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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
Stolf93.33594.00 ms636.4335 minutes ago
Stolf86.67518.60 ms598.381 hour ago
Stolf64.29681.14 ms1,059.562 hours ago
Stolf80.00600.67 ms750.832 hours ago
anonymous100.00820.67 ms820.673 hours ago
anonymous80.00557.60 ms697.004 hours ago
MrPorkuz68.75589.50 ms857.454 hours ago
anonymous66.67554.60 ms831.904 hours ago
MrPorkuz37.21286.95 ms771.194 hours ago
mosley2277.27922.14 ms1,193.355 hours ago
MrPorkuz53.13296.34 ms557.8210 hours ago
anonymous69.57665.35 ms956.4410 hours ago
anonymous43.75554.75 ms1,268.0010 hours ago
anonymous93.33512.27 ms548.8612 hours ago
anonymous81.82899.73 ms1,099.6713 hours ago
anonymous87.50844.75 ms965.4313 hours ago
anonymous100.00577.13 ms577.1313 hours ago
anonymous86.671,029.20 ms1,187.5413 hours ago
anonymous86.67817.00 ms942.6913 hours ago
anonymous80.00957.40 ms1,196.7514 hours ago
anonymous56.251,065.94 ms1,895.0014 hours ago
anonymous86.67999.33 ms1,153.0816 hours ago
anonymous53.331,219.73 ms2,287.0019 hours ago
anonymous81.82927.05 ms1,133.061 day ago
anonymous73.33772.00 ms1,052.731 day ago

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