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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Merkspanne94.44679.17 ms719.121 week ago
anonymous73.91729.15 ms986.492 weeks ago
anonymous66.67886.39 ms1,329.582 weeks ago
anonymous66.67841.41 ms1,262.122 weeks ago
anonymous63.64956.04 ms1,502.352 weeks ago
anonymous53.33947.09 ms1,775.792 weeks ago
anonymous58.82938.79 ms1,595.952 weeks ago
anonymous74.07782.62 ms1,056.542 weeks ago
anonymous75.00771.46 ms1,028.612 weeks ago
anonymous75.00773.09 ms1,030.792 weeks ago
anonymous54.55924.55 ms1,695.022 weeks ago
anonymous57.69901.80 ms1,563.122 weeks ago
anonymous68.42906.29 ms1,324.582 weeks ago
anonymous80.00815.83 ms1,019.782 weeks ago
anonymous77.27849.79 ms1,099.732 weeks ago
anonymous70.59946.50 ms1,340.872 weeks ago
anonymous37.50922.95 ms2,461.202 weeks ago
anonymous60.00875.89 ms1,459.822 weeks ago
anonymous81.25817.93 ms1,006.692 weeks ago
anonymous63.64745.89 ms1,172.122 weeks ago
Merkspanne100.00788.67 ms788.672 weeks ago
strutur15.381,265.16 ms8,223.531 month ago
Azor73.33678.73 ms925.552 months ago
Azor66.67613.60 ms920.402 months ago
Azor100.00500.00 ms500.002 months ago

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