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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Br3ndA93.75842.63 ms898.805 hours ago
Br3ndA70.59911.53 ms1,291.335 hours ago
AubreyVeltkamp56.25482.06 ms857.007 hours ago
jaeiyd80.001,192.07 ms1,490.089 hours ago
anonymous81.25513.19 ms631.6210 hours ago
Br3ndA81.25778.63 ms958.3123 hours ago
Br3ndA43.75974.50 ms2,227.4323 hours ago
josekeijman60.00627.53 ms1,045.891 day ago
Tessy33.331,043.13 ms3,129.401 day ago
Tessy40.00908.13 ms2,270.331 day ago
josekeijman64.29608.00 ms945.781 day ago
anonymous56.251,048.75 ms1,864.441 day ago
AubreyVeltkamp46.67492.40 ms1,055.141 day ago
widajono23.081,185.77 ms5,138.331 day ago
josekeijman53.33738.13 ms1,384.001 day ago
Br3ndA68.75809.25 ms1,177.091 day ago
Br3ndA62.501,092.94 ms1,748.701 day ago
AubreyVeltkamp61.11485.00 ms793.641 day ago
anonymous70.00756.70 ms1,081.001 day ago
anonymous52.94744.82 ms1,406.891 day ago
anonymous60.00641.44 ms1,069.071 day ago
anonymous86.67637.27 ms735.312 days ago
anonymous73.33695.20 ms948.002 days ago
anonymous68.75638.38 ms928.552 days ago
anonymous46.67971.40 ms2,081.572 days ago

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