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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous80.00827.48 ms1,034.351 week ago
Julo66.671,017.40 ms1,526.103 weeks ago
Julo46.67970.13 ms2,078.863 weeks ago
Julo64.29940.36 ms1,462.783 weeks ago
Julo33.331,050.33 ms3,151.003 weeks ago
Julo73.33976.07 ms1,331.003 weeks ago
Julo60.00960.53 ms1,600.893 weeks ago
Julo33.33825.33 ms2,476.003 weeks ago
Julo40.001,012.93 ms2,532.333 weeks ago
Julo20.001,051.40 ms5,257.003 weeks ago
Julo66.671,025.33 ms1,538.003 weeks ago
Julo40.001,022.27 ms2,555.673 weeks ago
Julo40.001,047.53 ms2,618.833 weeks ago
anonymous93.33378.37 ms405.404 weeks ago
monkmode65.22741.35 ms1,136.733 months ago
marnavik120.001,062.67 ms5,313.333 months ago
monkmode58.33842.87 ms1,444.933 months ago
monkmode86.67694.33 ms801.153 months ago
anonymous26.671,064.33 ms3,991.253 months ago
anonymous53.33719.61 ms1,349.273 months ago
anonymous57.14823.00 ms1,440.243 months ago
anonymous66.67752.87 ms1,129.313 months ago
anonymous73.33849.75 ms1,158.753 months ago
anonymous53.33849.33 ms1,592.503 months ago
anonymous35.711,014.00 ms2,839.203 months ago

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