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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous93.75608.50 ms649.071 minute ago
anonymous93.33617.53 ms661.643 minutes ago
wingmaker80.00509.27 ms636.582 hours ago
JoyceIV60.00930.40 ms1,550.672 hours ago
TessaTessa100.00457.47 ms457.473 hours ago
rainonbeauty100.00617.67 ms617.675 hours ago
qys018979431.251,048.50 ms3,355.206 hours ago
carlahol6362.50820.25 ms1,312.406 hours ago
carlahol6333.33915.00 ms2,745.006 hours ago
anonymous93.75761.56 ms812.336 hours ago
carlahol6353.33875.20 ms1,641.006 hours ago
vib9080.00826.13 ms1,032.677 hours ago
P1qwerty93.33506.20 ms542.367 hours ago
Gwongtin77.78672.73 ms864.938 hours ago
Gwongtin53.33828.36 ms1,553.188 hours ago
vib9093.33828.07 ms887.219 hours ago
vanneu100.00551.87 ms551.8710 hours ago
PetersTest100.00730.60 ms730.6012 hours ago
anonymous53.33714.67 ms1,340.0013 hours ago
Client0175.41540.87 ms717.2414 hours ago
anonymous93.75596.00 ms635.7317 hours ago
anonymous93.33638.47 ms684.0717 hours ago
anonymous73.33522.53 ms712.5517 hours ago
anonymous68.75606.88 ms882.7317 hours ago
anonymous56.25577.50 ms1,026.6717 hours ago

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