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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous91.30605.55 ms663.222 days ago
anonymous71.43770.26 ms1,078.362 days ago
anonymous64.29741.31 ms1,153.152 days ago
anonymous100.00855.23 ms855.232 days ago
anonymous77.271,647.04 ms2,131.462 days ago
anonymous82.35603.43 ms732.732 days ago
anonymous53.33808.68 ms1,516.274 days ago
anonymous43.751,105.64 ms2,527.174 days ago
anonymous40.001,144.95 ms2,862.394 days ago
anonymous50.00979.41 ms1,958.834 days ago
anonymous46.67795.14 ms1,703.874 days ago
anonymous43.75902.47 ms2,062.784 days ago
anonymous68.75953.95 ms1,387.565 days ago
anonymous66.67939.39 ms1,409.095 days ago
anonymous46.671,035.47 ms2,218.875 days ago
anonymous60.00776.10 ms1,293.515 days ago
anonymous71.43868.14 ms1,215.405 days ago
anonymous52.94800.88 ms1,512.785 days ago
anonymous75.00659.75 ms879.666 days ago
anonymous60.00906.33 ms1,510.556 days ago
anonymous64.29901.99 ms1,403.096 days ago
anonymous66.67908.26 ms1,362.396 days ago
anonymous26.671,034.39 ms3,878.956 days ago
anonymous73.33831.53 ms1,133.906 days ago
anonymous100.00405.73 ms405.731 week ago

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