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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00789.07 ms789.0748 minutes ago
anonymous20.00747.42 ms3,737.121 hour ago
anonymous66.67847.27 ms1,270.914 hours ago
Dodo0100.00539.53 ms539.534 hours ago
hilarybrobbey80.001,033.17 ms1,291.475 hours ago
amaryllis66.671,146.55 ms1,719.838 hours ago
anonymous71.15959.86 ms1,348.998 hours ago
anonymous53.331,117.40 ms2,095.129 hours ago
anonymous31.251,235.88 ms3,954.809 hours ago
anonymous100.00282.32 ms282.3211 hours ago
anonymous93.33323.29 ms346.3812 hours ago
12ng2360.00744.75 ms1,241.2612 hours ago
unlessitraines9993.33853.73 ms914.7113 hours ago
unlessitraines99100.00706.19 ms706.1913 hours ago
anonymous100.00765.27 ms765.2713 hours ago
anonymous100.00714.75 ms714.7515 hours ago
anonymous37.50111.31 ms296.8315 hours ago
trigeminal100.00519.93 ms519.9316 hours ago
Citizen00183.87535.94 ms639.0016 hours ago
anonymous46.67435.67 ms933.5717 hours ago
trigeminal86.67665.93 ms768.3817 hours ago
anonymous73.33893.73 ms1,218.7318 hours ago
anonymous86.67611.00 ms705.0019 hours ago
anonymous56.25830.11 ms1,475.7621 hours ago
levine6100.00360.95 ms360.9523 hours ago

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