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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous73.33864.07 ms1,178.276 hours ago
aknownmoose64.291,234.00 ms1,919.568 hours ago
anonymous91.43653.80 ms715.092 days ago
anonymous74.60612.37 ms820.832 days ago
anonymous100.00677.06 ms677.064 days ago
anonymous88.24711.59 ms806.474 days ago
anonymous86.67783.67 ms904.234 days ago
anonymous66.67953.47 ms1,430.206 days ago
anonymous42.861,220.07 ms2,846.836 days ago
anonymous80.39599.06 ms745.171 week ago
angela1894100.00609.40 ms609.401 week ago
angela189460.00771.60 ms1,286.001 week ago
anonymous79.55694.45 ms873.031 week ago
anonymous83.78600.51 ms716.742 weeks ago
anonymous61.29649.29 ms1,059.372 weeks ago
anonymous89.36596.45 ms667.452 weeks ago
anonymous80.70635.84 ms787.892 weeks ago
anonymous86.67518.73 ms598.543 weeks ago
anonymous81.25465.94 ms573.463 weeks ago
anonymous93.33431.33 ms462.143 weeks ago
anonymous100.00551.13 ms551.133 weeks ago
anonymous46.67917.67 ms1,966.433 weeks ago
anonymous100.00658.73 ms658.734 weeks ago
anonymous93.33749.60 ms803.144 weeks ago
anonymous86.67463.33 ms534.624 weeks ago

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