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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
NewBU82.5023.77 ppm19.612 days ago
NewBU82.5018.65 ppm15.393 days ago
NewBU90.0018.65 ppm16.791 week ago
NewBU87.5020.81 ppm18.212 weeks ago
NewBU82.5018.66 ppm15.392 weeks ago
NewBU92.5019.56 ppm18.093 weeks ago
NewBU92.5018.64 ppm17.241 month ago
NewBU87.5018.16 ppm15.891 month ago
NewBU82.5021.18 ppm17.471 month ago
NewBU87.5021.85 ppm19.122 months ago
NewBU85.0022.77 ppm19.352 months ago
NewBU82.5022.86 ppm18.862 months ago
NewBU95.0021.61 ppm20.532 months ago
NewBU87.5023.17 ppm20.272 months ago
NewBU90.0023.84 ppm21.462 months ago
solipsist82.5019.62 ppm16.192 months ago
solipsist87.5013.76 ppm12.042 months ago
NewBU77.5018.56 ppm14.382 months ago
solipsist87.5010.77 ppm9.423 months ago
solipsist87.5012.69 ppm11.103 months ago
NewBU82.5026.34 ppm21.733 months ago
NewBU70.0023.70 ppm16.593 months ago
solipsist90.0012.96 ppm11.663 months ago
NewBU77.5024.62 ppm19.083 months ago
NewBU80.0022.84 ppm18.273 months ago

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