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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
volgin76863.16938.37 ms1,485.757 hours ago
huansohn85.71405.35 ms472.907 hours ago
anonymous31.251,283.34 ms4,106.688 hours ago
anonymous42.861,005.42 ms2,345.988 hours ago
anonymous87.50409.61 ms468.128 hours ago
anonymous93.33346.41 ms371.158 hours ago
anonymous94.12342.44 ms363.848 hours ago
anonymous86.67443.66 ms511.918 hours ago
anonymous100.00313.96 ms313.968 hours ago
anonymous93.33449.53 ms481.648 hours ago
anonymous68.75482.87 ms702.358 hours ago
anonymous50.00892.47 ms1,784.958 hours ago
anonymous100.00672.72 ms672.7211 hours ago
anonymous69.701,210.91 ms1,737.3913 hours ago
anonymous78.05775.24 ms993.2813 hours ago
anonymous85.11554.06 ms651.0213 hours ago
anonymous60.00959.56 ms1,599.2714 hours ago
anonymous87.50940.00 ms1,074.2914 hours ago
blainelewis1100.00616.30 ms616.3017 hours ago
Silvi80.001,058.99 ms1,323.7417 hours ago
Silvi85.191,053.70 ms1,236.9617 hours ago
Silvi51.851,325.41 ms2,556.1417 hours ago
anonymous46.67681.17 ms1,459.6518 hours ago
anonymous84.62859.64 ms1,015.9318 hours ago
anonymous93.33780.06 ms835.7820 hours ago

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