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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous73.33777.13 ms1,059.735 hours ago
anonymous77.55664.43 ms856.7614 hours ago
anonymous93.33572.60 ms613.5022 hours ago
anonymous80.00548.87 ms686.0822 hours ago
anonymous81.25622.23 ms765.821 day ago
anonymous40.00848.47 ms2,121.171 day ago
anonymous80.00643.53 ms804.422 days ago
anonymous93.33610.27 ms653.862 days ago
anonymous100.00546.43 ms546.432 days ago
anonymous66.67786.40 ms1,179.603 days ago
anonymous100.00617.67 ms617.673 days ago
anonymous93.33611.07 ms654.713 days ago
anonymous92.86633.07 ms681.773 days ago
anonymous46.67687.53 ms1,473.293 days ago
anonymous70.11605.77 ms863.973 days ago
anonymous66.13712.74 ms1,077.803 days ago
anonymous100.00980.94 ms980.944 days ago
anonymous80.00704.53 ms880.674 days ago
anonymous60.00779.13 ms1,298.564 days ago
anonymous43.75938.88 ms2,146.004 days ago
anonymous40.001,178.53 ms2,946.334 days ago
anonymous100.00569.80 ms569.804 days ago
anonymous100.00835.25 ms835.254 days ago
anonymous100.00559.40 ms559.404 days ago
anonymous80.00783.07 ms978.835 days ago

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