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nameminmax% correctavg. timewhen
lvarner4747.571,291.59 ms1 hour ago
anonymous39100.00907.55 ms2 hours ago
dallasjr13490.91720.91 ms14 hours ago
anonymous4788.24953.10 ms16 hours ago
anonymous6980.00793.90 ms17 hours ago
anonymous47100.00894.90 ms17 hours ago
anonymous4943.481,283.48 ms18 hours ago
suenobrain7747100.00726.80 ms21 hours ago
suenobrain774790.91926.45 ms21 hours ago
anonymous4760.001,168.28 ms22 hours ago
anonymous3944.441,218.33 ms1 day ago
brenthale4771.981,046.91 ms2 days ago
falco3306987.131,118.90 ms2 days ago
falco3306982.001,037.61 ms2 days ago
Josepha4753.661,215.32 ms2 days ago
anonymous4773.81956.17 ms3 days ago
anonymous4741.67878.58 ms3 days ago
anonymous4735.00961.95 ms3 days ago
anonymous4750.00985.06 ms3 days ago
anonymous4763.641,181.64 ms3 days ago
elklose4787.50834.17 ms3 days ago
elklose4785.19910.07 ms3 days ago
ear504782.35836.12 ms3 days ago
anonymous4767.74968.13 ms3 days ago
suenobrain7747100.00966.70 ms3 days ago

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