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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
oing9686.67562.00 ms648.464 minutes ago
oing9666.67731.53 ms1,097.306 minutes ago
oing9680.00652.20 ms815.258 minutes ago
anonymous93.33800.37 ms857.5325 minutes ago
ssmhig86.67559.00 ms645.001 hour ago
ssmhig92.86669.57 ms721.081 hour ago
ssmhig93.33614.13 ms658.001 hour ago
ssmhig80.00753.87 ms942.331 hour ago
ssmhig60.00812.53 ms1,354.221 hour ago
ssmhig73.33888.20 ms1,211.181 hour ago
ssmhig100.00570.27 ms570.271 hour ago
ssmhig100.00695.73 ms695.731 hour ago
ssmhig80.00707.60 ms884.501 hour ago
ssmhig93.33806.60 ms864.211 hour ago
ssmhig35.711,283.00 ms3,592.401 hour ago
ssmhig40.00984.27 ms2,460.671 hour ago
oing9687.50635.38 ms726.141 hour ago
ssmhig53.33794.87 ms1,490.381 hour ago
ssmhig46.671,115.73 ms2,390.861 hour ago
oing9680.00619.67 ms774.581 hour ago
oing9693.33608.00 ms651.432 hours ago
anonymous80.00777.27 ms971.582 hours ago
anonymous73.33805.80 ms1,098.822 hours ago
anonymous93.33703.40 ms753.642 hours ago
anonymous86.67696.67 ms803.852 hours ago

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