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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous40.00673.73 ms1,684.334 hours ago
anonymous69.23827.77 ms1,195.674 hours ago
anonymous50.00874.75 ms1,749.507 hours ago
anonymous60.00844.40 ms1,407.338 hours ago
anonymous80.00749.67 ms937.089 hours ago
anonymous86.67933.20 ms1,076.771 day ago
anonymous62.50843.13 ms1,349.001 day ago
anonymous52.941,046.76 ms1,977.221 day ago
anonymous53.33937.93 ms1,758.631 day ago
anonymous46.67828.93 ms1,776.291 day ago
anonymous53.33823.67 ms1,544.381 day ago
anonymous46.67829.20 ms1,776.861 day ago
anonymous70.591,056.24 ms1,496.331 day ago
MMdeJonge31.251,341.88 ms4,294.001 day ago
MMdeJonge23.081,194.85 ms5,177.671 day ago
MMdeJonge26.671,320.87 ms4,953.251 day ago
anonymous68.75762.00 ms1,108.362 days ago
anonymous46.671,005.53 ms2,154.712 days ago
manningw8545.451,197.73 ms2,635.002 days ago
anonymous85.00901.85 ms1,061.003 days ago
anonymous60.00943.07 ms1,571.783 days ago
anonymous66.67964.27 ms1,446.403 days ago
anonymous66.671,016.27 ms1,524.403 days ago
anonymous50.00785.00 ms1,570.003 days ago
anonymous52.94974.88 ms1,841.443 days ago

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