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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
copernicus5426.67749.04 ms2,808.8922 minutes ago
copernicus5466.67771.16 ms1,156.7423 minutes ago
copernicus5427.78837.73 ms3,015.8426 minutes ago
copernicus5440.00880.80 ms2,201.9929 minutes ago
copernicus5462.50928.61 ms1,485.7730 minutes ago
copernicus5446.67855.82 ms1,833.9031 minutes ago
copernicus5433.33817.17 ms2,451.5032 minutes ago
copernicus5426.67836.61 ms3,137.2933 minutes ago
copernicus5453.33913.42 ms1,712.6734 minutes ago
copernicus5440.001,000.76 ms2,501.9035 minutes ago
anonymous86.67874.04 ms1,008.5135 minutes ago
anonymous66.67949.54 ms1,424.311 hour ago
anonymous40.001,022.07 ms2,555.171 hour ago
anonymous87.50887.39 ms1,014.161 hour ago
anonymous82.35627.26 ms761.672 hours ago
anonymous53.33784.55 ms1,471.042 hours ago
anonymous100.00431.77 ms431.773 hours ago
anonymous26.671,187.39 ms4,452.713 hours ago
anonymous33.331,119.40 ms3,358.203 hours ago
anonymous60.00790.04 ms1,316.743 hours ago
copernicus5460.00891.56 ms1,485.944 hours ago
ztech46.671,082.40 ms2,319.437 hours ago
anonymous27.78882.51 ms3,177.027 hours ago
anonymous26.67894.42 ms3,354.087 hours ago
anonymous13.331,038.06 ms7,785.487 hours ago

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