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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU97.5019.70 ppm19.2111 hours ago
NewBU92.5021.11 ppm19.531 week ago
NewBU95.0021.30 ppm20.242 weeks ago
Cold_new37.5035.39 ppm13.273 weeks ago
Cold_new45.0034.32 ppm15.443 weeks ago
NewBU87.5020.48 ppm17.923 months ago
NewBU87.5020.05 ppm17.543 months ago
NewBU82.5023.77 ppm19.613 months ago
NewBU82.5018.65 ppm15.393 months ago
NewBU90.0018.65 ppm16.793 months ago
NewBU87.5020.81 ppm18.213 months ago
NewBU82.5018.66 ppm15.393 months ago
NewBU92.5019.56 ppm18.094 months ago
NewBU92.5018.64 ppm17.244 months ago
NewBU87.5018.16 ppm15.894 months ago
NewBU82.5021.18 ppm17.474 months ago
NewBU87.5021.85 ppm19.124 months ago
NewBU85.0022.77 ppm19.354 months ago
NewBU82.5022.86 ppm18.865 months ago
NewBU95.0021.61 ppm20.535 months ago
NewBU87.5023.17 ppm20.275 months ago
NewBU90.0023.84 ppm21.465 months ago
solipsist82.5019.62 ppm16.195 months ago
solipsist87.5013.76 ppm12.045 months ago
NewBU77.5018.56 ppm14.385 months ago

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