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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous66.671,034.47 ms1,551.703 minutes ago
anonymous53.33968.87 ms1,816.638 hours ago
anonymous53.33862.33 ms1,616.888 hours ago
anonymous53.33736.20 ms1,380.389 hours ago
anonymous81.25816.81 ms1,005.319 hours ago
anonymous70.00738.30 ms1,054.7110 hours ago
anonymous68.75787.63 ms1,145.6410 hours ago
anonymous76.47789.35 ms1,032.2310 hours ago
anonymous68.75819.75 ms1,192.3610 hours ago
anonymous87.50478.88 ms547.292 days ago
anonymous88.24474.35 ms537.603 days ago
anonymous50.00909.29 ms1,818.573 days ago
anonymous61.541,039.77 ms1,689.623 days ago
anonymous53.33985.13 ms1,847.133 days ago
anonymous46.67986.73 ms2,114.433 days ago
anonymous100.00811.20 ms811.204 days ago
anonymous86.67716.27 ms826.464 days ago
anonymous73.33908.53 ms1,238.914 days ago
anonymous60.001,131.60 ms1,886.004 days ago
anonymous100.00596.71 ms596.715 days ago
anonymous80.00853.53 ms1,066.926 days ago
anonymous73.33880.93 ms1,201.276 days ago
anonymous73.33709.00 ms966.826 days ago
anonymous68.75872.25 ms1,268.736 days ago
anonymous86.67498.53 ms575.236 days ago

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