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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous80.00726.43 ms908.0411 hours ago
anonymous86.67793.03 ms915.0418 hours ago
anonymous93.33647.26 ms693.4918 hours ago
anonymous60.00918.16 ms1,530.2718 hours ago
AndLev60.00780.33 ms1,300.5621 hours ago
bachelor47.831,206.39 ms2,522.451 day ago
anonymous60.00857.91 ms1,429.841 day ago
anonymous93.33638.28 ms683.871 day ago
anonymous92.31597.77 ms647.581 day ago
anonymous93.33721.16 ms772.671 day ago
anonymous100.00571.81 ms571.811 day ago
anonymous95.65589.71 ms616.511 day ago
anonymous87.50634.47 ms725.111 day ago
anonymous81.25730.03 ms898.501 day ago
ginga93.75608.25 ms648.802 days ago
ginga86.67597.93 ms689.922 days ago
ginga86.67515.33 ms594.622 days ago
anonymous100.00560.70 ms560.702 days ago
anonymous93.33571.50 ms612.322 days ago
anonymous100.00557.61 ms557.612 days ago
anonymous80.00626.48 ms783.102 days ago
anonymous93.33654.17 ms700.892 days ago
anonymous89.47608.43 ms680.012 days ago
anonymous88.89659.11 ms741.492 days ago
anonymous73.33627.14 ms855.192 days ago

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