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Stats for: Speed PASAT [go to test]

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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
karaage72.5017.56 ppm12.736 days ago
karaage67.5019.57 ppm13.216 days ago
karaage70.0019.68 ppm13.786 days ago
karaage82.5016.52 ppm13.636 days ago
karaage62.5015.08 ppm9.431 week ago
karaage62.5017.26 ppm10.791 week ago
karaage72.5015.79 ppm11.451 week ago
karaage90.0015.20 ppm13.681 week ago
karaage82.5011.34 ppm9.361 week ago
karaage87.5015.15 ppm13.262 weeks ago
karaage50.0019.58 ppm9.792 weeks ago
karaage65.0018.06 ppm11.742 weeks ago
karaage87.5012.33 ppm10.792 weeks ago
karaage45.0017.04 ppm7.672 weeks ago
karaage60.0013.96 ppm8.382 weeks ago
karaage75.0012.40 ppm9.302 weeks ago
karaage67.5010.44 ppm7.052 weeks ago
karaage60.0013.19 ppm7.912 weeks ago
karaage67.5011.43 ppm7.722 weeks ago
karaage65.0012.75 ppm8.292 weeks ago
karaage55.0017.15 ppm9.432 weeks ago
karaage80.0012.99 ppm10.392 weeks ago
Cold_new72.5053.20 ppm38.573 weeks ago
Cold_new70.0055.20 ppm38.643 weeks ago
Cold_new72.5052.49 ppm38.063 weeks ago

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