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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
anonymous31.25951.22 ms3,043.9013 minutes ago
anonymous46.67815.52 ms1,747.5516 minutes ago
anonymous80.00828.41 ms1,035.513 hours ago
star_gazer86.67696.33 ms803.463 hours ago
star_gazer86.67676.33 ms780.383 hours ago
anonymous28.571,328.62 ms4,650.164 hours ago
anonymous82.35620.36 ms753.306 hours ago
anonymous84.21576.64 ms684.766 hours ago
Citizen00182.35485.60 ms589.656 hours ago
anonymous80.00657.52 ms821.907 hours ago
anonymous13.331,099.55 ms8,246.627 hours ago
austinp100.00605.51 ms605.517 hours ago
austinp100.00697.70 ms697.707 hours ago
anonymous27.271,249.69 ms4,582.188 hours ago
anonymous14.291,444.10 ms10,108.718 hours ago
anonymous38.461,059.58 ms2,754.909 hours ago
anonymous53.85936.38 ms1,739.009 hours ago
zavosh100.00601.06 ms601.069 hours ago
zavosh100.00517.87 ms517.8710 hours ago
zavosh86.67495.48 ms571.7010 hours ago
zavosh75.00505.02 ms673.3610 hours ago
dslusher60.001,042.00 ms1,736.6711 hours ago
danmaria29980760.00930.13 ms1,550.2111 hours ago
danmaria29980753.33940.65 ms1,763.7111 hours ago
anonymous37.501,015.54 ms2,708.1111 hours ago

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