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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous60.00928.33 ms1,547.225 hours ago
anonymous86.67807.20 ms931.385 hours ago
anonymous100.00621.20 ms621.205 hours ago
anonymous46.67471.73 ms1,010.867 hours ago
anonymous100.00581.20 ms581.2014 hours ago
anonymous100.00514.20 ms514.2014 hours ago
anonymous100.00529.47 ms529.4714 hours ago
aloha2100.00382.07 ms382.072 days ago
aloha2100.00536.27 ms536.272 days ago
anonymous80.00743.87 ms929.832 days ago
anonymous93.33622.27 ms666.712 days ago
anonymous100.00503.07 ms503.072 days ago
anonymous31.25469.06 ms1,501.003 days ago
anonymous28.57828.21 ms2,898.753 days ago
anonymous60.00691.53 ms1,152.563 days ago
anonymous26.67896.33 ms3,361.253 days ago
s3396346.67804.53 ms1,724.003 days ago
s3396353.33850.33 ms1,594.383 days ago
anonymous86.67638.33 ms736.543 days ago
anonymous85.71677.79 ms790.754 days ago
anonymous60.00881.20 ms1,468.674 days ago
anonymous93.33586.20 ms628.074 days ago
anonymous80.00767.40 ms959.254 days ago
anonymous78.57911.43 ms1,160.005 days ago
aloha2100.00476.80 ms476.805 days ago

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