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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous75.00829.63 ms1,106.172 days ago
anonymous66.67839.67 ms1,259.502 days ago
anonymous53.331,102.47 ms2,067.132 days ago
anonymous56.25998.81 ms1,775.672 days ago
anonymous85.71903.21 ms1,053.752 days ago
anonymous66.671,017.27 ms1,525.901 week ago
anonymous86.67928.27 ms1,071.081 week ago
anonymous60.00879.27 ms1,465.441 week ago
aknownmoose80.00986.73 ms1,233.421 week ago
aknownmoose75.001,078.06 ms1,437.421 week ago
anonymous86.67750.67 ms866.151 week ago
anonymous70.59879.76 ms1,246.331 week ago
anonymous86.67746.53 ms861.381 week ago
anonymous93.33802.33 ms859.641 week ago
anonymous86.67821.33 ms947.691 week ago
anonymous73.33848.13 ms1,156.551 week ago
anonymous73.33848.27 ms1,156.731 week ago
anonymous71.43807.19 ms1,130.071 week ago
anonymous85.71748.21 ms872.922 weeks ago
anonymous71.43734.86 ms1,028.802 weeks ago
anonymous78.57844.57 ms1,074.912 weeks ago
anonymous75.00909.88 ms1,213.172 weeks ago
anonymous50.00773.33 ms1,546.672 weeks ago
anonymous40.001,011.80 ms2,529.502 weeks ago
anonymous53.33833.73 ms1,563.252 weeks ago

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