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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous93.33755.93 ms809.9311 hours ago
anonymous94.12780.00 ms828.7511 hours ago
anonymous86.67933.27 ms1,076.851 day ago
Burrli93.75736.88 ms786.002 days ago
anonymous82.35683.82 ms830.362 days ago
anonymous83.33715.78 ms858.932 days ago
anonymous43.75816.88 ms1,867.142 days ago
anonymous72.22827.06 ms1,145.152 days ago
anonymous40.00860.20 ms2,150.502 days ago
anonymous66.67745.27 ms1,117.902 days ago
anonymous89.47825.74 ms922.882 days ago
anonymous43.75903.94 ms2,066.142 days ago
anonymous86.67879.47 ms1,014.772 days ago
anonymous100.00787.73 ms787.733 days ago
Burrli82.35620.76 ms753.794 days ago
anonymous75.00732.14 ms976.196 days ago
anonymous62.50901.44 ms1,442.307 days ago
anonymous77.27958.77 ms1,240.767 days ago
anonymous68.75770.13 ms1,120.187 days ago
anonymous68.75850.75 ms1,237.457 days ago
Burrli80.00740.67 ms925.831 week ago
anonymous94.12795.53 ms845.251 week ago
anonymous47.06896.06 ms1,904.121 week ago
anonymous78.26857.13 ms1,095.221 week ago
anonymous81.25850.81 ms1,047.151 week ago

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