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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous100.00398.75 ms398.755 minutes ago
Cbaker8260.00920.73 ms1,534.5630 minutes ago
anonymous60.00886.73 ms1,477.891 hour ago
Leo3100.00739.87 ms739.873 hours ago
anonymous100.00738.47 ms738.475 hours ago
DMac88.24788.31 ms893.425 hours ago
anonymous93.331,029.13 ms1,102.645 hours ago
tinkerbel197540.00885.40 ms2,213.505 hours ago
Narda4093.33665.67 ms713.215 hours ago
Narda4086.67663.87 ms766.005 hours ago
Narda4080.00718.60 ms898.255 hours ago
anonymous42.86844.50 ms1,970.505 hours ago
Narda4080.00751.40 ms939.256 hours ago
Marlies8785.71604.90 ms705.726 hours ago
Narda4086.67672.53 ms776.006 hours ago
Grisja53.33851.13 ms1,595.886 hours ago
Grisja66.67942.53 ms1,413.806 hours ago
Grisja60.00998.60 ms1,664.336 hours ago
hisezen100.00693.27 ms693.276 hours ago
Arindatest66.67651.00 ms976.506 hours ago
kloop93.33504.33 ms540.367 hours ago
tinkerbel197528.57967.14 ms3,385.008 hours ago
anonymous93.33643.60 ms689.578 hours ago
Marlies8793.75492.94 ms525.809 hours ago
PietLap93.33824.33 ms883.2110 hours ago

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