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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
aloha2100.00403.00 ms403.0010 hours ago
aloha2100.00388.53 ms388.5310 hours ago
aloha2100.00413.53 ms413.5310 hours ago
Silvi33.331,263.25 ms3,789.7617 hours ago
Silvi33.331,353.78 ms4,061.3417 hours ago
AndLev93.33384.27 ms411.7121 hours ago
AndLev100.00379.13 ms379.1321 hours ago
AndLev93.75433.31 ms462.2021 hours ago
anonymous42.861,223.14 ms2,854.0023 hours ago
aloha2100.00389.40 ms389.401 day ago
aloha2100.00411.47 ms411.471 day ago
aloha2100.00452.07 ms452.071 day ago
anonymous84.38886.88 ms1,051.112 days ago
AndLev100.00480.19 ms480.192 days ago
aloha2100.00376.93 ms376.932 days ago
aloha2100.00385.33 ms385.332 days ago
aloha2100.00441.67 ms441.672 days ago
aloha2100.00383.20 ms383.202 days ago
AndLev100.00633.13 ms633.133 days ago
P1qwerty100.00665.73 ms665.733 days ago
P1qwerty46.671,007.07 ms2,158.003 days ago
anonymous100.00514.43 ms514.433 days ago
brainworking100.00382.20 ms382.203 days ago
rikelme87.50881.23 ms1,007.123 days ago
anonymous73.33847.27 ms1,155.363 days ago

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