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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00709.60 ms709.607 hours ago
anonymous94.44620.00 ms656.477 hours ago
anonymous88.24798.47 ms904.937 hours ago
anonymous100.00675.27 ms675.277 hours ago
anonymous94.74658.32 ms694.897 hours ago
anonymous87.50767.19 ms876.797 hours ago
anonymous100.00677.33 ms677.337 hours ago
anonymous86.67854.60 ms986.087 hours ago
anonymous86.67800.73 ms923.927 hours ago
anonymous100.00784.75 ms784.757 hours ago
anonymous100.00628.93 ms628.937 hours ago
creativezhen43.18983.27 ms2,277.059 hours ago
creativezhen33.33964.44 ms2,893.339 hours ago
creativezhen23.531,023.88 ms4,351.509 hours ago
creativezhen43.75813.56 ms1,859.579 hours ago
creativezhen37.501,035.94 ms2,762.509 hours ago
creativezhen42.111,000.05 ms2,375.129 hours ago
creativezhen29.17994.71 ms3,410.439 hours ago
creativezhen35.71961.00 ms2,690.809 hours ago
creativezhen62.50939.56 ms1,503.309 hours ago
creativezhen31.821,081.09 ms3,397.719 hours ago
creativezhen32.69961.88 ms2,942.2410 hours ago
creativezhen52.00797.48 ms1,533.6210 hours ago
creativezhen15.381,244.62 ms8,090.0013 hours ago
creativezhen41.18944.88 ms2,294.7113 hours ago

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