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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous75.00881.88 ms1,175.8425 seconds ago
anonymous43.75949.72 ms2,170.782 minutes ago
anonymous86.67730.27 ms842.6215 minutes ago
Burrli85.71677.86 ms790.837 hours ago
Burrli78.57867.14 ms1,103.648 hours ago
anonymous87.50669.84 ms765.5411 hours ago
anonymous73.33730.59 ms996.2611 hours ago
pocky80.95645.93 ms797.9121 hours ago
anonymous82.35629.84 ms764.8122 hours ago
anonymous76.47778.68 ms1,018.2722 hours ago
Burrli100.00568.75 ms568.751 day ago
pocky82.35636.60 ms773.022 days ago
anonymous43.75863.39 ms1,973.472 days ago
anonymous57.14822.74 ms1,439.792 days ago
anonymous64.29694.09 ms1,079.692 days ago
anonymous58.33925.01 ms1,585.742 days ago
anonymous62.50925.98 ms1,481.572 days ago
anonymous73.33753.93 ms1,028.083 days ago
Burrli86.67644.00 ms743.083 days ago
Burrli86.67766.00 ms883.854 days ago
anonymous94.12683.22 ms725.924 days ago
pocky73.33728.40 ms993.285 days ago
Burrli93.75621.25 ms662.675 days ago
pocky85.71505.53 ms589.786 days ago
Burrli93.33605.33 ms648.576 days ago

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