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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous42.86930.99 ms2,172.318 minutes ago
anonymous28.57888.44 ms3,109.539 minutes ago
diederikkramer73.33932.12 ms1,271.074 hours ago
diederikkramer66.671,108.66 ms1,662.994 hours ago
anonymous76.92901.62 ms1,172.105 hours ago
diederikkramer100.00701.76 ms701.767 hours ago
Christianrobinson60.00806.90 ms1,344.839 hours ago
aloha2100.00423.93 ms423.9310 hours ago
aloha2100.00398.07 ms398.0710 hours ago
aloha2100.00457.47 ms457.4710 hours ago
aloha2100.00440.73 ms440.7310 hours ago
anonymous80.001,066.20 ms1,332.7515 hours ago
anonymous71.431,270.50 ms1,778.7015 hours ago
anonymous66.671,095.09 ms1,642.6315 hours ago
anonymous53.331,188.33 ms2,228.1115 hours ago
anonymous93.33446.40 ms478.2922 hours ago
anonymous86.67577.13 ms665.9222 hours ago
diederikkramer93.33875.01 ms937.511 day ago
anonymous26.67888.23 ms3,330.851 day ago
anonymous93.33851.53 ms912.361 day ago
anonymous80.00907.13 ms1,133.921 day ago
anonymous42.86923.36 ms2,154.501 day ago
anonymous60.00989.73 ms1,649.561 day ago
anonymous33.331,108.16 ms3,324.491 day ago
anonymous33.331,114.80 ms3,344.411 day ago

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