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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous93.33722.51 ms774.122 hours ago
anonymous75.00920.09 ms1,226.792 hours ago
anonymous50.00911.40 ms1,822.802 hours ago
anonymous60.00953.81 ms1,589.692 hours ago
anonymous43.75852.22 ms1,947.947 hours ago
anonymous56.25893.63 ms1,588.677 hours ago
anonymous62.50669.94 ms1,071.907 hours ago
Burrli86.67761.33 ms878.4614 hours ago
anonymous73.33941.01 ms1,283.1917 hours ago
anonymous62.50943.75 ms1,510.0018 hours ago
Burrli80.00703.33 ms879.172 days ago
anonymous62.50993.77 ms1,590.032 days ago
anonymous60.001,011.63 ms1,686.052 days ago
anonymous46.671,125.21 ms2,411.162 days ago
anonymous60.001,005.72 ms1,676.212 days ago
anonymous100.00535.31 ms535.313 days ago
anonymous80.00721.47 ms901.833 days ago
anonymous66.67927.40 ms1,391.103 days ago
anonymous68.42833.11 ms1,217.623 days ago
anonymous73.33784.07 ms1,069.183 days ago
anonymous60.00891.33 ms1,485.563 days ago
anonymous73.33597.03 ms814.143 days ago
Burrli75.00772.50 ms1,030.005 days ago
anonymous74.47677.87 ms910.285 days ago
anonymous47.83743.94 ms1,555.506 days ago

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