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name% correctavg. timecombinedwhen
veraram286.67917.21 ms1,058.323 minutes ago
16janu100.00688.50 ms688.5026 minutes ago
16janu66.67797.27 ms1,195.9028 minutes ago
anonymous26.671,180.76 ms4,427.8733 minutes ago
anonymous28.57984.53 ms3,445.8735 minutes ago
braindoc40.911,211.78 ms2,962.1449 minutes ago
anonymous46.67992.60 ms2,127.001 hour ago
anonymous33.331,136.05 ms3,408.141 hour ago
fdh6692646.67774.11 ms1,658.802 hours ago
braindoc86.67834.30 ms962.652 hours ago
braindoc53.331,021.84 ms1,915.952 hours ago
fdh6692660.00953.71 ms1,589.522 hours ago
anonymous12.501,289.53 ms10,316.263 hours ago
anonymous93.75786.84 ms839.303 hours ago
anonymous93.33814.61 ms872.803 hours ago
anonymous93.33744.67 ms797.863 hours ago
anonymous86.67829.17 ms956.733 hours ago
anonymous82.35882.60 ms1,071.733 hours ago
anonymous93.75768.94 ms820.213 hours ago
anonymous77.59851.72 ms1,097.773 hours ago
anonymous46.671,137.69 ms2,437.913 hours ago
anonymous80.00995.40 ms1,244.264 hours ago
anonymous60.00748.06 ms1,246.764 hours ago
anonymous66.67886.21 ms1,329.314 hours ago
anonymous73.33916.50 ms1,249.784 hours ago

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