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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sibbelina57.14929.64 ms1,626.883 hours ago
anonymous100.00723.47 ms723.476 hours ago
anonymous100.00762.00 ms762.006 hours ago
anonymous38.461,019.15 ms2,649.806 hours ago
anonymous80.00698.67 ms873.338 hours ago
Kalcj286.67643.47 ms742.468 hours ago
Kalcj275.00653.31 ms871.088 hours ago
anonymous80.00846.73 ms1,058.4210 hours ago
anonymous47.06518.06 ms1,100.8710 hours ago
anonymous92.86879.04 ms946.6510 hours ago
anonymous91.49724.53 ms791.9310 hours ago
Citizen00180.33523.05 ms651.1410 hours ago
anonymous80.00660.33 ms825.4210 hours ago
anonymous80.00681.60 ms852.0011 hours ago
vrmmeester93.33949.87 ms1,017.7113 hours ago
anonymous40.001,221.93 ms3,054.8314 hours ago
anonymous92.86800.79 ms862.3814 hours ago
anonymous66.67729.07 ms1,093.6015 hours ago
anonymous18.181,093.00 ms6,011.5015 hours ago
anonymous93.33544.07 ms582.9315 hours ago
anonymous26.67840.53 ms3,152.0015 hours ago
anonymous13.33629.33 ms4,720.0015 hours ago
mdubs71780.00971.27 ms1,214.0816 hours ago
anonymous92.86559.50 ms602.5418 hours ago
anonymous100.00768.22 ms768.2219 hours ago

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