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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous60.00865.07 ms1,441.786 hours ago
gpannaci86.67594.73 ms686.2318 hours ago
gpannaci92.86494.57 ms532.621 day ago
gpannaci85.71602.00 ms702.331 day ago
anonymous33.33850.93 ms2,552.801 day ago
anonymous37.50635.19 ms1,693.831 day ago
anonymous100.00675.00 ms675.001 day ago
anonymous60.00860.00 ms1,433.331 day ago
anonymous66.67791.53 ms1,187.301 day ago
anonymous64.291,028.93 ms1,600.562 days ago
gpannaci93.75533.75 ms569.332 days ago
anonymous43.75492.56 ms1,125.862 days ago
anonymous66.67816.60 ms1,224.902 days ago
gpannaci100.00515.33 ms515.333 days ago
anonymous100.00410.53 ms410.533 days ago
gpannaci93.75582.00 ms620.803 days ago
gpannaci93.75472.94 ms504.474 days ago
solitz56.25671.38 ms1,193.564 days ago
gpannaci93.33627.07 ms671.864 days ago
gpannaci80.00631.07 ms788.834 days ago
anonymous73.33858.83 ms1,171.135 days ago
anonymous71.43906.83 ms1,269.575 days ago
gpannaci75.00683.38 ms911.175 days ago
gpannaci73.33721.20 ms983.455 days ago
gpannaci75.00701.00 ms934.675 days ago

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