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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous46.671,051.20 ms2,252.5723 hours ago
anonymous71.43868.07 ms1,215.3023 hours ago
anonymous62.50939.94 ms1,503.9023 hours ago
Burrli73.33778.00 ms1,060.912 days ago
anonymous50.00829.63 ms1,659.252 days ago
anonymous60.00919.93 ms1,533.222 days ago
anonymous73.33987.00 ms1,345.912 days ago
anonymous60.00637.93 ms1,063.222 days ago
anonymous35.71838.07 ms2,346.603 days ago
anonymous66.67900.80 ms1,351.204 days ago
anonymous42.111,040.58 ms2,471.374 days ago
anonymous41.18911.76 ms2,214.294 days ago
anonymous83.33884.83 ms1,061.804 days ago
anonymous77.78764.67 ms983.144 days ago
anonymous83.33978.06 ms1,173.674 days ago
anonymous73.68806.05 ms1,093.934 days ago
anonymous71.43704.50 ms986.304 days ago
anonymous66.67894.33 ms1,341.504 days ago
anonymous56.251,074.13 ms1,909.564 days ago
anonymous46.671,042.53 ms2,234.004 days ago
anonymous53.331,100.53 ms2,063.504 days ago
anonymous60.001,058.93 ms1,764.894 days ago
anonymous86.67770.00 ms888.464 days ago
anonymous100.00867.27 ms867.274 days ago
anonymous81.25937.88 ms1,154.314 days ago

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