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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous76.32631.26 ms827.178 hours ago
anonymous100.00612.73 ms612.7310 hours ago
anonymous88.24554.24 ms628.1310 hours ago
anonymous88.24786.82 ms891.7310 hours ago
anonymous71.43681.79 ms954.5022 hours ago
anonymous86.67639.87 ms738.3122 hours ago
anonymous87.50648.88 ms741.571 day ago
anonymous80.00675.80 ms844.751 day ago
anonymous82.35718.35 ms872.291 day ago
anonymous93.75764.81 ms815.801 day ago
anonymous73.33702.47 ms957.913 days ago
anonymous93.75714.69 ms762.333 days ago
anonymous81.25779.81 ms959.773 days ago
anonymous86.67671.93 ms775.313 days ago
anonymous90.00541.10 ms601.223 days ago
anonymous100.00598.94 ms598.944 days ago
anonymous82.35630.12 ms765.144 days ago
anonymous66.67709.60 ms1,064.405 days ago
anonymous66.67801.72 ms1,202.585 days ago
gpannaci66.67743.27 ms1,114.906 days ago
anonymous66.67759.27 ms1,138.907 days ago
anonymous100.00659.27 ms659.277 days ago
anonymous75.00884.56 ms1,179.421 week ago
gpannaci50.001,023.64 ms2,047.291 week ago
anonymous40.00868.47 ms2,171.171 week ago

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