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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous68.751,030.08 ms1,498.301 hour ago
anonymous71.43898.07 ms1,257.301 hour ago
anonymous40.00977.06 ms2,442.642 hours ago
anonymous100.00796.00 ms796.003 hours ago
anonymous100.00750.00 ms750.003 hours ago
anonymous73.33774.67 ms1,056.363 hours ago
anonymous76.92740.77 ms963.003 hours ago
anonymous60.00870.67 ms1,451.113 hours ago
Citizen00189.36485.03 ms542.774 hours ago
anonymous80.001,032.94 ms1,291.185 hours ago
anonymous93.75767.47 ms818.635 hours ago
rbouwman82.35858.55 ms1,042.536 hours ago
rbouwman94.12675.98 ms718.236 hours ago
rbouwman87.50630.07 ms720.087 hours ago
rbouwman80.00793.90 ms992.377 hours ago
rbouwman93.33388.70 ms416.467 hours ago
rbouwman93.33448.43 ms480.467 hours ago
rbouwman100.00469.72 ms469.727 hours ago
anonymous46.671,185.47 ms2,540.297 hours ago
rbouwman92.86597.86 ms643.857 hours ago
rbouwman86.67589.18 ms679.827 hours ago
aundrias46.67671.62 ms1,439.187 hours ago
Citizen00186.36514.28 ms595.488 hours ago
psyresearch80.00558.64 ms698.299 hours ago
psyresearch46.67969.67 ms2,077.869 hours ago

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