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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sboy100.00402.00 ms402.0022 hours ago
anonymous93.33533.73 ms571.8622 hours ago
sboy100.00486.75 ms486.757 days ago
sboy100.00427.56 ms427.561 week ago
sboy100.00487.28 ms487.281 week ago
sboy100.00409.20 ms409.201 week ago
anonymous89.47522.26 ms583.711 week ago
anonymous46.67860.67 ms1,844.292 weeks ago
sboy100.00552.87 ms552.872 weeks ago
sboy100.00499.25 ms499.252 weeks ago
sboy100.00483.38 ms483.382 weeks ago
anonymous94.12510.71 ms542.622 weeks ago
anonymous86.67546.07 ms630.082 weeks ago
anonymous94.44404.78 ms428.592 weeks ago
sboy100.00442.13 ms442.132 weeks ago
sboy100.00477.33 ms477.332 weeks ago
sboy100.00423.67 ms423.673 weeks ago
anonymous94.12496.53 ms527.563 weeks ago
anonymous13.33834.87 ms6,261.503 weeks ago
sboy100.00405.88 ms405.883 weeks ago
sboy100.00435.69 ms435.693 weeks ago
sboy100.00431.76 ms431.763 weeks ago
sboy100.00434.47 ms434.473 weeks ago
sboy100.00483.88 ms483.883 weeks ago
sboy100.00420.07 ms420.073 weeks ago

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