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nameminmax% correctavg. timewhen
anonymous4735.481,309.90 ms47 minutes ago
Burrli47100.00615.00 ms7 hours ago
Theo0014790.00766.50 ms12 hours ago
anonymous4785.71576.38 ms13 hours ago
kizzylopez4766.231,143.18 ms16 hours ago
rustiioana4787.69941.69 ms22 hours ago
elephant74790.00898.00 ms23 hours ago
elephant74787.50900.63 ms23 hours ago
armadillo114781.25870.31 ms23 hours ago
Horses114761.76693.18 ms23 hours ago
dog124761.641,078.81 ms23 hours ago
puppy384750.001,221.00 ms23 hours ago
zebras554766.671,155.06 ms23 hours ago
flamingo444765.121,188.49 ms23 hours ago
penguin884764.291,181.00 ms23 hours ago
froggo94793.75837.31 ms23 hours ago
Zebra12344755.561,090.72 ms23 hours ago
chimera424771.43811.24 ms23 hours ago
Giraffe654780.00734.30 ms23 hours ago
Wallaby24761.541,104.46 ms23 hours ago
anonymous4759.681,020.24 ms24 hours ago
tiger294755.561,014.47 ms1 day ago
donkeee4734.921,073.29 ms1 day ago
donkeee4714.291,038.81 ms1 day ago
girrafe4781.25924.41 ms1 day ago

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