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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
charles2012100.00403.18 ms403.183 minutes ago
jess12380.00560.00 ms700.003 hours ago
jess12380.00687.33 ms859.174 hours ago
anonymous100.00358.20 ms358.204 hours ago
anonymous60.001,037.47 ms1,729.114 hours ago
anonymous53.331,132.93 ms2,124.254 hours ago
jess123100.00649.60 ms649.605 hours ago
jess12393.33734.47 ms786.935 hours ago
jess12346.67924.27 ms1,980.575 hours ago
anonymous93.33454.67 ms487.145 hours ago
anonymous80.00961.73 ms1,202.178 hours ago
gpannaci100.00464.40 ms464.408 hours ago
gpannaci93.33535.00 ms573.218 hours ago
gpannaci93.75430.88 ms459.608 hours ago
anonymous46.67950.73 ms2,037.299 hours ago
anonymous43.75790.06 ms1,805.8610 hours ago
anonymous81.25469.63 ms578.0011 hours ago
anonymous80.00717.07 ms896.3313 hours ago
anonymous64.29806.57 ms1,254.6713 hours ago
anonymous66.67781.53 ms1,172.3013 hours ago
anonymous77.14595.66 ms772.1516 hours ago
pluen79.31763.07 ms962.1317 hours ago
anonymous40.001,217.27 ms3,043.1717 hours ago
anonymous93.33901.13 ms965.5017 hours ago
anonymous64.29674.43 ms1,049.1118 hours ago

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