ago
anonymous60.00794.97 ms1,324.962 months ago
anonymous33.33938.13 ms2,814.402 months ago
anonymous40.00954.11 ms2,385.262 months ago
anonymous33.331,248.28 ms3,744.852 months ago
anonymous33.331,022.20 ms3,066.592 months ago

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