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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Feetje25.00890.73 ms3,562.922 hours ago
Feetje33.33936.21 ms2,808.622 hours ago
chanel2228.571,203.43 ms4,212.003 hours ago
anonymous85.71710.50 ms828.923 hours ago
anonymous68.75978.69 ms1,423.553 hours ago
Annebee33.33699.17 ms2,097.506 hours ago
Annebee60.00771.87 ms1,286.447 hours ago
Annebee46.67971.87 ms2,082.577 hours ago
anonymous86.67904.87 ms1,044.089 hours ago
anonymous20.001,137.40 ms5,687.0010 hours ago
chanel2223.081,179.77 ms5,112.3310 hours ago
sibbelina26.671,010.60 ms3,789.7510 hours ago
sibbelina46.67842.80 ms1,806.0010 hours ago
whitek54.051,027.14 ms1,900.2015 hours ago
whitek54.29965.20 ms1,778.0018 hours ago
Feetje60.001,075.38 ms1,792.301 day ago
Feetje10.00926.32 ms9,263.201 day ago
Feetje46.67958.14 ms2,053.161 day ago
sibbelina28.571,173.29 ms4,106.501 day ago
whitek51.721,002.55 ms1,938.271 day ago
whitek35.201,039.54 ms2,953.251 day ago
whitek36.901,125.50 ms3,049.741 day ago
whitek40.351,032.25 ms2,558.171 day ago
chanel227.141,143.43 ms16,008.001 day ago
whitek39.661,090.03 ms2,748.781 day ago

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