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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous40.001,228.00 ms3,070.005 hours ago
sanna7131.031,003.41 ms3,233.225 hours ago
sanna7131.251,045.00 ms3,344.005 hours ago
Speechtherapy68.751,140.56 ms1,659.005 hours ago
Speechtherapy100.00429.25 ms429.255 hours ago
canlab100.00636.20 ms636.205 hours ago
anonymous66.67910.67 ms1,366.006 hours ago
anonymous100.00780.50 ms780.507 hours ago
anonymous80.00767.20 ms959.007 hours ago
anonymous6.67764.07 ms11,461.007 hours ago
anonymous73.33665.80 ms907.917 hours ago
anonymous75.00695.44 ms927.257 hours ago
anonymous80.00763.60 ms954.507 hours ago
anonymous93.33707.07 ms757.577 hours ago
anonymous25.00656.38 ms2,625.507 hours ago
anonymous73.33709.33 ms967.277 hours ago
anonymous30.77624.38 ms2,029.257 hours ago
anonymous93.33589.67 ms631.797 hours ago
lpn7450.001,090.33 ms2,180.677 hours ago
anonymous80.00756.27 ms945.337 hours ago
anonymous93.33609.67 ms653.217 hours ago
anonymous25.00363.80 ms1,455.207 hours ago
anonymous66.67902.80 ms1,354.207 hours ago
anonymous73.33774.87 ms1,056.647 hours ago
anonymous93.75672.25 ms717.077 hours ago

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