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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous86.67669.88 ms772.946 hours ago
anonymous93.75658.51 ms702.411 day ago
anonymous83.33817.78 ms981.331 day ago
anonymous86.67712.64 ms822.271 day ago
anonymous87.50832.01 ms950.871 day ago
anonymous86.67894.32 ms1,031.911 day ago
anonymous86.67937.59 ms1,081.841 day ago
anonymous93.33739.55 ms792.371 day ago
anonymous82.35887.10 ms1,077.191 day ago
anonymous75.56627.60 ms830.652 days ago
fun200875.00751.86 ms1,002.482 days ago
fun200864.29924.96 ms1,438.822 days ago
ginga78.57710.79 ms904.642 days ago
ginga75.001,130.94 ms1,507.922 days ago
ginga92.86570.21 ms614.083 days ago
ginga87.50714.81 ms816.933 days ago
anonymous80.00739.53 ms924.423 days ago
anonymous80.00822.73 ms1,028.423 days ago
anonymous60.00911.13 ms1,518.563 days ago
anonymous86.67480.04 ms553.893 days ago
anonymous82.14544.25 ms662.575 days ago
anonymous86.67724.52 ms835.996 days ago
anonymous73.33706.35 ms963.216 days ago
anonymous66.67877.13 ms1,315.706 days ago
anonymous81.25647.10 ms796.426 days ago

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