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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
mirandah198360.87924.30 ms1,518.502 hours ago
leonievh42.861,012.86 ms2,363.335 hours ago
anonie80.00639.87 ms799.837 hours ago
anonymous31.25545.69 ms1,746.207 hours ago
leonievh26.671,268.67 ms4,757.508 hours ago
anonie84.62570.38 ms674.0910 hours ago
anonymous40.001,199.33 ms2,998.3310 hours ago
leonievh53.331,025.20 ms1,922.2511 hours ago
anonie75.00686.38 ms915.1713 hours ago
mirandah198357.89908.53 ms1,569.2713 hours ago
anonie64.29900.21 ms1,400.3315 hours ago
Jamomo_Westy86.67824.33 ms951.1519 hours ago
JaFr14.291,315.55 ms9,208.881 day ago
mirandah198358.06900.39 ms1,550.671 day ago
mirandah198358.62846.79 ms1,444.531 day ago
JaFr66.671,046.89 ms1,570.332 days ago
mirandah198360.00968.44 ms1,614.072 days ago
mirandah198362.50941.58 ms1,506.532 days ago
anonymous73.33929.07 ms1,266.912 days ago
anonie66.67920.13 ms1,380.202 days ago
mirandah198346.671,055.27 ms2,261.292 days ago
mirandah198325.001,131.25 ms4,525.002 days ago
JaFr36.361,490.66 ms4,099.322 days ago
anonie66.67932.13 ms1,398.202 days ago
JaFr21.431,403.18 ms6,548.172 days ago

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