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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous81.251,048.19 ms1,290.0812 hours ago
anonymous86.67794.73 ms917.0012 hours ago
anonymous37.50628.63 ms1,676.3312 hours ago
anonymous62.50871.81 ms1,394.9012 hours ago
anonymous61.90907.05 ms1,465.2312 hours ago
anonymous64.71806.47 ms1,246.3612 hours ago
anonymous56.251,015.44 ms1,805.224 days ago
anonymous68.57905.69 ms1,320.794 days ago
anonymous68.75801.63 ms1,166.004 days ago
anonymous81.25800.06 ms984.694 days ago
anonymous87.50818.13 ms935.004 days ago
anonymous77.78797.17 ms1,024.934 days ago
anonymous53.331,043.53 ms1,956.624 days ago
anonymous56.25979.75 ms1,741.784 days ago
anonymous72.22788.17 ms1,091.314 days ago
anonymous33.33971.11 ms2,913.335 days ago
anonymous71.43853.57 ms1,195.005 days ago
anonymous63.16757.21 ms1,198.925 days ago
anonymous64.29947.57 ms1,474.005 days ago
anonymous64.71915.82 ms1,415.365 days ago
anonymous85.71923.21 ms1,077.086 days ago
anonymous93.33750.93 ms804.576 days ago
anonymous70.59823.59 ms1,166.756 days ago
anonymous86.67931.67 ms1,075.006 days ago
anonymous76.47826.00 ms1,080.156 days ago

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