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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00748.26 ms748.2624 seconds ago
anonymous60.001,067.88 ms1,779.802 minutes ago
anonymous46.671,054.76 ms2,260.1942 minutes ago
anonymous86.67809.44 ms933.971 hour ago
anonymous26.671,004.59 ms3,767.222 hours ago
anonymous73.33882.16 ms1,202.942 hours ago
anonymous57.14860.23 ms1,505.412 hours ago
anonymous93.33705.53 ms755.932 hours ago
anonymous61.54903.65 ms1,468.433 hours ago
anonymous66.67986.85 ms1,480.273 hours ago
anonymous100.00558.50 ms558.503 hours ago
anonymous66.67976.06 ms1,464.083 hours ago
anonymous53.331,102.60 ms2,067.385 hours ago
anonymous73.331,050.60 ms1,432.645 hours ago
anonymous60.00967.13 ms1,611.895 hours ago
anonymous60.001,007.80 ms1,679.675 hours ago
anonymous66.671,021.93 ms1,532.905 hours ago
anonymous66.671,010.20 ms1,515.305 hours ago
anonymous60.00918.22 ms1,530.365 hours ago
BioCE85.71882.41 ms1,029.485 hours ago
BioCE66.67979.98 ms1,469.965 hours ago
BioCE38.46972.36 ms2,528.145 hours ago
anonymous53.33953.27 ms1,787.385 hours ago
anonymous53.33705.37 ms1,322.566 hours ago
anonymous42.861,099.83 ms2,566.286 hours ago

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