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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous66.67637.86 ms956.802 hours ago
anonymous83.72715.32 ms854.4223 hours ago
pocky93.33587.95 ms629.952 days ago
anonymous100.00718.28 ms718.282 days ago
anonymous68.75700.61 ms1,019.072 days ago
anonymous68.75787.91 ms1,146.062 days ago
anonymous93.33777.04 ms832.542 days ago
anonymous93.33686.54 ms735.582 days ago
anonymous88.24740.51 ms839.252 days ago
anonymous93.33722.31 ms773.902 days ago
anonymous88.24713.58 ms808.722 days ago
RINAN84.00770.60 ms917.382 days ago
anonymous86.67756.05 ms872.363 days ago
anonymous53.33975.41 ms1,828.893 days ago
anonymous53.33687.54 ms1,289.153 days ago
anonymous46.67879.29 ms1,884.193 days ago
anonymous57.14920.05 ms1,610.083 days ago
anonymous66.67638.04 ms957.063 days ago
anonymous62.50645.77 ms1,033.233 days ago
anonymous43.75730.93 ms1,670.693 days ago
anonymous66.67824.58 ms1,236.873 days ago
anonymous62.50754.78 ms1,207.643 days ago
anonymous50.00712.09 ms1,424.173 days ago
anonymous66.67619.37 ms929.053 days ago
anonymous50.00812.83 ms1,625.673 days ago

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