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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonie80.00646.80 ms808.501 hour ago
JaFr26.671,465.24 ms5,494.662 hours ago
anonymous28.57874.07 ms3,059.252 hours ago
anonymous86.67583.47 ms673.233 hours ago
anonymous66.67956.67 ms1,435.003 hours ago
anonymous93.33638.27 ms683.863 hours ago
abachmann93.33743.67 ms796.794 hours ago
anonymous20.001,427.07 ms7,135.334 hours ago
anonymous81.25741.19 ms912.234 hours ago
anonymous86.67885.93 ms1,022.234 hours ago
anonymous20.001,149.40 ms5,747.004 hours ago
anonymous66.67895.00 ms1,342.505 hours ago
anonymous42.86729.86 ms1,703.005 hours ago
anonie80.00633.27 ms791.585 hours ago
psyc_31442.86983.43 ms2,294.675 hours ago
pien172591.84666.27 ms725.495 hours ago
pien172577.19871.56 ms1,129.075 hours ago
AngelinaR26.67716.00 ms2,685.006 hours ago
AngelinaR66.67631.33 ms947.006 hours ago
pien172581.25745.98 ms918.136 hours ago
AngelinaR26.67738.00 ms2,767.506 hours ago
pien172570.97803.97 ms1,132.866 hours ago
pien172550.00970.56 ms1,941.136 hours ago
pien172588.00742.78 ms844.076 hours ago
pien172564.71894.47 ms1,382.366 hours ago

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