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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous80.00758.33 ms947.9215 hours ago
anonymous73.33827.00 ms1,127.7315 hours ago
anonymous100.00439.95 ms439.9515 hours ago
anonymous73.33769.87 ms1,049.8215 hours ago
anonymous93.33442.25 ms473.8415 hours ago
anonymous53.331,247.32 ms2,338.721 day ago
anonymous33.331,139.72 ms3,419.151 day ago
anonymous40.001,193.51 ms2,983.781 day ago
anonymous68.421,083.08 ms1,582.971 day ago
anonymous46.671,143.21 ms2,449.731 day ago
AppShaman66.671,009.92 ms1,514.891 day ago
tomasseeber93.75664.90 ms709.232 days ago
15atj50.00932.76 ms1,865.522 days ago
kristenlacelle66.67698.22 ms1,047.332 days ago
anonymous47.731,003.73 ms2,103.062 days ago
14dao41.18768.08 ms1,865.352 days ago
Alevschuk29.41969.39 ms3,295.942 days ago
ruxandrabogdan80.00832.70 ms1,040.872 days ago
sflatt1544.831,214.28 ms2,708.782 days ago
anonymous33.331,126.86 ms3,380.572 days ago
baileyjbrant37.04761.72 ms2,056.662 days ago
ChelseaJ60.001,018.94 ms1,698.232 days ago
thaliahua80.00787.69 ms984.612 days ago
mramnauth56.25936.55 ms1,664.982 days ago
Tmouliakis56.45714.63 ms1,265.922 days ago

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