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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous46.67942.75 ms2,020.1715 hours ago
anonymous46.671,008.39 ms2,160.8422 hours ago
anonymous86.67705.83 ms814.4224 hours ago
anonymous73.331,006.19 ms1,372.071 day ago
anonymous40.91956.19 ms2,337.352 days ago
anonymous43.02947.49 ms2,202.272 days ago
anonymous100.00847.70 ms847.702 days ago
anonymous93.75575.81 ms614.202 days ago
anonymous100.00516.61 ms516.612 days ago
anonymous94.12648.53 ms689.062 days ago
anonymous60.001,018.20 ms1,697.003 days ago
monkmode80.95737.24 ms910.714 days ago
anonymous53.33712.29 ms1,335.544 days ago
anonymous100.00624.58 ms624.584 days ago
anonymous93.33564.91 ms605.265 days ago
anonymous25.21531.70 ms2,109.076 days ago
anonymous100.00542.70 ms542.701 week ago
moxie4993.75587.42 ms626.581 week ago
moxie49100.00571.83 ms571.831 week ago
moxie49100.00590.33 ms590.331 week ago
anonymous93.33574.27 ms615.291 week ago
anonymous60.00887.85 ms1,479.751 week ago
moxie4982.61708.42 ms857.561 week ago
moxie4973.68915.37 ms1,242.291 week ago
moxie4980.00846.91 ms1,058.641 week ago

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