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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
monkmode80.95870.40 ms1,075.203 hours ago
anonymous42.86847.15 ms1,976.673 hours ago
anonymous53.331,011.69 ms1,896.924 hours ago
anonymous46.67925.79 ms1,983.834 hours ago
anonymous73.33835.00 ms1,138.634 hours ago
monkmode76.19928.19 ms1,218.2516 hours ago
anonymous87.50588.29 ms672.3320 hours ago
anonymous62.50626.65 ms1,002.6420 hours ago
anonymous52.38705.92 ms1,347.6620 hours ago
anonymous71.43757.21 ms1,060.091 day ago
anonymous46.67941.41 ms2,017.321 day ago
anonymous73.33640.73 ms873.731 day ago
anonymous75.00729.73 ms972.971 day ago
anonymous86.67857.92 ms989.911 day ago
anonymous73.33758.03 ms1,033.682 days ago
monkmode100.00846.65 ms846.652 days ago
monkmode73.91933.35 ms1,262.762 days ago
monkmode84.00999.20 ms1,189.522 days ago
monkmode66.67858.73 ms1,288.102 days ago
monkmode82.35834.29 ms1,013.072 days ago
monkmode82.69849.92 ms1,027.812 days ago
anonymous93.33643.08 ms689.022 days ago
anonymous53.33862.63 ms1,617.442 days ago
anonymous86.67628.21 ms724.862 days ago
anonymous80.00633.56 ms791.952 days ago

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