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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous46.67928.47 ms1,989.571 hour ago
Citizen00189.39454.85 ms508.812 hours ago
anonymous60.00805.07 ms1,341.783 hours ago
anonymous50.00910.43 ms1,820.863 hours ago
anonymous60.00894.33 ms1,490.563 hours ago
anonymous50.00736.69 ms1,473.383 hours ago
anonymous86.67443.67 ms511.924 hours ago
anonymous66.67726.00 ms1,089.004 hours ago
anonymous60.00864.40 ms1,440.675 hours ago
hahha46.671,206.87 ms2,586.145 hours ago
anonymous75.00795.25 ms1,060.335 hours ago
anonymous86.67870.60 ms1,004.545 hours ago
anonymous40.00946.00 ms2,365.005 hours ago
anonymous60.00946.53 ms1,577.565 hours ago
anonymous53.331,039.67 ms1,949.385 hours ago
anonymous31.58733.53 ms2,322.835 hours ago
anonymous44.441,078.11 ms2,425.755 hours ago
anonymous73.33952.53 ms1,298.915 hours ago
anonymous20.001,296.13 ms6,480.675 hours ago
anonymous86.67848.13 ms978.625 hours ago
anonymous33.33938.07 ms2,814.205 hours ago
tnik80.00843.60 ms1,054.505 hours ago
anonymous73.33979.47 ms1,335.645 hours ago
anonymous93.33592.13 ms634.435 hours ago
anonymous37.501,124.56 ms2,998.835 hours ago

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