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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
aloha2100.00514.53 ms514.5320 hours ago
aloha2100.00406.27 ms406.2720 hours ago
aloha2100.00454.07 ms454.072 days ago
anonymous56.25723.69 ms1,286.562 days ago
anonymous93.33650.47 ms696.932 days ago
anonymous73.33900.67 ms1,228.182 days ago
anonymous93.33584.33 ms626.072 days ago
anonymous73.331,009.73 ms1,376.913 days ago
anonymous76.47713.41 ms932.923 days ago
aloha2100.00447.73 ms447.733 days ago
anonymous80.00693.80 ms867.253 days ago
aloha2100.00447.00 ms447.004 days ago
aloha2100.00532.13 ms532.135 days ago
BiancaChaaya31.25922.78 ms2,952.906 days ago
14lhc70.97921.61 ms1,298.646 days ago
14mkhw65.31811.08 ms1,241.976 days ago
15mf4731.581,230.89 ms3,897.836 days ago
maggielogel20.69913.76 ms4,416.506 days ago
prthakudesia36.36901.42 ms2,478.906 days ago
aliakbari37.70962.74 ms2,553.356 days ago
carinasabourin18.57804.77 ms4,333.386 days ago
anonymous39.44835.75 ms2,119.216 days ago
anonymous32.20748.86 ms2,325.426 days ago
mvainer55.741,046.38 ms1,877.326 days ago
Tatiana9830.431,074.13 ms3,529.296 days ago

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