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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
AshaGn81.25762.63 ms938.6230 minutes ago
AshaGn87.50793.44 ms906.7932 minutes ago
Mauddewinter66.671,247.01 ms1,870.511 hour ago
HJVDGIESEN100.00496.87 ms496.871 hour ago
Seminar1068.751,009.63 ms1,468.552 hours ago
leckier80.00802.87 ms1,003.586 hours ago
JRF202086.67642.73 ms741.6212 hours ago
JRF202093.33487.43 ms522.2512 hours ago
HJVDGIESEN100.00514.38 ms514.3812 hours ago
teodora100.00693.50 ms693.5013 hours ago
teodora36.671,271.40 ms3,467.4513 hours ago
teodora69.23814.08 ms1,175.8913 hours ago
teodora66.67752.20 ms1,128.3013 hours ago
teodora72.73645.82 ms888.0013 hours ago
anonymous58.33978.75 ms1,677.8614 hours ago
teodora71.43708.14 ms991.4014 hours ago
HJVDGIESEN100.00456.00 ms456.0014 hours ago
HJVDGIESEN100.00541.20 ms541.2014 hours ago
HJVDGIESEN60.00878.40 ms1,464.0014 hours ago
HC77773.33980.07 ms1,336.4515 hours ago
JRF202086.67621.20 ms716.7715 hours ago
JRF202096.30547.81 ms568.8815 hours ago
JRF202085.71546.79 ms637.9215 hours ago
JRF202092.31514.77 ms557.6716 hours ago
anonymous53.33734.87 ms1,377.8816 hours ago

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