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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sheepsheep78.571,043.21 ms1,327.732 minutes ago
anonymous81.25912.88 ms1,123.5451 minutes ago
anonymous75.00908.13 ms1,210.833 hours ago
anonymous53.331,150.53 ms2,157.253 hours ago
suenobrain7793.33562.13 ms602.295 hours ago
anonymous57.141,008.14 ms1,764.256 hours ago
anonymous11.111,117.89 ms10,061.006 hours ago
anonymous43.751,142.50 ms2,611.436 hours ago
anonymous92.31605.38 ms655.836 hours ago
anonymous93.33846.53 ms907.008 hours ago
anonymous46.15841.38 ms1,823.009 hours ago
hustjojo33.33901.19 ms2,703.5710 hours ago
anonymous86.67838.13 ms967.0812 hours ago
anonymous73.33712.40 ms971.4512 hours ago
anonymous60.001,121.20 ms1,868.6713 hours ago
anonymous86.67879.07 ms1,014.3115 hours ago
anonymous26.671,032.67 ms3,872.5016 hours ago
Citizen00186.54489.04 ms565.1116 hours ago
anonymous100.00464.93 ms464.9316 hours ago
anonymous86.67517.93 ms597.6216 hours ago
ClockworkOrange86.67711.67 ms821.1518 hours ago
anonymous100.00636.67 ms636.6719 hours ago
anonymous26.67832.93 ms3,123.5019 hours ago
anonymous26.671,253.73 ms4,701.5019 hours ago
anonymous57.14693.64 ms1,213.8820 hours ago

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