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name% correctavg. speedcombinedwhen
taka52.5017.98 ppm9.443 days ago
karaage77.5011.50 ppm8.912 months ago
karaage92.5011.69 ppm10.812 months ago
karaage62.5013.50 ppm8.442 months ago
Maksik50.0025.80 ppm12.902 months ago
Maksik75.0020.71 ppm15.532 months ago
anonymous75.0024.75 ppm18.562 months ago
anonymous80.0021.69 ppm17.352 months ago
anonymous75.0027.60 ppm20.702 months ago
anonymous72.5022.64 ppm16.412 months ago
anonymous70.0015.53 ppm10.872 months ago
anonymous67.5020.70 ppm13.972 months ago
Maksik67.5023.25 ppm15.692 months ago
wikikrishna47.5017.70 ppm8.413 months ago
wikikrishna60.0014.86 ppm8.923 months ago
wikikrishna65.0015.75 ppm10.243 months ago
NewBU97.5029.55 ppm28.814 months ago
NewBU95.0032.47 ppm30.854 months ago
NewBU97.5030.84 ppm30.075 months ago
NewBU90.0028.59 ppm25.735 months ago
falco33047.5017.73 ppm8.425 months ago
falco33067.5015.76 ppm10.645 months ago
Maksik55.0025.28 ppm13.905 months ago
karaage75.0013.31 ppm9.986 months ago
karaage70.0014.80 ppm10.366 months ago

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