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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous72.22805.44 ms1,115.234 days ago
anonymous72.22730.22 ms1,011.084 days ago
anonymous66.67649.73 ms974.606 days ago
anonymous78.57584.57 ms744.006 days ago
anonymous86.67538.60 ms621.466 days ago
anonymous60.00776.07 ms1,293.441 week ago
anonymous38.17812.45 ms2,128.621 week ago
anonymous66.67818.93 ms1,228.401 week ago
anonymous38.10887.95 ms2,330.881 week ago
anonymous60.00696.00 ms1,160.001 week ago
anonymous46.67824.80 ms1,767.431 week ago
zheyang72.73843.13 ms1,159.312 weeks ago
anonymous66.67832.28 ms1,248.423 weeks ago
anonymous76.47803.18 ms1,050.313 weeks ago
anonymous66.67859.00 ms1,288.503 weeks ago
anonymous73.68740.53 ms1,005.003 weeks ago
anonymous58.82695.35 ms1,182.103 weeks ago
anonymous68.18762.05 ms1,117.673 weeks ago
anonymous52.00805.24 ms1,548.543 weeks ago
AndLev50.00941.69 ms1,883.381 month ago
AndLev53.33946.73 ms1,775.131 month ago
AndLev42.86962.36 ms2,245.501 month ago
AndLev46.671,015.47 ms2,176.001 month ago
AndLev6.67941.00 ms14,115.001 month ago
anonymous66.67835.35 ms1,253.022 months ago

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