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nameminmax% correctavg. timewhen
Titan014766.671,152.15 ms8 hours ago
anonymous4750.001,266.56 ms15 hours ago
anonymous47100.00720.00 ms18 hours ago
decadence48100.001,078.30 ms21 hours ago
dogdog224781.821,081.09 ms1 day ago
dogdog224756.181,014.42 ms1 day ago
sansa66647100.00816.18 ms1 day ago
anonymous4775.001,187.42 ms2 days ago
darthfather1014780.00889.70 ms2 days ago
anonymous47100.00766.60 ms2 days ago
anonymous4776.19891.62 ms2 days ago
stewartshaw3975.00853.00 ms2 days ago
stewartshaw3983.33868.33 ms2 days ago
sizuokatea334790.911,001.18 ms2 days ago
anonymous4792.31861.92 ms2 days ago
piglet664756.41868.82 ms2 days ago
panda134781.82928.91 ms2 days ago
anonymous47100.001,214.78 ms2 days ago
adnan_mousa4772.731,049.64 ms2 days ago
adnan_mousa4726.921,311.38 ms2 days ago
puppy194747.22989.72 ms2 days ago
Elayna054763.161,118.11 ms3 days ago
banana214772.73873.55 ms3 days ago
pjsing94766.67826.47 ms3 days ago
stewartshaw4771.43964.50 ms3 days ago

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