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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous46.67626.53 ms1,342.5715 minutes ago
framboise86.67766.87 ms884.8543 minutes ago
anonymous80.00835.87 ms1,044.8345 minutes ago
anonymous53.331,088.73 ms2,041.3747 minutes ago
BrainTester193.33850.67 ms911.434 hours ago
anonymous28.571,083.36 ms3,791.755 hours ago
anonymous46.67838.87 ms1,797.575 hours ago
anonymous40.00954.13 ms2,385.335 hours ago
anonymous68.75799.69 ms1,163.185 hours ago
anonymous86.67793.67 ms915.775 hours ago
anonymous63.16999.11 ms1,581.926 hours ago
anonymous62.501,022.00 ms1,635.208 hours ago
anonymous21.431,077.71 ms5,029.338 hours ago
Nadenker100.00565.13 ms565.1310 hours ago
Nadenker93.33688.27 ms737.4310 hours ago
anonymous38.101,151.30 ms3,022.1710 hours ago
anonymous53.331,118.87 ms2,097.8810 hours ago
anonymous82.351,017.47 ms1,235.5010 hours ago
anonymous66.67925.00 ms1,387.5011 hours ago
anonymous66.67934.13 ms1,401.2011 hours ago
anonymous46.67975.13 ms2,089.5711 hours ago
anonymous56.251,193.63 ms2,122.0011 hours ago
anonymous33.331,160.27 ms3,480.8011 hours ago
anonymous60.001,011.40 ms1,685.6711 hours ago
Laurentr66.67959.80 ms1,439.7015 hours ago

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