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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous33.33490.27 ms1,470.807 hours ago
anonymous80.00759.33 ms949.1714 hours ago
anonymous93.33730.07 ms782.2114 hours ago
anonymous81.25578.77 ms712.333 days ago
s3396366.67898.13 ms1,347.203 days ago
anonymous26.671,171.33 ms4,392.504 days ago
anonymous46.67965.13 ms2,068.145 days ago
anonymous40.00791.93 ms1,979.835 days ago
anonymous80.77562.23 ms696.106 days ago
anonymous66.67675.91 ms1,013.867 days ago
anonymous78.57795.29 ms1,012.181 week ago
anonymous53.33884.27 ms1,658.001 week ago
EllieDang33.331,093.20 ms3,279.601 week ago
anonymous71.23611.42 ms858.351 week ago
anonymous74.47665.81 ms894.092 weeks ago
altema1180.00810.40 ms1,013.002 weeks ago
anonymous62.50720.00 ms1,152.002 weeks ago
anonymous25.00751.75 ms3,007.002 weeks ago
anonymous26.67753.60 ms2,826.002 weeks ago
anonymous100.00673.47 ms673.472 weeks ago
anonymous87.50675.75 ms772.292 weeks ago
anonymous93.75704.94 ms751.932 weeks ago
anonymous80.00909.60 ms1,137.002 weeks ago
anonymous75.00795.44 ms1,060.582 weeks ago
anonymous40.54853.30 ms2,104.802 weeks ago

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