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nameintervals% correctavg. timewhen
ElainaF234567 75.003,078.05 ms11 hours ago
anonymous234567865.002,033.10 ms1 week ago
anonymous234567870.003,160.10 ms1 week ago
anonymous234567865.001,874.20 ms1 week ago
anonymous234567835.003,025.70 ms1 week ago
anonymous234567820.005,153.95 ms2 weeks ago
biuya234567 35.001,945.75 ms2 weeks ago
biuya234567 10.003,735.95 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous234567815.006,439.75 ms2 weeks ago
Alicelove234567845.001,956.00 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous23456780.008,016.35 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous234567810.001,170.25 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous234567825.002,965.85 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous23456780.008,011.30 ms2 weeks ago
anonymous2345678100.00798.10 ms2 weeks ago
StenPi2 4 6 865.003,306.50 ms3 weeks ago
Robertjuh1995234567 15.002,325.05 ms3 weeks ago
anonymous2345678100.001,873.35 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi2 4 6 875.003,483.95 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567825.003,767.00 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567835.003,573.65 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567835.004,054.90 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567855.003,013.65 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567855.003,934.15 ms3 weeks ago
StenPi234567835.003,904.35 ms3 weeks ago

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