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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous55.00742.55 ms1,350.0916 minutes ago
anonymous66.67639.80 ms959.7017 minutes ago
johnv73.33807.00 ms1,100.4511 hours ago
johnv66.67677.07 ms1,015.6011 hours ago
johnv86.67560.47 ms646.6911 hours ago
anonymous40.00987.87 ms2,469.671 day ago
anonymous28.57758.64 ms2,655.251 day ago
anonymous100.00564.09 ms564.091 day ago
anonymous94.44620.32 ms656.811 day ago
johnv73.33782.27 ms1,066.732 days ago
anonymous86.36651.22 ms754.052 days ago
15atj35.29849.42 ms2,406.682 days ago
Seaweed26.671,226.51 ms4,599.422 days ago
14dao30.43934.68 ms3,071.082 days ago
anonymous33.331,026.47 ms3,079.402 days ago
kristenlacelle73.33769.52 ms1,049.342 days ago
ruxandrabogdan57.14952.84 ms1,667.472 days ago
sflatt1534.621,053.61 ms3,043.772 days ago
sarahsawaya32.00908.92 ms2,840.372 days ago
baileyjbrant30.00749.58 ms2,498.592 days ago
13tms46.00941.43 ms2,046.582 days ago
anonymous51.02797.69 ms1,563.472 days ago
anonymous53.33722.98 ms1,355.582 days ago
doddtay49.02979.48 ms1,998.152 days ago
walkerolivia28.571,136.92 ms3,979.212 days ago

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