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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous73.97936.74 ms1,266.332 hours ago
waal02229.411,290.35 ms4,387.203 hours ago
wingmaker66.67756.00 ms1,134.0018 hours ago
wingmaker53.33746.40 ms1,399.5018 hours ago
Wynanda46.67935.07 ms2,003.7118 hours ago
Wynanda46.67992.27 ms2,126.2918 hours ago
amba94.12765.88 ms813.7524 hours ago
anonymous62.37948.32 ms1,520.591 day ago
Wynanda60.001,143.87 ms1,906.442 days ago
Puck7550.98704.10 ms1,381.122 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het30.771,387.69 ms4,510.002 days ago
waal02246.671,156.20 ms2,477.572 days ago
Wynanda53.331,048.33 ms1,965.622 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het25.001,412.00 ms5,648.002 days ago
anonymous66.67778.27 ms1,167.402 days ago
Puck7564.29702.10 ms1,092.152 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het6.671,407.93 ms21,119.002 days ago
anonymous40.001,319.20 ms3,298.002 days ago
Wynanda40.001,071.07 ms2,677.673 days ago
Puck7544.19798.79 ms1,807.793 days ago
vib9037.501,106.94 ms2,951.833 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het20.001,385.13 ms6,925.673 days ago
wingmaker21.43998.86 ms4,661.333 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het20.001,358.33 ms6,791.673 days ago
hoi_ik_ben_het26.671,341.80 ms5,031.753 days ago

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