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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
williamj93.75801.17 ms854.5824 minutes ago
anonymous83.33770.86 ms925.0339 minutes ago
anonymous80.00839.38 ms1,049.232 hours ago
anonymous80.00852.03 ms1,065.042 hours ago
anonymous85.71625.97 ms730.302 hours ago
anonymous81.25743.37 ms914.922 hours ago
anonymous80.00884.43 ms1,105.532 hours ago
anonymous100.001,169.88 ms1,169.882 hours ago
anonymous73.331,258.68 ms1,716.383 hours ago
anonymous66.67919.12 ms1,378.673 hours ago
anonymous81.25752.77 ms926.493 hours ago
anonymous73.68822.07 ms1,115.663 hours ago
anonymous75.00744.74 ms992.993 hours ago
terelandia66.671,067.46 ms1,601.193 hours ago
iban86.36720.00 ms833.693 hours ago
iban66.67914.10 ms1,371.153 hours ago
anonymous66.67718.92 ms1,078.383 hours ago
anonymous73.33731.99 ms998.163 hours ago
vennetje5446.67860.53 ms1,844.003 hours ago
anonymous20.00735.19 ms3,675.933 hours ago
anonymous20.00683.42 ms3,417.123 hours ago
Stevia_ng84.68932.31 ms1,101.015 hours ago
anonymous93.33640.34 ms686.075 hours ago
Stevia_ng70.051,187.79 ms1,695.616 hours ago
Stevia_ng43.771,176.26 ms2,687.227 hours ago

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