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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
wikikrishna60.0014.71 ppm8.833 weeks ago
karaage70.0013.74 ppm9.621 month ago
karaage67.5019.01 ppm12.831 month ago
solipsist87.5034.11 ppm29.851 month ago
solipsist72.5031.41 ppm22.771 month ago
solipsist67.5031.97 ppm21.581 month ago
solipsist77.5032.87 ppm25.471 month ago
solipsist80.0031.94 ppm25.551 month ago
solipsist80.0031.03 ppm24.821 month ago
solipsist80.0027.11 ppm21.691 month ago
solipsist80.0027.79 ppm22.231 month ago
solipsist85.0030.91 ppm26.271 month ago
solipsist87.5030.57 ppm26.751 month ago
anonymous70.0022.90 ppm16.031 month ago
anonymous77.5027.00 ppm20.931 month ago
anonymous70.0023.50 ppm16.451 month ago
anonymous62.5020.15 ppm12.591 month ago
anonymous62.5019.84 ppm12.401 month ago
wikikrishna67.5016.21 ppm10.942 months ago
anonymous57.5018.94 ppm10.892 months ago
anonymous75.0021.37 ppm16.032 months ago
karaage65.0015.48 ppm10.063 months ago
karaage90.0013.90 ppm12.513 months ago
NewBU90.0032.17 ppm28.953 months ago
NewBU82.5032.63 ppm26.923 months ago

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