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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
sjno25100.00582.73 ms582.732 hours ago
sjno2586.67591.40 ms682.382 hours ago
sjno2593.33641.73 ms687.572 hours ago
sjno2546.67972.60 ms2,084.143 hours ago
sjno2542.861,126.93 ms2,629.503 hours ago
sjno2573.33702.67 ms958.183 hours ago
sjno2575.00704.00 ms938.673 hours ago
Lumimi75.00640.63 ms854.174 hours ago
Lumimi53.33609.00 ms1,141.884 hours ago
Lumimi60.00808.27 ms1,347.114 hours ago
Lumimi80.00738.60 ms923.254 hours ago
Lumimi75.00661.25 ms881.674 hours ago
koetje9266.67778.80 ms1,168.204 hours ago
Lumimi73.33769.47 ms1,049.274 hours ago
Lumimi93.33673.60 ms721.714 hours ago
Lumimi73.33893.00 ms1,217.734 hours ago
Lumimi37.50791.81 ms2,111.504 hours ago
salar255280.00452.00 ms565.006 hours ago
anonymous73.33740.07 ms1,009.186 hours ago
koetje92100.00687.00 ms687.008 hours ago
Jonny8100.00673.00 ms673.009 hours ago
Citizen00186.30469.04 ms543.499 hours ago
Citizen00185.92500.20 ms582.2013 hours ago
anonymous86.67776.13 ms895.5414 hours ago
anonymous86.67641.00 ms739.6214 hours ago

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