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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous66.67852.87 ms1,279.309 minutes ago
aloha2100.00457.27 ms457.272 hours ago
anonymous53.33796.60 ms1,493.6322 hours ago
anonymous81.25616.75 ms759.081 day ago
aloha2100.00485.27 ms485.271 day ago
anonymous75.00843.81 ms1,125.081 day ago
anonymous100.00704.93 ms704.932 days ago
anonymous93.33800.87 ms858.072 days ago
anonymous66.67862.60 ms1,293.902 days ago
aloha2100.00442.53 ms442.532 days ago
anonymous80.00818.73 ms1,023.422 days ago
anonymous100.00676.73 ms676.733 days ago
anonymous93.33790.40 ms846.863 days ago
anonymous93.33887.07 ms950.433 days ago
anonymous80.00821.87 ms1,027.333 days ago
anonymous100.00679.20 ms679.203 days ago
gpannaci73.33602.87 ms822.093 days ago
anonymous86.67669.87 ms772.923 days ago
anonymous100.00541.80 ms541.803 days ago
gpannaci80.00716.07 ms895.083 days ago
gpannaci93.75564.75 ms602.403 days ago
aloha2100.00495.60 ms495.604 days ago
anonymous60.00737.47 ms1,229.114 days ago
gpannaci64.71744.76 ms1,151.004 days ago
anonymous93.33861.53 ms923.074 days ago

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